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  • Primo H
    Primo H  5 months back

    These 4 together have a ball at wrk..amazing to watch

    • Jay Eff Ess
      Jay Eff Ess  5 months back

      I'm a Sixers fan but I gotta admit that D'Angelo Russell has mad game

      • Fahad KM
        Fahad KM  5 months back

        Shaq is the kinda of guy that will interrupt you and say: Let me finish !

        • Tom Delay Beats
          Tom Delay Beats  5 months back


          • nuff vids
            nuff vids  5 months back

            2:36 thicc

            • Escapable Entropy
              Escapable Entropy  5 months back

              2:02 NBA RULES; the player who knocks the ball out of bounds cannot be the first player to touch the ball inbounds. SMH.

              • Escapable Entropy
                Escapable Entropy  5 months back

                @Shakespeare Ghozt What do you think about this analysis?

                Why The Nets Lost Game 2 Vs. Philadelphia

                Kenny Atkinson pushes the wrong buttons and fails to adjust his game plan accordingly.

                It was an established fact the Nets would have to come out strong and expect Philly to take control early in game 2. By starting Kurucs instead of Levert, Atkinson did the 76ers a favor. Levert is arguably the best 2 way player on the Nets. He can shoot from range, drive at will and is a good passer; and causes mismatch problems on both ends of the floor. Kurucs struggles from range and is inexperienced.

                The only way starting Kurucs would have worked was if Joe Harris started the game hot which he didn't. After Joe Harris missed his first 3 shots Atkinson should have subbed him out for Levert and replaced Kurucs with Ed Davis who had a 28EFR rating in game 1. Against Philly the floor must be spread at all times to keep them moving on defense and creating open 3's which is the Nets advantage to counter Philly's size.

                The Nets struggle to clean the defensive glass and Davis would have been the obvious choice to remedy this problem. Davis also helps by getting offensive rebounds and putbacks and playing good defense. Atkinson's substitution patterns leave much to be desired.

                Treveon Graham was inserted into the game before Levert. This is just bad coaching.

                Furthermore, the Simmons Sag strategy was expected by Brett Brown and the Nets should have played Simmons closer. Simmons knows he cant shoot so by sagging off him this allowed Simmons to see the floor better and become a facilitator as well as a driver. An appropriate adjustment would have been to play Simmons closer but not too tight while keeping a defenders hand in his line of sight to obscure his court vision. This never happened.

                Another problem with Atkinson's game plan was allowing Boban Marjonovic to shoot wide open shots from mid range. Marjanovic already showed he can make this shot in game 1 over and over again and Atkinson did not adjust to this. Marjanovic had a huge game as a result of this glaring defensive flaw.

                Another problem is the under utilization of Shabazz Napier. He is the only true backup PG for the Nets and is a good facilitator. He would not be a defensive liability if guarding Simmons using the sag strategy as Simmons will not shoot over him. Conversely, Simmons would struggle to guard the shifty and quick Napier. Using Napier would allow Russell to play off the ball and conserve his energy for offense.

                In the 3rd quarter Philly blitzed Russell early and Atkinson quickly subbed Russell out. As a result the 76ers went on a huge scoring run while the Nets best offensive weapon lingered on the bench. Also, again Levert did not start the 2nd half just like he didn't in game 1. What is Atkinson thinking? Levert is young and healthy. Why is he not playing 40 minutes a game in the playoffs?

                Another questionable move by Atkinson is his use of the zone. This makes absolutely no sense since using zones is more effective against prolific shooting teams and also leaves you vulnerable to opponents getting easy offensive rebounds against you which happened over and over again. This played right into the 76ers strengths.

                Instead of using the zone Atkinson should have just started switching screens. The Nets are already at a height disadvantage so switching screens is a much better option than any zone. It would have confused the 76ers and kept Redick under wraps for awhile. The Nets have many good perimeter defenders who are capable of implementing this strategy.

                Lastly, although Ed Davis was in foul trouble he was never put back in the game after picking up his 3rd foul in the first half. Considering he was the most efficient Net in game 1 the fact he did not play in the 2nd half of game 2 which is unforgivable.

                NBA pundits criticize Brett Brown's acumen but they should be questioning Kenny Atkinson's coaching acumen.

                The appropriate starting lineup and rotation for game 2 should have been as follows:

                1. D'angelo Russell

                2. Caris Levert

                3. Joe Harris

                4. Demarre Carrol

                5. Jarret Allen

                Substitution Patterns:

                6. Spencer Dinwiddie (If Harris is cold or Carroll struggles)

                7. Ed Davis (Higher if Allen gets into Foul Trouble)

                8. Shabazz Napier (To spell D-LO)

                9. Rondae Hollis Jefferson (For Levert in 2-4 min spurts only)

                10. Rodions Kurucs (Only with a big lead and matched against a sub)

                11. Treveon Graham (Only if Davis and Allen are in Foul Trouble)

                Game 3 Keys to Winning.

