The Incredible Japanese Prison Break

  • Published: 01 October 2019
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    [The Incredible Japanese Prison Break]

    Aomori, Japan. 1936. Prisoner Yoshie Shiratori had had enough.

    He was forced to confess to a murder he did not commit, falsely imprisoned in Aomori Prison, beaten and tortured every night by prison guards, and, now worse, prosecutors were seeking the death penalty. In his mind, it was time to go; but Aomori Prison wasn’t the easiest to escape.

    Regardless, Yoshie Shiratori had nothing to lose, and so at 5:30 am he made his move. He knew there would be a 15 minute gap in the patrol time as he had studied the guards’ routine for months; and when the coast was clear, he pulled out a metal wire (which he had smuggled in from the bathhouse) and started to pick the lock. (This was originally the metal support ring that was wrapped around the bathing buckets inmates used to wash themselves).

    His hands were stiff from the wintry cold, but after a few minutes of picking, he had success, and his cell door swung open. But he wasn’t out of the woods yet, because there were more locked doors ahead. He knew he only had a few minutes left before the guards would return, and so he wasted no time attempting to pick his way through the remaining security doors.

    Now fortunately for him, he was able to make it out of the facility, but the bad news was that he was only halfway to freedom. You see, he was still well within the search perimeter, which meant at any moment the alarm could go off and he’d still be caught.

    At 5:45am the guards returned, peering into his cell; and this is what they saw - Shiratori sound asleep in his futon bed. ...

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento   2 weeks back

    Fun Fact: The prison that Yoshie Shiratori ended up in at the end (Fuchu Prison) is the same prison that was referenced in the 300 Million Yen robbery that I covered in my previous video 'The Greatest Bank Heist in Japanese History'. This Japanese heist took place in 1968, which is 7 years after Shiratori was released from prison.

    • Channon The dutchie
      Channon The dutchie  1 days back


    • Boring Hylian
      Boring Hylian  2 days back

      And 1 Year after 1968, my dad was born

    • Sky Taylor
      Sky Taylor  2 days back

      You are acting like he's not such a bad guy after all he a man he robbed a hospital which is way worse than robbing a bank I mean seriously have ever been sick at the hospital

    • sumit armarkar
      sumit armarkar  3 days back

      This video is great thanks ...and I Love Japan very much💖.very nice people in world.

    • 1gregwolfpack
      1gregwolfpack  3 days back

      My cousin lives in fuchu lol. That prison has no windows 😂

  • BeyounGalaxies _
    BeyounGalaxies _  2 minutes back

    I just wanted him to reunite with his family sooner ;-;

    • by the way I'm lazy
      by the way I'm lazy  16 minutes back

      Shiratori: gets locked in NORMAL prison

      Also shiratori: literally walks out front door

      • MOCHI 11
        MOCHI 11  16 minutes back

        This sounds alot like prison break and hes the Asian Michael scoffield

        • Darker Daemon
          Darker Daemon  24 minutes back

          Who attacks a starving man over a tomato, bruh? It's a fucking tomato! People are terrible.

          • Pikachu likes Gambling
            Pikachu likes Gambling  32 minutes back

            What the hell is this guy an anime character???

            • Chezter Cantil
              Chezter Cantil  33 minutes back

              Well this is not just how to prison system will work but also a lesson for the guards who incharge for the prisoners ..

              Just shiratori he just wanted to be with his family too unfortunate to him that all those guards around were all fake not just fake he just wanted a peaceful life in prison

              This really an amusing story this may serve as a lesson .. not just a lesson but also a legend person

              • gh jkl
                gh jkl  39 minutes back

                IRL Lupin III

                • Laissa Fernan
                  Laissa Fernan  44 minutes back

                  I'm crying... 😭🤧🤧

                  • S AU
                    S AU  52 minutes back

                    What an incredible man

                    • Muhamad Abdul Rauuf
                      Muhamad Abdul Rauuf  1 hours back

                      i didnt cry, u cried ;-;

                      • Ananya Dutta
                        Ananya Dutta  1 hours back

                        I can’t believe I watched a 25 minute video

                        • Its me
                          Its me  1 hours back

                          3 more years to his *L I F E* prison?

                          • madhu sudhan
                            madhu sudhan  1 hours back

                            Patience at it's best....

                            • Odil gulomuv
                              Odil gulomuv  1 hours back

                              stop putting this in my reccomended!

