Mario, DON'T JUMP! Calculating the Danger of the Yoshi Sacrifice! | The SCIENCE of... Mario


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  • quin4000 quin4000
    quin4000 quin4000  2 days back

    1:53 do you also see Yuri beside Austin?!

    • Foxboy
      Foxboy  2 days back

      Ok, yes, but you’re only given the OPTION of jumping off Yoshi. You don’t HAVE to do it to beat the game, and Mario Maker is just a non-canon spin-off. If you do it, YOU are the one making Mario the most evil Nintendo character.

      -Sincerely, Foxboy

      • sam P
        sam P  3 days back

        ,, ,,
        Hi, it's me, Austin!

        • David Reyes
          David Reyes  3 days back

          Green text=bad
          Blue text=AUSTIN!

          • DRAGON MUSIC
            DRAGON MUSIC  4 days back

            Youshis weight can’t be right scince mussels are heavvier then fat plus he is a bit taler and has a shell/saddle.

            • DRAGON MUSIC
              DRAGON MUSIC  4 days back

              So mejuring yoshis new estimated weight and including the fact that youshi has some control of flight (the youshi flutter) this should be a bit more eeven.

          • Phantom Ghoti
            Phantom Ghoti  5 days back

            Well mario jumps higher on yoshi than he does on the ground right? So maybe yoshi is helping mario jump up by giving him a small toss.

            • Grin Reaper Of Trolls
              Grin Reaper Of Trolls  5 days back

              Hold up. Is 36.4 m/s/s really the acceleration due to gravity? On earth it’s-9.8m/s/s. It sounds like you’re using the american ft/s/s. Which I think is like -34 ft/s/s. I’m bot sure what it is in mario, so I was just wondering.

              • Yoshii's Randomness
                Yoshii's Randomness  1 weeks back

                ...Screw u Mario...

                • Sherlock Goose
                  Sherlock Goose  1 weeks back

                  this is what im studying in 8th grade science right now so i understood every god dang friggin second of it lmfao

                  • Golden Gamer Fox
                    Golden Gamer Fox  1 weeks back

                    luigi jumps higher than mario so that means...



                    • Landon Moore
                      Landon Moore  2 weeks back

                      16%less is actually not the same as 16%more sooooooooomight want to re do this

                      • Jelly Belly
                        Jelly Belly  2 weeks back


                        • Blake Thomas
                          Blake Thomas  2 weeks back

                          Turtles are reptiles austin

                          • Elizabeth Schwartz
                            Elizabeth Schwartz  2 weeks back

                            Omg I just got the reference at 4:39. I loved that little flash animation when I was a kid. Good reference Austin!

                            • Ooga ooga Jeff
                              Ooga ooga Jeff  2 weeks back


                              • Jaketheplayer17
                                Jaketheplayer17  2 weeks back

                                A second Austin? That's a paradox.

                                • Alex Olczak
                                  Alex Olczak  2 weeks back

                                  The mass doesn’t cancel out unless it is squared

                                • Why
                                  Why  2 weeks back

                                  This taught me more about Newton 's law than my current science teacher ngl

                                  • NoX Model 001
                                    NoX Model 001  3 weeks back

                                    So this makes Super Mario Bros Z's Mario more believable

                                    • Janice kim
                                      Janice kim  3 weeks back

                                      Okay So I Love Yoshi And I Hate Mario Soooooooo I Love Yoshi!!!

                                      • Nathaniel Weis
                                        Nathaniel Weis  3 weeks back

                                        car salesman slaps roof of car
                                        roof of car slaps car salesman

                                        • nugget and sami show
                                          nugget and sami show  3 weeks back

                                          You never have to drop him in a hole :(

                                          • argetaful
                                            argetaful  3 weeks back

                                            Live the vid bruh keep it up

                                            • David Rosa
                                              David Rosa  3 weeks back

                                              God i hate this jerk off

                                              • Someone New
                                                Someone New  3 weeks back

                                                *10 minutes 17 seconds into a 15 minute 26 second long video*
                                                Austin: Now that you know the basics...

                                                • Kirbylore Eh?
                                                  Kirbylore Eh?  3 weeks back

                                                  Amphibian??? Hold up...

                                                  • Stefan M.
                                                    Stefan M.  3 weeks back

                                                    14:29 Because the landing would still be pretty painful.

                                                    • Sparky Dood
                                                      Sparky Dood  3 weeks back

                                                      Didn't Yoshi used to be a light weight driver in Mario Kart?

