Bryan Cranston Doesn't Think Walter White Is Dead - CONAN on TBS

  • Published: 19 July 2018
  • Bryan doesn’t remember seeing a coroner’s report or obituary for Walter White...

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  • Fun Fun

Comments • 2 297

  • Timothy Gosnell
    Timothy Gosnell  13 minutes back

    Andy is beyond funny.

    • Ahmed Osama
      Ahmed Osama  2 hours back

      This is the moment heisnberg was born

      • Ladykyra101
        Ladykyra101  6 hours back

        Heisenberg faked his death! I knew it! LOL! 🤣

        • Ladykyra101
          Ladykyra101  6 hours back

          Ok, nearly chocked on my food when Bryan started throwing "blue meth" to the audience lyk candy. Srsly, I can't. 😂

          • Evan Harris
            Evan Harris  9 hours back

            Cranston kinda looked like Walter from the last episode here. Maybe they started shooting El Camino around this time 😦..

            • luispiros
              luispiros  13 hours back

              “It sounds like Cranston needs work” great timing lmao

              • steven harrington
                steven harrington  17 hours back

                Oh magnets bitch

                • Can Arat
                  Can Arat  19 hours back

                  Everybody who is a fan of the show would probably hope for Walter to get away with it. I wouldn't be mad if they just say Walter wasn't dead at the end. It wouldn't make the ending worse. Some people are so obsessed with endings anyway, I mean there are people who are bitching about How I Met Your Mother's end lol. It's just a comedy why would u care ?

                  • Nuri A.
                    Nuri A.  20 hours back

                    I just realized that Bob Odenkirk didn't hug with Conan in 0:37

                    • Jimmy Aguilar
                      Jimmy Aguilar  21 hours back

                      Damn I can't believe I haven't seen the sooner

                      • Imjin Rat
                        Imjin Rat  1 days back

                        I was down with Walt getting away with everything until he shot Mike. Then I wanted him dead.

                        • RaggedAdam
                          RaggedAdam  4 hours back

                          @Rodrigo Silva i kinda hope he's still alive

                        • Rodrigo Silva
                          Rodrigo Silva  5 hours back

                          WW didn't deserve to die, he's world's alterego

                        • RaggedAdam
                          RaggedAdam  5 hours back

                          I was pretty upset when he killed Mike too.

                      • Thomas SHARONIARD
                        Thomas SHARONIARD  2 days back

                        Only Bryan Cranston can beat Donald Trump

                        • Cody B.
                          Cody B.  2 days back

                          *"I fucked Ted"*

                          Rewatched the whole series, I'm so pumped

                          • Leo San Luis
                            Leo San Luis  2 days back

                            Vince looks like a fat Peter Baelish

                            • Cano
                              Cano  2 days back

                              so weird seeing gus making fast and non-smooth movements :D the only fast movement he made was when he killed hector and jumped out of his seat yelling WOOWOWOWOWOWWGHWHWHHWHAHHAHAHA

                              • asfasfkas
                                asfasfkas  2 days back

                                I was really young when Breaking Bad aired, but i finished it for the first time two months ago. I couldn’t resist and now i’m watching it again. 3rd season and on, Bitch!

                                • Anushilan Dahal
                                  Anushilan Dahal  2 days back

                                  Bryan looks like he's in his 30s

                                  • Yosia Sanjaya
                                    Yosia Sanjaya  2 days back

                                    finally walter junior met his brother jesse

                                    • r0b690
                                      r0b690  3 days back

                                      Each of them are amazing, kinda seems like they just played themselves but more dramatic. Definitely one of the best shows ever in history.

                                      • Nate Park
                                        Nate Park  3 days back

                                        God dammit Andy youre such a gem with little one liners

                                        • David Sanderson
                                          David Sanderson  4 days back

                                          And NOW we know why they were doing a tour a while after the show ended and why Cranston hints he wasn't dead: Netflix has made a movie.

                                          • NEWROCKEROFFICIAL
                                            NEWROCKEROFFICIAL  4 days back

                                            Walter being alive would tarnish the shows legacy, and Vince wouldn't do that.

                                            El Camino will be strictly Jessie.

                                            • Shelby Everett
                                              Shelby Everett  4 days back

                                              Bryan Cranston is so handsome

                                              And for some reason, out of all of the deaths on this show, Hank’s death really for to me. It made me very sad.

