UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (05.16.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Jerome King
    Jerome King  2 months back

    David Griffin Stewie Griffin Brian Griffin 😂😂😂

    • Monty Hibdon
      Monty Hibdon  4 months back

      Every other sports talk show seems like they literally argue

      • Travis T
        Travis T  4 months back

        I could be trippin, but did Jenny say she liked what Ayesha Curry said? Her hubby, Matt, better check her.

        • Chris Gentry
          Chris Gentry  4 months back

          I love Shannon

          • Average Piano Guy
            Average Piano Guy  4 months back

            Shannon was so off this segment. Zion going back to duke is not "playing for free" its an investment in his future. Instead of going to this tiny market where you sell tickets for their platform, he could go to almost any other team and sell tickets for them sure, but also build his own platform a lot more succesfully, and I can't imagine him not going 1 overall again next year and missing out on that same contact, if anything it might be bigger if he goes to a bigger market aka any other market at all.

            • BadxHero
              BadxHero  4 months back

              @pyramid architect To be fair, New Orleans didn't get a lottery pick this year because they wanted to tank. They were forced to sit Davis due to his trade request, which made them a worse team. On top of that, Jrue Holiday got injured not long after that, which made things even worse. So... they gave up.

            • pyramid architect
              pyramid architect  4 months back

              Newsflash the worst teams have first pick so Sacremento,Cleveland and New Orleans will be right back next season its a stupid debate the same teams are terrible every season.

            • BadxHero
              BadxHero  4 months back

              You do realize that if he goes back, he runs the risk of having a season-ending injury after going back. On top of that, his teammates in Cam Reddish & RJ Barret won't be there, which won't be helpful to his career. On top of that, if he goes back, he just loses out on a whole lot of money all for the chance that he might get to go to the NBA team he wants. Even though we know that it's more than likely he won't go where he wants. Anyway, you and every other NBA analyst and media reporter is being mad disrespectful to NOLA and Zion. Christ. It happened. He's going to NOLA. Get over it. Jeez.

          • Kirkland Wilson
            Kirkland Wilson  4 months back


            • Fuckity Fuck Nigga
              Fuckity Fuck Nigga  4 months back

              skip is a man full of hate

              • Randy Barrientes
                Randy Barrientes  4 months back

                This show is the best

                • King._thad 13
                  King._thad 13  4 months back

                  Love this show