13-inch MacBook Pro: Does it thermal throttle?

  • Published: 17 July 2019
  • AppleInsider has the new base model 13-inch MacBook Pro on hand, and we wanted to see whether the single fan design on this new MacBook Pro is a problem for the thermal condition and, as such, the processing power —or if its able to take the heat.

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Comments • 69

  • Pintér Dominik
    Pintér Dominik  2 days back

    Where are the vents? On the back or on the right and left side?

    • J C
      J C  2 weeks back

      After watching this vid my MPB 2018 TB is so hot it sounds like it's going to take off.

      • Panarome
        Panarome  2 weeks back

        I have a 13 touch bar macbook pro. I can cook eggs on it just by watching a video on youtube...

        • Panarome
          Panarome  2 weeks back

          @J C use "macs fan control" it works

        • J C
          J C  2 weeks back

          Same problemo

      • MrKlaw
        MrKlaw  3 weeks back

        great video - as a user of a dual core MBP with single fan this was a worry to me. Seems the cooling is in line with the TDP - arguably the mid-range isn't significantly faster for twice the wattage. This reassures me the base model is solid and will perform well. Thinking about getting this or the MBA for a college computer for my kid.

        • denniszenanywhere
          denniszenanywhere  4 weeks back

          Serious question: why are MacBooks the heavier laptops now? Even the 14 inch Lenovo x carbons are only 2.4 lbs compared to the 3.1 lb 13 inch?

          • Bishal Gc
            Bishal Gc  4 weeks back

            What's The difference between the 2019 Base model and the above Models?

            • Daniel Frappier
              Daniel Frappier  1 months back

              I love Apple products but i wish somebody would explain why Apple runs their Intel cpu in the 90 while most other manufacturers limits those same cpu under 70 and if i can expect those macbooks to last if i buy one.

              • sjoerd berends
                sjoerd berends  3 weeks back

                Well to be short: intel cpu's can easily handle that temperature, 100 is about the max when it comes to safety, but you can go further than that.

            • Teemo
              Teemo  1 months back

              Apple is the biggest scam of the century.

              • Md.Nazmul Alam Evan
                Md.Nazmul Alam Evan  1 months back

                Give it a couple of months. You will see the decrease in performance.

              • Shadow Ninja
                Shadow Ninja  1 months back

                All Apple devises ar trash samsung is best

                • Shadow Ninja
                  Shadow Ninja  4 weeks back

                  @Kamal Kristipati its a name for a raper

                • Shadow Ninja
                  Shadow Ninja  4 weeks back

                  @Kamal Kristipati shut up you are a Apple boy who want to kill his self IDIOT HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

                • Kamal Kristipati
                  Kamal Kristipati  4 weeks back

                  Shadow Ninja A Samsung fanboy that can’t spell, or use punctuation with a username that only a kid who got bullied all his life would use. NICE

              • Daniel Frappier
                Daniel Frappier  1 months back

                It does not throttle, big deal, at those temperatures it will be fried in 3 years. I will not by a Macbook again if i don't have hopes to keep it a long time.

                • Émipop Cake
                  Émipop Cake  4 weeks back

                  Mattie Barrett The $1800 model does not fare better as Apple is removing the TDP limitations and the thing reach a 100 degrees anyway. For most people’s this will not be an issue but do not do like me and play hundreds of hours of Civilizations on it. Even if it’s not a demanding game it keeps the machine super hot for extended periods and this is not good for the life of any laptop. Lost my Mac after 3 years :(

                • waquzy
                  waquzy  4 weeks back

                  Mattie Barrett yes, definitely get the $1800 model

                • Mattie Barrett
                  Mattie Barrett  1 months back

                  Daniel Frappier So would u recommend getting the 1800$ model (since it has another fan) so that the computers performance is better over the long term?

              • Matt Halpain
                Matt Halpain  1 months back

                Awesome review very informative

                • Michael Huber
                  Michael Huber  1 months back

                  92*c?? hell. no.

                  • Raimundo Castro
                    Raimundo Castro  1 months back

                    To thermal throttle is to run below the base frequency at high temperatures?

                    • Pikaxu
                      Pikaxu  1 months back

                      Yes. Technically it doesn't thermal throttle but at the same time, it can perform better with a better cooling solution.

                  • G009
                    G009  1 months back

                    This video is unnecessary

                    • I. Drch
                      I. Drch  1 months back

                      Could you tell me the reference of the lamp in the background please?

                      • David A. Kaiser III
                        David A. Kaiser III  1 months back

                        I use Mac Fan Control and speed up the fan to 100% before it reaches the thermal limit. Con, I hear the fan a little more, uses more electricity but prefer the performance.

                        • Dime
                          Dime  1 months back

                          Making apple great again

                          • TurboPikachuX
                            TurboPikachuX  1 months back

                            I'm just waiting for the return of the scissor-switch keyboard. Gonna buy a 13" touchbar on the exact day that models with the new keyboard go live.

                          • Nedeljko Kovacevic
                            Nedeljko Kovacevic  1 months back

                            Your methodology is wrong. CB20 is too short. Download Blender and from their benchmark page Classroom scene. Let it render and track the temps and frequencies for the duration of the rendering.

