I Threw My Pregnant Bestie Out Of Home And I Don't Regret It

  • Published: 08 August 2019


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    Hi, everybody! I would like to tell you a story, no more and no less, about how different human fate can be. It will not be a funny story because I will tell you how I betrayed my best friend. But this is only one point of view, because I see it all from a completely different angle. By the way, my name is Tonya, and I just turned seventeen not very long ago.

    It all started approximately ten, or maybe eleven years ago, I don’t remember exactly. I was a little kid and lived with my parents in a small, cozy house on the outskirts of a little town. And I only had one friend - Olive.

    She was one and half years older than me and lived on a nearby plot of land. Her parents were pretty poor, so they did not own a house. They just lived in an old trailer parked on the land. But they were polite and nice people, so my mother supported my friendship with Olive."
    At that time Olive and I were so inseparable that we even had something like a ceremony in order to perpetuate our friendship. Now I understand that it was ridiculous and foolish, but for us little girls, it was extremely important. An old oak tree was near our house, and Olive suggested that we carve the words: “Olive and Tonya – friends forever!” on its bark. I remember that Olive had stolen her father’s knife, I remember that it was a miracle that we did not cut ourselves while we were carving the letters, and I even remember that my name was misspelled. I guess you probably have some good memories about your childhood friends too, right?

    That’s why Olive and I were so terribly upset when my father got a job in the capital city of the state we lived in and I realized that our moving was inevitable. We both cried a lot, for us it seemed like these stupid adults were separating us - us, who were practically sisters! In order to make things easier for me, my parents registered an e-mail address for me and suggested we do the same for Olive so that we could write to each other and stay in touch.

    Olive and I wrote to each other for a year or so, but… less and less frequently, and then we stopped writing to each other at all – I lost the password to my e-mail account and didn't create another – I went to school and made new friends there.

    However, I did not lose contact with Olive entirely – after three years her parents brought her to our city. Both Olive and I were extremely happy to see each other. The abandoned correspondence was quickly forgotten, and we spent the whole day together, with sincere pleasure, walking in the nearby park. There was only one misunderstanding that came up between us – I could not stop talking about my school drama club where I enrolled a little while ago and where I was already preparing for my first performance, but Olive seemed completely uninterested in it. Then I asked her what she was doing at our hometown school, and she replied that she was not doing anything in particular. But not because there were no electives at my small country school, but rather because Olive was not into these silly things. The only topic that truly interested Olive was boys. I noticed right away how Olive batted her eyes at every boy that we met during our little promenade. And frankly speaking, I kind of found it disgusting at my eleven years of age! At that time I thought that boys were the most terrible creatures in the world. Yuck!

    Olive and I started to keep in touch again, but the next time I met her was approximately a year ago. For almost five years we exchanged letters and pictures, and at that time I didn’t yet notice how my friend had changed. You see, when I wrote to Olive about my dreams to go to college, to study to become an actress, and to get a job in one of the Broadway theatres, the response I got in the best case scenario was, “yeah, cool!” And that was it. Olive would change the subject right away and share the details of her hectic private life with me. At first I tried to count the number of boyfriends she had had, but soon I lost count. And when I asked my friend about her plans for life, I received, at best, a huge letter full of dreams about a rich, handsome, and cool husband. She was neither going to continue studying after school nor try to gain any professional skills.

    But I could tolerate all this, before Olive came to see me again. A year ago I broke up with my boyfriend, my first love, and it was a very difficult period in my life. Olive came to support me, but she chose a very… peculiar way to do so. She decided that I simply needed to clear my head and took me to a dicey neighborhood, with a lot of bars and clubs...

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED   2 weeks back

    That was the end of her friendship with Olive. Maybe you will disapprove of her decision, or maybe you will think that what she did was right. Please, tell about it in the comments to this video and share your thoughts about what you would have done if you were in her shoes?

