WWE Champion Kofi Kingston On His Return To Ghana + Answers Fan Questions


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  • Mr. Carlos Slim
    Mr. Carlos Slim  2 days back

    Rosenberg is such a kiss ass

    • Cordell Watts
      Cordell Watts  1 weeks back


      • Abby94
        Abby94  1 weeks back

        I used to watch wrestling back in the day (before I stopped watching it) and I used to love watching this guy on there and I just love the positive energy

        • htk ilikecomedy.net
          htk ilikecomedy.net  1 weeks back

          Kofi is awesome

          • PopcultureFate 29
            PopcultureFate 29  1 weeks back

            11. Big ups to my brother Kofi.

            • iMargielas
              iMargielas  1 weeks back

              I can’t be there with Ebro for more den 10 minutes

              • BRAWLIC215
                BRAWLIC215  1 weeks back

                Wwe heavyweight and 6 time tag team champion*

                • iRepGhana
                  iRepGhana  1 weeks back

                  Kofi Reppin' Ghana..
                  Much love brother!

                  • Rational Black Man
                    Rational Black Man  1 weeks back

                    Mannnnnnn I ain’t watched wrestling in a minute lolol I remember when he first came on now he the WWE champ. That’s cooool!✊🏾🙌🏾

                    • hb B
                      hb B  3 days back


                  • The Savvy Listener
                    The Savvy Listener  1 weeks back

                    😂😂😂 A 7 minute Rosenberg and Laura interview says it all

                    • Couped Up
                      Couped Up  1 weeks back

                      6 1 9!!!!

                      • manifergi
                        manifergi  1 weeks back

                        Why does he act Jamaican on WWE and not Ghanaian ? that what ive wanted to know for 10yrs (it feels like hes been there for that long)

                        • myafricanaffairs
                          myafricanaffairs  3 days back

                          @manifergi So you think I don't understand the point you were trying to make? You are still slow.

                        • manifergi
                          manifergi  3 days back

                          @myafricanaffairs you seem to be slow. The point i was making was that majority of the people in Jamaica have a mixed heritage. You cant only refer to Jamaicans as "Ghanaian" when majority of the blacks here have a mixed heritage (African roots included) and even so our African roots are not only from Ghana mate.

                        • myafricanaffairs
                          myafricanaffairs  3 days back

                          @manifergi Obviously he was not referring to Asians and South Americans who migrated to Jamaica. He was referring to the Africans. You are too slow.

                        • Ghemony Rygar
                          Ghemony Rygar  7 days back

                          @manifergi thank you! 💪🏿

                        • Ghemony Rygar
                          Ghemony Rygar  7 days back

                          @Micheal Bowen thank you!

                      • Player 1
                        Player 1  1 weeks back

                        Video games and wrestling =, $$$$$$$...
                        . Best VG players...... VG developers....... Followers=$$$$$$$$

                        • Nation Of Lies & Toxic BeanPies

                          He shows he's homosexual in the first 10 seconds. #WWE

                          • Cordell Taylor
                            Cordell Taylor  6 days back

                            Familiar with the expression, it takes one to know one? You miiight be under that umbrella. Just saying.

                          • Chef Baxter
                            Chef Baxter  1 weeks back

                            You are slow

                          • Ashton Morris
                            Ashton Morris  1 weeks back

                            He's married with kids...stop it

                          • randomnessiocity12
                            randomnessiocity12  1 weeks back

                            😂😂😂 you're such a lame

                          • Damaged Goodz
                            Damaged Goodz  1 weeks back

                            Sounds like your projecting.

                        • Prince G-MO
                          Prince G-MO  1 weeks back

                          When are we getting a Sasha interview?

                          • GET IT BOY
                            GET IT BOY  1 weeks back

                            Get.it.boy on IG

                          • Video Archives
                            Video Archives  1 weeks back

                            F*** Randy Orton

                            • Lil Tree
                              Lil Tree  3 days back

                              Randy the G.O.A.T🐐