GoPro: Scuba Diving in Tioman Island


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  • Syamil Free Diver
    Syamil Free Diver  2 days back

    memang terbaiklah..osem

    • bleh
      bleh  3 months back

      More videos like this , please!

      • Amin Nassir
        Amin Nassir   3 months back

        Stay tuned! Make sure you subscribe to my channel.

    • Raphael Lim
      Raphael Lim  12 months back

      which part of tioman is this?

    • Cheers Up Choose
      Cheers Up Choose  1 years back

      Nice filtered video btw. Use usual red filter or any brand that you recommend? And how much it cost to takr OWD from Padi?

      • Good luck everyone
        Good luck everyone  1 years back

        Great apart from that dick dragging his cylinder across the coral heads in an attempt to show off!

        • Garry Matheny
          Garry Matheny  1 years back

          New book (Feb. 2018) on navy saturation diving during the Cold War in Russian territorial waters. GOD & SPIES: Recently declassified top-secret operation. Firsthand account of history's greatest intelligence coup. US Navy divers on the nuclear submarine USS Halibut 587, exited in 400 feet of water and tapped Russian military cables. If you like good old fashioned American bravado and espionage, you will enjoy this book.

          • Isabella Satinsky
            Isabella Satinsky  2 years back

            Hey! What’s the music in the back ground ??

          • CupCake
            CupCake  2 years back

            Sorry for my question: what do you usually do when you gotta pee during scuba diving?

            • CupCake
              CupCake  2 years back

              Amin Nassir And have you ever been caught on video while you or other scuba divers were peeing?

            • Amin Nassir
              Amin Nassir   2 years back

              CupCake Yeah.. but make sure you rinse your wetsuit afterwards..

            • CupCake
              CupCake  2 years back

              You do it in the wetsuit?

            • Amin Nassir
              Amin Nassir   2 years back

              CupCake Hahaha! Just let it go..

          • Absolute Shower Doors
            Absolute Shower Doors  2 years back

            Hi, great video! I just got my certification and now have the bug. I noticed a couple of the divers have a thin metal rod sort of thing they are holding on to...what is that? Thanks!

            • Rusydi Rosman
              Rusydi Rosman  2 years back

              Absolute Shower Doors it's a pointer stick. the purpose is to point at a coral/sea creatures without getting too near or touching. some even give out rattle sound when shaken which can be heard easily underwater

          • Matthew Tang
            Matthew Tang  2 years back

            HELL YOLO

            • Ptyty
              Ptyty  2 years back

              When complacent takes over you're inviting tragedy, just came back from Tioman 12/13 aug 2017. Two drown and one diver struck by a propeller blade with six inch of his tight flesh chop off. Pro Divers don't full around

              • Alex leonardi
                Alex leonardi  2 months back

                Agreed. Diving is fun but should be taken very seriously to avoid death or injury.

              • Mark O'Leary
                Mark O'Leary  1 years back

                haha was on Tioman at the same time. The "Skipper" who backed the boat into the diver was only 16. Same guys almost cut our heads off on on a safety stop at the Sipadan wreck. Bad dive shop

              • Iean Zain
                Iean Zain  2 years back

                Ptyty Couldn't agree more. Yes, divers do have fun but with cautions. Afterall, diving should be fun. But if (any) divers are just fooling around and trying to be smart, they dont really deserved their license. An educated diver shouldn't fool around, but yes, we do have fun.

            • GoPro Scuba Diving
              GoPro Scuba Diving  2 years back


              • Kai Xuan Wang
                Kai Xuan Wang  2 years back

                Is the water green or blue. Which go pro filter should I use for best result (red or magneta)

                • Avinash Bagaria
                  Avinash Bagaria  2 years back

                  shut up kai xuen

                • Kai Xuan Wang
                  Kai Xuan Wang  2 years back

                  should i use go pro 4 or 5 !

                • Amin Nassir
                  Amin Nassir   2 years back

                  Kai Xuan Wang Me too! Going there on 2nd May.. Yeap just use red filter below 5mtrs.. I recommend you to use a monopod/pole and a red filter.. That's it..

                • Kai Xuan Wang
                  Kai Xuan Wang  2 years back

                  Amin Nassir so I'm going Tioman to dive around may. Red filter is the way to go right? Also do u recommend any mount or accessory for diving

                • Amin Nassir
                  Amin Nassir   2 years back

                  Kai Xuan Wang Blue! You should use red filter if the water is blue and magenta filter for green tropical water

              • Josha Schachtschneider
                Josha Schachtschneider  2 years back

                I've been at the same spot yesterday and today! it's so awesome. nice edit!

              • Redzuan Samsudin
                Redzuan Samsudin  2 years back

                What is your gopro setup? Cool video quality!

                • Amin Nassir
                  Amin Nassir   2 years back

                  Redzuan Samsudin I just use long pole.. no video lights :D

                • Redzuan Samsudin
                  Redzuan Samsudin  2 years back

                  Thanks... what about mount & lights? You don't use them?