    • Agent Valentine
      Agent Valentine  1 days back

      Bitch who kicks out a pregnant bff

    • XxShadow_ lightz xX
      XxShadow_ lightz xX  2 days back

      @Kate Rainsford yup

    • Kate Rainsford
      Kate Rainsford  2 days back

      I understand that maybe they had different interests but I don't think it was right of her to kick out he once friend who was pregnant, and all those bruises could have meant she was raped or abused and sending her to a shelter was a bit selfish in my opinion

    • XxShadow_ lightz xX
      XxShadow_ lightz xX  2 days back

      @GACHARMIE yup ;-;

    • jazfire
      jazfire  3 days back

      She went to you and your family for help and clearly trusted you very much. She clearly got in a VERY bad situation due to her naivete and was learning her lesson. You never spoke to her about how you felt and gave her a chance to make you feel better and more respected and then you abandon her at her worst.She was possibly in danger and must have felt all alone and stupid , holding on to her sanity and hope with her faith and trust in you. Yeah, you are the asshole.

  • Zay Plays
    Zay Plays  16 minutes back

    11 yr old olive: I want a rich, handsome man
    11 yr old olive: MOM! when you getting me my robuxs

    • Focus_Marcus!
      Focus_Marcus!  1 hours back

      Ugh wht she said stabbed my haert right in the back that boys are gross

      • Focus_Marcus!
        Focus_Marcus!  1 hours back


    • Shyan Gordon
      Shyan Gordon  2 hours back

      You're a jerk smh poor olive

      • cool crab
        cool crab  2 hours back

        How dare you talk talk like that about boys your the gross one you peasent

        • Hunter Wolf
          Hunter Wolf  2 hours back

          i can not believe that a girl thought boys are gross when more girls pick their nose and bully people than boys do(or at least in my country that is true)

          • Loveable Heart
            Loveable Heart  2 hours back

            Her at 11:I want a really handsome and rich husband
            Me at 11:how to get free robux no virus

            • Roze e
              Roze e  3 hours back

              Okay... not even a goodbye.. damn what kind of a friend is THAT!

              • Henry Wehrmaker
                Henry Wehrmaker  3 hours back

                Sexist olive back at it again

                • SepticComics 09
                  SepticComics 09  3 hours back

                  Tonia: boys are ugly

                  Me: Are you aware of Andy Biersack's existence?

                  • YEETER
                    YEETER  3 hours back

                    Wtf at 11 I was trying to get a membership on Club Penguin and Moviestarplanet

                    • Degan Ali
                      Degan Ali  4 hours back

                      I would’ve dropped Olive waaayyy before she got pregnant tbh🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

                      • Jenn
                        Jenn  4 hours back

                        4:50 olive is a vsco girl i see

                        • Jane Hamilton
                          Jane Hamilton  4 hours back

                          Her at 11: *how to get a boyfriend*
                          Me at 11: *how to get a real death note*

                          • Lil Potato
                            Lil Potato  4 hours back

                            *Olive wants a man that's rich,handsome,cool*
                            Some time passes by
                            *Olive gets pregnant but doesn't know who the father is*
                            She will never know what kind of man she got

                            • who knowsss
                              who knowsss  5 hours back

                              that was harsh af. be more compassionate lol

                              • James Pizano
                                James Pizano  5 hours back

                                You did the right thing. Especially when they get to the point where strange people at night are approaching your home.
                                Got to the point where being with her would become not just toxic but a hazard.
                                For some people something like that may be a wake up call that they need to change their wAys. Hope everything worked out for her and especially that baby.

                                • MACISKA6
                                  MACISKA6  5 hours back

                                  I'm terrified of the way they draw eyes

                                  • Esmoo
                                    Esmoo  5 hours back

                                    Her at 11 : I wAnT A HanDSOmE, RicH anD COoL MaN

                                    Me at 11 : How to get free robux no survey 😂

                                    • Alex Hipetinger
                                      Alex Hipetinger  6 hours back

                                      "I thought boys were some sort of alien creatures." Yeah, we're a different species called human. We don't need 50$ for a pair of Gucci socks or whatever.

                                      • Alex Hipetinger
                                        Alex Hipetinger  5 hours back

                                        Yes it might be a bit insulting to girls but lots of males, adult or child, have the same mindset.

