Which Black Ops Game Is The Best?


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  • Tim Hansen
    Tim Hansen   1 years back

    The winner of the giveaway has been announced on Twitter (link in description)

    • Gursagar Takhar
      Gursagar Takhar  2 weeks back

      Tim most bo3 maps aren’t complex de gk and rev aren’t complex only zns and soe

    • Paul Lisko
      Paul Lisko  1 months back

      Dude black ops 1 was a build off of WAW

    • Metro User
      Metro User  2 months back

      Black ops 3 zombies what's a zombie zombie

    • Maxwell Fitzgerald
      Maxwell Fitzgerald  3 months back

      Train go boom

    • lsomething l
      lsomething l  3 months back

      I rate how good a black ops game by how good there zombies mode was.

  • Hitman Latvija Plays
    Hitman Latvija Plays  5 hours back

    Bo2 is best for me nice campaign with weapons modifications and choose own gear, easily best multiplayer only cod multiplayer I played for years and lots of guns, zombies i only have to say nuke town and buried.
    Bo1 you know that camera in multiplayer you can put behind you to see enemy . Yeah camped like bitch in that game

    • worldwidegameboy56
      worldwidegameboy56  6 hours back

      Bo2 has the best campaign and multiplayer, I love all the zombies modes in them but it’s overall out of bo2 and 3. Oh and bo3 campaign was 2/10 lol.

      • MIsoulROCKS
        MIsoulROCKS  7 hours back

        Bo4 sucks dick

        • Evolved Primate
          Evolved Primate  8 hours back

          I vote for black ops 1

          • Avery Earl
            Avery Earl  12 hours back

            Is it too late to win that gift card?

            • SstormZ
              SstormZ  24 hours back

              Bo1: best campaign
              Bo2: best multiplayer
              Bo3: best zombies
              Bo4: best blackout

              • eric Shami
                eric Shami  1 days back

                Black ops 1 is all some I want it

                • Rusty Wiimote
                  Rusty Wiimote  1 days back

                  When there is no love for black opps 3 😔

                  • TheBlondeGamer
                    TheBlondeGamer  2 days back

                    Bo2 ftw

                    • Ronaldo Menendez
                      Ronaldo Menendez  2 days back

                      Funny enough I considered Raul Menendez as my call of duty uncle.

                      • Darth Sigma 86
                        Darth Sigma 86  2 days back

                        Seriously tho, why People always forget World at War?

                        • Darth Sigma 86
                          Darth Sigma 86  3 hours back

                          @lllclayton78 But it is technically where it all begun. Without WAW there would be no Reznov in Black Ops campaign and no Zombies.

                        • lllclayton78
                          lllclayton78  3 hours back

                          Darth Sigma 86 it isn’t a black ops

                      • Matt S
                        Matt S  2 days back

                        Bo1 in some ways is too hard, Bo3 in some ways is too easy in my opinion Bo2 is just right

                        • The 24th
                          The 24th  2 days back

                          Black ops 2 was the best

                          • Mark hynes
                            Mark hynes  3 days back

                            Bo2 had th best multiplayer of all time easily smh🤦‍♂️

                            • Raven
                              Raven  3 days back

                              BO1 is obvious;y the best black ops. It has the best mp and campaign. Honestly, bo2 is so overrated. I don't know why people think bo2 is better, oh wait. Because the majority of the fans nowadays never played bo1 and they all started with bo2. I doubt there are many mw2 or bo1 fans left in the series.

                              • iiElysium x
                                iiElysium x  3 days back

                                i remember when a new map came out for zombies you would just jump in and start working everything out for yourself and start going for those high rounds, now you have to spend hours on youtube watching tutorials and guides as the maps are built in a way that makes it near impossible to work this stuff out mon your own. i think mob of the dead had a great balance in all the basic stuff like perks, PaP, and wonder weapons you could easily work out for yourself with a few hours of play and the more complicated stuff like the upgraded tomahawk and the golden spork were entirely optional and not needed to play the map or even go to high rounds but you could use google to find out how to get them and then get them if you wanted but it was entirely optional, again...the way it should be, i dont want to have to spend 4 hours on youtube just to work out how to pack a punch or get the wonder weapon

                                • iiElysium x
                                  iiElysium x  3 days back

                                  i like having bad weapons mixed into the box, makes it risky to hit, the way it should be. not every weapon is good when you pack a punch it enough times

                                  • iiElysium x
                                    iiElysium x  3 days back

                                    spedalists are a bane on COD and need to be removed from the game, all games in fact, they ruin balance and make it easy for bad players

                                    • iiElysium x
                                      iiElysium x  3 days back

                                      BO2 was peakm multiplayer, if you disagree fight me

                                      • iiElysium x
                                        iiElysium x  3 days back

                                        the thing that makes the bo1 campaign so dam good is on the face of it it is a very simple story, kill this guy, and if you don't want too it will satisfy, but if you look into it a bit more and read the intel and the loading screens and break down the cinematics it is a hugely complicated captivating and massively interesting story with tons of real-world and fictional references to the cold war to world war 2 and even references to the zombies storyline in many places, suggesting that they take place in the same universe which is awesome to think about, amazing campaign and a top 3 for me for sure, the others being BO2 and MW. black ops 2 is the only non linear campaign in COD history, multiple endings and great missions. the BO3 campaign...sucks...its just bad, overly complicated and the ending makes no sense and the plot is far too confusing, also the characters suck, just cliched miliatry guys, also the main guys name is just called "player" that says it all really