                                              • sommigame
                                                sommigame  4 days back

                                                3:13 the way Aaron nervously looks at Vince is suspicious

                                                • jbb
                                                  jbb  4 days back


                                              • Robert Kohlhuber
                                                Robert Kohlhuber  5 days back

                                                Where was mike earmantraut

                                                • Mike Bassett
                                                  Mike Bassett  5 days back

                                                  Vince sounds like badger . JUST LIKE HIM

                                                  • R Michael
                                                    R Michael  5 days back

                                                    Vince sounds like Badger 😄

                                                    • Don Die
                                                      Don Die  6 days back

                                                      Off course Bryan is kidding..... WW is dead

                                                      • The Shelby
                                                        The Shelby  6 days back

                                                        a show that won't be repeated in the next hundred years!

                                                        • Chad Sabourin
                                                          Chad Sabourin  7 days back

                                                          Here's my review of "Breaking Bad". What did you think of this TV show, though?

                                                          • Alphabets T
                                                            Alphabets T  1 weeks back

                                                            It's so weird to see the normal people version of Gus fring.

                                                            • D Mer
                                                              D Mer  1 weeks back

                                                              I like Walter White but i hate bryan cranston

                                                              • HansZel
                                                                HansZel  1 weeks back

                                                                One of the best series ever!

                                                                • YT Elecz
                                                                  YT Elecz  1 weeks back

                                                                  mike ehrmantraut where u at?

                                                                  • YT Elecz
                                                                    YT Elecz  1 weeks back

                                                                    mr white

                                                                    • Gustavo Nahuel Lopez
                                                                      Gustavo Nahuel Lopez  1 weeks back

                                                                      I don't know about you but that live band entrance is...tight tight tight!!!

                                                                      • SteveO
                                                                        SteveO  1 weeks back

                                                                        I cant believe the movie is less than a month away

                                                                        • David Stewart
                                                                          David Stewart  1 weeks back

                                                                          Lol Walt throwing us a movie spoiler. Jessie just shakes his head in disgust like "I didnt say it"... the producers were probably pissed

                                                                          • El 32
                                                                            El 32  1 weeks back

                                                                            Gimme Jimmy!!!!

                                                                            • Anirudh Iyer
                                                                              Anirudh Iyer  1 weeks back

                                                                              Well, Can't Wait for El Camino

                                                                              • Adrian Arteaga
                                                                                Adrian Arteaga  1 weeks back

                                                                                Here because that hint from Bryan Cranston was for El Camino😄

                                                                                • naejimba
                                                                                  naejimba  2 weeks back

                                                                                  One thing to keep in mind, ALL the remaining evidence points to Hank, Gus, and Jack's crew. The tape Jessie made was found by Jack's crew and destroyed. Walt's tape, however, is still somewhere. Besides going to kill Jack's crew to free Jessie, ALL other actions of Walt (that they know of and could pin on him) could be deemed under duress. If Walt is still alive, this would fit the story he himself already concocted. Look at all the evil and deception... it is entirely possible he will try to weasel himself out of this. The only other loose end to this would be Jessie... which we know from the trailer the police are already looking for. It is at least POSSIBLE momma Gilligan could get the ending she wanted...

                                                                                  • nico sullivan
                                                                                    nico sullivan  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Thanks YouTube for recommending this to me as I attempted to watch this series and spoiling such a big death for me.

                                                                                    • _
                                                                                      _  2 weeks back

                                                                                      nico sullivan learned that you should search YouTube videos via Google Search the hard way

                                                                                  • Male
                                                                                    Male  2 weeks back

                                                                                    The look exchanged between Gilligan and Paul to that satisfied me. 3:15

                                                                                    • louis raymond
                                                                                      louis raymond  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Bryan Cranston looking like Noel Edmons

                                                                                      • LF Drumming
                                                                                        LF Drumming  2 weeks back

                                                                                        1:40 Conan knew something that would happen a year later cough GOT cough.

                                                                                        • RunningBlade2184
                                                                                          RunningBlade2184  2 weeks back

                                                                                          How is Bryan Cranston 63? He still looks like he’s in his 40’s.

                                                                                          • Ay Aaron
                                                                                            Ay Aaron  2 weeks back

                                                                                            Are they all short except for Conan or is he just wearing tall shoes