Wii U - Disney Infinity 2.0 - Toy Box Hero Trailer


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  • محمد الحسيني

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    • SouL Joka
      SouL Joka  5 months back


      • Joshua Castillo
        Joshua Castillo  1 years back


        • Raul Rosales
          Raul Rosales  2 years back


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            • Alex palma
              Alex palma  5 years back


              • Disappointment
                Disappointment  5 years back

                ummm one question
                dahell nintendo?

                • Moriz
                  Moriz  5 years back

                  Das ist volll cool!!!

                  • Spenny Gaymes
                    Spenny Gaymes  5 years back

                    Love this Game and love my Wii U!

                    • dongledoes
                      dongledoes  5 years back

                      Disney Infinity + 2.0

                      Wait what?

                      Infinity + 2

                      HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!

                      • K Michael
                        K Michael  5 years back

                        Disney, if you want my money put Kim Possible in it.

                        • AeriosDFY2
                          AeriosDFY2  5 years back


                          • Vegas242
                            Vegas242  5 years back

                            Sooooo, when are we getting the Star Wars and Indiana Jones set?

                            • Omega.png
                              Omega.png  5 years back

                              Hopefully 3.0 is a Star Wars theme :/ 
                              They could easily make that work. 

                              • Derek Hottenstein
                                Derek Hottenstein  3 months back

                                Can you predict the future? That's exactly what happened.

                            • Jumbo Jimbo
                              Jumbo Jimbo  5 years back

                              Oh... I'm dissapointed. I was expecting a parody of the song Juke Box Hero because of the title.

                            • Rudy Green
                              Rudy Green  5 years back


                              • AceyMari
                                AceyMari  5 years back

                                I understand kids playing disney infinity because there are alot of disney characters they will enjoy playing as.
                                But as an grown up, we really dont care about the series anyway and we are just waiting for nintendo releasing the amiibos and ssb4 wiiu
                                This holiday season :p

                                • 3STUDIOS
                                  3STUDIOS  5 years back

                                  Don't touch the Lola

                                  • Danger And Friends
                                    Danger And Friends  5 years back

                                    Awesome too bad I don't have a console for this game but I do have a PC but my dad says it'll bring a stupid virus

                                    • budinacup
                                      budinacup  5 years back

                                      I think it is absolutely disgusting how Nintendo are falsely advertising products to then get the consumer to spend MORE money! Disney Infinity was originally released as you being able to play without limits and that the possibilities were endless. Also that new characters would be coming soon. Now that those characters (2.0) are here. They are next gen! and NOT compatible with my son's Wii. So my son IS limited and play is no longer ENDLESS.

                                      • Michael Robertson
                                        Michael Robertson  5 years back

                                        um, sorry to hear bud, but Nintendo is not going to keep making games for the Wii, they killed its support a few years a go.  All companies do this, you can't expect them to cater to your every wish.  This is how the game industry works, and the Wii U is compatible with Wii games, so you could still play your wii games, and it is significantly cheaper than the rest.

                                      • Darknova3529
                                        Darknova3529  5 years back

                                        1 the game is not made by nintendo
                                        2 why would you buy such a money grab game anyway
                                        3 give you son proper games and lego

                                      • campincarl x
                                        campincarl x  5 years back

                                        that's ur problem bud (wii u cost 250-299$)

                                    • TheFinalSmash
                                      TheFinalSmash  5 years back

                                      Finally, we can answer the age-old question "Who would win a horse-race between Thor and Nick Fury?"

                                      • Omega.png
                                        Omega.png  5 years back

                                        Thor could just pick up his horse and fly across the field. 

                                    • g lk
                                      g lk  5 years back

                                      I liked this game on the ps3

                                      • FlameLFH
                                        FlameLFH  5 years back

                                        These figurines are too freaking expensive. I would rather just unlock the characters like in Super Smash Bros. Not sure why I bought this in the first place.

                                        *sells everything at a local game shop

                                        • BrosPros
                                          BrosPros  5 years back

                                          All I have to say is....who gives a crap about this game everyone knows it's a ripoff of sky landers and Amiibo

                                          • The Nintendist
                                            The Nintendist  5 years back

                                            * most of those misspells is because of autocorrect*

                                          • MrServantRider
                                            MrServantRider  5 years back

                                            How can this game rip off Amiibo if it's first? XD Skylanders though yeah probably. 

                                            I think the fans of this game are the ones who prefer Marvel + Disney over .. .uh, whatever Skylanders has. I don't actually know.

                                        • Timdeuces
                                          Timdeuces  5 years back

                                          Ooooh, it's Marida. I always thought it was Marideth.

                                          • Timdeuces
                                            Timdeuces  5 years back

                                            @SuperChris Crap!

                                          • SuperChris
                                            SuperChris  5 years back

                                            Actually it's spelled like this: Merida

                                        • isaacplayer42
                                          isaacplayer42  5 years back

                                          *PAY 2 PLAY! PAY 2 PLAY!*

                                          • Simmens S
                                            Simmens S  5 years back

                                            Do you know if characters of Tron will get into this game (i mean marvel and tron in one game, this would become awesome)

                                            • Jafeth Flores
                                              Jafeth Flores  1 weeks back

                                              @PurpleAnt Toons pepper iakkaaoqoao91

                                            • green eyes
                                              green eyes  2 years back

                                              Simmens S hhghhjjj

                                            • Simmens S
                                              Simmens S  5 years back

                                              @Purpleant27 Maybe When we get the third Tron film i gues

                                            • Beck D.
                                              Beck D.  5 years back

                                              -star wars-

                                            • PurpleAnt Toons
                                              PurpleAnt Toons  5 years back

                                              Maybe 3.0, but no, not yet.

