Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Movie Monsters Explained | Everything You Need To Know

  • Published: 10 August 2019
  • Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Movie Monsters Explained | Everything You Need To Know About The Creatures by Deffinition. I cover Harold, The Big Toe, Jangly Man, Pale Lady, Dream, the Ending and more

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    Harold Explained
    Ok so first up is Harold who has pretty much become the face of the marketing for the movie. Whilst the character looks exetremly close to his characterisation in the original source material there is actually a lot that differs in the on screen depiction. In the literature Harold was created by two cow farmers named Thomas and Alfred who named him after a boy that they hated and they pretty much used him as a punching bag.

    The Big Toe Explained
    Up next is the big toe which is one of my favourite parts of the film. This actually sticks quite close to the source material which centred around a boy yanking on a big toe in his garden and pulling it out of the ground. Little did he know that he’d just pulled the toe off the body that it was attached to and it’s owner begins to stalk him. The boy and his family all eat the toe which is sliced up into three pieces and similar to the film, put into a stew.

    That night when he is asleep the Toe’s owner comes into his room and eats him which happens to the character of Auggie in the film who is dragged out from under his bed and then disappears, never to be seen again.

    The Pale Lady Explained
    From here we go to The Pale Lady. The Pale Lady is an infamous specter that has appeared in ghost stories over the centuries so it makes sense that she would also be part of the Scary Stories Saga. The Pale lady made her debut in the Scary Story titled The Dream in which she, like the woman in the big toe, stalks her prey menacingly.

    In the source material she tries to warn the character Lexi Morgan to flee which is a warning that she heeds but the sheer vision of the creature sticks in her head long after she comes into contact with it. I think the scariest thing about The Pale lady is the fact that she is almost statuesque for the most part but there’s no real escape from her. Her facial expressions don’t display much and she almost comes across as completely oblivious to the sheer terror that she is causing.

    The Jangly Man
    Finally is The Jangly Man, an original creature that was created solely for the film. What’s so brilliant about him is that he perfectly fits the aesthetic of the movie and feels like a completely natural addition to the work. The Jangly Man is able to build himself from body parts and this disjointedness to his appearance makes his appearance seem almost alien.

    The Jangly Man appears this way because he is put in place to torment Ramon who lost his brother in the Vietnam War and the severed limbs that he displays really hit home for the character when he makes his way to the movie. When discussing this design Del Toro said that The Jangly Man was originally meant to have more limbs attached to him to represent body parts returning from the war but this would have added more workload on the special effects which the creators wanted to keep as practical as possible.

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  • Heavy Spoilers
    Heavy Spoilers   2 weeks back

    So, which monster is your favorite and what did you think of the movie? Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you subscribe to the channel for videos like this throughout the week!

    • killer kitten
      killer kitten  3 hours back


    • SyborgTube
      SyborgTube  17 hours back

      The jangly man

    • Confused_weet :P
      Confused_weet :P  24 hours back

      Me tie dough ty walker def. Scared the life out of me. Also I like his accent

    • mark dowling
      mark dowling  2 days back

      I thought the movie was great and my favorite was the pale lady

    • Mekah L
      Mekah L  4 days back

      @dev prasad Same

  • Wyatt Lawrence
    Wyatt Lawrence  1 hours back

    You forgot the Red spot story

    • Judson Gaiden
      Judson Gaiden  1 hours back

      I read those books all the time - like, over and over again - when I was an '80s kid in the '80s with a mullet!

