Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called) | DALLMYD


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  • Robert Owens
    Robert Owens  2 days back

    Google the local police department's number, call them directly. Much better than calling 911

    • Lukas Kersys
      Lukas Kersys  2 days back


      • Тамара Лаврененко

        Почему нет перевода?

        • Victoria K
          Victoria K  10 hours back

          Тамара Лаврененко , они нашли кремированные человеческие останки и не знали, что с ними делать, вызвали полицию.. Полицейский сказал " вернуть" пакет туда, где его нашли...

      • No name Hello
        No name Hello  5 days back

        2019 anyone

        • Donald Trump
          Donald Trump  5 days back

          Wait a minute didn’t we hate on Logan Paul for doing this stupid shit? Recording a dead person and this guy even monetizes it? None of my business though. Best decision would’ve been to not record this at all.

          • Donald Trump
            Donald Trump  14 hours back

            RINKR that would be very rude.

          • RINKR
            RINKR  24 hours back

            This might be an April fools joke. It was posted on April 1st 2017

          • Fat_boi6754
            Fat_boi6754  5 days back

            Because there actually very respectful about the situation, Logan Paul made fun of the dead person and then went on to make a normal video and acted like nothing happened he was also being completely racists too the culture in the whole beginning of the video, Logan was being a complete asshole about what he filmed, these guys where professional and respectful towards the situation

        • Michael Nowak
          Michael Nowak  6 days back

          Lmao the bloodcurdling scream

          • gravelbags 247
            gravelbags 247  6 days back

            How does he know that they didn't come down to sprinkle his remains and dropped the box by accident, someone could have been devastated for dropping a loved one

            • RaptorPlayz
              RaptorPlayz  6 days back

              1:41 to 1:43 when he figures out it's human remains that yell

            • du huynh
              du huynh  1 weeks back


              • Эмир Мумбаев

                Лайк кто русский

              • Jose Perez
                Jose Perez  1 weeks back

                What the hell is a cop gonna do lol
                Cop: so you found it in the water ?
                Diver: yes sir .
                Cop: finders keepers take it home

              • Cluck Norris
                Cluck Norris  1 weeks back

                Someone should put you in a box floatin down the river grandma thats from spongebob and it fits so well with this video

              • Bella Saint Onge
                Bella Saint Onge  1 weeks back

                *Brandon* and *Tristan*... #extrawhitenames

                • Olivia Matheny
                  Olivia Matheny  1 weeks back

                  He has bracis

                  • Fanaticalplel Oof
                    Fanaticalplel Oof  1 weeks back

                    DALLMYD calls police
                    Police:ahh shit here we go again

                    • Nothing but love Stay safe

                      This look like it could have been an accident. They may wanted them there but not like that. I can see if they opened it and spread them but never seen the hole box through out there

                      • Blitznstitch2
                        Blitznstitch2  2 weeks back

                        So if you decide to put the remains of your loved one in a the bag.

                        • Will
                          Will  6 days back

                          Yep, then take the bag with you and dispose of it correctly. Chucking plastic into a river is not cool. No matter what the reason is.

                      • Talha Mohammed
                        Talha Mohammed  2 weeks back

                        who watching in august 2019

                      • R.I.P LA CAPONE Team 600

                        I hate nikkas who cool with the police like this nikka

                      • Llama Queen
                        Llama Queen  2 weeks back

                        We put my moms boyfriends grandpa in a river in a box 📦 like that

                        • Fredrik Lang
                          Fredrik Lang  2 weeks back

                          Brandon looks like the rock

                          • Brooke Playz
                            Brooke Playz  2 weeks back

                            Save the turtles and other animals
                            DONT TROW IT IN THE RIVER!!!!!!!!
                            IS TRASH FOR THE ANIMALS!!!

                            • Jovanni Rico
                              Jovanni Rico  2 days back

                              Brooke Playz shut yo dumbass up😂 talkin bout turtles 💀

                          • Firman__ Shah
                            Firman__ Shah  2 weeks back

                            What is that

                          • Sataniz Aym
                            Sataniz Aym  2 weeks back

                            Are you just trying to get more views by saying “found human remains”

                            • Its_ Karina
                              Its_ Karina  5 days back

                              First of all that's how YouTube works. Second of all what else are you suppose to say?? i FoUNd a bOx!!