                                        • iiElysium x
                                          iiElysium x  3 days back

                                          they are all so good my personal list is
                                          black ops 2
                                          black ops
                                          black ops 3
                                          i love all three though

                                          • Cindy Collier
                                            Cindy Collier  4 days back

                                            I want it

                                            • JohnK9
                                              JohnK9  4 days back

                                              Black Ops 1 Multiplayer Should Of Gotton A Lower Score

                                              • Fyx
                                                Fyx  4 days back

                                                This guy obviously doesn’t realize how good bo2 multiplayer actually was lmao

                                                • max
                                                  max  1 days back

                                                  Hijacked my favorite map of all time

                                              • Christopher Richardson

                                                What's that? Modern warfare is better? O let's not get people overly mad now lol

                                                • Matt 23
                                                  Matt 23  4 days back


                                                  • Dr. Lewcide
                                                    Dr. Lewcide  4 days back

                                                    GhOsT iS tHe BeSt GaMe FiGhT mE!

                                                    • averygaming Kellum
                                                      averygaming Kellum  5 days back

                                                      Theres no campaign

                                                      • Richard Alvarez
                                                        Richard Alvarez  5 days back

                                                        Black ops 3 0/10

                                                        • unearthlysin trampoling and more

                                                          MY OPINION

                                                          Bo1: best campaign
                                                          Bo2:best multiplayer/2nd best zombies
                                                          Bo3:2nd best multiplayer/best zombies
                                                          Bo4:bad just bad

                                                          • Bryan Valencia
                                                            Bryan Valencia  5 days back

                                                            Fuck you

                                                            • QBEY
                                                              QBEY  5 days back

                                                              Best campaign: bo1
                                                              Best multiplayer: bo1
                                                              Best zombies: bo1

                                                              • Jack84
                                                                Jack84  6 days back

                                                                i got to say advanced warfare you can put attachments to your scorestreaks!? how COOL IS THAT? also I just really like it in genral

                                                                • MrDrewphyBH
                                                                  MrDrewphyBH  6 days back

                                                                  Die rise is amazing I dont understand why people hate it

                                                                  • Pack -A- Punch
                                                                    Pack -A- Punch  14 hours back

                                                                    Because in order to get to a previous area you have to go around the map.

                                                                • MrDrewphyBH
                                                                  MrDrewphyBH  6 days back

                                                                  As long as you don't choose bo3 or bo4 as the best idc what you do when it comes to black ops

                                                                  • Milktraap
                                                                    Milktraap  6 days back

                                                                    This man really said Cordis Die in the whitest way possible

                                                                    • MrDrewphyBH
                                                                      MrDrewphyBH  6 days back

                                                                      He said campaign but you cant do that with bo4

                                                                      • It Gustavo
                                                                        It Gustavo  6 days back

                                                                        Cordis “DIE”! How white can people be these days.

                                                                      • Christine Miller
                                                                        Christine Miller  7 days back

                                                                        Hijacked is my favret map

                                                                        • Lane Bowman
                                                                          Lane Bowman  1 weeks back

                                                                          BO1:bad ass
                                                                          BO2:hell yeah

                                                                          • Gyrwick 117
                                                                            Gyrwick 117  1 weeks back

                                                                            BO1 is my favorite game of all time. I always tell my friends that every single mode in the game is just wonderful and they never believe me for some reason😂

                                                                            • Kellan Schroeder
                                                                              Kellan Schroeder  1 weeks back

                                                                              Why do so many people diss on Tranzit? I know for is irritating but hardware was limited back then

                                                                              • Kellan Schroeder
                                                                                Kellan Schroeder  1 weeks back

                                                                                Ok sorry for typos it's just the fact that auto correct sucks

                                                                            • Daniel Wilson
                                                                              Daniel Wilson  1 weeks back

                                                                              Bo1 best campaign bo2 best multiplayer

                                                                              • Daniel Wilson
                                                                                Daniel Wilson  1 weeks back

                                                                                Bo3 is honestly 100 percent trash even zombies

                                                                                • A Nichol
                                                                                  A Nichol  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Bo3 got fu*k*d by the campaign

                                                                                  • Cod Z
                                                                                    Cod Z  1 weeks back

                                                                                    I think black Ops one will win I hope so

                                                                                    • Spyder
                                                                                      Spyder  1 weeks back

                                                                                      This man just said Bo1 is better than Bo2. Smh

                                                                                      • Joseph Stalin
                                                                                        Joseph Stalin  6 days back

                                                                                        Well it is and curently it is you idiot and was before and forever will be bo1 best campaing best multi

                                                                                        Bo 2 copy paste with less worthy multi and campaign

                                                                                        Bo3 awesome zombies