Trans Guy Reacting to Trisha Paytas


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  • Jammidodger
    Jammidodger   2 weeks back

    Hey Spuds! Hope you’re not too fed up with this by now. I don’t think theres any point in chucking a barrage of hate over this tbh, there’s obviously something going on (trans or not - it’s not up to us to say), and even if there isn’t, it’s a waste of time to just shout without being constructive. What did need to happen though is calling out damaging wording and misinformation.
    Hope you liked the video xx

    • Jordan Laycock
      Jordan Laycock  51 minutes back

      I think you said that perfectly.

    • marta sikora
      marta sikora  22 hours back

      Jammidodger I’ve been watching Trish for a while and I believe that she’s lovely genuine person. I feel so sorry for her that she just doesn’t know which words to use to express what she feels. I would be thrilled if you could talk to her and explain her actual facts... cause it’s not right for the wold to hate her and talk about it but not talk WITH her... and personally I think that you are a perfect person to explain it all to Trish. I just feel she’s lost and it’s so sad that she doesn’t know that women could feel free without makeup hair whatever... I hope you’ll see this comment and think about talking go to her. Thanks xx

    • helpful tips
      helpful tips  5 days back


    • Just Jodia
      Just Jodia  5 days back

      She sounds like she's still really struggling to figuring herself out and should of really say down and chatted to Shane first before doing this 😬

    • Robby
      Robby  6 days back

      Gender identity refers to a personal identification with a particular gender and gender role in society. The term woman has historically been used interchangeably with reference to the female body, though more recently this usage has been viewed as controversial by some feminists.[24]

      There are qualitative analyses that explore and present the representations of gender; however, feminists challenge these dominant ideologies concerning gender roles and biological sex. One's biological sex is directly tied to specific social roles and the expectations. Judith Butler considers the concept of being a woman to have more challenges, owing not only to society's viewing women as a social category but also as a felt sense of self, a culturally conditioned or constructed subjective identity.[25] Social identity refers to the common identification with a collectivity or social category that creates a common culture among participants concerned.[26] According to social identity theory,[27] an important component of the self-concept is derived from memberships in social groups and categories; this is demonstrated by group processes and how inter-group relationships impact significantly on individuals' self perception and behaviors. The groups people belong to therefore provide members with the definition of who they are and how they should behave within their social sphere.[28]

      A protester holding a flyer with the words "Gender is like that old jumper from my cousin. It was given to me and it doesn't fit" at a rally for transgender equality in Washington D.C. in 2013
      Categorizing males and females into social roles creates a problem, because individuals feel they have to be at one end of a linear spectrum and must identify themselves as man or woman, rather than being allowed to choose a section in between.[29] Globally, communities interpret biological differences between men and women to create a set of social expectations that define the behaviors that are "appropriate" for men and women and determine women's and men's different access to rights, resources, power in society and health behaviors.[30] Although the specific nature and degree of these differences vary from one society to the next, they still tend to typically favor men, creating an imbalance in power and gender inequalities within most societies.[31] Many cultures have different systems of norms and beliefs based on gender, but there is no universal standard to a masculine or feminine role across all cultures.[32] Social roles of men and women in relation to each other is based on the cultural norms of that society, which lead to the creation of gender systems. The gender system is the basis of social patterns in many societies, which include the separation of sexes, and the primacy of masculine norms.[31]

      Philosopher Michel Foucault said that as sexual subjects, humans are the object of power, which is not an institution or structure, rather it is a signifier or name attributed to "complex strategical situation".[33] Because of this, "power" is what determines individual attributes, behaviors, etc. and people are a part of an ontologically and epistemologically constructed set of names and labels. For example, being female characterizes one as a woman, and being a woman signifies one as weak, emotional, and irrational, and incapable of actions attributed to a "man". Butler said that gender and sex are more like verbs than nouns. She reasoned that her actions are limited because she is female. "I am not permitted to construct my gender and sex willy-nilly," she said.[25] "[This] is so because gender is politically and therefore socially controlled. Rather than 'woman' being something one is, it is something one does."[25] More recent criticisms of Judith Butler's theories critique her writing for reinforcing the very conventional dichotomies of gender.[34]

