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  • Tim Goff
    Tim Goff  8 hours back

    If you sat down a child, or, actually a person of any age who has never before tasted an alcoholic drink, and placed a glass of superior whiskey and one of unflavored water in front of them, told them to take a taste of each, and then asked them which they thought tasted better, which do you imagine 99% would prefer?
    It seems that it takes a lot of work to be able to taste a whiskey and be able to understand if it is an enjoyable whiskey or, to be able to fully enjoy a good one.
    Let's try another thought experiment. Let's say alcohol didn't change your sense of well-being. You could have two, 3,10 glasses of whiskey but, there would be no mood elevation whatsoever. The bitterness and sting would remain with the alcohol, just not the effect on your emotional state. Would anyone really care what a good bourbon or scotch is? Probably a few people, but, there's probably a few people who taste test different types of dirt and give their opinion. You really do have to try hard to convince yourself that it's important how liquors taste. Go back to early in the 20th century when people started having enough money to buy liquors instead of beers and wines and you find the thing that developed very, very quickly was the highball. In other words taking a shot of booze and disguising its taste! Walk into any bar in the United States and offer a person a straight shot of booze or a mixed drink, overwhelmingly the mixed drink will be chosen. When middle-class kids first start going to nightclubs in which they can order alcohol the more popular drinks are the iced drinks where you can't taste the alcohol at all. So, if you can't tell a cheap wine from a very expensive wine, if you can't tell the difference between a cheap scotch and a very expensive one... good for you!

    • Bernardo Salazar
      Bernardo Salazar  13 hours back

      Tipsy expert!

      • Léift Bell
        Léift Bell  24 hours back

        She is having whiskey for breakfast 😂😂

        • Miguel Contreras
          Miguel Contreras  2 days back

          I'm an expert on 4lokos

          • Francis W
            Francis W  2 days back

            The chalkboard is gorgeous 😻

            • Jerry August
              Jerry August  2 days back

              I personally like Columbian Whiskey....neat.
              That's a snort of Jimmy Beam followed by a snort of Peruvian Flake....

              • LJ Garrison
                LJ Garrison  3 days back

                I came here to hear about Whiskey, found out the expert likes a spanking. Subbed.

                • Alan Slocum
                  Alan Slocum  4 days back

                  Hello, $37 for a bottle is not cheap! You gotta go below $12 for that.

                  • Sean Gardner
                    Sean Gardner  4 days back

                    Yeah... she looks like a whiskey expert

                    • steve
                      steve  5 days back

                      it’s all apple juice

                      • Joe Wilson
                        Joe Wilson  5 days back

                        Could have been 10 mins

                        • phantumgrey
                          phantumgrey  6 days back

                          Apparently, my Whisky doesn't have enough spankings in it! Let's not forget she's a cheap date who likes spankings too. Also, is anyone else wondering if the zoom is broken on this camera? I'm getting sick bouncing back and forth here like a zoom Tourettes or something.

                          • SoulAcid1
                            SoulAcid1  6 days back

                            I am not an expert (alcoholic), but my last whiskey was some hours ago .... and it was an irish whiskey. In Scottland and england it's spelled whisky btw...
                            And it is my own taste, but I don't like bourbon. Scotch is better, but the softer tones of an irish whiskey are my favorits at this moment. Haven't tried japanese whiskeys/whiskys or ryes, but just from the explanation of this expert in the video I would prefere the japanese ones.

                            • HAWG!
                              HAWG!  6 days back

                              Cheap date. You can get the 8 for 8.. inches/ minutes.

                              • znawca muzy
                                znawca muzy  7 days back

                                I am not Expert and I can easily recognize difference in quality between whisky for 25$ and 40$ or between whisky for 50$ and 80$. If you drink many whisky then its easy to recognize whisky, evaluate price and even guess region of Scotland which they came from. Its not so difficult as it looks. But for getting views on youtube its popular to call everyone "Expert", and whats fun real experts dont call themselves experts 🤣

                                • MSkwar
                                  MSkwar  1 weeks back

                                  Jesus Christ, Marie. They're minerals.

                                  • John Carnahan
                                    John Carnahan  1 weeks back

                                    Would love to see another round of this, with some more specific regions like Islay or non-Kentucky bourbon thrown in

                                    • Fatgeta
                                      Fatgeta  1 weeks back

                                      I'm gonna go ahead and say F this video. The taster knew her stuff for sure, so I'm not faulting her. But how are you not going to let us know what the whiskies actually were? That's some BS.

