iPhone 11 Pro: Top 5 Camera Features! (First Impressions)


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  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    Probably my fastest turnaround ever! :) New #iPhone11Pro Triple Camera setup, what do you think?!
    *** My IG: https://instagram.com/schmanke

    • FITTbog
      FITTbog  3 days back

      No thanks you iSheep gay boy

    • Hank Fink
      Hank Fink  1 weeks back

      I think it looks pretty sweet. I just don't like filming with phones as much as I do actual cameras because it is really easy to wobble the top and bottom forwards and backwards and even give a bit of a jello effect. Great video though!

  • Stryker87x
    Stryker87x  3 days back

    Insta 360 there I see you

    • David Nikolay
      David Nikolay  3 days back

      Glad I found your channel straight to the point great content

      • jesusaluz
        jesusaluz  3 days back

        Congratulations, on point, very good vision Sir , subscribed. If u need someone to work with you I’m on it. I appreciate the reviews

        • cucharlie2006
          cucharlie2006  4 days back

          You have a great voice but the best part is your tone of speech keeps me intrigued

          • Christy Chau
            Christy Chau  4 days back

            Yeah I just brought a iPhone 11 pro

            • FITTbog
              FITTbog  3 days back

              You dont have a stove or a shaver yet? I feel sorry for you.

          • fishycomics
            fishycomics  6 days back

            Because I have a Iphone 6 and you got a Iphone 11, good luck

            • RubiRobJL
              RubiRobJL  7 days back

              OH hey cool, so you don't have an iphone 11 in hand like your click baity thumbnail

              • Douglas Morato
                Douglas Morato  7 days back

                1:38 "New 12MP sensor" that's very interesting. I havent seen many people talking about it.

                With the new iOS 13.1 Apple released the “cinematic video stabilization” to up to 4K 30fps. It’s really impressive. Check it out.

                • xFuglen
                  xFuglen  7 days back

                  Upgrade or not to iPhone? More like a down-grade...

                  • Rondel Moore
                    Rondel Moore  1 weeks back

                    The phones that can do slow mo at 480fps or 960fps usually don't look good. Just because they can do it means that they should.

                    • D.H.T. Media
                      D.H.T. Media  1 weeks back

                      Fairly whiny and speculative. Jesus Christ

                      • David Winiger
                        David Winiger  1 weeks back

                        Well done brother...

                        • Gentle Yo
                          Gentle Yo  1 weeks back

                          I'm waiting to see what Huawei and Google will also bring to the table so i can pick the best.i dont think the iPhone pro is worth it cus i feel like in Android the pro or the bigger one in the real deal but with Apple it only the screen

                          • Pierre Nagonio
                            Pierre Nagonio  1 weeks back

                            U can copy and paste in iiphone already?

                            • Calvin Green
                              Calvin Green  1 weeks back

                              What...? 😂😂 That’s funny.

                          • Jacob Wellington
                            Jacob Wellington  1 weeks back

                            iPhones are lame now. We need a new cellular phone company

                            • Egal0190
                              Egal0190  6 days back

                              good news! there was just founded a second cellular phone company yesterday. it's name is sonyhuaweisamsunggoogleoneplusandadozenothers and they will ship the first ever non-iphone-phone soon.

                          • Josh Bonner
                            Josh Bonner  1 weeks back

                            How big do you think the main camera sensor is? I think it’s 1/1 7”

                            • Jereth yew
                              Jereth yew  1 weeks back

                              Finally changing your phone?

                              • Will Newcomb
                                Will Newcomb  1 weeks back

                                I'm quite excited by the camera improvements, but I'll wait another year before upgrading from my iPhone 7 Plus. I work on a 4-year cycle. Next year should be interesting!

                                • Tottez 5
                                  Tottez 5  1 weeks back

                                  When will gopro hero 8?

                                  • Masiosare II
                                    Masiosare II  1 weeks back

                                    7:00 he has 253 170 subscribers at 7:45 changed to 253 169, lost 1 sub in less than a minute, why? Is a good reviewer.

                                    • Tamara Ching
                                      Tamara Ching  1 weeks back

                                      left you a thumb up for your informative video ... thank you. i cannot afford an I-Phone but was in awe about it. Rather spend my money on another 360 camera.

                                    • Justin Brenn
                                      Justin Brenn  1 weeks back

                                      Good review on your initial thoughts. I’m trying to decide if I should upgrade to the 11 Pro from the X. I’m big into videography, but mostly with a mirrorless and drone. But this could be interesting as well.

                                      • Douglas Morato
                                        Douglas Morato  7 days back

                                        IMO since you mention youre into videos, you definitely should upgrade. There's no other smartphone for videos like iPhones atm. And with the new sensor, processor and the "cinematic stabilization" up to 4k (something not available for previous models), it's really gonna be worth it.

                                      • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
                                        AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke   1 weeks back

                                        If you're big into videography, it might actually be a fun upgrade for you :)

                                    • Haroon Bhatti
                                      Haroon Bhatti  1 weeks back

                                      Again iPhone Flp both models iPhone pro max or 11Pro price tag Wow To Much 🤔🤬

                                      • Spirit Donkey
                                        Spirit Donkey  1 weeks back

                                        I have a XR the camera is horrible! I’m thinking of switching to the 11 Pro

                                        • Irish Eye
                                          Irish Eye  3 days back

                                          Your iPhone defo has camera problem then because I take amazing photos with mine

                                        • Spirit Donkey
                                          Spirit Donkey  5 days back

                                          @scanflight the video is very good. the photos just don't look crisp to me. I also have a pixel 3

                                        • scanflight
                                          scanflight  1 weeks back

                                          Horrible Cam? I made better video with the iPhone XR in comparison with my GoPro Hero Black or my Sony RX100, so either your iphone has a problem or the problem is between the chair and the screen

                                        • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
                                          AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke   1 weeks back

                                          What do you dislike about the XR cam?

                                      • Jack Rosenbaum
                                        Jack Rosenbaum  1 weeks back

                                        Still waiting on my galaxy s10e...

                                      • banger gee
                                        banger gee  1 weeks back

                                        Please do a give away for me...i need an iPhone i don't even have any iphone and am 17 can't afford one😐 i will accept anyone

                                        • Shmapanese
                                          Shmapanese  1 weeks back

                                          This video is lame af without an actual iPhone 11 Pro in hand , maybe next time you wait for the phone THEN put out a video.

                                          • V T
                                            V T  1 weeks back

                                            So, he is talking about stabilization in superwide lense and can't test it?
                                            What's that phone on the desk?
                                            Total fraud.

                                            • Al Cohol
                                              Al Cohol  1 weeks back

                                              AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke no problem, I thought it was obvious too 🤣 keep up the great videos!

                                            • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
                                              AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke   1 weeks back

                                              🤣 thanks for explaining it! I thought it was a given

                                            • Al Cohol
                                              Al Cohol  1 weeks back

                                              V T the iPhone in front of him is the iPhone XS, he’s giving his impression on the iPhone 11 that was announced today and isn’t available yet.

                                          • OutspokenWalnut
                                            OutspokenWalnut  1 weeks back

                                            Great vid

                                          • Anthomy Beaudoin
                                            Anthomy Beaudoin  1 weeks back

                                            Will you do a iPhone 11 giveaway? That whould be cool