      Social assignment and gender fluidity
      See also: Sex assignment
      According to gender theorist Kate Bornstein, gender can have ambiguity and fluidity.[35] There are two contrasting ideas regarding the definition of gender, and the intersection of both of them is definable as below:

      The World Health Organization defines gender as the result of socially constructed ideas about the behavior, actions, and roles a particular sex performs.[3] The beliefs, values and attitude taken up and exhibited by them is as per the agreeable norms of the society and the personal opinions of the person is not taken into the primary consideration of assignment of gender and imposition of gender roles as per the assigned gender.[3] Intersections and crossing of the prescribed boundaries have no place in the arena of the social construct of the term "gender".

      The assignment of gender involves taking into account the physiological and biological attributes assigned by nature followed by the imposition of the socially constructed conduct. Gender is a term used to exemplify the attributes that a society or culture constitutes as "masculine" or "feminine". Although a person's sex as male or female stands as a biological fact that is identical in any culture, what that specific sex means in reference to a person's gender role as a woman or a man in society varies cross culturally according to what things are considered to be masculine or feminine.[36] These roles are learned from various, intersecting sources such as parental influences, the socialization a child receives in school, and what is portrayed in the local media. Learning gender roles starts from birth and includes seemingly simple things like what color outfits a baby is clothed in or what toys they are given to play with. However, a person's gender does not always align with what has been assigned at birth. Factors other than learned behaviors play a role in the development of gender.

  • Jordan Laycock
    Jordan Laycock  44 minutes back

    I think your reaction was perfect.

    • Leorahsaur
      Leorahsaur  56 minutes back

      i think she means she is "one of the guys" not "a guy" but who knws with her lol

      • Taryn Lynn
        Taryn Lynn  2 hours back

        A few things:
        Perhaps Trish actually is trans but doesnt know the language and isnt fully educated about it all and is still processing all of it.
        Perhaps Trish is gender fluid or genderqueer but doesnt understand exactly what that means.
        We grow up in a heteronormative society and a cisnormative society. Maybe Trish is experiencing a lot of internalized transphobia.
        I get that a lot of what Trish said was problematic, but it doesnt invalidate her feelings.

        • OfficialJaelTV
          OfficialJaelTV  2 hours back

          You dead ass look like this Irish guy I use to fuck!

          • Kieran Shae
            Kieran Shae  3 hours back

            I think she needs to educate herself a bit more. She could be nonbinary, or genderqueer, or agender. But it sounds like she's just listing gender stereotypes that she does or doesn't fit and making them suit what she wants to say.

            • rafaelfcf
              rafaelfcf  3 hours back

              I don't understand someone who fights to have their identity and perspective validated making a video to trash someone who clearly is not educated enough on the matter and is trying to convey their truth! I mean, who are you to say what is to be man, can ANYONE really define the word "man" without any social construct or stereotype? The truth is anyone who feels like a man IS a man, no extra explanations needed. Not every trans person feels dysphoria, not every trans person hated their sex as kids, and dissect someone trying to come out of the closet like the way you did is shameful! Instead of chopping her to pieces, you could have been a guide, an ally, someone to educate her on the terms, not a gatekeeper! You can't say "who am i to judge" and then go out judging, laughing and demanding Trisha's complete knowledge of semantics? I'm sorry, but the way this video was recorded, you sounded no better than anyone who ever misgendered you on purpose, or denied your identity based on whatever random background - religious, biological, chromosomes or even looks!

              • Allane Claire Jackson
                Allane Claire Jackson  4 hours back

                Then what makes you trans? If her reasons aren't good enough for her to identify as trans then what are those reasons? What makes you a man? Legit question. I don't understand. I don't think her video was harmful. I think she was trying to describe how she was feeling. All of us in the queer community have identified as different things throughout our journey. You are never just one thing. Also you said "what your gender is, is your gender?" You sure about that? Isnt that the bigoted argument some people might say of why they view you as female? And you know what gender is a choice for some. Sexual orientation is a choice for some. And that's okay. You dont have to be born that way. Saying that people would never choose to be apart of our community because it's too hard or difficult is kind of insulting. Its giving in to the perception that our community is wrong or dirty. Why choose to be queer? Well because it means freedom to absolutely be yourself. People change period. People try different things. People evolve with their society and times. Was I always bisexual? No. Am I happily married to my wife? Yes. Does that invalidate my queerness? Hell no. To dictate what trans needs to be or must be to someone is wrong. This video isnt okay to me.

