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  • Jones206
    Jones206  1 months back

    This was a straight heist by the Seahawks!

    • Christian Ramirez
      Christian Ramirez  1 months back


      • Colby
        Colby  2 months back

        God the video intros guys...it’s awful.

        • Juan Betancourt
          Juan Betancourt  2 months back

          Outside of maybe 1 or 2 games in his career Clowney never lived up to the hype here in Houston...good locker room..says all the right things etc...a little bit of a sandbagger I think...that or his knee never really got back to speed after the microfracture surgery...decent 1-1 pass rusher...neutralized vs double teams or above average O linemen...probably better vs the run...terrible at dropping back and playing the pass...not trying to hate on the guy but on a team where you have JJ Watt getting doubled and W Mercilus garnering some attention as well you would think Clowney would have more than 29 career sacks in 55 game played.

          • E
            E  1 months back

            Juan Betancourt in a 4-3 he will not have to cover any pass

        • David Connor
          David Connor  2 months back

          Might be time to go back to Seattle on Madden. Oh buddy.

          • Melvin Mumford
            Melvin Mumford  2 months back

            seems as though the AFC is the cheaper of the two conferences

            • A.HallReacts
              A.HallReacts  2 months back

              I’m done with Bill O’ Brien...

              • Snakeye808
                Snakeye808  1 months back

                Can't blame him at all for this move. He obviously got the best he could possibly get for a player who would have otherwise sat out and left at the end of the year, in which case they would have gotten absolutely nothing for him.

            • Steve Forsythe
              Steve Forsythe  2 months back

              Texans: We'll give you Clowney, but only if we get players that aren't offensive linemen. We want Deshaun to get injured again.
              Seahawks: wow, you're dumb
              Texans: U wot?
              Seahawks: You got a deal

              • ryan quinn
                ryan quinn  2 months back

                I'm gonna love watching him in Seattle's scheme. I think he's a better fit there and helps them jut not lose any production from Clark being out. I want that money to go towards next year and extending Jenkins.

                • John Gerrard
                  John Gerrard  2 months back

                  This makes kc look like fools for what they have up for Clark

                  • David Mazzini
                    David Mazzini  2 months back

                    Love Clowney,the Shithawks stole him ; Mingo ,Another back up LB and a 3rd rd. pick for a frickin Monster like J.D.!
                    You've got to be shittin me.

                    • PJohnson
                      PJohnson  2 months back

                      David Mazzini ahhh shit you not lol

                  • Rikeek
                    Rikeek  2 months back

                    This is the kind of move that keeps mediocre organisations mediocre.

                    • Dunce Carver
                      Dunce Carver  1 months back

                      @Shane Hafner i think he means the Texans

                    • Shane Hafner
                      Shane Hafner  2 months back

                      Seattle is a mediocre organization?

                  • Todd Zickel
                    Todd Zickel  2 months back

                    Go Hawks!! when JReed comes back in week 7, look out!! ansah, clowney, reed = grt DLine

                    • Smokey Mcbongwater
                      Smokey Mcbongwater  2 months back

                      Now he has a chance to get a Ring

                      • Elliot Eisler
                        Elliot Eisler  2 months back

                        Nice move by the Seahawks.

                        • Marty Mcfly
                          Marty Mcfly  2 months back

                          So the Texans couldn’t get any Oline help while weakening the D? 😂😂 I’m glad I’m not a fan of theres lol

                          • Crazy Quest
                            Crazy Quest  2 months back

                            Marty Mcfly Trust me it’s hard to be a Texans fan at time

                          • Marty Mcfly
                            Marty Mcfly  2 months back

                            Anthony Arena super bowl window are short. JJ might be hitting the wall soon. They need to get in oline to protect Watson and create a consistent running game. They also need secondary help. This doesn’t help the upcoming year.

                          • Anthony Arena
                            Anthony Arena  2 months back

                            Clowney was super one dimensional, they have jj and mercilus still. Plus i dont think this move weakens the D as much as people think and it will free up money for more people like watsons upcoming contract

                          • Playoff James harden
                            Playoff James harden  2 months back

                            Its pretty depressing tbh an awful front office not good enough to make it past the second round of playoffs and not bad enough for a top pick

                        • Monte Cristo
                          Monte Cristo  2 months back

                          Thats why they're the Texans lmfao. Couldnt the Eagles have given them Vaitai and a pick? Smh

                          • Benjamin Amegbey
                            Benjamin Amegbey  1 months back

                            They couldn’t afford him. He will be too expensive later

                          • Benjamin Farias
                            Benjamin Farias  2 months back

                            You guys have Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox. You're good

