Overnight RITUAL In Haunted Warehouse


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  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby   1 weeks back

    Hope you enjoyed this series! Let us know where we should go next ;)

    PART 1: https://youtu.be/Ght8YRd1vJA
    PART 2: https://youtu.be/8ovYvOdH7zM
    PART 3: https://youtu.be/s0VaAiqU3iE
    PART 4: https://youtu.be/7PWa97xjSYs
    Finale: https://youtu.be/d0XRA4YUjIY

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    • Mikeyy Cap
      Mikeyy Cap  6 days back

      Sam and Colby do a Philadelphia series there’s a lot of creepy things around in philly also cape May New Jersey people say it’s one of the most haunted places in the USA think about it

    • Sue O Farrell
      Sue O Farrell  1 weeks back


    • Ricardo Retamar
      Ricardo Retamar  1 weeks back

      Epic!!! Mind blowing. You Guys deserve your own TV show, WTF is wrong with Hollywood and Netflix. What are they waiting for, International hell yeah !!! Get some Ghost Hunting Equipment Gear , Ghostbusters all the way . The underground city in London, a Hunted Castle in England. EPIC !!! AMAZING JOB GUYS 💙😁👏👏👏👏

    • Briana Robins
      Briana Robins  1 weeks back

      Sam and Colby by far, the best series y’all have ever done. That was awesome please keep it up👌

    • Alan Montoya
      Alan Montoya  1 weeks back

      I dare you guys to go to auschwitz, occieped Poland🇵🇱🇵🇱, Poland 🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Anthony Paul
    Anthony Paul  1 minutes back

    9:12 shadown ran pass sam

    • Bhawana . Eva
      Bhawana . Eva  2 minutes back

      Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India...try going here for something haunted!!!!! @sam and Colby

      • Tiger-Lily Sky
        Tiger-Lily Sky  11 minutes back

        “Maybe they were sacrificing fruit to vegan Gods” 😂

        • shadow._.twins
          shadow._.twins  12 minutes back

          This made me sacred but happy bc u got rid of what ever made u to hunted and the clips made me laugh and tgevend thank you

          • Lorelei Amato
            Lorelei Amato  22 minutes back

            You guys should totally check out the Kings park psychiatric center on Long Island! At one point it was the largest psych center in the US! It’s really fucking cool and there’s a bunch of buildings that you can easily break into (as someone who’s done it more often than I should have when I was younger)

            • Justin Johnson
              Justin Johnson  36 minutes back

              Please make some more videos real soon I love your work

              • Hayley Lloyd
                Hayley Lloyd  36 minutes back

                I thought stephen was a turtle

                • Mxlann
                  Mxlann  1 hours back

                  This entity is really attached and Will keep on trying to get you, this ritual may have cleared you guys for now but that entity is obviously not done with yall yet so take care, watch out and if you ever get a sign of it being near you, you're family or your friends immediately contact a priest, demonoligist or a spirit hunter. You guys messed with the wrong entity. I wish you luck and hope you will never hear of this entity again

                  • Bts_Jeongguk
                    Bts_Jeongguk  1 hours back

                    15:34 who’s iPhone alarm is going off? LMAO

                    • Emerald 1985
                      Emerald 1985  1 hours back

                      U should do THE 11 MILES RITUAL

                      • Gaming Goonies
                        Gaming Goonies  2 hours back

                        Yall should bring a new member a female member n that would be Jennifer the girl yall meet at the Standly Hotel....

                        • Andy Mota
                          Andy Mota  2 hours back

                          People who think this is real =🤡

                          • Ext_psychotic
                            Ext_psychotic  3 hours back

                            You guys should really get the the lights that the paranormal investigator was letting you borrow to be positive

                            • Robloxthequeen 14
                              Robloxthequeen 14  3 hours back

                              Sam and Colby I know several places where I am that I want to explore but I was thinking y’all could do it since y’all explore places there is several places y’all could explore here in NC and there not as abandon as y’all seen but there abandoned u might be able to find some that are actually abandoned but this is just other ideas y’all could do in NC

                              • Taya Avizen
                                Taya Avizen  3 hours back

                                What if the ghosts wanted Sam and colby to open the box?
                                What if the ghosts wanted them to go without Jake and Corey?
                                What if the ghosts wanted for Nate to come with Sam and Colby?
                                What if this whole thing, the ghosts planned?
                                What if Sam and Colby are somehow realated to the ghosts?
                                What if the ghosts are still with Sam and Colby?
                                What if the ghosts are just some dead teenagers who wanted to become YouTubers but they got killed on their first video they were trying to make so now the are following Sam and Colby to become kinda famous?
                                DUN DUN DUUUUN?

                                (yes, I am that person who never sees an end in life)

                                • Taya Avizen
                                  Taya Avizen  3 hours back

                                  Who else thinks that this episodes are like a movie?

                                  • Bryanna Sparks
                                    Bryanna Sparks  4 hours back

                                    You guys should go to Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It was first a school then became a hospital for people who had tb. Once you were admitted there you were no longer allowed to leave. Even the doctors and nurses weren’t allowed to leave the hospital. Because of all the deaths the place is supposedly super haunted by all the patients and staff. Over 63000 people died there. There are also tunnels underneath the buildings that were built before the place closed down. After it closed it became Woodhaven medical service, but the owners couldn’t take care of the place so it was destroyed. Afterwards it was bought by paranormal experts and was turned into a tourist destination that broadcasts the paranormal activity within its walls. It’s located in Louisville, Kentucky. I know you guys don’t live anywhere near there but it’s super cool and I thought I would suggest it. Love you guys and I hope you see this.