                            • Paul
                              Paul  1 months back

                              Others have done several Cinebench tests back to back and the results are the same. There is no thermal throttling.

                          • Steve K
                            Steve K  1 months back

                            I'm too lazy to watch the whole vid...So does it thermal throttle or not?

                            • Steve K
                              Steve K  3 weeks back

                              KS At least you’re not too lazy to type

                            • KS
                              KS  1 months back

                              Steve K I’m too lazy to tell u

                          • MycketKar
                            MycketKar  1 months back

                            Seems to be a good value this base current model

                            • Xiajie Xing
                              Xiajie Xing  1 months back

                              i will just buy the 2 fans model

                              • dazaek
                                dazaek  1 months back

                                The problem with the base Pro is the storage is only 128GB.🤦🏿‍♂️

                                • Teemo
                                  Teemo  1 months back

                                  @Merve Güneş why does a company want to sell pro models with just 128 gigs? Apple should not have this model at all. Pro users will update and this is just a way of milking consumers.

                                • Jimmy Teran
                                  Jimmy Teran  1 months back

                                  Yes thats a problem, an smartphone has more storage

                                • k.u.k
                                  k.u.k  1 months back

                                  @MK P "slow" , but only for the 128gb, than they get faster and faster

                                • MK P
                                  MK P  1 months back

                                  waquzy is that only for 128GB ? or for all storage options

                              • Noah Lach
                                Noah Lach  1 months back

                                Seems pretty comparable to the XPS 13, etc. But the higher-end 13” model (with four ports) has two fans and significantly better thermals.

                                • Noah Lach
                                  Noah Lach  4 weeks back

                                  Paul It makes a massive difference when you’re just using Final Cut or Photoshop, not pegging the CPU at 100% like he did (where the extra power draw will balance out the additional fan). The dual-fan model stays quiet and cooler to the touch in my experience — although my judgement is based off the 2016 models.

                                • Paul
                                  Paul  1 months back

                                  Not really. Max Tech did thermal tests and there was no significant difference in thermals.

                              • JBD
                                JBD  1 months back

                                Really good machine this MacBook Pro 13

                                • Theodore Shuai
                                  Theodore Shuai  1 months back

                                  MacBook Pro 13" has alway been good about thermal issues, that's not surprising.

                                  • Theodore Shuai
                                    Theodore Shuai  1 months back

                                    @Super Jombel I haven't tried dota 2, but I can game Bioshock Infinite at medium setting pretty well.

                                  • Super Jombel
                                    Super Jombel  1 months back

                                    Theodore Shuai can it game dota2 at medium setting?

                                  • Theodore Shuai
                                    Theodore Shuai  1 months back

                                    At least my duo core 13" one can handle a long time workload at 3.5Ghz.

                                • GiovanniRomano
                                  GiovanniRomano  1 months back

                                  Phew! Glad I don’t have to throw it away, just bought one.

                                  • Juggy Boy
                                    Juggy Boy  1 months back

                                    Spades Studio damnnn chill yooo

                                  • Mike Desanto
                                    Mike Desanto  1 months back

                                    @Kuncen RIG ya u suck dude

                                  • Spades Studio
                                    Spades Studio  1 months back

                                    Kuncen RIG if you think this was a mistake ask your parents about yourself

                                  • Kuncen RIG
                                    Kuncen RIG  1 months back

                                    Did u just buy something without some check background? i hope youre screwed yourself someday

                                • PJ Playz
                                  PJ Playz  1 months back

                                  Wow 9th comment... plz respond and I’ll drop a like

                                  • Rodrigo
                                    Rodrigo  1 months back

                                    can you guys try prime 95 with the fans at max speed? Since the base model only has one fan compared to the 4 port models with 2 fans, i think its pretty good.

                                    • Adnan Gajraj
                                      Adnan Gajraj  1 months back

                                      Great video. Do you think 512gb is good enough as the standard on the 15 inch? Or would you upgrade to 1tb as the prices have lowered. I will doing a lot of vm work.

                                      • Rushabh Odedara
                                        Rushabh Odedara  1 months back

                                        SWAGERA Castro, yep. External SSDs are great!

                                      • SWAGERA Castro
                                        SWAGERA Castro  1 months back

                                        Adnan Gajraj If you don’t want to upgrade because of the high cost price, you can buy an external memory (idk how it’s call) But it’s like a USB, and i think it’s better ( For me)

                                    • Shamiul Haque
                                      Shamiul Haque  1 months back

                                      I really like your reviews, Mark.We all are getting more from Andrew.I hope you will be regular in reviews of such.

                                      Keep up your great works at AppleInsider.You guys really have a class :)

                                      • Niyam Momaya
                                        Niyam Momaya  1 months back


                                        • Roberto Felix
                                          Roberto Felix  1 months back

                                          Second to none!

                                          • bestandji ardene
                                            bestandji ardene  1 months back

                                            very cooool video I subscribe

                                            • Vincent Go
                                              Vincent Go  1 months back


                                              • Ishaan Videos/Gaming
                                                Ishaan Videos/Gaming  1 months back