                          • ryan quinn
                            ryan quinn  2 months back

                            Leo De Hoyos they didn't want to take on the 1 yr deal franchise and then re up. Also I think he's gonna be best in Seattle vs our 4-3 where the ends need to pass rush and having Jernigan Cox Jackson means less of sliding a bigger edge inside. I like where we're at now and for future. Can extend Jenkins in season with that money

                        • Brandon Derrick
                          Brandon Derrick  2 months back

                          Best GM in the league took their LT then there DE haha

                          • oqihouqiop
                            oqihouqiop  2 months back

                            @All my heroes are villains I've always been the villain, but a necessary one

                          • oqihouqiop
                            oqihouqiop  2 months back

                            @Jesse Hawkins damn look at all the playoff appearances in that group, especially Dorsey fuck dude he got Odell, an often hurt receiver for a first round pick, signed a woman beater who no other team in the league would take, took obvious #1 overall QB Baker Mayfield, fuck I wish he was my GM oh wait no I don't.
                            Snead is ok but he just signed Todd Gurleys arthritic knees to a terrible contract, and has the team in cap hell over the next 10 years. Oh and all the talent he "stockpiled" was thanks to Jeff Fisher giving him top 10 picks year in and year out.

                            Fuck got me on John Ballard, the colts have never come close to a Superbowl and he only has one year and managed to get his star QB to retire after signing a huge deal
                            You're absolutely right all those guys are fucking all stars with successful teams that will promptly go 8-8 this year despite the fact that they've had years of top 15 draft picks. Meanwhile Schneider has consistently chosen players in 20s and below. I'm pretty sure none of those guys have the guts to draft Russell round 3😂
                            Youre a fucking dumbass

                          • Jesse Hawkins
                            Jesse Hawkins  2 months back

                            @oqihouqiop sorry man, but hes not the best GM. Any team in the league would be taking Ballard, Snead, or Dorsey over Schneider

                          • oqihouqiop
                            oqihouqiop  2 months back

                            @Jesse Hawkins he also turned 4 picks into 12 while getting a player who is better than Frank Clark as a replacement. He's the best GM

                          • Brandon Derrick
                            Brandon Derrick  2 months back

                            Jesse Hawkins and Collier and Marquise Blair. You wanna be great, take risks.

                        • Reg Ice
                          Reg Ice  2 months back

                          Clowney is over rated. That’s why they didn’t pay him

                          • Juan Betancourt
                            Juan Betancourt  2 months back

                            Im a Texan fan and I have to agree...the guy has 29 career sacks in 55 games played...this on a team that has JJ Watt getting doubled teamed and W Mercilus getting some attention too...not trying to hate on the guy...he makes a good play here and there but he's not a game changer...hate the trade however...not because the Texans gave up Clowney but because they could have addressed bigger needs like the O Line or traded him for draft picks...

                          • Gaza Boi
                            Gaza Boi  2 months back

                            Reg Ice 😂😂😂😂 overrated not by he fellow players who ranked him #32 on the Top 100 players

                          • Rex2 4 9
                            Rex2 4 9  2 months back

                            @Brandon Derrick Im a Saints fan 😂😂😂 dk if the guy is trolling but its just annoying when people say stupid shit like this

                          • Brandon Derrick
                            Brandon Derrick  2 months back

                            We all heard the stats in the video but if lying to yourself feels better..

                          • Rex2 4 9
                            Rex2 4 9  2 months back

                            in 2019 he had a 89.5 PFF grade

                        • saigonbond
                          saigonbond  2 months back

                          One of the most brain dead, lopsided, and hilariously bad trades I've seen in a long time. Seahawks laughing their asses off after giving up pennies for Clowney. They won the trade on the financial side alone. Clowney is a perfect fit in Seattle's 4-3. Their re-tooled front 7 with Clowney, Wagner, Wright, Reed, Ford, Collier and Ansah looks pretty stout. Maybe this is what happens when you have an interim GM and coach making football personnel and financial decisions. He's clearly really bad at math. Hapless Texans clearly got taken advantage of, while the Seahawks Super Bowl odds just went way up.

                          • Drip
                            Drip  2 months back

                            what exactly were the Texans thinking when doing this deal??

                            • Erd Nuss
                              Erd Nuss  2 months back

                              Probably "let's just try to get something at all"

                          • N.Y. Phenom
                            N.Y. Phenom  2 months back


                            • H G
                              H G  2 months back

                              @N.Y. Phenom you dont know where I am cuh lol. I might not be in America. Anyways you got a link to the league?