      • Jacob Cooper
        Jacob Cooper  5 hours back

        There was also a scene in the movie, i forget what was said exactly but when Ramon was reading through one of Stella's stories he made a comment on the lines of "wow so her dog was actually a rat" and that's a reference to one of the stories where a girl thought she found a stray hairless chiuhuahua, only for it to later reveal that it was actually a large sewer rat with rabies. Wasn't sure if anyone picked up on it but I thought it was worth mentioning

        • Tinie The Destroyer
          Tinie The Destroyer  6 hours back

          They should make a Halloween Haunted House based on this with all of the scary stories to tell in the dark monsters

          • You just Been gnomed
            You just Been gnomed  9 hours back

            story looks like a it reboot but i dont really care i just wanted to see the monsters

            • Rat
              Rat  10 hours back

              I thought the pale lady was just some fat white dude they called a monster in the trailer lmao

              • Sir Tibi
                Sir Tibi  11 hours back

                The jangly man was absolutely terrifying to me as a kid, the idea of body parts falling from a chimney and hunting you was god awful

                • Dominic Delgado
                  Dominic Delgado  12 hours back

                  3:33 aLwAyS wAtChInG mIkE wAzOwSkI

                  • bradley mayse
                    bradley mayse  13 hours back

                    When I watched the film, I felt that the Jangly Man's appearance was inspired by the illustration for the story Aaron Kelly's Bones. It's about a man who dies and comes back as a zombie when his wife starts dating again. The man plays an instrument and as Aaron starts to dance, he begins to fall apart. They rebury him with his bones all jumbled up so that he can't reconnect and do it again. I guess it's just my hypothesis since even the filmmakers say Jangly Man is a new creation, but definitely fits in well with the other creations.

                    • ilovewolves
                      ilovewolves  13 hours back

                      I think the jangly man or the pale lady were the scariest

                      • Mel Zúñiga
                        Mel Zúñiga  13 hours back

                        The Pale Lady was sooo horrendous, God it was nightmare material.

                        • Jazzy Jaz
                          Jazzy Jaz  13 hours back

                          The pale lady was the most interesting

                          • Douglas Bull
                            Douglas Bull  13 hours back

                            Also so happy someone like Guillermo del Toro is directing this.he is a horror genius.even if it's not a horror film he knows how to make you feel unsettled.

                            • Douglas Bull
                              Douglas Bull  13 hours back

                              The movie ain't shit.them sketches Wich I look at now I think wow that's kinda too fucked up for children.then comes the little poems Wich are dark ASF for I remember was "don't laugh as the Hurst goes by for you may be the next to day

                              • one 86 boi
                                one 86 boi  14 hours back

                                least favourite is that white bitch.

                                • James Games
                                  James Games  16 hours back

                                  The pale lady was like the scariest part of the film

                                  • James Games
                                    James Games  16 hours back

                                    In the book Harold was wearing his skin not holding his body

                                    • Reign
                                      Reign  16 hours back

                                      Imagine R.L Stine helping to write this

                                      • this guy
                                        this guy  17 hours back

                                        The pale lady was the only clever monster in the movie. The only thing the other monsters did was to chase their victims, unoriginal and not scary.

                                        • Cheshire Cat
                                          Cheshire Cat  17 hours back

                                          There was a nod to The red ribbon when the girl dressed as a witch used to lipstick around her neck. I'm happy that the monsters look like the original artwork . My favorite is Harold. I live in an area that has a lot of farms . I have always loved and feared scarecrows.

                                          • Mike Arce
                                            Mike Arce  20 hours back

                                            Great movie and very good book adaptations. I really had a good time watching it.

                                            • Nomadic Santa
                                              Nomadic Santa  21 hours back

                                              I'm not sure what the story was called, but there was one in one of the books that was very similar (at least to how the monster was made) pieces of a body falling down the chimney, one limb/piece for several nights, until the last one falls. The corpse puts himself back together...and dances around the room until it falls back apart. Maybe not the same thing that happens in the movie, but could that be the story the movie was hinting at?

                                              • Thicc Ranger
                                                Thicc Ranger  23 hours back

                                                Ah so much nostalgia.

                                              • Narionah
                                                Narionah  24 hours back

                                                Actually, The Jangy Man is supposed to be “Me Tie Dough Ty Walker” from the book series, you can even see the title when the police officer holds the book reading the story. It’s just mainly called The Jangly Man because in the movie they wanted it told as a campfire story because they wanted to build a background for one of the main characters. The elements from the Me Tie Dough Ty Walker book are there. First you have the dog who barks at the chimney like in the book, secondly like in the book the head falls down first. Although the boy isn’t in the story the police officer taking his place fits, and the last detail is in the story it only happens at night, like what happen in the police station.

