We need to CANCEL Julia (Petition)


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  • Shad0W
    Shad0W  3 hours back

    35:18 GOmEn Ne

    • Ricky Smith
      Ricky Smith  4 hours back

      So if the game was in French would the French speak English then? Big brain thoughts.

      • Rucifer 54
        Rucifer 54  11 hours back

        Gotta say, that I am the captain now dude's voice actor did a great job producing a hideous voice for an extremely hateable character

        • Syntex366
          Syntex366  16 hours back

          Pewdiepie: Julia needs to die

          Julia: ‘gets shot’

          Pewdiepie: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

          • Hans Franz
            Hans Franz  16 hours back

            20:47 - Wouldn't eight seconds mean the storm is about 1.7 miles away?

            • Shelly N
              Shelly N  15 hours back

              that's what i was thinking

          • OfficialHiddentest
            OfficialHiddentest  21 hours back

            Cant hit the qte, this playthrough is frustrating

            • lana hakoun
              lana hakoun  1 days back

              I feel like I'm watching a movie with Pewds ..not playing a game..I love this

              • Rad gamer
                Rad gamer  1 days back

                AHHHHHHHHHH T u r n o n t h e i n g a m e s u b t i t l e s

                • Teratrex 31
                  Teratrex 31  1 days back

                  Alex looks like exactly john legend

                  • Devante Coley
                    Devante Coley  1 days back

                    “You want to talk....... keep the volume down.”
                    What is he a school teacher lmfao.

                    • Poxytron
                      Poxytron  2 days back

                      Petition: should we disable the dislike button on pewds channel?

                      • abbot Costello
                        abbot Costello  2 days back

                        Hey hes naked, epic!

                        • Jelix Clips
                          Jelix Clips  2 days back

                          Felix: *feels legit sadness when julia is almost dead*
                          Also Felix: “CANCLE JULIA”

                          • Alexandralite
                            Alexandralite  2 days back

                            It's just Julia she's annoying.
                            The guy with the bandana seems way more chill than the others

                            • Alexandralite
                              Alexandralite  2 days back

                              Are the back seat players why you don't play game anymore?

                              • Kidd random
                                Kidd random  2 days back


                                Literally noone:

                                Me: I actually understand that because I'm french btw

                                • krompirko :D
                                  krompirko :D  2 days back

                                  Can u guys Help me to get my first 1k likes :(

                                  • Della Nawa
                                    Della Nawa  2 days back

                                    turn on th goddamn captions

                                    • Tyler Deth
                                      Tyler Deth  2 days back

                                      I like watching it’s just peers literally doesn’t even check rooms and walks right past them like how?

                                      • John
                                        John  3 days back

                                        Is "EPIC" a popular thing now with the kids?

                                        • kristi peugh
                                          kristi peugh  3 days back


                                          A rat

                                          • Gelo Francisco
                                            Gelo Francisco  3 days back

                                            The white guy looks like Mr. Groff from Sex education

                                            • shafiq arief daniel shahrul nizam

                                              Such a dumbass

                                              • Steven Field TV
                                                Steven Field TV  3 days back

                                                Come on man Felix stop the swore stuff you used to swear a lot every time

                                                • Carlo Alexandre Ocariza

                                                  48:15 sailor girl

                                                  • johnmark cardinez
                                                    johnmark cardinez  3 days back

                                                    Is this a discontinued series?

                                                    • Its Jynx
                                                      Its Jynx  3 days back


                                                      • oh yeahhh
                                                        oh yeahhh  3 days back

                                                        15:06 he almost did it again....

                                                        • RusticRonin
                                                          RusticRonin  3 days back


                                                          • Marco Mendiola
                                                            Marco Mendiola  3 days back

                                                            48:16 thank me later

                                                            • Tequila Man
                                                              Tequila Man  4 days back

                                                              "Can I replay the entire game?" 😂

                                                              • Vinh Nguyen
                                                                Vinh Nguyen  4 days back

                                                                pewd's dude please dont ever go on a boat and piss a random fisherman off lol

                                                                • Jimmy Carter
                                                                  Jimmy Carter  4 days back

                                                                  Pewds: Chooses what the character says

                                                                  Also Pewds after the character speaks: I agree

                                                                  • Tyler Deth
                                                                    Tyler Deth  4 days back

                                                                    Chooses dumbest decisions then blames characters

                                                                    • lomongege434
                                                                      lomongege434  4 days back

                                                                      the captain w other eye problem has way better acting than the rest of the main characters

                                                                      • r4g3qu1t
                                                                        r4g3qu1t  4 days back

                                                                        wtf is that sillouhette

                                                                        • Victor Lindvall
                                                                          Victor Lindvall  4 days back

                                                                          He's so fucking bad I can't

                                                                          • Shimko Jonathan
                                                                            Shimko Jonathan  4 days back

                                                                            50:57 mad bars

                                                                            • Sonder& Sparrow
                                                                              Sonder& Sparrow  5 days back

                                                                              Pause quickly at 48:15 to see the ghost girl in the bottom right corner

                                                                              • CptLeft _8
                                                                                CptLeft _8  5 days back


                                                                                • MozzaJ P
                                                                                  MozzaJ P  5 days back

                                                                                  No one is talking about how the characters clothes change in the game and it's really annoying

                                                                                  • Masterpro 1212
                                                                                    Masterpro 1212  5 days back


                                                                                    • yeet theskeet
                                                                                      yeet theskeet  5 days back

                                                                                      yall remember dOkI dOkI???

                                                                                      • seatedandbelted
                                                                                        seatedandbelted  5 days back

                                                                                        Just like raskolnikov xd

                                                                                        • Fish TS
                                                                                          Fish TS  5 days back

                                                                                          47:40 : Like the Far Cry 4 mission where you enter the cave to find villages and swim over a bog and are relived there is no croc inside. On the way out it jumps up and scares the absolute poo out of you.

                                                                                          • Adam Roos
                                                                                            Adam Roos  5 days back

                                                                                            He should have asked him to throw the gun of the boat