Kevin Durant On Signing w/ Nets, Considering Knicks & Wizards, Time In GS + Names Top 5 Rappers


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  • 2K Developers
    2K Developers  2 hours back

    Gosh i hate New York radio interviews . Anybody not from there they try and get them to say “New York is Best” in some way or form of their answer😂 look at how they ask they’re questions. Ebro needs to chill out bruh

    • Angel Lozano
      Angel Lozano  3 hours back

      This was great. Do more athlete interviews. This was gold. Who sings that song alone? Lol how you spell his name? I.D.K?

      • Isaiah Hill
        Isaiah Hill  6 hours back

        Maryland represent ✊🏽✊🏽💯

        • Isaiah Hill
          Isaiah Hill  1 hours back

          Isaiah Hill wait are you me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • Dexter Taylor
        Dexter Taylor  8 hours back

        Kd & John Wall✊🏽💯

        • Marty Mcfly
          Marty Mcfly  8 hours back

          I want to like cause it’s KD but dislike cause it’s Ebro 💆🏾‍♂️

          • Leefo 3
            Leefo 3  8 hours back

            @2:00 and he is on the cover of a video game....”NBA Elite 11’” which is the most rarest and most expensive sports title. 8 to 10 racks it goes for. And somewhat disagree w/KD, these kids tryna get paid and if the Knicks are going out n tryna offer these kids great pay these kids will sign and the Knicks can build a team! These kids see money first and then the winning mentality comes some time after being drafted. They’re just not trying to.

            • DrezyDre16
              DrezyDre16  3 hours back

              Leefo 3 bro their not kids maybe when their rookies but not grown ass men that’s why they make grown ass decisions

          • Saul Rodriguez y Ruiz
            Saul Rodriguez y Ruiz  8 hours back

            Still a snake though!

          • WFAPEnt
            WFAPEnt  10 hours back

            KD ain said Dave East tho lol

            • sswavyyy 201
              sswavyyy 201  11 hours back

              Somebody should’ve made kd listen to kd freestyle by jay critch 🤦🏽‍♂️

            • Paolo M
              Paolo M  11 hours back

              A lot of stupid Cowboy fans in my state too and that's really annoying.

              • DrcJr77
                DrcJr77  11 hours back

                Yo K, hope you see this. Please Understand your never gonna come back as the old KD. You're in a new chapter and becoming the NEW KD. As hard as it is physically it's equally as hard mentally. I know you understand that. Your smart, talented, and dedicated, I'm sure you'll get it figured. What was and is are 2 different things. You gonna be great no matter, Hell your KD. I just wonder, what roads are you riding vs what roads are you paving. God Speed K

                • Shawn Pagel
                  Shawn Pagel  9 hours back

                  He is never gonna see this dumbass.

              • Kasra Mahabadi
                Kasra Mahabadi  12 hours back

                kd said "i like the clippers coz they have more talent on paper", nawwwww fam, then youre reading the wrong paper. in what world does lebron and AD not = the best talent

                • Faizan Ahmed
                  Faizan Ahmed  8 hours back

                  Kasra Mahabadi Wrong. Clips have more talent top to bottom and that’s facts.

                • Kasra Mahabadi
                  Kasra Mahabadi  10 hours back

                  @TJ B. wait how is 8 seed one of the top seeds? its the lowest playoff seed.. and plus, the injury concerns are way more real for the clippers than lakers, and really the only thing they have thats better is their bench guys because obv lou will and montrez dominate that battle

                • TJ B.
                  TJ B.  11 hours back

                  Because of the rest of the team. The Clippers was one of the top seeds in the west without Kawhi and PG. After Bron got hurt last year, Lakers fell all the way out the playoff race. Clippers have the better all around team rn “on paper” until the season starts and Lakers prove otherwise

              • archides2
                archides2  15 hours back

                KD's answers are never flashy or extra energetic, but he's always direct to the answer and always keeps it a buck, whether the world accepts it or not. I always like hearing him answer cuz it dispels so much drama you hear social media stir up.

                • davrilg
                  davrilg  17 hours back

                  WOW EBRO KEVIN GARNET WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • davrilg
                    davrilg  10 hours back

                    @Aaron Thompson Reasons why I skip over most their content.

                  • Aaron Thompson
                    Aaron Thompson  14 hours back

                    davrilg Ebro is a clown

                • Rafael Espinoza
                  Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                  Need to talk to him

                  • pcteee
                    pcteee  16 hours back

                    hahahaha chilll mf

                • Rafael Espinoza
                  Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back


                  • Rafael Espinoza
                    Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back


                    • Rafael Espinoza
                      Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back


                      • Rafael Espinoza
                        Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                        You have ate much you got that check from the fans you cant give no one good season

                        • Rafael Espinoza
                          Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                          Yes what

                          • Rafael Espinoza
                            Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                            Rehab my ass

                            • Rafael Espinoza
                              Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                              You will never come back

                              • Rafael Espinoza
                                Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                                Please be me

                                • Rafael Espinoza
                                  Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                                  Durant scared to

                                • Rafael Espinoza
                                  Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                                  He don’t know nba

                                • Rafael Espinoza
                                  Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                                  PUSSY Nicks ain’t being good tfoh

                                • Rafael Espinoza
                                  Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                                  Here from Houston

                                  • Rafael Espinoza
                                    Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                                    Real Durant dan here

                                    • Rafael Espinoza
                                      Rafael Espinoza  18 hours back

                                      Never came back from Achilles

                                      • oj oj
                                        oj oj  17 hours back

                                        my father had same injury as kd and after 1yrs he's back at high level with taekwondo. thank u

                                    • CHINO FRMWOODZBLOCK
                                      CHINO FRMWOODZBLOCK  19 hours back

                                      It’s over nets going to finals

                                      • julio vela
                                        julio vela  19 hours back

                                        Ohhh Shaq gonna drop a diss on kd now for saying dame better than him at rapping 😂

                                        • KJEdward Cooke
                                          KJEdward Cooke  21 hours back

                                          Durant gonna put in work as usual! Fk the media! SeeRED

                                          • IsReal 777
                                            IsReal 777  21 hours back

                                            KD will fold in NY media... never was a KD fan, he soft... lmaooooo he said Kevin Garnett... slap..

