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  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    Who will be the next NBA MVP: Giannis or Harden?

    • Nate Ulloa
      Nate Ulloa  4 months back

      First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright Harden going to be mvp

    • P.C Jim-Bob
      P.C Jim-Bob  4 months back


    • Muhammad Jafar
      Muhammad Jafar  4 months back

      I pick MVP is GIANNISSS!!!

    • Leo Acklin
      Leo Acklin  4 months back

      Giannis. No doubt.

  • Sang Jun Lee
    Sang Jun Lee  2 months back

    harden > giannis nub

    • louis ayala
      louis ayala  3 months back

      If Harden gets the mvp over Giannis, the fans will revolt.

      • Antonio Kim
        Antonio Kim  3 months back

        Coach Bud deserves to be the coach of the year. Remember when he took the Atlanta Hawks to a number one seed?

      • chiko gaming
        chiko gaming  4 months back

        Giannis put the bucks to no 1 seed😑and they dumped all the west teams in regular season😂😂they beat houston. they beat gsw😂😂so end of the discussion. giannis is the mvp of the regular season

        • Gautam Krishnamurthy
          Gautam Krishnamurthy  4 months back

          Antoine Walker lowkey dissing Harden... rocket fan here and I love harden so he’s my pick 👍🏾

        • Cortez Nelson
          Cortez Nelson  4 months back

          Offense and defense should win mvp..harden has no defense

          • MKG
            MKG  4 months back

            Joel Embiid literally averages the same numbers as Giannis in the same conference and isn't going to win MVP

            • Abimbolaomowumi Omowumi
              Abimbolaomowumi Omowumi  4 months back

              Thank goodness squidface doesn’t have a vote

              • Randy Warren
                Randy Warren  4 months back

                MVP should be great at both ends of the court. Hardin isn't great at defense, Giannis is.

                • Cortez Nelson
                  Cortez Nelson  4 months back

                  Thats what im sayin...anybody can score on harden but you got giannis in front of you. You not scoring 30+ rockets vs bucks giannis would be mvp in that series.

              • Martineast
                Martineast  4 months back

                Giannis MVP DPOY Most improved....and Finals MVP. Go Bucks!

              • Brenton Walker
                Brenton Walker  4 months back

                dam cuz you got big! Tell Chris and Mike i said hi.

                • Danny Abifalah
                  Danny Abifalah  4 months back

                  30+ streak of 30+ points
                  2,800 points
                  averaging 36 ppg
                  avg 2.7 steals pg, 1st or 2nd (not sure)
                  was the 14th seed and harden brought the team back to the 4th seed
                  scored 8 50+ point games (13 rest of the NBA)
                  this offensive harden season is wilt level. if harden loses then idk what else he has to do to get MVP.

                  • Cortez Nelson
                    Cortez Nelson  4 months back

                    Now put up defensive numbers? If your opponent averages 30 against you i dont want you on my team

                • Vilmar Sendrijas
                  Vilmar Sendrijas  4 months back

                  The Greek freek is the real MVP....

                  • Chris Sparks
                    Chris Sparks  4 months back

                    Harden will win because of his ability to go to the free throw line, that's it

                    • Spiros Rostobaya
                      Spiros Rostobaya  4 months back

                      Harden is trash in my opinion the only thing that he do is step back giannis does everything what do you want like you have to bw stupid to pick harden over giannis

                      • Charley Marion
                        Charley Marion  4 months back

                        Oh please... James Harden is the well deserved MVP no doubt... breaking record after record.... Gianis needs to eat his broccoli still... great player no doubt but can't compete with a player who's breaking legend's records!! he's not as "likeable" because he's not as showy and athletic and since there's a succer born every minute who falls for the "dunk" they tent to ignore his amazing record. James Harden is in a different planet!!!. there are envious people trying to bring him down but they can't... Gianis is a great young player with amazing athleticism and no doubt a great future but he needs to keep working on his records breaking ability... I can't imagine ignoring Harden's breaking records hold up to now by legends!!!! ridiculous!