                1. Utilize a motion offense; screening Embid early and often constantly to wear down his injured knee.

                2. Vary the Simmons Sag by playing him tight then sag every other possession; this will confuse him.

                3. Abandon all zones and switch screens when instead. This will neutralize Redick better than the top overplay which Philly has already countered

                4. Play Ed Davis at least 25 minutes regardless of foul trouble

                5. Start Levert at tipoff and in 2nd half: Get him 40 mins per game

                6. Stop Marjonivic from Mid Range

                7. If in the defensive bonus utilize Hack-a-Simmons strategy. He will go 0-2 or 1-1. Trade 1pt for 2-3pts.

                8. Don't allow Simmons into driving lanes

                9. Be more physical with Embid

                If these adjustments are not made the Nets will find themselves giving homecourt advantage back to Philly Thursday night.

              • Shakespeare Ghozt
                Shakespeare Ghozt  5 months back

                The ball never went out of bounds. Simmons poked the ball out of Russel's hands and -he- takes a step out of bounds, then he steps back in bounds, takes possession for the easy bunny. He's allowed to do that since he didn't have possession of the ball beforehand.

            • Escapable Entropy
              Escapable Entropy  5 months back

              4:07 is why I want Embid to get hurt permanently. Lying about intentionally trying to decapitate Allen and laughing about it? Eff the dirty 6ers man.

              • Escapable Entropy
                Escapable Entropy  5 months back

                @Arshad Dahlan Yeah I do. Watch it again. That was one of the most brutal elbows in NBA history. He outweighs Allen by 80 lbs. He didn't need to throw an elbow unless he was trying to hurt him. The fact he followed through and hit him so high indicates bad intent aka flagrant 2 and ejection IMO. I've played collegiate bball. When you have a height and weight advantage like that you don't need to throw an elbow to create space, simple footwork and backdown does the trick.

              • Arshad Dahlan
                Arshad Dahlan  5 months back

                @Escapable Entropy so you think he was trying to hurt Allen on the spin?

              • Escapable Entropy
                Escapable Entropy  5 months back

                @Arshad Dahlan It's so obvious a case of "Sorry, not sorry" There's nothing funny about trying to hurt someone; especially someone like Jarret Allen, a humble soft-spoken 20 yr old. The fact they laughed uncontrollably for 20 seconds and the look on their faces tells the whole story. If you think a magical leprechaun was tickling their feet under the podium causing them to laugh you are just ignoring the OBVIOUS. These guys are immature, entitled, dirty players who don't deserve to even be in the league IMO.

              • Arshad Dahlan
                Arshad Dahlan  5 months back

                How do you know he's lying?

            • jmiogo
              jmiogo  5 months back


              • Felicia Moniq
                Felicia Moniq  5 months back

                Jimmy and Ja look like Jordan

                • Denzil Rogers
                  Denzil Rogers  5 months back

                  It was intentional that move only works on the baseline. And he never gathered his feet to go up and he has no lift due to his injury. Which makes it more obvious. He should have left it alone and not apologized. It was to intimidate his opponent. It worked. Never laugh cause next game officials may not allow them to play bully ball. I feel like the momentum finally changed for the better after the bow. The Nets lost that little spark and backed down.

                  • Mamba 2x
                    Mamba 2x  5 months back

                    Shaq be trying to talk over people like if he people scared of him 😂😂 chill big fella this ain’t 03 no more

                    • AL
                      AL  5 months back

                      Shaq the Over Rated needs to Shutup.

                      • Johnny Appleseed
                        Johnny Appleseed  5 months back


                        • Hicham Amimi
                          Hicham Amimi  5 months back

                          Say that you're sorry for playing ball in playoff mode(in a physical way)it's weak

                          • Hicham Amimi
                            Hicham Amimi  5 months back

                            For me ben was laughing because with those excuses joel looked weak and childish

                            • Joseph Brewster
                              Joseph Brewster  5 months back

                              There is no E in rout. Turn off your autospell.

                              • Greg Whitmell
                                Greg Whitmell  5 months back

                                Based on Embiid's demeanour and 'no shot' Simmons' press conference, I disagree with Ujiri's 'F*** Brooklyn' mentality. Go Nets go!

                                • Harish Rajmohan
                                  Harish Rajmohan  5 months back

                                  Watch this argument become another audio tune

                                  • jan rodriguez
                                    jan rodriguez  5 months back

                                    Embiid should have been ejected

                                  • Nick
                                    Nick  5 months back

                                    Shaq... You're wrong stop talking

                                    • machedar
                                      machedar  5 months back

                                      Can Shaq calm down? I love him but Lets not get sensitive and instead debate our points. Tho Shaq was right on this one, Barkley's trippin.

                                      • mindless monk
                                        mindless monk  5 months back

                                        I agree with Shaq

                                        • ObumdabombdotTV
                                          ObumdabombdotTV  5 months back

                                          Shaq was right here.