                            • Cucina Memellosa
                              Cucina Memellosa  2 weeks back

                              it's your fault if you thought that he was gonna pick up an arm or something
                              human ashes are still part of a human, libtard

                          • ↠ Dreams ↞
                            ↠ Dreams ↞  2 weeks back

                            I would be surprised too :o

                            • Grace pike
                              Grace pike  2 weeks back

                              THATS MY GRANDPA

                              • Cynthia
                                Cynthia  1 weeks back

                                Grace, why the hell didn’t your family just sprinkle his remains in the river? Someone else is probably gonna find the box and chuck it in the dumpster

                              • Grace pike
                                Grace pike  1 weeks back

                                Bleach Overdose i wouldnt have commented it if it wasnt true and second i said where my mom grew up and i didnt give a specific spot idc if ppl know i live in Georgia

                              • max i
                                max i  1 weeks back

                                No one believes you because no one knows you

                              • frreefi x
                                frreefi x  2 weeks back

                                Blah blah stfu

                              • Dee Carter
                                Dee Carter  2 weeks back


                            • North
                              North  2 weeks back

                              There on to me.......

                              • Lidiane Ingrid
                                Lidiane Ingrid  3 weeks back

                                Quem e brasileiro e ver esses video da like

                                • Keyse Ismail
                                  Keyse Ismail  3 weeks back

                                  aaa a hiumen chees

                                  • mateo sequeira
                                    mateo sequeira  3 weeks back

                                    Minute 1:10

                                    • Herewego
                                      Herewego  3 weeks back

                                      Bitch tried to make it sound so serious by saying “ human remains”.... just say someone’s cremated ashes. Such a drama queen looking for attention. You wouldnt have told the police it was ashes if your friend didn’t say anything. Attention whore

                                      • Bailey Grant
                                        Bailey Grant  5 days back

                                        Herewego he cant know because its all stuffed in a bag god knows how long so stop judging before hearing someone's perspective bitch

                                      • Junel Gambe
                                        Junel Gambe  1 weeks back

                                        @Herewego no you grow up its still remains like sure its like ash but where did it come from HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fuckup HATER!!!!!!!!!!

                                      • Herewego
                                        Herewego  2 weeks back

                                        SpaceMoose Animations why would I want attention from children who can’t tell the difference between human remains and ashes. Grow up

                                    • Victor Lopez
                                      Victor Lopez  3 weeks back

                                      2019 anyone?

                                    • Kiara Tochimani
                                      Kiara Tochimani  3 weeks back


                                    • Tommy Carr
                                      Tommy Carr  3 weeks back

                                      The “best decision to do” would be to leave it there. It’s not hurting anything and even if someone else would have found it they would have left it.

                                      • Nick Turnbow
                                        Nick Turnbow  3 weeks back

                                        How is it being as respectfull as possible by moving it???? Once you put 2 and 2 together and figured out what it was you should have left it alone! It's there for a reason dumb ass so leave it there!

                                        • Junel Gambe
                                          Junel Gambe  1 weeks back

                                          I dont even know if you have a brain i mean they dont wanna scare people thinking theres a murderer in there city i mean his bean in news have been awarded come on his a nice guy who wants to HHEELLPP!!!!!!!The environment

                                        • kara Anderson
                                          kara Anderson  2 weeks back

                                          if a little child stubbed upon it and they would be holding a decised person in their young hands they put it back with respect no need for the disrespectful comments because you are being disrespectful not jake

                                        • SpaceMoose Animations
                                          SpaceMoose Animations  2 weeks back

                                          It could have been MURDER

                                        • XxAmy_ Claire
                                          XxAmy_ Claire  2 weeks back


                                      • CarMeloHype
                                        CarMeloHype  3 weeks back

                                        Now I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure whoever that was wanted to be there. I understand why the authorities were called but damn if I was one of their family members I’d be pissed

                                        • kara Anderson
                                          kara Anderson  2 weeks back

                                          They done the right thing what if some teenagers stumbled upon the ashes and do horrible things like empty the bag in the water for a laugh or if a little child stubbed upon it and they would be holding a decised person in their young hands they put it back with respect

                                        • SpaceMoose Animations
                                          SpaceMoose Animations  2 weeks back