                                          • ZantofDarkness
                                            ZantofDarkness  5 years back

                                            My main question is. Nintendo, why are you promoting a game that uses NFC that is in direct competition with your new Amiibo line? Well at least its not Skylanders, the series that killed and abused Spyro. DAMN YOU ACTIVISION! *sigh*

                                          • Aidan Miller
                                            Aidan Miller  5 years back

                                            People actually play this game?

                                            • MrServantRider
                                              MrServantRider  5 years back

                                              @MultiRaul78 Oh wow, I haven't even heard of anything about this game in soooo long. XD My friend circle was never interested in it I think. Actually I had predicted it wouldn't do well when I first heard of it, then I never heard from it again so I assumed it must just be little kids buying the figures I see at stores now and then. I just didn't care enough to look into it haha.

                                            • MultiRaul78
                                              MultiRaul78  5 years back

                                              Yes. From what I saw last year with the first Disney Infinity, over 2 million copies were sold.

                                          • Shrek The Ogre
                                            Shrek The Ogre  5 years back

                                            So we get Aladin, Tinker bell and FREAKING DONALD DUCK yet we don't get Star Wars characters -_-

                                          • Jepze
                                            Jepze  5 years back

                                            Oh my god :o DONALD DUCK IS IN GAME FINALLY! Best disney character ever

                                            • Round2GamingChannel
                                              Round2GamingChannel  5 years back

                                              Can't wait to give this a try 😄

                                              • aganim90
                                                aganim90  5 years back

                                                still no Darkwing Duck, but Aladdin? :(

                                                • AcceptTheException
                                                  AcceptTheException  5 years back

                                                  Disney infinity still has....uh....DISNEY things in it....right?

                                                  • Neoxon
                                                    Neoxon  5 years back

                                                    A shame Marvel pretty much put the mutants & F4 characters off-limits. I know they'd usually be fair game for this, but I don't know why Marvel just won't let them in the game. There isn't even a power disc for those 2 franchises.

                                                    Eh, I got the Guardians, so I'm not entirely mad.

                                                    • Damian Madrid
                                                      Damian Madrid  2 years back


                                                    • phantomliger2012
                                                      phantomliger2012  5 years back

                                                      That is what I am saying. I was building onto your first comment.

                                                    • Neoxon
                                                      Neoxon  5 years back

                                                      Again, they can still use them if they so choose, the reason for the shut-out was to screw over Fox, to not give them free advertising. Marvel CAN use the X-Men & F4 characters, it's a matter of them not wanting to.

                                                    • phantomliger2012
                                                      phantomliger2012  5 years back

                                                      but they chose to ignore them BECAUSE Fox owns them.Theyve been doing the same thing with toys/action figures for kids.

                                                    • Neoxon
                                                      Neoxon  5 years back

                                                      @googamp32 Fox has no control over anything beyond movies or live-action shows as far as the X-Men & Fantastic Four go. Marvel just chose not to allow them.

                                                  • SparkyDaHedgehog
                                                    SparkyDaHedgehog  5 years back

                                                    I'm willing to bet if there's ever a 3.0 (and there most likely will be), it'll be all about Lucasfilm figures.

                                                    • budinacup
                                                      budinacup  5 years back

                                                      An no doubt on ANOTHER console to get you to spend EVEN more money!

                                                    • SparkyDaHedgehog
                                                      SparkyDaHedgehog  5 years back

                                                      That would be pretty neat to see. I would want to see Indiana Jones in on the mix too... have him finally face off against Han Solo. It's a battle that needs to happen.

                                                    • MrRedGreenBlue1
                                                      MrRedGreenBlue1  5 years back

                                                      they should do starwars and tron figures, battle of Si-Fi

                                                  • Justin Koenig
                                                    Justin Koenig  5 years back

                                                    Disney infinite money spending

                                                    • Jacob Paul
                                                      Jacob Paul  5 years back

                                                      Dang I was hoping Mr. Incredible would get to fist-bump Captain America or the Hulk

                                                      • Carlos Aleman
                                                        Carlos Aleman  5 years back

                                                        Is 2.0 a different game or just an update of sorts?

                                                        • dongledoes
                                                          dongledoes  5 years back

                                                          @SonicEagle249 @Carlos Aleman It's a completely new game and there's no point of an extra game except they want to squeeze your wallet dry. Disney INFINITY (2.0)
                                                          Infinity + 2 wat
                                                          What were Activision thinking? Money grabs

                                                        • SonicMan X
                                                          SonicMan X  5 years back

                                                          A different game.

                                                      • Durge BH
                                                        Durge BH  5 years back

                                                        The problem with Toybox is there really isn't any good official or user created content to download. Most of it is crap.

                                                        • Azad Azeez
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                                                        • Snolly Gosters
                                                          Snolly Gosters  5 years back

                                                          2 comment <3

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                                                          Mae Borowski  5 years back

                                                          first comment