                      • Dug
                        Dug  4 months back

                        Took less than 3 minutes for Nick to mention LeBron

                        • Mtl Qc
                          Mtl Qc  4 months back

                          that a big no respect for kayhi Leonard the true best two way superstar

                          • Traditional Sage
                            Traditional Sage  4 months back

                            Looks like a hive of bees stung Walker all at the same time.

                            • Eagleye17 18
                              Eagleye17 18  4 months back

                              They could end this by adding Offensive payer of the year. Harden=OPoY Giannis=MVP...they have defensive player...why not OPoY? Weird.

                              • Michael Anderson
                                Michael Anderson  4 months back

                                James harden took 7 more shots and played 5 more minutes a game. Giannis didn't need to take that many shots because he got his team up so much and got to rest and not take that many shots

                                • Michael Anderson
                                  Michael Anderson  4 months back

                                  @Cheeseball27 no it doesn't how would we know that harden needs to do that for all u know they would be better if they didn't iso every time. I saw them play good basketball without harden and beat the Warriors in regular season on the other the hand the bucks were 4 and 6 without giannis this season. Giannis just get the team up so much which makes where he doesn't have to. While harden takes 30 shots a game and makes 12 and everyone acts like that's a great 50 point game so how did they lose or how did they barley win.

                                • Cheeseball27
                                  Cheeseball27  4 months back

                                  Michael Anderson which proves Harden is MVP because he HAS to play all game because without him his team collapses, without Giannis they’re fine

                              • Geolo08 T.
                                Geolo08 T.  4 months back

                                Respect to Harden's offensive stats but can I ask how the fact that Rockets and harden started slow, is a disadvantage for Giannis?...

                                • MYR32
                                  MYR32  4 months back

                                  There’s no debate
                                  Giannis is the MVP

                                  • Euro Salinas
                                    Euro Salinas  4 months back

                                    Thats why u dont Have vote Nick Wrong cuz u dont know anything about basketball !!! U r the worst NBA analyst ever !!!

                                    • Euro Salinas
                                      Euro Salinas  4 months back

                                      Giannis MVP !!
                                      Kobe get only 1 MVP and was a much better 2 way player than James Harden !!

                                      • Thomas Dumont
                                        Thomas Dumont  4 months back

                                        To me, the first couple months where the Rockets were bad should matter. If they had done that at the end, Harden wouldn't be in the conversation.

                                        • T doeg
                                          T doeg  4 months back

                                          Giannis mvp because he is playing team ball while averaging 27 12 and 5 and his team is number one in the league.Also Harden is playing street ball he has the green light to take how many shots whenever he wants its plenty of players in the league can put up stats like that if they had the green light from Devin Booker to zack lavine.

                                          • bullwinkle moose
                                            bullwinkle moose  4 months back

                                            Giannis. At least he pretends to play defense

                                            • Live in Asia! 365
                                              Live in Asia! 365  4 months back

                                              James harden r u crazy. Is the mvp.. He even had to deal w carmelos bad fit and a new roster 2nd half plus injuries.. N 9 point better average.. 2nd in steals.. And best post defender.. U crazy

                                              • John Williams
                                                John Williams  4 months back

                                                Harden's Defense....2.2 steals pg....Giannis...1.3 (the season). Deflections Harden 3.6...Giannis...not even top defense Harden is in the 90th percentile (Harden does guard all five positions because of the Rockets switching style). STOP saying Harden does not play defense. Giannis might be better I will concede. We all now that Giannis has no game offensively outside the paint. 13% from the 3pt arc. That stat alone tells me has not put in the work to be MVP.

