Found Lost Sunken Boat in Drained Lake! (Explored for Potential Treasure) | DALLMYD


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    DALLMYD   2 years back

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another video at this drained lake!

    • colton shreeve
      colton shreeve  7 months back

      Go to tubby c

    • Jose Lamers
      Jose Lamers  10 months back

      when i saw you sink in the mot i think when you cruwl on your knees maybe its going better and your not sinking

    • C Mayb
      C Mayb  11 months back

      That's a insulin pen

    • Ann 2018
      Ann 2018  12 months back

      Drained lake in general. That would be cool to see.

    • Rita Hogarth
      Rita Hogarth  1 years back

      Happy 23rd birthday brandon

  • Angel Honeycutt
    Angel Honeycutt  6 days back

    I will love it if you give me a shout

    • xXbr_o
      xXbr_o  1 weeks back

      In my lane is wear lots of stuff is like I was swimming and found 3 saves a school desk 10 plus working phones

      • rss2105
        rss2105  3 weeks back

        Charger makes fishing boats.

        • Dragomir Ronilac
          Dragomir Ronilac  4 weeks back

          To much talking... As always...

          • Zeke Reyes
            Zeke Reyes  4 weeks back

            it maybe got there by. someone was driving the boat crash it on a rock. the person got shore. the boats engines broke. and soon the boat wash to shore.

            • Cody Price
              Cody Price  2 months back

              That's an insulin pen my wife used to use the same kind

              • Elizabeth Kritzer
                Elizabeth Kritzer  2 months back

                I call mud run! You guys should do the mud run

                • Elizabeth Kritzer
                  Elizabeth Kritzer  2 months back

                  Their parents are watching them going in the mud up to their waist thinking ‘What did we teach them? Did we not tell them to not go in the mud?’ 😂

                  • Ryuco Sela
                    Ryuco Sela  2 months back

                    You guys definitely need to check out Michigan!!! We have not only the Great Lakes with awesome shipwrecks but also a bunch of popular inland lakes full of treasure spots

                    • Jacob Reavis
                      Jacob Reavis  2 months back

                      Y’all should do some vids in Oklahoma! We have over 200 lakes and some great Rivers.

                      • Latrice Babygirl
                        Latrice Babygirl  2 months back

                        It's probably abody

                        • Mike Hancho
                          Mike Hancho  3 months back

                          There’s so many half way sunk and sunk boats in my river a halfway sunk house boat just washed up on the shore

                          • Jacob S.
                            Jacob S.  4 months back

                            try snow shoes next time

                            • Maggie Havi
                              Maggie Havi  4 months back

                              Hey!! That’s our house with the fallen tree! And the reason the lewer looked brand new is because it was brand new😂 I was fishing off of our dock and caught it in the tree lol! Love your videos!

                              • Alexis V
                                Alexis V  5 months back

                                sunken plane in lake mead

                                • Brian Holzwordt
                                  Brian Holzwordt  6 months back

                                  Jake and his gold sucking pipes. Every pipe you see underwater the first thing that comes to your mind is gold sucking pipe and bearing sea gold reference 😂 I believe another comment said it was novolog insulin. It has built in meter delivery system

                                  • elijah gaudet
                                    elijah gaudet  7 months back

                                    A cool boat

                                    • Scott Nilsson
                                      Scott Nilsson  8 months back

                                      Woah, that water looks so clear!

                                      • Osian Roberts
                                        Osian Roberts  8 months back

                                        Happy birthday

                                        • Haley Throener
                                          Haley Throener  10 months back

                                          That isn’t an eppy is insulin for diabetes

                                          • Larry robison
                                            Larry robison  10 months back


                                            • Nathan Warnick
                                              Nathan Warnick  10 months back

                                              Being the boat was under water and none of the hardware is attached to it, I'd assume someone stripped it then purposely sunk it.

                                              • Gaming Paradise
                                                Gaming Paradise  11 months back

                                                Maybe when the boat sank , they don't have Felix tape with them .

                                                • Tee Ocho
                                                  Tee Ocho  11 months back

                                                  Charleston sc

                                                  • crispypicklechips
                                                    crispypicklechips  11 months back

                                                    boat looks like it could have been on fire

                                                    • x per·i·ment
                                                      x per·i·ment  11 months back

                                                      This would be a good time to build a brush pile for a nice fishing spot. Our lake never drains, so we usually build brush piles during the winter, and wrap them in wire fencing. When the ice melts, it sinks and we have a new fishing spot!