                                                • Confused_weet :P
                                                  Confused_weet :P  24 hours back

                                                  The jangly man was a link to me ty doughty walker. When the head shouts “me ty doughty walker” you can hear the dog growling “Lynchee kinchee Molly Wolly dingo Dingo!” They repeat this a few times when the head comes down

                                                  • glitchon
                                                    glitchon  1 days back

                                                    Claustrophobia = pale lady

                                                    • jelly434
                                                      jelly434  1 days back

                                                      The Jangly Man is a boring CG piece of shit. Can't beat the originals.

                                                      • Kay Ruiz
                                                        Kay Ruiz  1 days back

                                                        Honestly I LOVE horror movies and I don’t really get scared by them, but I honestly have to say that pale lady was VERY unsettling. Creepiest part of the movie for me.

                                                        • Living Nightmare
                                                          Living Nightmare  1 days back

                                                          What is the name of the movie plz

                                                          • James Ragusin
                                                            James Ragusin  1 days back

                                                            Wasn’t the Jangly Man based off the tye do tee walker story when his head fell down the chimney and shit

                                                            • brian you
                                                              brian you  2 days back

                                                              i watched the movie :D

                                                              • Pajnapl
                                                                Pajnapl  2 days back

                                                                Pale lady scares me the most, cuz I havr claustrophobia 🙁

                                                                • Nugget Bros
                                                                  Nugget Bros  2 days back

                                                                  Please make the Pale Lady a meme plz, I would love that alot

                                                                  • Ernest Ross Wyatt
                                                                    Ernest Ross Wyatt  2 days back

                                                                    How many stories are in the film? I own all three books and I'm too afraid to open any of them now :D

                                                                    • Cody Johns
                                                                      Cody Johns  2 days back

                                                                      Now a days its hard to pull off a good horror movie with a pg-13 rating

                                                                      • oscar iniguez
                                                                        oscar iniguez  2 days back

                                                                        Will there be a sequel of scary stories to tell in the dark

                                                                        • Crazy Crew
                                                                          Crazy Crew  2 days back

                                                                          He didn't deserve all of that

                                                                          • Inkybendy29 & Killerpiratefox

                                                                            Jangly man is my favorite he is amazing

                                                                            • Milez Moody
                                                                              Milez Moody  2 days back

                                                                              I hate the pale lady so much, shes the only one that gave me nightmares

                                                                              • Kayla LK
                                                                                Kayla LK  2 days back

                                                                                The gangling man is from the story 'What do you come for' from the first book.

                                                                                • Dovah Dash
                                                                                  Dovah Dash  3 days back

                                                                                  What was the name of jangly man's in-movie story that he also kept repeating

                                                                                  • TheBlues32
                                                                                    TheBlues32  11 hours back

                                                                                    Me Ty Doughy Walker. I have no idea what that means...or what the dog (yes, the dog) says in response.

                                                                                • Dovah Dash
                                                                                  Dovah Dash  3 days back

                                                                                  Harold always scared me the most

                                                                                  • MaxExists
                                                                                    MaxExists  3 days back

                                                                                    I remember when I read the book in 5th grade, even then I was scared shitless.

                                                                                    • SisterAndBrother 611
                                                                                      SisterAndBrother 611  3 days back

                                                                                      I don’t understand how everyone thinks the pale lady is so scary for me the scariest was Harold for sure my gosh😂

                                                                                      • SisterAndBrother 611
                                                                                        SisterAndBrother 611  3 days back

                                                                                        This movie was amazing 💞

                                                                                        • Jaydan New
                                                                                          Jaydan New  3 days back

                                                                                          Least favorite:toe girl
                                                                                          Favorite:jangly man
                                                                                          Second favorite:Harold

                                                                                          • Jose Gomez
                                                                                            Jose Gomez  3 days back

                                                                                            I didn’t really like the amount of screamers on this movie... also didn’t feel del toros style.... I was really disappointed while leaving thetheater.