                                                • Gabe Vanorden
                                                  Gabe Vanorden  4 months back

                                                  CC deadass mid sentence told the man bless you live, love this man, most people would’ve ignored the sneeze

                                                  • Eleazar
                                                    Eleazar  4 months back

                                                    Houston fan here. I’m always gonna rep my team. And of course Harden is my MVP. but that man Giannis is special. Love how the NBA is forming again. When Golden State falls apart the NBA is finally gonna be balanced and we might even see Harden, Giannis, Kawhi, Westbrook, all these stars compete for a ring. I’m tired of the GSW era 😓

                                                    • Christian Burns
                                                      Christian Burns  4 months back

                                                      The race for MVP this year is VERY close, as Harden ranks #1 in win shares and Giannis ranks #3 in that category respectively, although per 48 minutes Giannis leads the league in this category. Giannis ranks #3 in defensive win shares as Harden is obviously well outside the top 50. Giannis is ranked #1 in player efficiency as James Harden is ranked #2. Other than analytics, harden’s 36ppg average and overall impact on the floor, in my opinion, is BARELY better than Giannis’, based off of the “eye test” and actually watching games. By this, I mean I believe Harden has the SLIGHTEST bit of a larger impact than Antetokounmpo while on the floor. Also, this is the closest race I’ve ever personally witnessed. Both players are amazing, but I’ve concluded that this year, James Harden is my MVP, by the slimmest margin. Feel free to disagree because I’ve gone both ways multiple times and could very well be wrong or persuaded otherwise, and this is just my opinion.

                                                      • David Britt Affiliates
                                                        David Britt Affiliates  4 months back

                                                        Antoine know what time is it. GA

                                                        • Reynir Rúnarsson
                                                          Reynir Rúnarsson  4 months back

                                                          I would choose Curry over Harden

                                                          • Lamar Yates
                                                            Lamar Yates  4 months back

                                                            Harden actually is guarding 1-5 when you consider he guards the most post ups and has the best defensive stats in the post

                                                            • no name
                                                              no name  4 months back

                                                              last 2 minutes or minute i want giannis even as a Celtics fan. giannis will pass it if he doesnt have the shot. Kyrie will take it no matter what and miss it despite an open teammate

                                                              • shawn31589
                                                                shawn31589  4 months back

                                                                Shut up CC

                                                                • Hector Lopez
                                                                  Hector Lopez  4 months back

                                                                  Harden is the mvp

                                                                  • Miamisfinest 2015
                                                                    Miamisfinest 2015  4 months back

                                                                    Gianis MVP

                                                                    • Yanis Xantopulos
                                                                      Yanis Xantopulos  4 months back


                                                                      • Evan Mansfield
                                                                        Evan Mansfield  4 months back

                                                                        I just hate watching the rockets and James harden way too much to have him win mvp 😂

                                                                      • mukubai
                                                                        mukubai  4 months back

                                                                        Seriously. Why do people pick Kareem over Wilt when Wilt dominated and was THE only player to block the "unstoppable" shot. Also people speak about Kareems records but more analysts need to acknowledge Wilt. HE NEVER FOULED OUT OF A GAME HIS ENTIRE CAREER. Bruh.

                                                                        • DwaNeStaR NL
                                                                          DwaNeStaR NL  4 months back

                                                                          Thank you Antoine Walker.. they only look at Harden's offense but Giannis is the best overall player offense and defense.

                                                                          • Sean Lowry
                                                                            Sean Lowry  4 months back

                                                                            Giannis also shoots 15% better from the field
                                                                            than Harden!!

                                                                            • Seoghee Hwang
                                                                              Seoghee Hwang  4 months back

                                                                              @Tree Beard with his size and length? It's obvious the two players have different playing styles. More efficiently bc hes huge

                                                                            • Tree Beard
                                                                              Tree Beard  4 months back

                                                                              xBakero so? Still scores more efficiently without a great jumper.

                                                                            • xBakero
                                                                              xBakero  4 months back

                                                                              But 90% of Giannis FG is from 10 ft below.

                                                                          • James Hardhead
                                                                            James Hardhead  4 months back

                                                                            How could a person Blame Giannis for playing in the east but say LeBron deserved MVP every year when the east was much worse a few years back

                                                                            • ILUNADAR
                                                                              ILUNADAR  4 months back

                                                                              Γ Ι Α Ν Ν Η Σ MVP 2019