Justice Smith & Cameo Adele Mortal Kombat 11 Battle, The Get Down, New Music, And More

  • Published: 09 October 2019
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    Justice Smith & Cameo Adele brother and sister will do battle today in Mortal Kombat 11.

    Also we are going to learn more about the music side of Cameo Adele and what's new coming up for Justice Smith in the world of acting.

    Welcome to We Got Game hosted by HipHopGamer let's go this is gonna be crazy

    Enjoy the gameplay, the interviews, and the live Q&A with the fans thanks so much please share and comment only if you enjoy the content.

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Comments • 10

  • Maverick Shaq
    Maverick Shaq  1 weeks back

    U let a chick best you in a freaking video game? Dafuq? If yugioh or bloody pokemon sure but jesus christ the unneccessary chivalry for enjoyment. Jesus

    • reelmusic Entertainment

      2nd dude unconscience

      • Zin - Zeta
        Zin - Zeta  1 weeks back

        Letting women beat you in fighting games is cool. Making that sh*t annoyingly obvious... not as cool.

        • Mookie Brown
          Mookie Brown  1 weeks back

          What are y'all doing playing Mortal Kombat?

          • Stephen atr&ruk 2019
            Stephen atr&ruk 2019  1 weeks back

            I only liked because they gave my comment a shout out and agreed.

            • Shardys Peoples
              Shardys Peoples  1 weeks back

              Liked the battle...nice job cameo

              • Opium Black
                Opium Black  1 weeks back

                Pricey : So Brooklyn

                Out Now Tune In!!!🔥🔥🔥✅✅

                • oth #Trap
                  oth #Trap  1 weeks back

                  Yeah this is new what's happening

                  • The Phantazm
                    The Phantazm  1 weeks back

                    Dang i hope they do more of these

                    • True_510 !
                      True_510 !  1 weeks back