                              • Countries Shippers;; Just A weeb Passing By

                                I can't believe it! He's so smart

                                • Countries Shippers;; Just A weeb Passing By

                                  I can't believe it! He's so smart

                                  • Moondust Gacha :3
                                    Moondust Gacha :3  2 hours back

                                    Him: *gets thrown into a narrow but tall cell*

                                    Also him: I'm about to do whats called a pro gamer move

                                    • Countries Shippers;; Just A weeb Passing By

                                      I agree with him! The guards were too Hard in him.. I mean Prison is for reflecting your Actions..Not torture them...He got worse because of them

                                      • cryko
                                        cryko  2 hours back

                                        This motherfucker is the real life equivalent of Lupin the third

                                        • Countries Shippers;; Just A weeb Passing By

                                          IQ: *"999999999999999"*

                                          • Ferda Bois!!
                                            Ferda Bois!!  2 hours back

                                            Is this even a real story about a real person jw

                                          • James Chia
                                            James Chia  2 hours back

                                            Who else cried during this?

                                            • Lynx No Limbo Gaming
                                              Lynx No Limbo Gaming  2 hours back

                                              How many time did you escape from your Mother

                                              Me:Many many many times😆

                                              • Bruh IdfkEither
                                                Bruh IdfkEither  2 hours back

                                                Polis: puts Shiratori in prison
                                                Shiratori: You all dum
                                                Also Shiratori: Disappears

                                                • Cool Person
                                                  Cool Person  2 hours back

                                                  What an absolute mad lad

                                                  • spirit Harmony
                                                    spirit Harmony  2 hours back

                                                    This is extraordinarily inspiring for me.

                                                  • Rallye Cars
                                                    Rallye Cars  3 hours back

                                                    lol what a dumbass caught stealing xD
                                                    What a dumbass Going to a prison guards house and telling him his plan.

                                                    • Alexinspace
                                                      Alexinspace  3 hours back

                                                      I call bullshit, where did he put the soil when he dug his way out?

                                                      • Storm Gamer
                                                        Storm Gamer  3 hours back

                                                        I know all the names of prison from Golden Kamui

                                                        • Hein Sett Aung
                                                          Hein Sett Aung  3 hours back

                                                          *Gets locked into prison again for the 10th time*
                                                          Yoshie Shiratori: Ah shit, here we go again!

                                                          • Joe Bland
                                                            Joe Bland  3 hours back

                                                            He should have closed the video with these words: "And now you know...the REST of the story."

                                                            • tapyoka
                                                              tapyoka  3 hours back

                                                              There is an anime with a character based on this guy: Golden Kamui. He's named Shiraishi.

                                                              • Png. Png
                                                                Png. Png  3 hours back

                                                                "They added 3 more years to his life sentence"
                                                                infinity + 3

                                                                • Crypt01
                                                                  Crypt01  3 hours back

                                                                  This whole video was an ad for Dashlane

                                                                  • Gaming bros 2000
                                                                    Gaming bros 2000  3 hours back

                                                                    How did this guy never get studied by any scientist

                                                                    • Zen State of Mind
                                                                      Zen State of Mind  3 hours back

                                                                      Michael Scofield on drugs

                                                                      • Don’t Sub
                                                                        Don’t Sub  3 hours back

                                                                        What if this WHOLE thing was a HUGE ad for dashlane

                                                                        • Batangrok
                                                                          Batangrok  3 hours back

                                                                          Why he talks like a broken line? Is he trying to be edgy??

                                                                          • Siaw Xiong
                                                                            Siaw Xiong  4 hours back

                                                                            I was like, "so this was all just a really long, well done add for a VPN?"

                                                                            • Trump Phone Call Colby
                                                                              Trump Phone Call Colby  4 hours back

                                                                              "You guys need anything from the store?" - Shiratori to the 6 death row guards watching him directly.

                                                                              • Yang Li
                                                                                Yang Li  4 hours back

                                                                                Holy shit is all I can say

                                                                                • David Alexandrovitch
                                                                                  David Alexandrovitch  4 hours back

                                                                                  With all these abilities this man had the Japense government could've used him as a special operations spy or something. Waste of potential.

                                                                                  • Satan
                                                                                    Satan  4 hours back

                                                                                    I like him

                                                                                    • George C Lesaca Lesaca
                                                                                      George C Lesaca Lesaca  4 hours back

                                                                                      that was amazing true story I like it

                                                                                      • frankie aquino
                                                                                        frankie aquino  4 hours back

                                                                                        Yoshie:No Prison, shall be revaulted towards me. MORTAL

                                                                                        • LP7 Le
                                                                                          LP7 Le  4 hours back

                                                                                          Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, and Yoshie Shiratori are the closest thing to real life superhuman beings.

                                                                                          • TheHated 1s
                                                                                            TheHated 1s  4 hours back

                                                                                            So there he was, literally on the edge of a noose being watched by multiple cameras and people until

                                                                                            *It was a stack of wood carved like him*
                                                                                            *His other ability was wood cutting and satanic sacrfices used to literally turn him into a demigod*