It's Pressure That Makes Ice Skating Possible


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  • RantChant 316
    RantChant 316  2 days back

    Ice skating is possible because of ice

    • Chewy ToeNails
      Chewy ToeNails  6 days back

      So when Neil speaks of the ice skate on a bead of water..
      I got to thinking, do some shoes on ice grip better than other?
      Flat/smooth bottom dress shoes or boots might not grip as well as a running shoe with many groves according to the fence/ice block experiment?

      Then I got to thinking,
      If a shoe with more grooves, or "sipeing" cut into it grips better, then what about tires on ice...
      I already knew that the more sipeing grips better, but on dry terrain the friction is high and chews those tires up quicker.
      But for max grip on ice how far can you go with grooves?
      Like the fence trick, ice will melt under the pressure contact of the touching parts, but does the water have time to turn back into ice in the cracks and grooves, or does it simply just channel the water away from the contact points?

      • tjflacid
        tjflacid  6 days back

        I call bullshit on the squeezing ice.
        Is it really melting because you squeeze it, or is it melting because of the transferring of body heat?

        • Drewdimus Maximus
          Drewdimus Maximus  7 days back

          I'm kind of impressed that the editor remembered to interrupt Neil for Joe.

          • Sean Haggard
            Sean Haggard  7 days back

            Neil 'fun with ice' Tyson
            My dominatrix does fun with ice.

            • Justen Mathis
              Justen Mathis  1 weeks back

              Isn't this more due to density and the temperature of the device touching the ice? I don't believe that actually squeezing ice will make it melt. I do believe that forcing a material upon ice with pressure could cause it to completely absorb the energy of heat around it. Anything more dense than air putting pressure on an ice cube will always cause this outcome. Have you tried applying higher atmospheric pressure to an ice cube and seeing if that makes it melt faster?

              • Evan Saber
                Evan Saber  5 days back

                Justen Mathis um. Squeeze an ice cube dude. Watch it melt

            • Garret Hannah
              Garret Hannah  1 weeks back

              When he says it's like a thousand pounds per square inch on the blade because the area of the blade is small is pretty dumb, it's because the force or your mass moving is why it would put so much pressure on the blade. Someone will expose this guy someday, Neil "not as smart as everyone thinks" tyson.

              • Evan Saber
                Evan Saber  5 days back

                Garret Hannah you’re being a bit harsh on the man. Sounds like you have some deep down resentment going on for him. However, I would agree. What he explained in this video doesn’t seem as credible as most things he would say. Lets get this straight though, he’s smart, smarter than A LOT of us.

            • Josh Clark
              Josh Clark  1 weeks back

              Im a hockey player and im very happy to finally get some credit from the talking bald man

              • Matt Ball
                Matt Ball  1 weeks back

                Eh as a Canadian i prefered the warmer rinks cause you can really for in but the cold & i mean cold rinks were kinda shitty. I can just describe it as hard & i always thought it was hard to cut but i guess my pressure was less effective :D

                • Rod Pasichnyk
                  Rod Pasichnyk  1 weeks back

                  I've ice skated at -30/35C, so I call bullshit!

                  • Rod Pasichnyk
                    Rod Pasichnyk  1 weeks back

                    Not quite as sharp as a knife, ever cut yourself on skate blades?

                    • DaReoCharmer
                      DaReoCharmer  1 weeks back

                      Why does the way ice melts matter???

                      • Spencer Monteiro
                        Spencer Monteiro  1 weeks back

                        As a Canadian with 25+ years playing hockey on outdoor rinks, I can tell just how much temperature is a variable for quality ice. To warm and it’s soft and you catch an edge and fall on your face, to cold and the ice feels brittle under your skates like it’s breaking away as you try to push on it

                        • Michal Pekárek
                          Michal Pekárek  1 weeks back

                          liquid water doesnt exist at any pressure under -20 degrees celsius. There must be some another phenomenon to ice skate.

                          • min24434
                            min24434  4 days back

                            If you listened to what he said at the end then you'd know he agrees with what you said. He says ice can't melt below 10 degrees under the ice skater's pressure.

                        • Snow Monkey
                          Snow Monkey  1 weeks back

                          I used to be a speed skater and I also supervised an outdoor rink and lake in Laramie, WY. It can indeed get so cold it feels like your blades need sharpening.

                          • adam krajniak
                            adam krajniak  1 weeks back

                            No hockey its ten below zero

                            • Cre8tive Cre8tion
                              Cre8tive Cre8tion  1 weeks back

                              Thought it was thermal conductivity that caused the water to melt, not pressure.

                              • steven padilla
                                steven padilla  1 weeks back

                                I wish i was high

                                • pin head
                                  pin head  1 weeks back

                                  Neil the grassy bison

                                  • Martin
                                    Martin  1 weeks back

                                    This sounds weird. If i throw a coin on ice it will glide also. But that is really light weight. Is the coin also making water by the pressure of its weight?

                                    • Chris Bautista
                                      Chris Bautista  1 weeks back

                                      Ice Carvings made from a block of ice would take 2 days to fully melt when left outside.

                                      • Diogo Dorey
                                        Diogo Dorey  1 weeks back

                                        Life changing info.

                                        • Get over it Laughing
                                          Get over it Laughing  1 weeks back

                                          This dude is dumb as fuck..

                                          • ball boy jones
                                            ball boy jones  1 weeks back

                                            Did you see the look on Joe " the caveman" Rogan's Face. Priceless!

                                            • Tinman3187
                                              Tinman3187  1 weeks back

                                              3:55 I was once told that the worst thing about traveling in the Antarctic was that the ice is so cold that the skates on sleds don't work as well due to how hard the ice surface is. I wonder if this is partially why.

