Boston Celtics vs Indiana Pacers Full Game Highlights | Game 4 | 2019 ECR1 | FreeDawkins


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  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace  6 months back

    Boston need a dominating center

    • Steve Visa
      Steve Visa  6 months back

      This series just reminds us just how good V. OLADIPO is. Was arguably playing worthy of an All Starter, no disrespect to B. Beal but lets be realastic here. THIS SERIES GOES 6-7 GAMES IF VICTOR HEALTHY BOTTOMLINE...

      • Mark  Brown
        Mark Brown  6 months back

        We got this go green machine

          AILTON SAPUCAIA  6 months back

          Bucks vai atropelar o Celtics com facilidade.

          • jcity943
            jcity943  6 months back

            Free dawkins can we please get a REF highlights for this game....i swear they was cheating trying to force a game 5!! plz!

            • chess brillance
              chess brillance  6 months back

              Hayward in the bad end of a nice poster! OMG!!

              • joe smoe
                joe smoe  6 months back

                3:53 OHMYYYY

                • Dru Russ
                  Dru Russ  6 months back

                  @ 3:54 What does the commentator know about "Bring that smoke" lol. Man I remember when the Pacers thought Danny Granger was going to replace Paul George and look at them now. On the count of 3 the Pacers organization should hold their heads in shame 1, 2, 3...

                  • Dru Russ
                    Dru Russ  6 months back

                    @Zatora11 Oh ok.

                  • Zatora11
                    Zatora11  6 months back

                    Dru Russ That’s actually false. Danny Granger was the man on the Pacers team before Paul George emerged into a perennial allstar.

                • Christian John Dakay
                  Christian John Dakay  6 months back

                  Good luck to bucks

                  • rattlehead54321
                    rattlehead54321  6 months back

                    The fact that the Pacers got the 5th seed without Oladipo says that the future looks very well for them.

                    • Marcus
                      Marcus  6 months back

                      Collison looked like Kobe in his prime on that last 3 of the game

                      • Leonard Lou Doquilo
                        Leonard Lou Doquilo  6 months back

                        I just feel bad for the Pacers tho. For the Past 3 years,they couldn't pass the 1st round without facing Kyrie or LeBron team. in 2017,they got sweep by Cavs with Bron and Kyrie together. in 2018,Cavs prevail in Game 7. And now? they got sweep by C's with Kyrie on the team. Weeeew..

                        • Mikey
                          Mikey  6 months back

                          Celtics bench is looking good man with Hayward(20 points) & Morris(18 points) making the difference.

                          • folumb
                            folumb  6 months back

                            The announcer said they'll take on either Milwuakee or Detroit... For real? Just tell us when the bucks and celtics game 1 starts

                            • Zatora11
                              Zatora11  6 months back

                              Gotta be respectful on national TV.

                            • SandwichesFN
                              SandwichesFN  6 months back

                              Can never be certain

                          • no future at all
                            no future at all  6 months back

                            This series was a good match up. Pacers kept the game close most of the time but collapsed on 4th quarter.

                            • gor9027
                              gor9027  6 months back

                              This didn’t feel like a 4-5 matchup at all. At least Bucks-Celtics should be great.

                              • jpkp012345
                                jpkp012345  6 months back

                                gor9027 if Oladipo didn’t get injured this series would be more competitive

                            • Patches O'houlihan
                              Patches O'houlihan  6 months back

                              Boston And Milwaukee About To Be A Collision Course

                              • Mark Anthoney Tan
                                Mark Anthoney Tan  6 months back

                                Indiana can't win without Victor oladipo ?...

                                • Marcus Stuckey
                                  Marcus Stuckey  6 months back

                                  the NBA was nice letting the pacers be in the playoffs for a while

                                  • Christos Belibasakis
                                    Christos Belibasakis  6 months back

                                    Celtics are going to beat Bucks in 7 if Brown and Tatum continue to play this good

                                  • Lb J
                                    Lb J  6 months back

                                    Sweep sweep sweep

                                    • LeSean Walston
                                      LeSean Walston  6 months back

                                      Celtics extra day of rest is KEY!! Celtics beat Bucks in 6

                                      • Kurwin Saunders
                                        Kurwin Saunders  6 months back

                                        @Ruben Noroian It should be a good series. If Boston has finally managed to work out the drama I feel like they're the better team. I'm not sure they have though. If they haven't they're not beating the bucks playing inconsistently like they did all season. Wait and see I guess.

                                      • Ruben Noroian
                                        Ruben Noroian  6 months back

                                        @Kurwin Saunders The Celtics at least have some players who can limit Giannis like Brown and Ojeyele. The Bucks have no one to guard Kyrie other than Bledsoe, whom can't even handle Terry Rozier, let alone the player with the best handles in the league.

                                      • Kurwin Saunders
                                        Kurwin Saunders  6 months back

                                        Celtics Vs Bucks. I'm not sure how Boston deals with Giannis. They managed it last year but this bucks team is playing so much better this year. Should be a great series.

                                      • Ruben Noroian
                                        Ruben Noroian  6 months back

                                        The bucks can’t held all the Celtics forwards

                                      • Ruben Noroian
                                        Ruben Noroian  6 months back

                                        LeSean Walston oh yeah

                                    • LeBeautiful
                                      LeBeautiful  6 months back

                                      Now Celtics vs Bucks...oh man what a BATTLE how that's going to be.

