Star-studded trailer for 'Cats' featuring Taylor Swift and Idris Elba drops | GMA


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  • Almudena Carnero
    Almudena Carnero  1 months back

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    • Lilli L'amour
      Lilli L'amour  1 months back

      His make up is too dark

      • Noomwa Lis
        Noomwa Lis  1 months back

        I've never seen this co-host before....the blue jacket and whitish hair.....he is adorable. Great personality!

          QUEEN ROYALTY  1 months back

          This is a no for me.

          • priyank tiwari
            priyank tiwari  1 months back

            OMG thts superbly awsm
            I'm loving it
            Bttr thn Pokemon which ws royally screwed up

            • Chantel Haywood
              Chantel Haywood  1 months back

              The fact that Idris Elba is a part of this is extremely disappointing.

              • Hopi Ng
                Hopi Ng  1 months back

                Uncanny Valley

                • Koral Davis
                  Koral Davis  1 months back

                  Rebel Wilson is in it too. She truly is a cat

                  • Celeste Heron
                    Celeste Heron  1 months back

                    What is worse sonic the hedgehog Mike Myers has the cat in the hat or this

                    • El Chucho
                      El Chucho  1 months back

                      Forsure this just because u can doesn't mean u should Sm

                  • MoonaticDestiny
                    MoonaticDestiny  1 months back

                    I think it looks cool. Definitely different.

                    • Jaelle Kaylor
                      Jaelle Kaylor  1 months back

                      Holy moly I got goosebumps with the trailer- not because of the new technology- but that song will always give me goosebumps no matter what.