                            • N.Y. Phenom
                              N.Y. Phenom  2 months back

                              @H G Tomorrow B. Or Technically Today Since It's The 1st..

                            • H G
                              H G  2 months back

                              @N.Y. Phenom what date tho? 7:30pm CDT on what date? How do I join?

                            • H G
                              H G  2 months back

                              @N.Y. Phenom ok im down

                          • Zareh Kantzabedian
                            Zareh Kantzabedian  2 months back

                            Kick the tires and light the fires at PFF. No one sleeps. Tis the season. Seahawks got nice

                            • Terry McBride
                              Terry McBride  2 months back

                              Clowney's Heart pumps piss,Gotta pay him mega bucks for Piss effort, Good luck fuck boys

                              • Jon Harris
                                Jon Harris  2 months back

                                Why didn't the panthers go after him

                              • c luckern
                                c luckern  2 months back

                                Clowney had stated he wanted to be in Seattle which probably limited what they could get in return. No one was gonna give up assets when they couldn't guarantee he'd resign after the season long term.

                                • Snakeye808
                                  Snakeye808  1 months back

                                  @conehed And then they would have missed out on getting two good offensive lineman who will both start for the team immediately. They got both the linebackers and the 3rd round pick with this move. Anyone who knows anything knows that the Texans reallllly needed those linebackers.

                                • conehed
                                  conehed  2 months back

                                  Might as well have just let him walk then lmao. Get a compensatory 3rd rounder and get to keep your pride

                              • Mr Smith
                                Mr Smith  2 months back

                                Idiots run their mouth about the Khalil Mack trade but this is more proof of what a genius Jon Gruden is. Texans got ripped off, and so did the Bears 😂😂😂 Bears better win the superbowl this year or the Mack trade was a disaster for them. They got serious cap issues now 😁

                                • RK Belmont
                                  RK Belmont  2 months back

                                  @Rex2 4 9 Pro Bowls are irrelevant, dude gets easily shutdown by competent OL

                                • lane ferris
                                  lane ferris  2 months back

                                  @Brandon Derrick you're right. I think trubisky will improve in his second year under nagy, and all I can do is hope our kicker makes around 85% of the kicks. We'll just have to see

                                • Playoff James harden
                                  Playoff James harden  2 months back

                                  Yea I do agree Texans are stupid but they were thinking they are gonna lose clowney anyway might as well get something out of it

                                • Brandon Derrick
                                  Brandon Derrick  2 months back

                                  lane ferris I like the bears a lot I just think the kicking or qb play will be your downfall. Only the real weak links but they are huge. Kicker hasn’t had any pressure on him yet.

                              • bird luger
                                bird luger  2 months back


                                • Ricky
                                  Ricky  1 months back

                                  @dre d
                                  The Texans would have been foolish to pay Clowney top pass rusher money when he's not a top pass rusher, at least not in the Texans system. Maybe Seattle will be a better fit for Clowney and Martin may be a better fit with the Texans in a 3-4. Seattle has been pretty good at selecting talent and he is a high motor guy.

                                • Ricky
                                  Ricky  1 months back

                                  @Playoff James harden
                                  The Texans got Tunsil from Miami who is the best young left tackle in the league. He man handled Mack and Clowney last season when Miami played Chicago and Houston. They also got Kenny Stills.

                                • Anthony Arena
                                  Anthony Arena  2 months back

                                  @dre d versatile position wise. For a top draft pick and guy seeking an enomous contract his effectivnessin the pass defense is severly lacking. He has only been great against the run. Maybe you dont know shit if you couldn't follow that thought process, which they even touched on in the vid

                                • dre d
                                  dre d  2 months back

                                  @Anthony Arena You don't know shit if you think Clowney is one dimensional he's one of the most veratile front seven players in the NFL.

                                • Anthony Arena
                                  Anthony Arena  2 months back

                                  They have jj watt and whitney mercilus. Clowney is super one dimensional. Plus i think they realized he wasnt goin to play without a new contract and they need the money for watson soon

                              • Gaza Boi
                                Gaza Boi  2 months back

                                Josh Martin good development edge player he can get there occasionally 5-10 sacks is my range for him. But mingo and a third round pick for Clowney this is gonna be there biggest regret trust me

                                • Brandon Derrick
                                  Brandon Derrick  2 months back

                                  Nope Duane Brown is. Watson has been getting blasted.

                              • Dave Sanders
                                Dave Sanders  2 months back

                                Ziggy, Reed, Poona and Clowney with Collier rotating in and the best linebacking unit in the league behind them oh my!

