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  • Ronald Shuler
    Ronald Shuler  4 months back

    This is a very pivotal must win game for the Raptors if they hope to win the Finals. The Golden State Warriors have a chance to win an "AWAY" game than a "HOME" . Im serious man these Raptors are built just like them 2014-15 San Antonio Spurs. Van Fleet damn near looking like Tony Parker, Tim Duncan might be wearing a Marc Gasol Masquerade mask, you know the one with the string on the back??? RAPTORS 4-2

    • Joseph Daniel
      Joseph Daniel  4 months back

      Shannon sharpe is a football genius. Y ONLY basketball topics and speculation debate? Y no football topics?

      • Green peace of paper
        Green peace of paper  4 months back

        Should've known the Raptor was going to loss shannon sharp always lose to skip

        • Plain Simple
          Plain Simple  4 months back

          Game 2 Recap: It's simple - Toronto lost and Golden State won

          Kawhi Leonard: The media has elevated his status; Leonard is just now learning HOW to lead a team as a franchise player into the NBA Finals and hopefully (for them) a title. He was a supporting player in San Antonio so he learned the core of what it takes to win so when he learned he took what he learned developed as a player and became Finals MVP; now he's in Toronto and knows he can at the least, lead a team into the NBA Finals, even if the Raptors lose you know Leonard can get you there - which is the same standard set by LeBron James.... now if Toronto wins, everyone will know the standard for Kawhi will be winning a title so his free agent status will be sky high... plus he's doing this battling an injury and everyone knows the difference with the Raptors is Leonard because they had the same team last year minus the trade with the coach of the year.

          Andre Iguodala: He comes through when it matters most; he can score, defend, rebound, lead, pass, and he does a little bit of everything - the man always comes up big when it matters most but he's a role player not a franchise player.

          KD back game 3?: His injury is way too severe; more than likely he will not be back unless it's a game 7.

          Drake: He's a non-factor but only Golden State can make him a factor by entertaining him.

          • Plain Simple
            Plain Simple  4 months back

            @SnapJitsu TM Actually, I'm not the type of guy that would call him a system player; he is top 3 and to be honest, I'd prefer him over LeBron James and anyone else aside from Steph and Durant.

          • SnapJitsu TM
            SnapJitsu TM  4 months back

            Plain Simple you the same person that would call kawhi a system player. Just face it kawhi is a top 3 player and he has been top 5 for years

          • Znyprchamp23
            Znyprchamp23  4 months back

            You’re an idiot lol

        • Isaiah Sandiford
          Isaiah Sandiford  4 months back

          What sports y’all saw them cover besides basketball and football? 🤔 idk why y’all acting surprised

          • Hazato
            Hazato  4 months back

            Pretty much boxing is the only other one

        • Hanz 23
          Hanz 23  4 months back

          I cant believe yall didnt cover the Joshua vs Ruiz fight. I really wanted to get your guys take on the fight smh

          • BB T.V.
            BB T.V.  4 months back


            • BB T.V.
              BB T.V.  4 months back

              And here goes number 2🤪🤪🤣😂😝🤪

              • Donbezzy Thompson
                Donbezzy Thompson  4 months back

                Skip Bayless sound like shaggy on Scooby Doo 😂😂😂😂😂😂

                • Chris Nyholm
                  Chris Nyholm  4 months back

                  So they basically talked about 1 basketball game for 2 hours lol wtf? Do they have any creativity?

                  • Relentless Warrior
                    Relentless Warrior  4 months back

                    Wtf?? How do you not talk about the Ruiz Vs Joshua fight? I mean HW boxing is exciting again and you guys just talk about basketball the whole time. Smh.

                    • Hunter14 Hockey
                      Hunter14 Hockey  4 months back

                      Probably cause nine out of ten people never heard of either one of those guys, all about ratings.

                    • Hanz 23
                      Hanz 23  4 months back

                      I agree I logged on to get their take on the fight and no nothing at all smh

                    • Nicolas Walsh
                      Nicolas Walsh  4 months back

                      Do they not mention it once? I didn’t want to go through the whole thing

                  • Joseph Berkson
                    Joseph Berkson  4 months back

                    no mercy

                    • pickpocket95
                      pickpocket95  4 months back

                      the fact those timestamp icons aren't annotations is crazy

                      • samer4
                        samer4  4 months back

                        😂😂 facts

                    • Jessica Simancek
                      Jessica Simancek  4 months back

                      Love this show but damn skip and Shannon need too talk about more then just one topic it’s the same every show now like come on same things over and over just in different way 3 hours of just talking the same things like how bout some mlb or nhl or nfl offseason like come on find more topic or ima just go back too first take, first take even nailed the Joshua miaz fight come on skip you basically pick and name topics

                      • Znyprchamp23
                        Znyprchamp23  4 months back

                        Don’t watch sucka

                      • Chris Nyholm
                        Chris Nyholm  4 months back

                        Jessica Simancek thank you!! Been saying this forever

                    • Rian Rosa
                      Rian Rosa  4 months back

                      No fist bump today on the live show....hmmmmm....lol

                      • Fox Molnar
                        Fox Molnar  4 months back

                        basically all NBA everyday on this show. How about at least mentioning the Stanley Cup for one segment.

                        • Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF
                          Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF  4 months back

                          First the Red Sox, then The Patriots now the Bruins!!!!!! Boston is titletown!!!!!!!

                        • buckeye998 !!
                          buckeye998 !!  4 months back

                          @Batang Clan Chest 😂😂😂

                        • THE UPSETTERS
                          THE UPSETTERS  4 months back

                          Fox Molnar I agree. Bruins vs Blues... Ruiz Vs Joshua..

                        • Batang Clan Chest
                          Batang Clan Chest  4 months back

                          who is stanley and what's wrong with his cup