                                                      • Grant Sibley
                                                        Grant Sibley  3 weeks back


                                                        • DEATHbySp00Nz15
                                                          DEATHbySp00Nz15  4 weeks back

                                                          Mario is Goku

                                                          • Carmen Bograd
                                                            Carmen Bograd  4 weeks back

                                                            The reason Mario doesn't jump that high all the time, is because he's lazy and he also needs to conserve engergi for when he needs it. Plus if you are going to be jumping around all day long its probably a good idea to not use all his energy every time he jumps.

                                                            • Cherif T Boudjakdji
                                                              Cherif T Boudjakdji  4 weeks back

                                                              This isn't Matt pat

                                                              • Myst Fende
                                                                Myst Fende  1 months back

                                                                Um...Austin, Sir?

                                                                it's mv=√(2ghm)

                                                                The Mass on the RHS is actually the square root of Mass, how can they cancel each other?

                                                                Then if we assume Mario's weight as 89kgs (through a google search, I have not double checked these values)
                                                                it should be more like
                                                                => v=1.7m/s

                                                       dunno, maybe you'll have to check again?

                                                                • detemmienation
                                                                  detemmienation  1 months back


                                                                  • Wyguy5
                                                                    Wyguy5  1 months back

                                                                    If Mario jumps higher when jumping off Yoshi, could that mean that the Yoshi itself is contributing to the jump? Is it teamwork? Either Yoshi is able to survive the landing and knows it, or he is way too helpful... Something is up with Yoshi.

                                                                    • γιαννης καραγ

                                                                      Austin seems more funny than Mattpad I don't get why he gets always less views

                                                                      • Thewaffleninja 1620
                                                                        Thewaffleninja 1620  1 months back

                                                                        ok austin I had to use a black screen to make sure that those weren't dead pixels at 4:36 onwards

                                                                        • Kaj Baldwin
                                                                          Kaj Baldwin  1 months back

                                                                          1:49 i see you the ddlc character wich has a name that i dont remember

                                                                          • JoNatHan K
                                                                            JoNatHan K  1 months back

                                                                            89 Kilograms is = to what ?

                                                                            What is 32.77 Meters/Second = to ?

                                                                            • Xanthor
                                                                              Xanthor  1 months back

                                                                              Cool Vid! Also 5:17 is bothering me like nails on a chalkboard or nails on my eyeballs [ms^(-2) insteand of ms^2] but I am powerless to edit your video. So many calculation errors and mistakes come from sloppy use or misrepresentation of units my week is ruined

                                                                              • Nick Comstock
                                                                                Nick Comstock  1 months back

                                                                                So the yoshi's sacrifice animation should look more like he got down+B'd in midair without a platform underneath him in super smash?

                                                                                • Jonathan Stiles
                                                                                  Jonathan Stiles  1 months back

                                                                                  “Hokay, so here’s ze Earth...”

                                                                                  Be careful. That one’s an antique.

                                                                                  • NexoDog Games
                                                                                    NexoDog Games  1 months back

                                                                                    Video: hi, its me justine!
                                                                                    Me: **clicks out of the video**

                                                                                    • Captain Phantom
                                                                                      Captain Phantom  1 months back

                                                                                      No wonder its called "the yoshi sacrifice"

                                                                                      • Mike Cola
                                                                                        Mike Cola  1 months back

                                                                                        Wait, did he just cancel out the mass under the square root and the mass outside of the square root at the same time at 6:16? The square root of mass is not the same as mass alone.

                                                                                        • Leyton Sumner
                                                                                          Leyton Sumner  1 months back

                                                                                          Austin you can get the mushroom to jump, THE POISON MUSHROOM

                                                                                          • scooby poopy poo
                                                                                            scooby poopy poo  2 months back

                                                                                            Austin I swear to God you lost me from when you started talking.

                                                                                            • Nori Shimogawa
                                                                                              Nori Shimogawa  2 months back

                                                                                              ok, i'm gonna sound pretty stupid here because i'm not hugely into physics, but if the whole thing about equal and opposite forces thing is true, then shouldn't we like not be able to move at all? i'm not denying newton here, he was way smarter than i probably ever will be, but those are the implications i'm getting. also wouldn't that make it so that rain destroys car windows if the car is going fast enough cuz force/area? again sorry if i sound like a moron here but i haven't found anywhere on google that helped.