                • Capucine N
                  Capucine N  4 hours back

                  Seeing Trish's vid a 2nd time... Literally is giving me 3rd stage cancer... Her troll is strong. XD

                  • zippers987
                    zippers987  9 hours back

                    jdjdj lmao everything she's talking about are things that like i thought at like 12 until i like i realized i just hated the expectations of me as a woman i hated how men treated women i was attracted to gay guys just bc i perceived them as less threatening that straight men. lmao in the end im just a lesbian. sis just needs to talk through this with like actual lgbt people

                    • Kennedy C
                      Kennedy C  10 hours back

                      the bit about they/them pronouns is really what sent me into a rage

                      • Lawyer Hatter
                        Lawyer Hatter  10 hours back

                        Ugh what she did again?..

                        • Sanne
                          Sanne  10 hours back

                          Trisha: Yes I'm Gay, Yes I'm straight, we exist.

                          • Superior Nightwing
                            Superior Nightwing  12 hours back

                            Sounds like she is tired of straight men and wants to be like her drag friends. She doesn’t know anything though

                            • Jahi Palmer
                              Jahi Palmer  12 hours back

                              I don't necessarily agree with some of what Trish is saying in this video, but at least she is trying to figure her self out. I'm not mad at her.

                              • Justin Spencer
                                Justin Spencer  12 hours back

                                She doesn’t seem to know the ideas of femininity and masculinity are on a scale/spectrum. So you aren’t locked into one like genders but you as yourself. Wanting a “masculine” hair cut doesn’t make you a man and wearing make up doesn’t make you a women. Oof

                                • Lighterfo XXX
                                  Lighterfo XXX  12 hours back

                                  I like to crossplay ones in a while, but I still feel like a woman and I never thought otherwise. I always said that I'm more of a tomboy. I still like to wear feminin clothes, but it really depens each day by what I like to wear for sertain situations.

                                  • Alex MaGanda
                                    Alex MaGanda  13 hours back

                                    im gay and i would date jamie in an instant lol idc if you used to be a woman as long as you feel comfortable and look cute <3

                                    • Togapower
                                      Togapower  14 hours back

                                      Hilarious how accepting the trans community pretends to be. They don't realize how ridiculous some of them seem and pretend to think this Trisha broad is an outlier. So much for acceptance LOL

                                      • Zsuzsmoux
                                        Zsuzsmoux  14 hours back

                                        Trish is the QUEEN of trolls. The bullshit she has gotten away with saying over the years is genuinely impressive.

                                        • Mari H
                                          Mari H  14 hours back

                                          I think she means some sort of gender fluid....? And that she has to get some of her definitions straight(no pun intended). I don't think she's being malicious or anything, just.. An attempt of trying to express some new realization. Or something...

                                          • M Wall
                                            M Wall  15 hours back

                                            I think this girl is so unhappy with herself that she would rather be anyone else. She needs big therapy. I'm not a doctor but I think she has borderline personality disorder.

                                            • avernion
                                              avernion  15 hours back

                                              I so agree with your points about “choose”. Gender is not a choice. Sexual orientation is not a choice. It’s such a step back to say it is.

                                              • Ruby Inferno
                                                Ruby Inferno  16 hours back

                                                Either she's just trolling, or she may be gender fluid but doesn't know how to properly articulate it? Or just dislikes how she is treated by straight men

                                                • Aida B
                                                  Aida B  18 hours back

                                                  Oh my God she’s one of the most vapid women I’ve ever seen...

                                                  • HannaS61
                                                    HannaS61  19 hours back

                                                    oh no.

                                                    • JupiterLight
                                                      JupiterLight  19 hours back

                                                      So shorthand of what I wrote, I think you took the right approach for analyzing this video. Respectable. We don’t always have to be nasty to someone to educate or correct someone.

