Lab-bred, heat-tolerant corals may provide hope for the Great Barrier Reef | ABC News


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  • Middle Cove Motors
    Middle Cove Motors  1 months back

    In 100 years time we will be slaves to our new Coral overlords.

    • hopscotch30
      hopscotch30  1 months back

      Thumbs down for this person answering with "yes, so..." every single time.

      • Kezzabell Snowdon
        Kezzabell Snowdon  1 months back

        If coal mining and fertilizer, round up , even in the soil , and big companies like Clive Palmer can pay to dump toxins in the reef , I feel all this experiments are just a waste of time and money. Sugar crops put the round up into the soil and not spraying, but these toxins still run onto reef from rain run offs. We need to stop the damage from the root cause. Otherwise we will never be able to regrow the Reef. Crown of thorns thrive on round up. Also stopping geo-engineering is another way of saving the reef , due to geo-engineering uses chemtrails loaded with , barium , strontium, alum and lithium. We need to stop poisoning the land and reef , then maybe,we can see the reef grow back naturally

        • Shaun Moller
          Shaun Moller  1 months back

          A waste of blood money (taxes) for false science.

          The reef is fine, corals live in hotter water than we have, your science is corrupted.

          Not a man made problem.

          • Shaun Moller
            Shaun Moller  1 months back

            @Doc Man the same amount as you I would expect, nothing. Am I wrong? If so, how am I wrong

          • Shaun Moller
            Shaun Moller  1 months back

            @Jack Richardson name calling is not an argument. Show me how I am a wrong.

          • Doc Man
            Doc Man  1 months back

            I wonder how much you got from fossil fuel companies.

          • Jack Richardson
            Jack Richardson  1 months back


        • Reoh
          Reoh  1 months back

          That's such great news, I hope the program goes well.

          • Rob Grant
            Rob Grant  1 months back

            How will this help the Sugar Cane Runoff, Coral Eating StarFish Explosion
            F-ing Idiots......

            • Kelli Votel
              Kelli Votel  1 months back

              Thank God for scientists. They stand between Us & Disaster.

              • Isabel Gason
                Isabel Gason  1 months back

                Terrific, so nice to see hope for our GBR!

                • ConstableRinkels
                  ConstableRinkels  1 months back

                  the reef is dead there's nothing you can do about it

                  • lingo starr
                    lingo starr  1 months back

                    i blame russia and china

                    • buriedtoodeep
                      buriedtoodeep  1 months back

                      Great stuff. Also can we please push for all International waters to be recognized as Maritime Reserves. Force every fishing nation to be responsible, rather than poach off the efforts of nations like Australia that are seeking solutions.

                      • Martin Olminkhof
                        Martin Olminkhof  1 months back

                        Or we could fix the problem we created.....?

                        • Luther Lee
                          Luther Lee  1 months back

                          It's better than nothing stop sooking if it's saving at least some stop whining

                          • Nicholas Heidl
                            Nicholas Heidl  1 months back

                            Luther Lee who said there is a nothing option? You. Who are you?

                        • Sri A
                          Sri A  1 months back

                          Omg can't we keep anything in its natural state.

                          • Stephen Bachman
                            Stephen Bachman  1 months back

                            Wouldn't it better not to posin the ocean with pollution.

                            • Stephen Bachman
                              Stephen Bachman  1 months back

                              @hopscotch30 what. Are you on drugs.

                              Drugs ruin lives. Don't take drugs.

                            • hopscotch30
                              hopscotch30  1 months back

                              And how would that bring the ocean's temperature down?

                            • Jonah Bechara
                              Jonah Bechara  1 months back

                              @Aqua Fyre He's not talking about the aquatic wildlife

                          • nitdiver5
                            nitdiver5  1 months back

                            Right cause global warming....