                                    • Eammon Mckinney
                                      Eammon Mckinney  4 hours back

                                      Go back to queen Mary were it started

                                      • jackattack802
                                        jackattack802  4 hours back

                                        heh nice joke 2:31

                                        • מיכלי גדליה
                                          מיכלי גדליה  4 hours back

                                          what does it mean you stop with the vlogs? you stop exploring?

                                          • Awesome Nooby45
                                            Awesome Nooby45  5 hours back

                                            What if it was 12:59 then the ritual fails cause that last minute was from opening the box.

                                            • Isaiah Herrera
                                              Isaiah Herrera  5 hours back

                                              Take out those creepy pictures please

                                              • Isaiah Herrera
                                                Isaiah Herrera  5 hours back

                                                These series fell like movies

                                                • FireSlash721
                                                  FireSlash721  5 hours back

                                                  What if that box is a dybbuk box???😮

                                                  • colin obrien
                                                    colin obrien  6 hours back

                                                    Do you remember when Budy had a shit on Colby walli

                                                    • Shyla Plays
                                                      Shyla Plays  6 hours back

                                                      Who agrees they should post a new video every day because I have Been WAITING

                                                      • Randy Hayward
                                                        Randy Hayward  6 hours back

                                                        What a crock of shit lol

                                                        • Gacha X Zailey
                                                          Gacha X Zailey  6 hours back

                                                          Im dying of laughing when colby just tries getting the frog xD

                                                          • Gracie Huffman
                                                            Gracie Huffman  7 hours back

                                                            They should go to Alcatraz the most haunted prison. Like this so they will see.

                                                            • Mady Jazmín
                                                              Mady Jazmín  7 hours back

                                                              I want them to do a collab with vlog squad and go to a haunted place !!

                                                              • Mad Maddie
                                                                Mad Maddie  7 hours back

                                                                something 3:08 a white figrue behind you

                                                                • Nerbs
                                                                  Nerbs  8 hours back

                                                                  Butt Cheeks

                                                                  • Tokofa
                                                                    Tokofa  8 hours back

                                                                    this demon really did not want this to happen holy fuck

                                                                    • Karimitoo 234
                                                                      Karimitoo 234  9 hours back

                                                                      Go bacl to the baby crying bridge

                                                                      • Kandace the billie eilish lover

                                                                        I bought merch two months ago and still didn’t receive it -.- I want a refund

                                                                        • Liv & Alfie Brown
                                                                          Liv & Alfie Brown  9 hours back

                                                                          This happened earlier
                                                                          Mum: what you watching
                                                                          Me: Sam and Colby
                                                                          Mum: Sam and Colby?
                                                                          Mum: sorry I thought you said salmon Colby
                                                                          Me: 😵🙄😑

                                                                          • William Redfern
                                                                            William Redfern  10 hours back

                                                                            Wasn't stephen a snapping turtle

                                                                            • Alfred Jonathan Kwak
                                                                              Alfred Jonathan Kwak  10 hours back

                                                                              It's not a bullet, it's a casing, meaning it was spent on something

                                                                              • keiller ellis
                                                                                keiller ellis  10 hours back

                                                                                I found it so funny when colby threw the box against the wall 😂

                                                                                • CRAZY Poo
                                                                                  CRAZY Poo  10 hours back

                                                                                  Guys in next Haunted Place you go please try Ghost Paper Challenge at 3AM!! I wanna see if it works love you so much
                                                                                  Like if you wanna see them doing it :)

                                                                                  • Tony Angeles
                                                                                    Tony Angeles  11 hours back

                                                                                    Fuhh yeeaaa got the squad bcckk👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

                                                                                    • Black Swan
                                                                                      Black Swan  11 hours back

                                                                                      You guys should visit the Goatman's Bridge next time. And yea, shoutout to you guys putting your lives on the line for the fans 🤗

                                                                                      • th3flash97
                                                                                        th3flash97  12 hours back

                                                                                        Literally after Nate said synaptic I said what the hell does that word mean, then Colby said idk what that means😂

                                                                                        • A Lyrics
                                                                                          A Lyrics  12 hours back

                                                                                          Go to Jennifer’s cabin

                                                                                          • Hadley_ Robbins
                                                                                            Hadley_ Robbins  12 hours back

                                                                                            Nate: You know how they sacrifice meat to pagan gods, well they’re sacrificing fruit to vegan gods!
                                                                                            Me: I’m dead*

                                                                                            • E-Tensei GUGA
                                                                                              E-Tensei GUGA  13 hours back

                                                                                              8:23 and naruto!

                                                                                              Just saying......

                                                                                              • Galaxy alpha Wolf
                                                                                                Galaxy alpha Wolf  13 hours back

                                                                                                Ok so listen closely... knife 🔪 “ murder “ mirror with Noel on it. Noel was a murder who killed all that people. And the bullet “ murdered Noel by a gunshot... that. I found that box way before you. It said on it my name with my last name “ kill the next one who has this and it was . You.......