                                              • Thee Ahmad
                                                Thee Ahmad  1 weeks back

                                                Joe was like I thought I did my homework then he find himself getting schooled in the most basic thing in life. How refreshing?

                                                • Colin pierce
                                                  Colin pierce  1 weeks back

                                                  I have skated in -25°C weather with no issue...?

                                                  • metamorphicorder
                                                    metamorphicorder  1 weeks back

                                                    Well if he said 10s of degrees below zero, then maybe he meant more than 2 10s and 30 or more degrees. So -25 could still be possible. Also how long had the ambient temp been that low? The temp of the ice could be higher than the ambient for a period.

                                                • David Aspinall
                                                  David Aspinall  1 weeks back

                                                  If you ever play Poker with NGT and he says, "I did a calculation..."
                                                  ...then bet everything you have, coz he has nothing.

                                                  • DiscoFalcon
                                                    DiscoFalcon  1 weeks back

                                                    Glad you called that bluff too ;)

                                                • harpella
                                                  harpella  1 weeks back

                                                  I know Neil speaks to a mostly American audience, being American but dislike when he doesn't use the metric system. He know's it's the proper system of measurement.

                                                  • BIG T
                                                    BIG T  1 weeks back

                                                    I think that’s because all matter radiates heat so when you apply pressure your also applying heat .

                                                    • Snow Monkey
                                                      Snow Monkey  1 weeks back

                                                      It's not heat. In fact, the colder the skates, the better the glide.

                                                  • Brody Brown
                                                    Brody Brown  1 weeks back

                                                    If I were Joe I'd microdose on LSD before every interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson

                                                    • mike lyons
                                                      mike lyons  1 weeks back

                                                      When I went to school, it was explained that only running water can drop below 32°F. Once the ice forms it can't drop in temp. I'm pushing 40, so what I was taught could be out dated at this point.

                                                      • turd pancakes
                                                        turd pancakes  1 weeks back

                                                        Just seen Joe at the local ice rink on DMT

                                                        • TheStoryUp
                                                          TheStoryUp  1 weeks back

                                                          Why doesn't he mentioned friction regarding skating on ice. He knows full well that pressure isn't the only reason we can skate on ice, it's also friction. He also doesn't mention that the science behind ice skating isn't fully settled and it's still being debated and new answers have come out regarding the different molecular structure of the ice on the surface.

                                                          That's why I don't like this guy, he paints his picture only.

                                                          • The Shitstorm Starter
                                                            The Shitstorm Starter  1 weeks back

                                                            Joe's head so frictionless, he can skate upside down for miles.

                                                            • BWX
                                                              BWX  1 weeks back

                                                              Yeah but could a really really fat guy skate on ice too cold for a skinny guy to skate on?

                                                              • Timothy LaFreniere
                                                                Timothy LaFreniere  1 weeks back

                                                                Joe Rogan just needs to take a few undergraduate physics classes

                                                                • Rone Micas
                                                                  Rone Micas  1 weeks back

                                                                  Yeah, Jesus ain't got nothing on me. I could skate on water, while he could only walk on it

                                                                  • Forrest Hunter
                                                                    Forrest Hunter  1 weeks back

                                                                    The pressure applied by AOC and The Squad's protestations of ICE is the reason the glaciers are melting.

                                                                    • 26101976bdm
                                                                      26101976bdm  1 weeks back

                                                                      Only watching to see Joe's face when NDT interrupts him.

                                                                    • Ashby Ashby
                                                                      Ashby Ashby  1 weeks back

                                                                      Ahhhh !! But what about Roller Skates!!?? Got him!!😅😏

                                                                    • Mark P
                                                                      Mark P  1 weeks back

                                                                      Was hoping Neil would discuss why ice is so slippery. It’s such a seemingly simple concept but as ridiculous as it sounds I don’t think there is a scientific consensus on it as yet.

                                                                      • TexicanMr
                                                                        TexicanMr  1 weeks back

                                                                        Why does a very cold beer freeze after it's opened?

                                                                        • Snow Monkey
                                                                          Snow Monkey  1 weeks back

                                                                          Because you've released the pressure inside the can. The pressure lowered the freezing point of the beer.

                                                                      • empbac
                                                                        empbac  1 weeks back

                                                                        I swear, half of Joe Rogan's audience is made up of fuckin morons who know nothing about the world. Just look at these comments.

                                                                        • Scott Essex
                                                                          Scott Essex  2 weeks back

                                                                          what a crock of shit.... ice will melt from pressure.. if you put ice in your hand and apply preasure it will.melt the ice .. the heat from your body will.melt the fucking ice anyway you numbnut plus the fact is no longer at the ambient temprature to maintain its ice form so it resorts back to liquid as oppose to a solid...

                                                                          • Forrest Hunter
                                                                            Forrest Hunter  1 weeks back

                                                                            Lol. I was going to say something similar about your hand's body-heat.

                                                                        • TeeOneOG
                                                                          TeeOneOG  2 weeks back


                                                                          • Cameron Vogtman
                                                                            Cameron Vogtman  2 weeks back

                                                                            i think Joe finally realized NDT is full of shit... took him long enough. he's calling him out all through the entire interview lmao

                                                                            • empbac
                                                                              empbac  2 weeks back

                                                                              Wow you're dumb.

                                                                          • Anthony Mars
                                                                            Anthony Mars  2 weeks back

                                                                            would body heat just melt it while squeezing lol

                                                                            • empbac
                                                                              empbac  2 weeks back

                                                                              A bit, but you could do it with a leather glove or something too to isolate heat from pressure.