Top 5 New Personal Watercraft Inventions Available In 2019


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  • RedPoints
    RedPoints   4 weeks back

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    • Gillie Siut
      Gillie Siut  1 weeks back

      Hovercrafts and jet skis aren’t new

    • RedPoints
      RedPoints   2 weeks back

      Hi, Yes you can buy them, there are links of the products in the description of the video.

    • 47855874@vm
      [email protected]  3 weeks back

      Great videos and do you know any information on how to but any of these toys?

    DEABRU BELTZ- AGUS  8 hours back

    La numero 3 no enseñan la moto en ningun momento,todo imágenes fugaces de una fracción de segundo.

    • Ray Foster
      Ray Foster  1 days back

      cool, but looks like there is a lot of potential for serious injury to me

      • Jetty 1502
        Jetty 1502  2 days back

        Good idea. Let's put a child with no safety gear on a experimental high thrust water machine. Idiots!!!! You're definitely the kind of people local surfers like myself born and raised here in San Diego California don't want in the line up on SUP's & Foil boards. Idiots. I feel sorry for that kid.

      • Beautiful World
        Beautiful World  2 days back


        • Fish nature n1
          Fish nature n1  3 days back


          • Marty NoBS
            Marty NoBS  3 days back

            When in hell do women spend hours designing and building something so we men can sit on our ass in the back of it and complain that it's too loud, too smelly, too expensive ?????

            • André Borges
              André Borges  4 days back

              Shut up and take my money

              • Mr.Tyrant
                Mr.Tyrant  4 days back

                Pretty nice but we want *SPEED*

                • Jason Holmes
                  Jason Holmes  2 days back

                  3 looked pretty quick?!?!

                • RedPoints
                  RedPoints   4 days back

                  Hi, just decided to reply to your comment, also the information about speed is included in the description of video. Thank you for watching!
                  Ranking By Top Speed:

                  1. Burrasca - 134km/h

                  2. Renegade IQ Hovercraft - 76km/h
                  3. Cabratec - 40km/h
                  4. Flyride - 36km/h
                  5. Hydrofoiler XE-1 - 21km/h

              • HardRockMiner
                HardRockMiner  4 days back

                The future is here.

              • Mark Turnbull
                Mark Turnbull  4 days back

                I take one of each please.

                • Tequila MokkingByrd
                  Tequila MokkingByrd  4 days back

                  The first video were I've seen a surfboard attach to a trolling motor

                  • Jetty 1502
                    Jetty 1502  2 days back

                    That's no surfboard. It's a foil board. They're super dangerous.

                • Asenk Ckz46
                  Asenk Ckz46  5 days back

                  Teknologi semakin tidak masuk akal....goodd

                  • Rik Miles
                    Rik Miles  5 days back

                    Pedal bike is ridiculous stupid

                  • rom zubov
                    rom zubov  6 days back

                    Чё за нах)))

                    • van khoa Nguyen
                      van khoa Nguyen  6 days back

                      How much is the second one? Where can we buy it?

                      • RedPoints
                        RedPoints   5 days back

                        There is product link in the description, You can check it...

                    • a chevy monte carlo ss from 2005

                      Oh so number 3 is basically a Regular jetski

                      • NateCobra. NCK
                        NateCobra. NCK  6 days back

                        All over priced.

                        • John m
                          John m  6 days back

                          They used to have number 1 on the showcase showdown. In 91 Bob barker owned one and used to pick up chicks on it

                          • li jinshou
                            li jinshou  7 days back


                            • In Cognito
                              In Cognito  1 weeks back

                              impractical and expensive

                              • zog noty
                                zog noty  1 weeks back

                                all the fucking useless junk possible to make sure the planet will be killed. the last thing is pure trash to destroy essential place like the everglades

                                • Fuzzy Butkus
                                  Fuzzy Butkus  1 weeks back

                                  Ok where the hell are all the black people damn it.Its 2019 black people can swim,Have disposable income. Cut the shit. Let’s see some some hot sisters......Oh yeah the hair thing.forgot.

                                  • Nurman Lina
                                    Nurman Lina  1 weeks back

                                    Brapa hargax

                                    • Don Long
                                      Don Long  1 weeks back

                                      This list was backwards almost. That hovercraft was least groundbreaking by far and hell the first and 4th things were the best

                                      • James Littlewood
                                        James Littlewood  1 weeks back

                                        What a bunch of arse.