                                          True but they probably just threw it in the water

                                        • _Buecherwurm_ Animationen
                                          _Buecherwurm_ Animationen  2 weeks back

                                          @XxAmy_ Clairethat isn't hate O.o

                                        • XxAmy_ Claire
                                          XxAmy_ Claire  2 weeks back

                                          Stop hateing bro

                                      • Kasteel Arcen Wachter
                                        Kasteel Arcen Wachter  3 weeks back

                                        that is why we have a national non emergency number in the netherlands

                                        • Josh Is Awesome
                                          Josh Is Awesome  3 weeks back

                                          It’s Jimmy Hoffer

                                          • Oldsole guidry
                                            Oldsole guidry  3 weeks back

                                            That's where they decided to "bury" them. PUT IT BACK LOL

                                            • John Faber
                                              John Faber  3 weeks back

                                              This dude is a tool

                                              • Joy Tutherworld
                                                Joy Tutherworld  3 weeks back

                                                John Faber it’s your opinion but that is still very rude

                                              • Chloe Merry
                                                Chloe Merry  3 weeks back

                                                @John Faber dude all he's trying to do is clean up the environment that WE ruined. You should be owing him the highest respect

                                              • John Faber
                                                John Faber  3 weeks back

                                                Oh yeah!? Lol sorry he is, half this stuff is probably top it off, he acts like he’s some kind of saint cause he pulled a couple bags of trash out of the water. Plus He probably makes half million a year for this shit.. part of me just hating other half he’s a tool.. wouldn’t drink a beer with guy..

                                              • Angel’s Animals!
                                                Angel’s Animals!  3 weeks back

                                                Your a tool get outta here mate if u don’t like it all that will happen is u will get bombarded by the subscribers 😑 🙄

                                              • Chloe Merry
                                                Chloe Merry  3 weeks back

                                                If you don't like him then just leave him alone. Don't go out of your way to make someone feel bad.

                                            • Josh Manthe
                                              Josh Manthe  3 weeks back

                                              I thought a killer put it there

                                            • Hannah Wilkerson
                                              Hannah Wilkerson  3 weeks back

                                              For everyone confused: that was a urn basically when someone dies you can choose to have them burned to ashes. People put the urn in the ocean so that they are considered “free” from what I saw they were making sure it was respectful to other divers to leave it there🤯 ps. If I’m wrong I’m sorry I just saw this and that was what I took from it.

                                            • Perla A
                                              Perla A  3 weeks back

                                              I know its 2019 but This was uploaded on April first Hmmm? Not trying to be rude but the police didnt ask him for They way for the river or what river? Sorry I love your channel

                                              • Heidi Black
                                                Heidi Black  3 weeks back

                                                Anyone else hear him scream “ ahhhhhhh, OMG this is so nastyyyyy” I’m sorry but I could help but giggle at his reaction 🤣😭 edit: reaction time was 1:36

                                                • Vurbex
                                                  Vurbex  4 weeks back

                                                  Was that a fleshlight @ 1:04

                                                  • Dashh
                                                    Dashh  3 weeks back

                                                    Killer_zX lol he meant fleshlight, google it when you have a chance

                                                  • CarMeloHype
                                                    CarMeloHype  3 weeks back

                                                    Killer_zX he definitely meant Fleshlight dog

                                                  • Killer_zX
                                                    Killer_zX  3 weeks back

                                                    Flashlight* I’m sorry I don’t like to be one of these people to correct you, but you get dicks who will say “You Dumbass go school” mainly 5 year olds says it. Obviously you’ll realise now. Just don’t worry bro.

                                                • Jacob Hanna
                                                  Jacob Hanna  4 weeks back

                                                  April fooooools

                                                  • Alia Fahadq
                                                    Alia Fahadq  4 weeks back

                                                    Did they tell him to put it back in the ocean like nothing happened or am I wrong?

                                                    • Killer_zX
                                                      Killer_zX  3 weeks back

                                                      Super Anoboss it’s not even April dumbass

                                                    • Super Anoboss
                                                      Super Anoboss  3 weeks back

                                                      Alia Fahadq April fools

                                                  • Tortuous Long bone
                                                    Tortuous Long bone  4 weeks back

                                                    Last night I found your channel which I’ve been subscribed to forever and I had a thought of you finding like a body or something and on Snapchat I saw that and I was like wow