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  • az001m
    az001m  4 months back

    They are shorter. It’s more difficult to score in the paint. They just need to take what the raptors are offering

    If they’re hitting shots Thursday, they will win. If they’re not hitting shots, they will lose. Warriors hasn’t shot well from 3 this series

    • Tanzil Uddin
      Tanzil Uddin  4 months back

      Suprised that Shay Sharpe didn't catch Skip slipping - So steph hits the tying 3 for Klay to win it all and that became the biggest shot of his career...

      But Lebron hit the game tying 3 vs the Spurs in game 6 for Ray Allen to win it all - and Ray Allen is now the person that "saved Lebron's legacy"

      • ty long
        ty long  4 months back

        Tanzil Uddin If Klay would’ve missed Skip would’ve said Steph should’ve taken the shot, if Steph missed his shot he would’ve said Klay should’ve taken it

    • Michael Dickey
      Michael Dickey  4 months back

      "I know enough about Achilles and calves to know that one does not lead to the other.

      Actually, they do in 2 different ways

      1. THe achilles attaches to the calf... so it's possible that the calf strain weakened the achilles attachment to the calf

      2. He's been down for a month which means not only that his calf atrophied... but also the achilles. Rejuvenating a tendon is very similar to the muscle in that you have to incrementally introduce load. If you don't, the tendon doesn't develop the flexibility it needs and tears more easily.

      So here's what PROBABLY happened.

      Achilles tear


      A LITTLE BIT of rehab

      KD felt better but couldn't feel that his achilles was compromised.

      achilles tear

      So yes... one leads to the other

      • Draggline 77
        Draggline 77  4 months back

        Michael Dickey and that is how it originally happened my man. Thanks for the insight!

      • Michael Dickey
        Michael Dickey  4 months back

        @Draggline 77

        So in your situation, here's what you need to know.

        When you go a month without using your left leg, it's not just your muscles that need to be awoken from atrophy. When your calf feels 100% again, that's great, but it's not everything. You need to make sure you give your ligaments enough time to regain elasticity, or they won't.

        Your ligaments are not a particular length. They are actually stretchy... think of it kind of like shocks on a car. Your springs are in theory all your car NEEDS for suspension... but the shocks absorb some of the jerkiness and ultimately end up playing a big part in maintaining traction on turns and bumps. Likewise, your ligaments are there as a buffer in between your muscles' tension, and the ever changing length between leverage points in your joints (for example, when you point your toe, your inner knee is closer to your heel than when your foot is pointed upward)

        You want to focus on first building range of motion (you can do this through stretches or simple foot dorsiflexion... look it up if you don't know what it is). After you have the range of motion, start walking in a pool... then walk on a track... then hike... then lunge (lunges are a GREAT, safe, low-impact option for building after atrophy) and then start squatting, jumping rope, running, sprinting, do some safe agility exercizes before you go live.

        I'd say... you should never start running until you've been doing the exercises before it for AT LEAST a week. You should be running and doing REPETITIVE agility training (like jumping jacks, tires, ladders, etc...) for a week... because you MUST work all the kinks out before you go live in any sport. Your brain needs to practice with the new equipment it's been given, or it might accidentally let you lower your heel just a bit too far and SNAP! You now need corrective surgery.

        If you haven't been EXERCISING for 2 weeks, you should never be "going live" in any sport.

      • Draggline 77
        Draggline 77  4 months back

        @Michael Dickey I was following you just was trying to get your thoughts because I was like his ice bags just got lower and lower. I'm in one month of therapy and just starting to see form and definition but there is a part of me wanting to get scanned again to look any tears in my Achilles. Just trying to stay ahead of it. Either way sad day. It is sad that these guys are so scared of second opinions.

      • Michael Dickey
        Michael Dickey  4 months back

        No. that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying 2 things.

        1. It could have been partially both from the beginning (a calf strain near the achilles)

        2. There is a link between the two injuries.

        Injury 1 caused the leg to atrophy

        Injury 2 was probably caused by the atrophy (and failure to apply load to the Achilles GRADUALLY)

      • Draggline 77
        Draggline 77  4 months back

        So you are going that it was actually the Achilles that tore and not the calf? I only ask because I actually tore my calf in gastrocnemius had an MRI and they said it was a calf tear. No issues with Achilles, but the calf was terrible. I figured it was his achilles because his ice packs were so low from the start.

    • powe lynn
      powe lynn  4 months back

      Lowry is wildly inconsistent and turns the ball over too much!