                                      • Natty Light
                                        Natty Light  1 weeks back

                                        Wish they would say what the damn brands are of each one

                                        • Xnxxtipsy Camtoe
                                          Xnxxtipsy Camtoe  1 weeks back

                                          I drink cold shots. Why am i watching this

                                          • Elmer Verstraaten
                                            Elmer Verstraaten  1 weeks back

                                            "I'm a cheap date" haha :')

                                            • Ivan Privalikhin
                                              Ivan Privalikhin  1 weeks back

                                              Whiskey expert; I put the whiskey in the glass then some ice on it...

                                              • elixwhitetail
                                                elixwhitetail  1 weeks back

                                                Liking ice with whiskey doesn't make you "bad" at enjoying whiskey. Especially because that's how she describes how she likes to enjoy it, not how she professionally tastes whiskies for her job.

                                            • Kevin You
                                              Kevin You  1 weeks back

                                              All of the experts are great. But this lady is the best.

                                              • Fate
                                                Fate  2 weeks back

                                                U mean an alcoholic gussess cheap fron expensive blablaboavpavahxhdh

                                                • Mr. Youtube
                                                  Mr. Youtube  2 weeks back

                                                  I love alcohol, vodkas and rums, anything clear. But I just don’t see how anyone can like whiskey. I’ve had very cheap whiskey and also very expensive whiskey and it just all tasted like bitter paper to me. But to each their own.

                                                  • elixwhitetail
                                                    elixwhitetail  1 weeks back

                                                    Expensive doesn't automatically equate to "good" in whiskey, it's usually only an indication of age or rarity. The best whiskey is the whiskey you prefer to drink regardless of price. Finding a whiskey you actually like the taste of is another topic, of course.

                                                    As for not tasting anything but fire and barrel bitterness, taste is based on sensory recall; you need to have learned a pattern in order to recognize that pattern. Whiskey is a bit weird in that you actually have to train your senses if you want to use them, and people have gone as far as making smell training kits where you just get bottles of different scents that are common in whiskies so that, when you come across one of those smells/tastes in a whiskey, you know what you're looking for. Have a sip of whiskey and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing, and then stop and think about what you're tasting, including the aftertastes on your tongue and coming from the evaporating alcohol, then take another sip and specifically look for what you think you tasted.

                                                    And a tip for smelling whiskies: part your lips a bit and breathe through both your nose and mouth while sniffing at the glass. This creates a passthrough airflow through your sinuses and prevents the alcohol vapours from hanging around and making you smell only fire, allowing the more nuanced notes from the whiskey to express themselves.

                                                • Sawyer Harris
                                                  Sawyer Harris  2 weeks back

                                                  She’s like a cool, funny, cute Aunt, I like it😂

                                                  • qwertyuiopzxcfgh
                                                    qwertyuiopzxcfgh  2 weeks back

                                                    What surprised me the most is how expensive the "cheap" whiskey's are. Over here (in the Netherlands), you get a cheap blended whiskey like Famous Grouse or J&B rare for about $15-20 (for a 1L bottle) and a nice 10yo single malt for $40.

                                                    • elixwhitetail
                                                      elixwhitetail  1 weeks back

                                                      America in particular has a really messed up situation regarding alcohol laws. After Prohibition ended, every state was left to decide their own liquor laws and it's a patchwork quilt of semi-compatible license regimes with incompatible states randomly spread all over. Some states require the distiller, distributor, and retailer to all be wholly independent operations from each other, and each stage is taxed and adds its own profit markup - and all those extra costs are passed on to the consumer.

                                                      And with more-aged bottlings, the market will bear some insane prices it seems. However, the further south an American distillery's barrelhouses are, the worse their angel share problem is likely to be which makes the whiskey left in the barrel more expensive in order to make up the costs.

                                                  • Seif TV12
                                                    Seif TV12  2 weeks back

                                                    Cirrhosis enters the chat

                                                    • Nathan Westfall
                                                      Nathan Westfall  2 weeks back

                                                      Whiskey expert and she openly talks about spanking? Damn this girl kinky, I like it

                                                      • Warren Rhinerson
                                                        Warren Rhinerson  2 weeks back

                                                        Fun Fact, the largest distiller of Rye whiskey at the time: General/ Former President of the United States George Washington

                                                        • Gamer Prestige
                                                          Gamer Prestige  2 weeks back

                                                          Is it me or is she getting progressively more loose and drunk 😂

                                                          • Dan Age
                                                            Dan Age  2 weeks back

                                                            If you need an alcoholic beverage before noon you might be an alcoholic...