                                                      • BearBearGirl
                                                        BearBearGirl  19 hours back

                                                        I saw you at noah's vid... I'm so happy I found both of your channels in one day... 😊😊 new subscriber here!

                                                        • JupiterLight
                                                          JupiterLight  19 hours back

                                                          I’ve been listening and watching this carefully and seriously. When you said “again with the wanting.” I had to crack a smile and instant replay. Just a moment that got me.

                                                          So, I go to a trans group frequently and I’ve been personally trying to figure out myself. I realized that I had thought and said very misguided things in the past that nowdays I would never say or even think. I struggled a bit with the “they” pronoun because I am studying dissociative identity disorder so I had mentioned that I personally don’t like they for myself because of that yet it occurred to me quickly -just how that came out.

                                                          It is hard to say if she is naive, uneducated, confused but I think more than anything she is focused more so on how people may respond and trying to cover on both sides but mostly on the neuro-normal side. “So like it’s weird but I kind of..” that type of talk is insecure talk and uncommitted so of course the trans community is like “what?!” And the cis genders are still left not knowing an actual thing about what it -is- to be trans.

                                                          I feel like if they (and yeah I use “they” quite often now days, just took a slight bit of effort is all) are committed and it really means a lot to them or if even the community means a lot then they would do a bit of research and I hope they do moving forward.

                                                          Sometimes some youtubers turn on the camera, they let the words flow out, they edit then bam- on the internet-. It is a good example of how some think hard about what they are saying and some just talk.

                                                          I don’t believe it is a troll. I understand how it is really offensive but also I know how a lot of things you can’t really ever say for sure.

                                                          I, myself, have had some gender based trauma where it makes it a bit hard for me to discern. Before I ever realized it was from other things: I cried when I realized I was going to get breasts and I still don’t like them. I often would get upset if anyone told me to be more feminine and get upset with gender roles from either side. Yet I’m not as sure as others are. I am attracted to cis, straight men mainly. So because I always have a constant crush on one specific person at a time it is scary to think that they won’t accept me. I also can barely feed myself everyday xD so I’m not sure that I’m in denial or what but I own up to that. I do really want to go on a low dose of T. But I’m afraid of being a sham or coming off as not genuine. I mean I’m self conscious of my profile pic now because to me it was silly but it is also still me. But I know how someone would say “this isn’t a joke.” And I agree but it is truly an expression of myself.

                                                          So, I think your video handles everything well with explaining why it is offensive yet not letting yourself be completely biased.

                                                          I went off on a long tangent... analyzing things is engaging to me. Also I was about to go to bed so I’m not sure how coherent my writing was.

                                                          • Ella Yatchi
                                                            Ella Yatchi  23 hours back

                                                            'you cant be all the letters'

                                                            • no name
                                                              no name  23 hours back

                                                              if only all transgenders can recognize they all behave identical to trisha Paytas

                                                              • ecophilia
                                                                ecophilia  23 hours back

                                                                What Trisha puts out is pure garbage. Ugh

                                                                • RonaldWeasleysWife
                                                                  RonaldWeasleysWife  24 hours back

                                                                  OMG you are SO HANDSOME!!! 😭😭😭 You make my heart flutter!! Hot damn!! Haha 💜💜 just found your channel. God bless ✨🌟🌈

                                                                  • Asher Enterprix
                                                                    Asher Enterprix  1 days back

                                                                    Trish: 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

                                                                    • Famke Freckles
                                                                      Famke Freckles  1 days back

                                                                      I'm the same - seen Trisha's name around for years but never watched a video. She seems like an attention seeking troll, to be completely honest. Says she doesn't like being the centre of attention, then makes a video full of proclamations about a "trendy" topic such as gender identity that will make her the centre of attention. Like...? 🤦‍♀️

                                                                      • ThePinkPeriodista
                                                                        ThePinkPeriodista  1 days back

                                                                        This showed up in my recommendations, and I didn’t mean to watch an entire 20min video, but this gentleman has such a magnetic/charismatic personality and such a kind approach to the world. Just subscribed.

