Andy Dalton Throws Up 418 Yds & 2 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights


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  • Darryl Elliott
    Darryl Elliott  1 weeks back

    I only clicked this video to make it CLEAR..that nobody gives a DAMN about Andy Dalton OR those meddling Bengals

    • Tanner Griffith
      Tanner Griffith  1 weeks back

      Hell yeah let's go Bengal's fams

      • Brent Carroll
        Brent Carroll  1 weeks back

        I hope he keeps playing this great who dey

        • Eric Fichter
          Eric Fichter  1 weeks back

          All these haters but I noticed everyone picking him up in fantasy 😂😂. Nobody wants to admit we're going to be threat this year

          • Geoff Thompson
            Geoff Thompson  1 weeks back

            That's the way Andy Dalton was passing the first half of last season.

          • Halftime Great
            Halftime Great  2 weeks back

            He did it without AJ Green who dey

            • Izaan Masud
              Izaan Masud  2 weeks back

              Dalton is the most underrated qb of the 2010s

              • Zack The Exception
                Zack The Exception  1 weeks back

                Jr Varela not true

              • jacob bell
                jacob bell  1 weeks back

                Bryan T me too. it isn’t like he was a huge dbag, nor did he not meet expectations because people probably didn’t expect much from the get go

              • Bryan T
                Bryan T  1 weeks back

                jacob bell I hope man i hope

              • Jr Varela
                Jr Varela  1 weeks back

                Parker Coleman he’s a choker tho

            • PCGaming Universe
              PCGaming Universe  2 weeks back

              This excites me a bit. I’m not gonna get too hype because last year we started off 4-1. But listen Andy Dalton did this without aj or joe mixon. Imagine what he is going to do with both of them on the field. The o line looked great and this offense got revamped maybe we tank this year take a good linebacker in the draft and maybe contend next year 🤷🏼‍♀️

              • jacob bell
                jacob bell  2 weeks back

                Kyle Smith i was gonna say the same. but they definitely out performed last year. hard to win with a bad defense and a line that’s been in rebuild mode since 2016

              • Kyle Smith
                Kyle Smith  2 weeks back

                They didn't start 4-0 last year. 2-0, 2-1, 4-1

            • John Young Ph.D.
              John Young Ph.D.  2 weeks back

              Dalton is an incredible QB with competent coaches...and it showed Sunday.

              • Zack The Exception
                Zack The Exception  1 weeks back

                John Young Ph.D. Yeah it’s hard to do anything when your coach is Marvin Lewis 🤣🤣🤣

            • X1area51 II
              X1area51 II  2 weeks back

              Let's be honest R Wilson play like 🐌

              • Lance1445
                Lance1445  2 weeks back

                Andy Dalton is underrated

                • anthony reyes
                  anthony reyes  1 weeks back

                  @Rio Mio It doesnt matter when you dont have an o line. Pff had his o line in the bottom 5 ever since whit left. Not to mention the defense didn't perform well at all the last two years.

                • Rio Mio
                  Rio Mio  1 weeks back

                  anthony reyes I’m not saying he’s bad I think he’s kirk cousins, joe flacco lvl just imagine if bangles traded him for a pick and got Trevor Lawrence

                • Rio Mio
                  Rio Mio  1 weeks back

                  anthony reyes he’s avg he has so many tools all these years Tyler,green,Ross,mixon and a decent defense can’t even take his team to the playoffs

                • anthony reyes
                  anthony reyes  1 weeks back

                  @Rio Mio top 20 qbr of all time. Not a very average stat to have.

              • Kirby Buckets
                Kirby Buckets  2 weeks back

                Andy dalton is so overhated

                • TeMpT Monsta
                  TeMpT Monsta  6 days back

                  @Jako Niko nope he's not.

                • Leonard Euler
                  Leonard Euler  1 weeks back

                  Really?? All (most)qbs are good if they have protection, but i kinda see what your saying

                • jacob bell
                  jacob bell  2 weeks back

                  Leonard Euler he meant over hated. which dalton is hated for undue reasons. the poor personnel management is the real problem

                • Leonard Euler
                  Leonard Euler  2 weeks back

                  I haven't found a person who actually thought he was good lol

              • Foureyez tv
                Foureyez tv  2 weeks back

                The Zac Taylor offense flashed, but they're gonna need a offensive line

                • Quinton Riley
                  Quinton Riley  2 days back

                  @Foureyez tv He was sacked 9 times in 2 games we need to rebuild the o-line and the defense

                • Foureyez tv
                  Foureyez tv  1 weeks back

                  I think they were ok

                • MrQ000000
                  MrQ000000  2 weeks back

                  They drafted Jonah Williams for a reason. Hopefully he can come back healthy

              • Cutybandit14
                Cutybandit14  2 weeks back

                america explain

                • TheWerid1sOut
                  TheWerid1sOut  2 weeks back

                  Bengals in a nutshell
                  There QB has a career day and they didn’t even win😂😂😂😂😂

                  • jacob bell
                    jacob bell  2 weeks back

                    Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD they had mixon for a little bit but sea kept to the base defense that is difficult to make a run against with the run blocking we had

                  • Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD
                    Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD  2 weeks back

                    no mixon aj or offensive line

                  • Gekyume Onfroy
                    Gekyume Onfroy  2 weeks back

                    They didn’t have mixon or Aj green

                • travi108
                  travi108  2 weeks back

                  Im just sayin... Earl Thomas would have intercepted that pass...