                                            • snow ass
                                              snow ass  11 hours back

                                              go watch the 4th quarter in games 2 and 3 in the 2017 finals and the 4th quarters in games 7 and 5 in the 2016 wcf if u think KD is soft

                                            • oj oj
                                              oj oj  17 hours back

                                              U ARE JUST A AMERICAN LOSER,
                                              SOFT? when i see kd balling on the court does it loon like what the media and loser stupid fans say bother his game? soft cz he dont choice ur stupid team? LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

                                          • richard escobar
                                            richard escobar  21 hours back

                                            KD and Kyrie cant lead no team. Everyone knows they were both carried to their rings.

                                            • e n
                                              e n  7 hours back

                                              please...... the warriors would have 1 championship if kd didnt come save they ass

                                            • Goatquon Barkley
                                              Goatquon Barkley  8 hours back

                                              richard escobar Kyrie got carried.... KD never got Carried look wat happened wen they lost KD

                                            • Seare Fessahaye
                                              Seare Fessahaye  9 hours back

                                              Haters gon hate. It's opinions. Got to respect what others feel and think of any athlete.

                                            • snow ass
                                              snow ass  10 hours back

                                              my comment got filtered out the first time

                                            • snow ass
                                              snow ass  10 hours back

                                              E SPN didnt advertise the 2017 lebron choke job cuz they dont want people to know and criticize lebron for it, they want to make it seem like the 2011 one was a one time thing. thats the only way lebron can still stay in the convo with kobe (cuz if lebron didnt choke away the 2011 and 2017 rings he would be tied with kobe). its all ratings.. and thats why KD said he doesnt trust the media by the way..

                                          • ThrowSomeNuggzOnIt
                                            ThrowSomeNuggzOnIt  21 hours back

                                            The GOAT

                                            • Christopher Shivar
                                              Christopher Shivar  21 hours back

                                              GMs putting that sqaud together was a little different. Them guys were exiting their prime.

                                              • Hayden 21
                                                Hayden 21  22 hours back

                                                31:27 🧢

                                                • Rinor Lushi
                                                  Rinor Lushi  22 hours back

                                                  Hayden 21 he dropped 50 on em recently this year u trippin

                                              • Money
                                                Money  22 hours back

                                                EASY MONEY SNIPER

                                                • Ian James, II
                                                  Ian James, II  23 hours back

                                                  I can't make it past the 2:12 mark of this interview. Pathetic 🐍🗑

                                                  • Matt S
                                                    Matt S  23 hours back

                                                    That explanation for why players wont sign with the Knicks was such garbage that I'm praying it was just a made up excuse

                                                    • TriBoro Gigolo
                                                      TriBoro Gigolo  23 hours back

                                                      Knicks>nets all day, we have a storied franchise, hall of fame players and better jerseys. So durant dont know what he's talking about. His black ass left a championship team to go to bk and the verdict is still out on his decision...

                                                      • 3 self
                                                        3 self  18 minutes back


                                                      • Matt S
                                                        Matt S  23 hours back

                                                        Yea man his actions speak loud and I'm not buying his shallow garbage ass excuse for why free agents won't sign with the Knicks...if it is true they're all super pussy...if one of them came here and brought the Knicks to a championship it would mean 10 times more than joining anywhere else...come slay Goliath

                                                    • immasoxfanbaby
                                                      immasoxfanbaby  23 hours back

                                                      Hey KD. I like it when u shoot free throws and I dip your shoulders to release pressure energy. So u can shoot Ft will accuracy. U OG original bro. I'm from the hood 20 yrs in the projects now out for 10 yrs. I appreciate to game like I did micheal Jordan's game. Big up bro. See u when u heal and come back. Brooklyn is back. Tell kyrie aboriginal I said that. Lol. Keeping it choppy

                                                      • David McCrea
                                                        David McCrea  24 hours back

                                                        little Kev is all grown up! lol

                                                        • Vii N
                                                          Vii N  1 days back

                                                          I named my snake pet after this guy.

                                                          • Rashaad Akil
                                                            Rashaad Akil  1 days back

                                                            My favorite team my favorite player

                                                            • okallup
                                                              okallup  1 days back

                                                              This radio station sucks, Ebro is full of himself, Rosenberg is annoying and so is the chick and she isnt cute either. Everyone thats scared of dealing with CTG comes here instead. Kevin Durrant is buttery soft, cut this off and go watch a real radio show.

                                                              • yo mamma
                                                                yo mamma  7 hours back

                                                                okallup you really here just to hate lol get a life

                                                              • CaramelBeauty03
                                                                CaramelBeauty03  24 hours back

                                                                Big, Big Ole Facts 😂🤣 😂🤣 #cupcake

                                                              • amy clark
                                                                amy clark  1 days back

                                                                So what you're saying is you're here to hate? Got it lol

                                                            • joe dipiazza
                                                              joe dipiazza  1 days back

                                                              had to turn off after calling him Kevin Garnett

                                                            • Julio F
                                                              Julio F  1 days back