                                    • kelkelxoxo
                                      kelkelxoxo  6 hours back


                                      • Carolina Velazquez
                                        Carolina Velazquez  6 hours back

                                        you kinda selfish 😂 like yeah olive did some bad things that weren’t good but she was pregnant and u didn’t help her that’s fucked up sis

                                        • Rachel Moss
                                          Rachel Moss  6 hours back

                                          Her at 11: “ I wanna have a cute and handsome husband”

                                          Me at 11: what are some good anime’s to watch

                                          And I still haven’t left my anime stage and probably never will lmao

                                          • •Mangøchu•
                                            •Mangøchu•  6 hours back

                                            Her at 11: Wants a rich and handsome husband
                                            Me at 11: *waits for new miraculous ladybug epiSODES-*

                                            • Sally Skellington
                                              Sally Skellington  6 hours back

                                              No one:
                                              Not a soul:
                                              Actually Happened :I died and I don’t regret it!

                                              • blind fruits
                                                blind fruits  6 hours back

                                                Yo I was just hanging out with my sisters dog and she hates it when I call him to me but she called him from me but I can't do it to her. I can't stand her

                                                • prosniper 122
                                                  prosniper 122  7 hours back


                                                  • gaming noob
                                                    gaming noob  8 hours back

                                                    her: I WANT A RICH HUSBAND
                                                    (me if i was her mom): GIRL PACK UP YO DAMN CLOTHES BISH YOU GONE U WANNA RICH HUSBAND U GET YO LIFE FIXED

                                                    • Gabrielle Gibbs
                                                      Gabrielle Gibbs  8 hours back

                                                      I feel like it was wrong
                                                      But also right

                                                      • Chigo Njoku
                                                        Chigo Njoku  9 hours back

                                                        I ate a piece of candy without my mom knowing she kicked me out of her house Actually happened

                                                        • Madelyn Error
                                                          Madelyn Error  10 hours back

                                                          This leads to sucide and anxiety,Think about it

                                                          • Lindsay Sluss
                                                            Lindsay Sluss  10 hours back

                                                            Omg I cant believe it

                                                            • deajeigh
                                                              deajeigh  10 hours back

                                                              I turned 2 Actually happened

                                                              • paradise lodge
                                                                paradise lodge  11 hours back

                                                                you were right

                                                                • RedstoneGodLike
                                                                  RedstoneGodLike  11 hours back

                                                                  Too young to be pregnant

                                                                  • RedstoneGodLike
                                                                    RedstoneGodLike  11 hours back

                                                                    My friend: if someone wants to be her boyfriend she would say yes
                                                                    Me: stop its dangerous
                                                                    My friend: didnt listen

                                                                    • Lordof Music 420
                                                                      Lordof Music 420  12 hours back

                                                                      how dare you

                                                                      • Kazurell -
                                                                        Kazurell -  12 hours back

                                                                        Am I the only one who finds the girl ridiculous. I mean I think olive is a decent person.just because she roamed with guys doesn't make her love for her any less. She sent her letters and she didn't answer them? If she did , probably she could change her life. Whatever. I think she should have treated her better. I have a lot of friends who are all about boys and relationships . Doesn't mean I'd leave them for that.

                                                                        • Allana Johnson
                                                                          Allana Johnson  12 hours back

                                                                          Good discission because if I was you I would say that sound like a you problem boo

                                                                          • Emerald Playz
                                                                            Emerald Playz  12 hours back

                                                                            Memories with friends?!

                                                                            Jokes on you I have no friends!

                                                                            • PwarkJisung's Cute face
                                                                              PwarkJisung's Cute face  14 hours back

                                                                              i started liking boys when i was 10 lmao

                                                                              • Isabella Torres
                                                                                Isabella Torres  14 hours back


                                                                                • Fax Rosas
                                                                                  Fax Rosas  14 hours back

                                                                                  I think she did the correct thing

                                                                                  • kar kar
                                                                                    kar kar  14 hours back

                                                                                    Jezzz tonia is acting like such a parents girl

                                                                                    • Katherine Groos
                                                                                      Katherine Groos  15 hours back

                                                                                      HER NAME IS OLIVE LMFAO

                                                                                      • Tina Subliminal
                                                                                        Tina Subliminal  16 hours back

                                                                                        So Olive’s family didn’t have a house but she has a car and a computer :/

                                                                                        • gamer ninja
                                                                                          gamer ninja  16 hours back

                                                                                          U did regret her

                                                                                          • Matumuemi Dorcas
                                                                                            Matumuemi Dorcas  17 hours back

                                                                                            So in summery you threw your friendship because you and her are different?

                                                                                            IT'S IDIOT!!! A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE FRIEND AND COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!!