                  • jacob bell
                    jacob bell  5 days back

                    Gage Chapin yeah and it was a high arching throw that most wouldn’t be able to make a play on it. it should’ve been a contested catch. eitherway the bengals completely blew out the hawks, stat wise, and only loss because of the turnovers in the redzones - plus the dam miss tackle by jb3

                  • Gage Chapin
                    Gage Chapin  5 days back

                    Less than 10 seconds left in the half. I'd take that chance. It was a low risk (if it was INT there was only going to be a few seconds left in the half) high reward (TD) pass.

                  • jacob bell
                    jacob bell  2 weeks back

                    it was a sort of hail mary attempt at the end of the first half. it worked out though

                  • Raja V
                    Raja V  2 weeks back

                    I'm just saying, he left

                • Dalton v
                  Dalton v  2 weeks back

                  And lost

                  • MRTUPAC 28
                    MRTUPAC 28  2 weeks back

                    To be honest, Dalton is not the answer for Cincinnati overall. He's just not a championship caliber qb.

                    • jacob bell
                      jacob bell  2 weeks back

                      he was in 2015 then they released are two stars in whitworth and zeitler, so dalton hasn’t been working with much time in the pocket. i’d say he would’ve gone far in 2016 post season if not for the thumb injury

                  • Tristan Wright
                    Tristan Wright  2 weeks back

                    Ah yes a glimmer of hope which will be torn from my heart in a couple weeks. Those are the bengals i know and love

                    • Zack The Exception
                      Zack The Exception  1 weeks back

                      jacob bell you’re joking right?

                    • Zack The Exception
                      Zack The Exception  1 weeks back

                      xKvvy um we’ll easily beat em

                    • Go Bucks
                      Go Bucks  1 weeks back

                      @xKvvy bet we do.

                    • jacob bell
                      jacob bell  2 weeks back

                      xKvvy yeah you guys are gonna be a tough team. wonder with our defense will perform as well

                  • A Fucking Bird
                    A Fucking Bird  2 weeks back

                    He torched us because of rookie DB's. We played a lot of zone too so the receivers had a lot of room.

                    • Kyle Smith
                      Kyle Smith  2 weeks back

                      Dalton carved up that zone defense like a true pro.

                    • KOU IZZLE
                      KOU IZZLE  2 weeks back

                      Doesnt help that we kept running 4-3 when we shouldve been running nickel defense against 3 WR.

                      They're not rookies though. I dont think they were expecting much from the bengals either since aj green was out

                    • A Fucking Bird
                      A Fucking Bird  2 weeks back

                      @Seahawks Zone Oh sorry, I should I say "inexperienced". My point is that the secondary needs some improvement. GoHawks!

                  • The Nigel Douglas
                    The Nigel Douglas  2 weeks back

                    Did he win tho?

                    • WolfToonsYT
                      WolfToonsYT  2 weeks back

                      Why is the Nati D lookin great 👀

                    • WolfToonsYT
                      WolfToonsYT  2 weeks back

                      WHO DEY This game gets me optimistic

                      • The Life Analyst
                        The Life Analyst  2 weeks back

                        Seahawks d is bad

                        • Idk what to do With my life

                          This was one of the best performances of a quarterback that I’ve seen in a long time

                          • The Great One
                            The Great One  1 weeks back

                            @WhoDey! I'm a Bengals fan die hard but Lamar Jackson and Dak Prescott had better games without a shadow of a doubt. Calm down a little bit fellow Bengals fan, he played well but don't get carried away.

                          • WhoDey!
                            WhoDey!  2 weeks back

                            @Tyron Banks he had the biggest performance of any qb week 1 you fool

                          • The Nigel Douglas
                            The Nigel Douglas  2 weeks back

                            Tyron Banks 😂😂😆

                          • Tyron Banks
                            Tyron Banks  2 weeks back

                            Idk what to do With my life you must only watch bengals games then

                        • MitoGaming101
                          MitoGaming101  2 weeks back


                          • Xaybo
                            Xaybo  2 weeks back

                            John Ross saved his career lol

                          • Deshaun Ellis
                            Deshaun Ellis  2 weeks back

                            Yet they still lost

                            • Chicken Spongebob
                              Chicken Spongebob  2 weeks back

                              It’s such a bengals thing to have your best career game on a loss

                              • jacob bell
                                jacob bell  2 weeks back

                                pb 41 probably cause of the 3 redzone trips that didn’t convert to points. but that rain came down on the bengals and the bengals only

                              • pb 41
                                pb 41  2 weeks back


                              • WolfToonsYT
                                WolfToonsYT  2 weeks back


                            • The Slayer
                              The Slayer  2 weeks back


                              • WORkM4N
                                WORkM4N  2 weeks back

                                Who dey baby. It was a loss but way better than what i thought we would do.