                                • oqihouqiop
                                  oqihouqiop  2 months back

                                  @Taylor Harrison he's leitimately the most underrated LB in the league and has been a core starter since before 2013. He's had seasons where he didn't miss a tackle, he's excellent in coverage, but he isn't at the most glamorous position so he doesn't get the credit he deserves

                                • Shawn Heenan
                                  Shawn Heenan  2 months back

                                  @Taylor Harrison Wright has been a pro bowler, and nobody sniffs out a screen better than he does. Sean Lee I give a ton of respect to, but he can't stay on the field. It reminds me of Luke Kuechly, who is a concussion away from eating pudding the rest of his life.

                                • Taylor Harrison
                                  Taylor Harrison  2 months back

                                  Sean lee didn’t play much but that’s one year, they kept him for a reason, 1st team all pro 2 years ago, does kJ Wright even have a pro bowl?

                                • Shawn Heenan
                                  Shawn Heenan  2 months back

                                  @Taylor Harrison Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright are so much better we could put our damn mascot out there and have a better unit than the Cowboys

                                • oqihouqiop
                                  oqihouqiop  2 months back

                                  @Shawn Montgomery K.J Wright has been a force for years and Kendricks is a top LB in the league. The cowboys aren't even relatively close. Honestly Bobby Wagner alone and Calitro might be better. Vander is overrated because he's a white LB playing for the cowboys

                              • Barry AKA Vann T
                                Barry AKA Vann T  2 months back

                                Way to be on the news guys 👍

                                • greyy 2x
                                  greyy 2x  2 months back

                                  I’m a huge Seahawks fan I’m stoked for the season

                                  • Chad Alpha
                                    Chad Alpha  1 months back

                                    @24AHAD they had to resign Wilson and Wagner and get more than four draft picks, trading for Clowney wasn't even in the plan it's just something they lucked into and now trading Clark for maximum value has paid in full when you see what Texans got for waiting on Clowney

                                  • King Baldwin IV
                                    King Baldwin IV  1 months back

                                    @Brandon Derrick, Clark is a better pass rusher.

                                  • King Baldwin IV
                                    King Baldwin IV  1 months back

                                    This was NOT good for the Seahawks. Clowney has not shown up for as many seasons as he has done crap.

                                    The PFF ratings don't take into account number of reps or how much support he was being given to do his job.

                                    Even without Clowney, they were a good defense.

                                    His first two years he was basically nicked (slight injury which frustrated the coaching staff) and as a result, barely played.

                                    Now he is willing to leverage the team in order to get out of town.

                                    The dude is overrated, he is a worse pass rusher than Frank Clark and is like a Ferrari without the top speed.

                                    If Pete Carroll can get him to buy-in, great! I doubt it though.

                                    Clowney is like Twitter, celebrity meth, for coaches. He is a talented malcontent, a lazy prima donna. Coaches only see the sky high potential and figure that Clowney bailing on the Texans and quitting on the Gamecocks is because the teams were at fault. Coaches always think that they can save the talented jerk.

                                    News flash!
                                    You usually can't.

                                  • Say less
                                    Say less  2 months back

                                    I don’t see why cause Clowney is overhyped for sure. Coming into the league he was supposed to be this super athlete and pass rusher but somehow he gets less than ten sacks on average a year what the fuck is that? That’s a first overall pick and with those numbers? I think the dude is just lazy as shit and just is playing football for the money. Texans should have selected Mack instead of Clowney they would be paying a shit ton of money like the dumbass bears are over paying him but imagine jj watt and Mack on the other side how dominant that defense would be. They wouldn’t have to score more than 18 points a game cause that pass rush wouldn’t allow much points like that old giants pass rush did when they won them Super Bowls. And than Seahawks lost Baldwin as well and don’t have a really good running back. I don’t see what’s to be so excited for as a Seahawks fan the team isn’t that good on paper at least.

                                  • RGBLK
                                    RGBLK  2 months back

                                    @24AHAD they weren't planning on signing anyone until jarren reed got a 6 game suspension and other injuries on the D line. It's a win win for the hawks. We have a option to resign him or get our 3rd round pick back.

                                • First_name Last_name
                                  First_name Last_name  2 months back

                                  Holy crap

                                  • F A R M W A L D
                                    F A R M W A L D  2 months back

                                    Oh yeah we a top ten defense now for sure

                                    • Brandon Derrick
                                      Brandon Derrick  2 months back

                                      Depends on our DTs while Reed out and our secondary. Griffin and safeties got worked last year.

                                    • RK Belmont
                                      RK Belmont  2 months back


                                  • Javier Bustos
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                                    • Masculine Feminine
                                      Masculine Feminine  2 months back