Pardon The Interruption 10/08/2019 | Wilbon HARSH REACTION Bigger Deal: 49ers Good or Browns Bad?


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  • MR J
    MR J  20 hours back

    Tony funny

    • jimmyolsenblues
      jimmyolsenblues  2 weeks back

      wilbon is a coward and doesn't say boo about china.

      • cray one
        cray one  2 weeks back

        It’s not easy to listen to when they are talking over each other and while they realize that they are talking over their counterpart they are still trying to finish their sentence. It’s really irritating. Hard to listen to

        • jayceh
          jayceh  2 weeks back

          Would America sanction companies who were pro Al Qaeda?
          The HK rioters are terrorists full stop.

          • joe lewis
            joe lewis  2 weeks back

            China is a murderous communist regime for over 70 years .....the NBA is full of scumbags .....

            • Lord Pagan
              Lord Pagan  2 weeks back

              0:03 I love the jokes at the intro, esp the URANUS jokes, but this one had me in tears!

              • Adrian Perry
                Adrian Perry  2 weeks back

                Not that your bitter lol

                • John jones
                  John jones  2 weeks back

                  I don't like the Browns I think they're okay but I don't know if many teams would have won that game last night because the 49ers came out so electric that I don't know man I tell you what the Russian game looks pretty phenomenal and those defense of lineman murder people

                  • Gibster
                    Gibster  2 weeks back

                    that DLine is so nuts, Armstead has really improved, Dee Ford isn't even 100% and will need surgery in the offseason. and of course our anchor in Buckner now gets to be on a rotation because the last two years he took the most snaps in the entire NFL. Sherm is 100%, plus we picked up Joe woods and he's done amazing at getting the young guys prepared. our Strong safety in now in the box and holy smokes he's been all over the place, he's 3rd or 2nd on tackles and has a few TFLs as well. between what we added and the young guys developing into their own we will shock teams for a good while

                  • Jamyson Frierson
                    Jamyson Frierson  2 weeks back

                    I don't like the Chiefs lol, but I get what you're saying

                  • Cody Burton
                    Cody Burton  2 weeks back

                    Agreed and thanks for the respect. Browns did have a good game just feel like niners played lights out in all phases of the game.. yet headlines are still on Baker.

                  • Bear Archambault
                    Bear Archambault  2 weeks back

                    "Russian game", ha!
                    Are you using "talk to type", my guy?