Bronny Blue Chips BUZZER BEATER at Balling on the Beach 2019


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  • AmayaGirl White
    AmayaGirl White  3 months back

    Blue chips is a very good team

    • Itz. Madison
      Itz. Madison  3 months back

      Whoever hand that was bro 😤your annoying

      • TraeNine X
        TraeNine X  4 months back

        Blue chips should of brought they beach Jersey's matches the court .

        • Tina Williams
          Tina Williams  4 months back

          Good game

          • Adolphus Evans
            Adolphus Evans  4 months back

            background song at 4:16 ?

          • AJC
            AJC  4 months back

            Each 1 teach 1 is an eybl team

            • FRXSH
              FRXSH  4 months back

              13:04 GET TF OUT THE WAY

              • Betty Shaw
                Betty Shaw  4 months back

                It's more teams and more players besides this young man. Acknowledge all the teams and players

                • Capphy
                  Capphy  3 months back

                  CityLeagueHoopsTV well said

                • CityLeagueHoopsTV
                  CityLeagueHoopsTV   4 months back

                  If you look at this channel, MSHTV, and other channels that I run, along with the MSHTV Instagram pages there is no one who acknowledges more players and teams at the middle school level. It’s impossible to acknowledge all the teams at an event with 100+ organizations playing at different gyms. This team has captured the imagination of the public, of course they will be featured the most. But if you feel the need to make this observation this comment belongs on another YouTube channel, not this page.

              • Paris Webb
                Paris Webb  4 months back

                Them pants tight as hell😂😂 like I know them boys growing everyday they at the height of puberty they need new pants every couple of months lol I remember my brother literally grew out of his underwear one summer in two months like nigga grew 4 inches and 20 lbs in two months boys grow fast af

                • Moore Ballers
                  Moore Ballers  4 months back

                  23 on the rebels is tuff y’all sleeping🤧

                  • Capphy
                    Capphy  3 months back

                    Moore Ballers. Rebels is the Black coloured jersey team?

                • Daja Smith
                  Daja Smith  4 months back

                  You should’ve slapped whoever put their hand in the way at the end😑

                  • CityLeagueHoopsTV
                    CityLeagueHoopsTV   4 months back

                    Worst filming situation I’ve ever been in. Everyone squished into a balcony like sardines. I’m lucky that the hand was the only major problem

                • AKOO86
                  AKOO86  4 months back

                  The kid is a legit 6'3-6'4 already. Can definitely do everything. I guess we can prepare to... #WitnessGreatness2.0

                • Venna M
                  Venna M  4 months back


                  • The #1 skate channel on yt

                    *Cough* Bronny airpod flex *cough*

                    • CityLeagueHoopsTV
                      CityLeagueHoopsTV   4 months back

                      His dad owns stock in Beats and made 30 million off the deal, his flexes aren't even something we can understand haha.

                    • noonecares215
                      noonecares215  4 months back

                      Atleast 5 people on his team had them on. It would have been a flex if he had on the new wireless beats.

                  • annick krou
                    annick krou  4 months back

                    Quand même bien avec ça fait

                    • ACE BUILDZ
                      ACE BUILDZ  4 months back


                      • Semaj Murphy
                        Semaj Murphy  4 months back

                        The first person ti comment without watching the video.... GREAT JOB LMAO