                                                      • Brian Holzwordt
                                                        Brian Holzwordt  6 months back

                                                        x per·i·ment yeah that’s how we do it too. Drag the piles and pine trees on the ice and just wait lol

                                                    • Squid Kid
                                                      Squid Kid  12 months back

                                                      So that is not an EpiPen. Its an insulin pen. That one in particular looks like NovoLog. Type 1 Diabetics use those usually. Still though, you should be careful to not step on those as one simple drop of insulin in a non-diabetics body can be really fatal and is more than likely to kill you. If that happens, start eating as many carbs and sugar as possible and call 911. Stay safe Jake! Love the videos!

                                                      • Copper Games
                                                        Copper Games  8 months back

                                                        But the body naturally produces insulin so how can it be fatal (I'm a type one diabetic by the way)

                                                      • Alden Bohrmann
                                                        Alden Bohrmann  12 months back

                                                        ha! not true

                                                    • RocketCitySeasonings
                                                      RocketCitySeasonings  12 months back

                                                      Lol, you needed some big shoes like Eskimos tie to their feet.

                                                      • Lacey H.
                                                        Lacey H.  1 years back

                                                        Yall should come to Olney, IL & dive in eastfork lake idk if anyone around here does anything like this

                                                        • Wild Gaming
                                                          Wild Gaming  1 years back

                                                          I would LOVE to see the lake that i live on drained! That would be very interesting!

                                                          • Wild Gaming
                                                            Wild Gaming  1 years back

                                                            The boat looks like some of the ones i saw in the Louisiana swamp(half sunken due to prior hurricanes). It costs the owner too much money to raise it up after it sunk so the government or whatever sends people to gut the parts of the boat that are harmful to the water such as the fuel tank. They also take the parts of the boat that can be resold or salvaged. Basically they just leave the body of the boat and thats all. Overall it is cheaper for the owner to do that instead of raising it!

                                                            • JadeBlackWolf
                                                              JadeBlackWolf  1 years back

                                                              Lol got loved best friends. "think I can do it, man?" " I think its a bad idea but go for it man" Lmao

                                                              • still sad
                                                                still sad  1 years back

                                                                jordan highkey looks like shane from the walking dead

                                                                • Liam Davis
                                                                  Liam Davis  1 years back

                                                                  I would have asked to take the boat and then try and restore it up at least.

                                                                  • Trashqueen 1995
                                                                    Trashqueen 1995  1 years back

                                                                    Epipen. XD that's novalog. Lol. Its an insulin for diabetics. That's the kind I take

                                                                    • DeviouS
                                                                      DeviouS  1 years back

                                                                      mammoth hot springs try

                                                                      • Megan Gustafson
                                                                        Megan Gustafson  1 years back

                                                                        I love the song at the end

                                                                        • Le_Gacha_Boi xD
                                                                          Le_Gacha_Boi xD  1 years back

                                                                          if u put the speed on 2x then its a sick rap on the intro

                                                                          • Hayley Landers
                                                                            Hayley Landers  1 years back

                                                                            Pretty sure that’s an insulin pen, not an
                                                                            epi-pen. The needles are replaceable for each use so that’s been used :/ epi-pens are one time use and the needles in them are pretty big.

                                                                            • E bony
                                                                              E bony  1 years back

                                                                              Its fantastic to see people having fun & continual laughter without booze or other means to make the day memorable.😎😎

                                                                              • Trevor Foster
                                                                                Trevor Foster  1 years back

                                                                                Y'all should come to Demopolis Alabama. There is a sunken barge here.

                                                                                • Crown King
                                                                                  Crown King  1 years back

                                                                                  Go to Lake Michigan, I always Find jewelry

                                                                                  • Jelly 2.0
                                                                                    Jelly 2.0  1 years back

                                                                                    That’s my boat

                                                                                  • Scot Willis
                                                                                    Scot Willis  1 years back

                                                                                    keep rock out on the water bros

                                                                                    • Noel Blake
                                                                                      Noel Blake  1 years back

                                                                                      Walmart "Actually" sells fishing lures fyi

                                                                                      • Keke’s Karibbean Kitchen

                                                                                        My daughter loves your videos so much and I’m her mom and I’m amazed at your work! 😇

                                                                                        • Devin
                                                                                          Devin  4 months back


                                                                                      • Nick Rick
                                                                                        Nick Rick  1 years back