                                                            • teokk1
                                                              teokk1  2 weeks back

                                                              It's such an American thing to call American whiskey big and bold and in your face when you have stuff like Scotch peat bombs.

                                                              • elixwhitetail
                                                                elixwhitetail  1 weeks back

                                                                There is a difference between "big and bold and in your face" and "already knocked your teeth out and shagged yer mum on the first sip". Some people like a little excitement without being thrown around the room a few times.

                                                            • rock priest
                                                              rock priest  2 weeks back

                                                              Try watching this video at 0.5x .. she actually sounds drunk.. that’s more apt for this video 😂🤣😂

                                                              • Brayden Brayden
                                                                Brayden Brayden  2 weeks back

                                                                "Unless you're like me and you have it for breakfast" amen 😂🙏

                                                                • Felipe Hindi
                                                                  Felipe Hindi  2 weeks back

                                                                  Greene is so passionate, fun and informative! One of the best hosts yet in this whole Expert series.

                                                                  • Felipe Hindi
                                                                    Felipe Hindi  2 weeks back

                                                                    Can we have a spanking expert next?

                                                                    • Becky Wakefield
                                                                      Becky Wakefield  2 weeks back

                                                                      Wish the brand and name of the whiskeys was given

                                                                      • QuinnFN
                                                                        QuinnFN  2 weeks back

                                                                        Where are you getting these damn experts?

                                                                        • MDMAmazin
                                                                          MDMAmazin  2 weeks back

                                                                          She uses a lot of poor descriptors for whiskey tbh. Using phrases like luxurious mouthfeel is pointless as it contributes nothing. It's simply her fancier version of saying smooth which is no bueno in tasting notes. I would be surprised if she was actually involved in the industry.

                                                                          • elixwhitetail
                                                                            elixwhitetail  1 weeks back

                                                                            Heather Greene is, among other things, the CEO of Provision Spirits, makers of Milam & Greene and Ben Milam brand whiskies. Be surprised. I imagine she's a lot more specific when giving tasting notes for a whisky enthusiast audience and not a general-audience bit like this. If this was intended for an enthusiast audience I'd have expected them to at least identify the whiskies after the price reveals or at minimum the end.

                                                                        • moeloehoe
                                                                          moeloehoe  3 weeks back

                                                                          Who else wanted to see her get hammered and the video had to be cut short because she started trouble.

                                                                          • Jam Mangubat
                                                                            Jam Mangubat  3 weeks back

                                                                            I’m not a drunkard, I’m just an expert...

                                                                            • SpaghettiandSauce
                                                                              SpaghettiandSauce  3 weeks back

                                                                              I know it's easy to make fun of "connoisseurs", but she had a pretty damn good hit-rate on her tastings.

                                                                              • elixwhitetail
                                                                                elixwhitetail  2 weeks back

                                                                                She's not just a connoisseur and "expert" but an actual expert. In 2018 she was hired to be a consultant and tester for US distillery Ben Milam Whiskey, and then she was promoted to CEO and a company partner, and she is blending and releasing whiskies. There's the "connoisseur" who might be at best a whisky reviewer for a lifestyle magazine, newspaper, or YouTube channel, and then there's someone who's actually taken casks of whisk(e)y, blended them together for a specific taste profile, and bottled a commercial release.

                                                                                In other words, if she screwed up even once with a basic price comparison test, something would have been wrong and I'd be looking for tampering in the edit!

                                                                            • at0mbalm
                                                                              at0mbalm  3 weeks back

                                                                              OMG watch at .75 speed xD shes drunk!

                                                                              • J G
                                                                                J G  3 weeks back

                                                                                "We like spanking....."

                                                                                Sounds like my sort of lady.

                                                                              • Bound Boxing Blogs
                                                                                Bound Boxing Blogs  3 weeks back

                                                                                she's a cheap date guys, get her a 100 dollar whisky shell probably swallow that up if you catch my drift

                                                                                • Yao Koj
                                                                                  Yao Koj  3 weeks back

                                                                                  How can these people taste a lot in alcohol drinks when all i taste is bitterness

                                                                                  • kanehi
                                                                                    kanehi  3 weeks back

                                                                                    What I don't get is why are there no branding. I would love to get any of the expensive drinks and try it out. My fav is a single malt scotch from Macallan.