                                                                      • Frikar666
                                                                        Frikar666  1 days back

                                                                        This is the nicest most educational reaction to this whole thing - I hope Trisha sees this

                                                                        • Madison Baker
                                                                          Madison Baker  1 days back

                                                                          It's also super offensive to straight men! LOL it's like, jesus, girl, I don't know what straight men you're hanging out with-- but I know plenty of straight males that are masculine, emotionally available and also respect women.

                                                                          • Kourtneys Wholesome Life

                                                                            I’ve never rolled my eyes so hard until I hear her speak... 🤦🏻‍♀️

                                                                            • Rachel As She Paints
                                                                              Rachel As She Paints  1 days back

                                                                              She’s really lost her shit. She’s always been unstable and in need of a lot of attention, particularly to validate her worth which she attaches to her looks. She’s just a bit of a mess to put it mildly. This is all getting her views and 💰

                                                                              • AGgirl77
                                                                                AGgirl77  1 days back

                                                                                0:00 that laugh was literally just me at the end of Trisha’s video

                                                                                • ekovah
                                                                                  ekovah  1 days back

                                                                                  This is all over the place lolol
                                                                                  My thoughts on my own gender have been too but I’m a cis female. I often fantasize about being male, presenting male, having a penis, and having sex with girls as a guy
                                                                                  for some reason...
                                                                                  haven’t really figured out why
                                                                                  apparently I’m a cis wlw with penis envy???
                                                                                  genuine confusion—don’t know where those feelings and preoccupations come from but I know they don’t cause strong enough dysphoria to ever consider myself trans lol

                                                                                  • Shiny C
                                                                                    Shiny C  1 days back

                                                                                    Omg 🙏 thank you, I couldn’t even watch her video out of thinking how horrible it was going to be, and how damaging to the trans community. My partner and I have known each other for 13 years and have been together for 4 years and it will be is 5th anniversary of when he came out as transgender in June and like before and now like you could tell he has always been a man and always will be. He’s always had more body hair then my dad and brother and his dad combined which made me always wonder if he had natural High T levels, what’s even more odd is his mother was told they where having a boy and so they had his name picked out and that’s what his name is now. So it made complete sense when he did come out. But having so many trans friends seeing everyone report on this trish thing I was like omg I can’t watch it. But having you in our community and doing this really helped to make people realize from a trans mans perspective what it really is like to be a trans man, and yes she is right if she was a trans man and liked gay men then yes she would be gay, but like.... she’s not trans. And I’m not going to say he him about trish because I’m sorry we all know this is either for views, drama, talk, to stay relevant and money honestly and I think it’s a sad and pathetic way to get attention because this is NOT what trans is about all the shit she was saying and you helping to explain it I hope people do realize how damaging that is to our community and not all trans people think like trish. It’s really annoying honestly and drives me nuts hearing her on your vid just makes be so mad at one point she said transgendered and my partner her it the same time I did and I’m like did she just and he’s like say transgendered we are both like ya so I went back played that part again and she did. No one I know in the trans community would ever use the word transgendered. Ugh. Well anyways thank you for what you did because it does help coming from someone who is a real trans man. Love your videos!

                                                                                    • Sapphire Ournel
                                                                                      Sapphire Ournel  1 days back

                                                                                      Oh you're so- Friend, you are too nice ;-; This was a very good video, you did an amazing job. Keep going <3

                                                                                      • Allison Mohr
                                                                                        Allison Mohr  1 days back

                                                                                        Thank you for making this video! I didn’t feel like it was my place to criticize what she was saying(since I’m a cis female) but what she was saying just didn’t make any sense! Everything you brought up about the video was all things I thought as well and just appreciate you correcting a lot of misinformation she was putting out there 🙂

                                                                                        • kae케일른
                                                                                          kae케일른  1 days back

                                                                                          "so do i think i'm transgender yes 1000%, d0 I iDEntIFy aS mY nATUraL b0Rn geNDeR 1000%"

                                                                                          • Sofía Moreira
                                                                                            Sofía Moreira  1 days back

                                                                                            Trisha is so ignorant that believes that you can discriminate people who use pronouns they/them (and at the same time discriminate people with schizophrenia) and call it "unpopular opinion"

                                                                                            • Moonalty
                                                                                              Moonalty  1 days back

                                                                                              Oh my god, this is my first time watching a video of yours and you're so handsome.