                                        • notmeeee2001
                                          notmeeee2001  1 weeks back

                                          So number one is a hovercraft design that has been around since the 1970s

                                          • RedPoints
                                            RedPoints   4 days back

                                            Yes, It's old one but not everybody knows it! For example before making this video even I didn't know. Thanks for watching, we are going to make and upload a lot of interesting videos so stay with us, let us know what you like or what you don't, that really helps us to improve the videos for our audience.

                                        • The Dog Tutor
                                          The Dog Tutor  1 weeks back

                                          all you need is a glass like pc of water

                                          • Renu Bharti
                                            Renu Bharti  1 weeks back

                                            Poor thing is sleeping in the best way to all my 👭👬👫👭👬👫not a good

                                            • Renu Bharti
                                              Renu Bharti  1 weeks back

                                              Poor baby👶

                                              • Matt Wilkins
                                                Matt Wilkins  1 weeks back

                                                all completely ridiculous, back to the dating board.

                                                • seanfishingtexas
                                                  seanfishingtexas  1 weeks back

                                                  For people that have to much money to waist

                                                  • Esteban We don’t need no stinking badges

                                                    That thing that flies look stupid or than shit

                                                    • ddavis72
                                                      ddavis72  1 weeks back

                                                      Any chance that is Lituya Bay in the first sequence?

                                                      • paulo silva
                                                        paulo silva  1 weeks back

                                                        The flight of flyryde at 7:17 looks impossible considering the water pressure aplied and the angle of incidence.

                                                        • kevin kondo
                                                          kevin kondo  1 weeks back

                                                          Take me many

                                                          • Shenkosky
                                                            Shenkosky  1 weeks back

                                                            That’s funny in our lake you would just hit a ton of weeds an do a face plant!

                                                            • John Robson
                                                              John Robson  1 weeks back

                                                              Kids, now do you understand why Capitalism is much better than Socialism?

                                                              • Enda Stephens
                                                                Enda Stephens  1 weeks back

                                                                Personal fav was 1

                                                                • Mike Hickman
                                                                  Mike Hickman  2 weeks back

                                                                  Tuned in to see the fly ride. What a sheer and utter disappointment to find you need a 25 thousand dollar jet ski to teather to it and use the jetskis pump to operate it. I'd be impressed if you didnt.

                                                                  • boltonky
                                                                    boltonky  2 weeks back

                                                                    I'm building my 2nd hovercraft soon they have been around for ages, im considering adding small fans/vent system (similar to RCS for thrust vectoring) as biggest flaw with personal ones with fixed fans you can't dodge shit if its bigger than your float height.
                                                                    The real cool ones is

                                                                    • Vincent Augustin
                                                                      Vincent Augustin  2 weeks back

                                                                      More nonsense to waste money on

                                                                      • TIM HARDIN
                                                                        TIM HARDIN  2 weeks back

                                                                        I'm in my 60"s, and saw a hovercraft virtually identical to this one, over 30 years ago.

                                                                        • Stuart Warren
                                                                          Stuart Warren  1 weeks back

                                                                          @Mike Hickman 40 years ago, there was a dealer for them in Jacksonville fl...
                                                                          and the price was about $5,000

                                                                        • Mike Hickman
                                                                          Mike Hickman  2 weeks back

                                                                          didn't. Been making them since the 50s you can pick up a used one in Michigan for about 2 grand lol

                                                                      • glasslinger
                                                                        glasslinger  2 weeks back

                                                                        The bike pedal one was interesting. I wonder how it compares in pedalling to a bike.

                                                                        • Jeff Whitelock
                                                                          Jeff Whitelock  2 weeks back

                                                                          OMG! I feel really dumb after watching this!!

                                                                          • MrHeepspo
                                                                            MrHeepspo  1 weeks back

                                                                            but that's cuz you are dumb

                                                                        • Mr McGregor
                                                                          Mr McGregor  2 weeks back

                                                                          Number 3 was crap

                                                                          • Mlle Lola
                                                                            Mlle Lola  2 weeks back

                                                                            Effet garantie comme un suppositoire 😆 sauf que là ça te prend pas à gorge…

                                                                            • Mlle Lola
                                                                              Mlle Lola  2 weeks back

                                                                              Inutile mais sympa