Cow cuddling is a thing and it costs $75 an hour | GMA

  • Published: 18 July 2019
  • Move over therapy dogs, the bovine have arrived. LEARN MORE:

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Comments • 14

  • Jake Mcfee
    Jake Mcfee  4 weeks back

    Is it just me or am I the only one who thinks this is total Bull crap. It sorta make sense because Americans really hate each other but disguise it through political correctness. I mean paying to hug a cow because they simply can't trust a human being says a lot about them as a society. Same thing within gay community where all of them are on prep because they simply rather use and dispose each other for sex as they call it no strings attached. Really pathetic. I guess that's the downsize of capitalism and a system that force every commoner to work and strip they from time to be with family. Uncle Sam first right? Pathetic.

    • Honey West
      Honey West  1 months back

      How about going to the border and hugging a child?

      • Natasha S
        Natasha S  1 months back

        Cows are so cuddlesome :)

        • Gifty Agyekum
          Gifty Agyekum  1 months back

          🙄 people are trying everything just to be happy, 🔊 Please people the only gateway to happiness is through Jesus christ so run to him and you will be happy 🤷‍♂️

          • Edie Koller
            Edie Koller  1 months back

            I would love to do that..but $75??? no way.

            • IndyDefense
              IndyDefense  4 weeks back

              Only city dwellers would ever pay that, because if you live in a small town, someone will let you cuddle a cow for free!

          • D G
            D G  1 months back

            cows are rad

            • Kirk Moore
              Kirk Moore  1 months back

              Meghan McCain's husband is a big proponent of this activity and
              practices it 7 nights a week!

              • mecánico en la frontera
                mecánico en la frontera  1 months back

                This literally the only good news that happened to a cow, meanwhile coca-cola business fair life milk is beating the living shit out of those cows. It’s like a legit holocaust for farm animals. They cut off a cows tail with a chainsaw and they burn the anus with a cast iron rod!

                • the messenga cross
                  the messenga cross  1 months back

                  Wow I was feeling warm and fuzzy looking at Cows

                  • Zahra Abdo
                    Zahra Abdo  1 months back


                    • Jane Doe
                      Jane Doe  1 months back

                      After an hour you can go back to your problems. What a joke!!!

                      • Geoffrey Lane
                        Geoffrey Lane  1 months back

                        Just hug a human being but you can't do that because that means having to actually interact with them and talk.

                        • strong foot
                          strong foot  1 months back

                          *Cow cuddling is a thing and it costs $75 an hour | GMA: Fucking and cracking Americans, no brains at all......Lol* .