                                          • Hunyango
                                            Hunyango  5 months back

                                            shaq sure is entertaining at times but I am beginning to weigh in on him being so annoying and all the negatives he bring to the table and I hope tnt considers hiring someone new to replace him

                                            • machedar
                                              machedar  5 months back

                                              While I agree it just wont be the same without him. Plus its entertaining sometimes when they try to get on each others nerves.

                                          • Tajl3r
                                            Tajl3r  5 months back

                                            Shaq got them rings of this move,never called back then

                                          • Kyle Lozano
                                            Kyle Lozano  5 months back

                                            one thing's for sure, u ain't gonna play the same way after receiving a straight elbow in the face. that's all day

                                            • JustCallMeRock
                                              JustCallMeRock  5 months back

                                              Shaq said get this whining out of here

                                              • Slug McGurk
                                                Slug McGurk  5 months back

                                                Shaq is right, Barkley is being a hypocrite. I live in Philly, I remember exactly what Barkley was like when he played here.

                                                • King K
                                                  King K  5 months back

                                                  Slug McGurk it’s not hypocritical to realize that in the past you’ve made mistakes. He always talks about how he wasn’t a good person and he’s trying to be better, hence why he’s saying it’s not ok for Embiid to do.

                                                • RIP LITTLE
                                                  RIP LITTLE  5 months back


                                              • Oiouthas
                                                Oiouthas  5 months back

                                                Shaq is an idiot.

                                                • PhillyCdub
                                                  PhillyCdub  5 months back

                                                  I'm glad Joel did that now them guys will beware of the bows🤜🏾🤕💪🏾

                                                  • PhillyCdub
                                                    PhillyCdub  5 months back

                                                    480p really???🤦🏾‍♂️

                                                    • Chappelle168
                                                      Chappelle168  5 months back

                                                      I think he was laughing at his voice

                                                      • LoadedPotato
                                                        LoadedPotato  5 months back

                                                        I cant say for sure what his intentions were but it seemed as soon as ben started laughing joel started to laugh. Laughing is contagious.

                                                    • bert fromarketin
                                                      bert fromarketin  5 months back

                                                      Trust the process

                                                      • Seshadhri Subramanian
                                                        Seshadhri Subramanian  5 months back

                                                        Not route

                                                        • Howtostudies
                                                          Howtostudies  5 months back

                                                          Chuck he aint laughing about the flagrant

                                                          • r man
                                                            r man  5 months back

                                                            TNT it’s spelled ROUT

                                                            • Sterkan93
                                                              Sterkan93  5 months back

                                                              What is shaq saying everytime bobi gets the ball?

                                                              • bert fromarketin
                                                                bert fromarketin  5 months back

                                                                Adams family...Lurch catch phrase "You rang?"

                                                              • TheAuStromat
                                                                TheAuStromat  5 months back

                                                                you rang
                                                                its from the adams family

                                                            • Kenny the Jet Smith
                                                              Kenny the Jet Smith  5 months back

                                                              Ben Simmons apparently doesn't know anything about Phillie despite living there. Guy should look up what they did to Santa Claus

                                                              • K Weaver
                                                                K Weaver  5 months back

                                                                @Kenny the Jet Smith Reddit, where all scholars go...

                                                              • Kenny the Jet Smith
                                                                Kenny the Jet Smith  5 months back

                                                                @K Weaver so I went on Reddit and did my research. Despite multiple articles saying it was santa. Phillie fans say they booed a fan, the Eagle organization, or combination of both. But just own the myth

                                                              • K Weaver
                                                                K Weaver  5 months back

                                                                @Kenny the Jet Smith hahaha you don't even know the story. It wasn't even a santa

                                                              • K Weaver
                                                                K Weaver  5 months back

                                                                @Rob Jarrett auto correct got me. Sorry

                                                            • Kenny the Jet Smith
                                                              Kenny the Jet Smith  5 months back

                                                              The Lakers traded diangelo smh

                                                              • RIP LITTLE
                                                                RIP LITTLE  5 months back

                                                                @Munchino H Hill lol Right.

                                                              • Munchino H Hill
                                                                Munchino H Hill  5 months back

                                                                @RIP LITTLE worked out great for him....wish him the best of luck

                                                              • RIP LITTLE
                                                                RIP LITTLE  5 months back

                                                                @Munchino H Hill How did that work out?

                                                              • Munchino H Hill
                                                                Munchino H Hill  5 months back

                                                                Had to...he recorded his teammate and snitched to his room cold after that

                                                            • Jeff F
                                                              Jeff F  5 months back

                                                              *Ernie has more hair then the bald squad: Chuck, Kenny & Shaq lol*

                                                              • YUNG TACO
                                                                YUNG TACO  5 months back

                                                                I hope chuck gets back in shape

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