                                      • Havoc
                                        Havoc  6 months back

                                        LeBeautiful nah pistons coming back for sure

                                    • Knox Teamm
                                      Knox Teamm  6 months back

                                      Let's be honest... this should have been a sweep, and the fact that every game was close is a bad sign. Bucks in 5

                                      • Epupify
                                        Epupify  6 months back

                                        Also the close games were expected, based on how the teams had performed in the regular season...everyone understands the celtics should be better on paper but they hadn't showed that much superiority, and take the season comparison to the Pacers for an example...

                                      • Epupify
                                        Epupify  6 months back

                                        The Celtics have been full of bad signs all season long...but I still think the playoffs are a different story so let's wait and see what actually comes to happen...

                                      • Jeremy Walker
                                        Jeremy Walker  6 months back

                                        You sound like you didn't watch or know anything about indy lol they are/were the best defensive team in the league..... but okay cap.

                                      • Kyrie Irving
                                        Kyrie Irving  6 months back

                                        Knox Teamm And Giannis destroying a Pistons team with an injured Blake Griffin is something to celebrate? Lol Celtics in 7

                                      • PIXLATOR
                                        PIXLATOR  6 months back

                                        @Jay JacksonCeltics played them 4 times we won 3/4. One of the games the Celtics beat them 108-135 with oladipo playing

                                    • bobby Valentino
                                      bobby Valentino  6 months back

                                      Bron taught Kyrie how to always sweep the room when you take out the trash 🧹🧹🧹

                                      • Dylan_Model.51
                                        Dylan_Model.51  6 months back

                                        @bobby Valentino True

                                      • bobby Valentino
                                        bobby Valentino  6 months back

                                        At that he was only 3 yrs in.
                                        Since bron came back kyries been apart of mad sweeps

                                        - Celtics and Hawks in 2015
                                        - Pistons, Hawks in 2016
                                        - Pacers, Raptors, in 2017

                                      • Dylan_Model.51
                                        Dylan_Model.51  6 months back

                                        @gerald gabad thats because he was still early in his career when Bron and KLove joined

                                      • gerald gabad
                                        gerald gabad  6 months back

                                        first career sweep without lebron.

                                    • Jeremiah Philbin
                                      Jeremiah Philbin  6 months back

                                      Where are all the Gordon Hayward haters now?!😂

                                      • Apoorv Patne
                                        Apoorv Patne  6 months back

                                        Celtics vs Bucks is gonna be a fire match-up. Can't wait.

                                        • Matthew Wiley
                                          Matthew Wiley  6 months back

                                          Well. Tyreke Evans has a decent euro step. Better luck next year 👌☘️

                                          • Zatora11
                                            Zatora11  6 months back

                                            Matthew Wiley LMAOO I said the same thing. I couldn’t help but laugh when I remember that bullshit game winner oladipo hit on us in the regular season every time they showed him on camera.

                                        • Daniel Pressley
                                          Daniel Pressley  6 months back

                                          The Greek Freak 🇬🇷 vs Kyrie 🌎mannn great series to come 😭

                                        • Scott Lawrence
                                          Scott Lawrence  6 months back

                                          Boston with the sweep ready to take on Milwaukee

                                          • Dylan_Model.51
                                            Dylan_Model.51  6 months back

                                            Not with Giannas on the floor. Jayson Tatum is going to reallly have to step up along with Hayward and Jaylen Brown.

                                        • PYT1_9
                                          PYT1_9  6 months back

                                          Eastern semis are gonna be so fun to watch

                                        • Kxta17/7VENTEEN
                                          Kxta17/7VENTEEN  6 months back

                                          Bucks vs Celtics is gonna be a helluva series.

                                          • Art Capadeso
                                            Art Capadeso  2 months back


                                            Bucks win by 5

                                            And it is a boring series😆

                                          • jcity943
                                            jcity943  6 months back

                                            @Knox Teamm if celtics clicking on all cylinders..there no question

                                          • Knox Teamm
                                            Knox Teamm  6 months back

                                            No doubt... its gonna be close every game, but I think Bucks could close it

                                        • Surf Surfing
                                          Surf Surfing  6 months back

                                          BOS 1st sweep since 2011. BOS has already exceeded their road postseason win total last year. Irving has the best win percent in NBA postseason history.
                                          -BOS is better without Kyrie

                                          • chris Moore
                                            chris Moore  6 months back

                                            @Surf Surfing what but we are not talking about that lol alright happy holidays

                                          • Surf Surfing
                                            Surf Surfing  6 months back

                                            @chris Moore &, once again, you have no point because his playoff record as a Celtic is 100% win rate......LMAO

                                          • chris Moore
                                            chris Moore  6 months back

                                            @Surf Surfing but we not talkin bout that are we? We are talkin bout his post season w/l being the highest in nba history and im telling the reason it is so high is because of lebron

                                          • Surf Surfing
                                            Surf Surfing  6 months back

                                            @chris Moore I am saying LBJ is not on his team, but he is still sweeping people. One guy is in the postseason still sweeping people, the other guy is not. That is what I am saying. BOS never came close to beating the cavs when Ky was there.

                                        • John Joh
                                          John Joh  6 months back

                                          Celtics win in 6 against Bucks!

                                          • bob brown
                                            bob brown  6 months back

                                            John Joh u might be right. they got so much potential adding Kyrie Hayward and Robert Williams. they didn't do alot of trades but they got a whole team of people that plays to win.