Amber Guyger Sentencing For Murder Of Botham Jean + Kylie Jenner + New Music Update From Cardi B.


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  • Thug Lyfe
    Thug Lyfe  2 weeks back

    Not sure what happened, but white bitches don't have a crown therefore they don't deserve special treatment, my crown on the other hand was G-d given.

    • Chloe Scordianos
      Chloe Scordianos  2 weeks back

      That's messed up with the judge hugging her... I been to plenty NY courts ...(for other ppl...)that's not normal

      • Kimbo Phillips
        Kimbo Phillips  2 weeks back

        She won't make a year she'll commit suicide like the coward that she is👹👹👹👹👹👹👹🐷🐽🐖🐽🐷🐖🐽🐽🐽🐽🐷🐷🐷🐷

        • obi was here
          obi was here  2 weeks back

          Post traumatic slave disorder

          • Darlene Jones
            Darlene Jones  2 weeks back


            • RnbthgA GraphicHood
              RnbthgA GraphicHood  2 weeks back

              If shoe was on othr foot it would've been a whole lot different!! Eatn ice cream enjoying his life..

              • Dead Dread Lock
                Dead Dread Lock  2 weeks back

                Cardi B new single “How to Drug and Rob Men”

                • Rexx Royal
                  Rexx Royal  2 weeks back

                  my song "DO IT FOR THE CULTURE" is out now on all platforms 🔥🔥🔥🔥

                  • Power100
                    Power100  2 weeks back

                    Amber needs more time.

                    • Power100
                      Power100  2 weeks back

                      Tavis & Tyga better not fall for the bs.

                      • losg206
                        losg206  2 weeks back

                        bullshit if a blackman would have did that he would have to serve 50 years

                        • manamanacar123
                          manamanacar123  2 weeks back

                          Why isn't Cardi B releasing more music this year? She has to do some gang activity to do with the bloods? Hope the feds get her ass too.

                          • Fredo D
                            Fredo D  2 weeks back

                            So is this a win becuz she got 10 years ? Or is this just a stepping stone to future justice ? Since hot 97 has all the answers plz put me on

                            • Young Flymmi
                              Young Flymmi  2 weeks back


                              • Richie Torres
                                Richie Torres  2 weeks back

                                This man forgiving his brothers killer can only be possible through the grace of Jesus Christ our lord and savior and not by the will of Men since we are all in rebellion against God and what’s Good. Now I do agree she should spend the rest of her life in jail because we can speak of Gods love but we must also speak of Gods justice as well. And that sentence is an injustice to that man and his family. That’s it that’s all I got 🤷🏽‍♂️

                              • Warren London
                                Warren London  2 weeks back

                                Only 10 years for a MURDER?! 😟

                                That is the DEFINITION of White Privilege 💀

                                • The Iceywulf
                                  The Iceywulf  2 weeks back

                                  The cop does not deserve 10 years this race and cop bullshit has been going on to long

                                  • The Iceywulf
                                    The Iceywulf  2 weeks back

                                    Oh god this all sucks.

                                    • Mason Storm 09🎭
                                      Mason Storm 09🎭  2 weeks back

                                      *IT WAS STAGED!* ANOTHER PSYOP!

                                      • Dello TheDJ
                                        Dello TheDJ  2 weeks back

                                        Perfect example of white tears

                                      • Cofefazineyrb Cofefazine

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