      • Ham 1982
        Ham 1982  4 months back

        we know the worriors could beat the western teams this year without KD, but we knew that top eastern teams this year were not going to be easy, and the worriors may not win without him

        • Kendrick Lamaar
          Kendrick Lamaar  4 months back

          That lady doesn’t even know about basketball

          • Eastside Ravens
            Eastside Ravens  4 months back

            Neither does the original host. She’s just good at masking it

        • Big Doryte
          Big Doryte  4 months back

          Without Durant 12 points raptors would of won by 13 lol

          • Logan Turman
            Logan Turman  4 months back

            Big Doryte kd had 11 FYI

          • tendo pain
            tendo pain  4 months back

            And what about the uncounted for time that would be if kd didn’t play? Someone else taking those shots

        • Sam Radde
          Sam Radde  4 months back

          It lives

          • James Butler Jr.
            James Butler Jr.  4 months back

            🤔....Best, of wishes😇 too Durant....And, a great recovery.....! Hes, important too the🏀 NBA.....(no arguing 😶![debatable yes😓]).... a top 5 current player, in the world🤓! And, he will be missed.....😇......All, that matters is his health, & success n recovery🏆! 😇.... In, those .... may he be in the people prayers! &....🤔.....This, is hard.... bare with me😯😮🙁.....Boogie, has had the same....BUT, may not have played....that, night... despite putting in some minutes.....🤔Has, there ever been Team-Mates.... Deal with this injury(currently!?).....
            Why😭........cause, its sad😓!
            Boogie.....is fighting😯😮🤔!.....
            Only, I know his temperament( & other).....but, in sheer performance.....🤔...Will, KD....physically...endure the same?🤔🏀...........🤓.... I'm, upset KD risked it😭.......[ If, I would have know he was starting.....I would have said f%$# it all NO!!] Little chest....🔥♥️🤓.....Fan

            • Kevin Rubink
              Kevin Rubink  4 months back

              Bogut got hurt and Green got suspended. Cleveland still won game 7! Great Cavs Team! #govegan

              • az001m
                az001m  4 months back

                It’s interesting how people forget about these things. And Steph had the knee sprain

              • az001m
                az001m  4 months back

                Iggy was hurt too

              • JAM229
                JAM229  4 months back


            • James Butler Jr.
              James Butler Jr.  4 months back

              🤔......This is rare....😶.the fans😶 give them a pass......Take, the play into context......It, looked like Durant lost the ball & it was a steal going the other way.....🤓Fast break🤔.......Canadians r good people...the country isn't like here.
              🤔Also, agree skip said there is no bad blood.....with, them....
              Now, I will say if u.....were on the ice & u injure there player & its cheap.....no, there be booing when u get hit...But,😇.....Them, screaming KD....is testimony to as such🏆! They, respect him as a great player!😎...... Fan

              • Ian Legg
                Ian Legg  4 months back

                we have said things about this man's ridiculous comments several times. He still continues to comment In a highly uneducated and extremely un-legible manner. I dont understand commenting in code that literally no one can comprehend. no one even tries. we give up after about the second "sentence" If you want to even call it an extremely sad attempt at an English sentence. lmfao.

              • SSJBro
                SSJBro  4 months back

                James Butler Jr. they way you wrote that gave me ptsd

              • buckeye998 !!
                buckeye998 !!  4 months back

                The fans were literally waving goodbye to kd. And why are you writing like that

            • Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor

              Danny Green needs to show up...

              • ShaH M
                ShaH M  4 months back

                When Raptors Win,
                Skip: No.2 got help

                When Raptors Lose,
                Also Skip: Its all on No. 2. He shrank

                • Elijah Speller
                  Elijah Speller  4 months back

                  @Kobe Hedden
                  Skip: "but in the stretch between 7:16 and 6:31 he shot 0-1......what are you doing??!!.... That's when you're supposed to begin to rally the troops to begin to start to initiate the beginning of the start of the end of the game..... Close King.... Close number two!! "

                • Kobe  Hedden
                  Kobe Hedden  4 months back

                  Kawhi or lebron could drop 63 18 12 shooting 70% and skip would try and diminish it.

              • TexasNINERS Ralph C
                TexasNINERS Ralph C  4 months back

                Skip you going to have to put some respect on #2 when you say his name lol

                • M Chamberlain
                  M Chamberlain  4 months back

                  YouTube you doing too much

                  • Sinister AB
                    Sinister AB  4 months back

                    Didn’t start 5 and now it’s 6... so did they not do the show? Lol

                    • Jeff Green
                      Jeff Green  4 months back

                      Not working..Like me while I try to figure this out:)

                      • DJ Diamond Lee
                        DJ Diamond Lee  4 months back

                        Can we start already

                        • Yinka M
                          Yinka M  4 months back

                          Has it premiered yet?