                • Amin Nassir
                  Amin Nassir   2 years back

                  Redzuan Samsudin 1080p 60fps.. Protune: Off
                  For the colour adjustment I use GoPro Studio.. Most important thing is you must use red filter for underwater videos. That's all :)

              • El Guapo
                El Guapo  3 years back

                Wait isnt it really dangerous to hold your breath with the air from the tanks ? 1:07

                • Dane
                  Dane  2 years back

                  No, it's bad to hold your breath while scuba diving. That's different. Hold breath as in while you swim around

                • hayden s
                  hayden s  2 years back

                  El Guapo I don't think so...

              • format c: for cortex
                format c: for cortex  3 years back

                scuba diving diving forever...

                • Sonny Crockett
                  Sonny Crockett  2 years back

                  Says the pussy that can't breath hold dive past 7 meters LMAO

              • XPJ DeadMex
                XPJ DeadMex  3 years back

                3:37 LEAVE ME ALONE

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                  • Default Noobington
                    Default Noobington  3 years back

                    can you reccomend some really good diving gear

                    • Mr. McGee
                      Mr. McGee  3 years back

                      scubapro or mares regulators are your best bet, decent price for a really nice reg

                    • Mr. McGee
                      Mr. McGee  3 years back

                      scubapro make great gear, BCD and masks
                      Aqualung make really nice regulators
                      cressi make awesome fins and masks
                      mares make the most common and usually cheapest stuff, great for low budget

                  • skieorb
                    skieorb  3 years back

                    we went here to dive :0

                  • Khadijah Naimah
                    Khadijah Naimah  3 years back

                    one day... :)

                    • LegendGT
                      LegendGT  3 years back

                      I was here during spring break I went diving with a instructor so much fun 😊

                      • scallywag242
                        scallywag242  3 years back


                        • Said Abimelec
                          Said Abimelec  3 years back

                          nice spot, otherwise horrible and unskilled divers

                        • AriesyaNadhira Roslane
                          AriesyaNadhira Roslane  3 years back

                          Hello diver, can I get the contact for your dive operator? does it come with full accommodation?? Thank you! :)

                          • Fatihah Syahirah
                            Fatihah Syahirah  4 years back

                            You should try go fun dive at Tiger Reef

                            • Rebecca Lau
                              Rebecca Lau  4 years back

                              hey, nice vid! which dive center did you go with? Would you recommend staying in tekek, salang or abc?

                              • Amin Nassir
                                Amin Nassir   4 years back

                                Heyy thanks! We went to Eco-Divers which is located at ABC. The dive center is just next to the jetty (ABC). ABC is a nice place to chill because not many people staying there.. Salang is a bit crowded.

                            • Ramon Fadli
                              Ramon Fadli  4 years back

                              So poyo la that guy without the BCD

                              • Adli Haikal
                                Adli Haikal  4 years back

                                how many take scuba diving licences

                                • Amin Nassir
                                  Amin Nassir   2 years back

                                  oussama samer Good luck!

                                • oussama samer
                                  oussama samer  2 years back

                                  Amin Nassir Thanks bro

                                • Amin Nassir
                                  Amin Nassir   2 years back

                                  oussama samer yeap possible! You need to finish all the open water courses and exams on the island. Once you're done, they will give you a temporary diving license until you receive the Open Water Diver license from PADI.

                                • oussama samer
                                  oussama samer  2 years back

                                  Ohh good news. is it possible to prepare and take at Tioman island? I'm willing to go there on september and wonder if I could prepare for it and get it once on the island?
                                  Thank you in advance for your reply

                                • Amin Nassir
                                  Amin Nassir   2 years back

                                  simer 3 days only!

                              • Nurfatin farhanah
                                Nurfatin farhanah  4 years back

                                my village ❤

                                • Fatmos0010's Realm
                                  Fatmos0010's Realm  4 years back

                                  do you guise need training or any license?

                                  • Mr. McGee
                                    Mr. McGee  3 years back

                                    3 days training to get a license to dive, that is your first step in diving. cost you around 900rm on Tioman which is as cheap as it gets

                                • Da'Nia ARM'ani
                                  Da'Nia ARM'ani  4 years back

                                  Diver, awesome! 👍❤

                                • akif safwan
                                  akif safwan  4 years back

                                  Bro,sometime knp red filter cant works eh kt bwh.depends pd visibility kah ? video ni cantik btw.

                                  • Amin Nassir
                                    Amin Nassir   4 years back

                                    Im not so sure about that.. usually red filter works below than 5mtrs.. Ada try buat comparison tak masa dive tu, guna red filter and tak guna red filter. Thanks btw :)

                                • Azem Azhari
                                  Azem Azhari  4 years back

                                  can i ask you sir, what is the dive site that you go?

                                  • Azem Azhari
                                    Azem Azhari  4 years back

                                    @Amin Nassir do you remember how much for per dive include all the dive equipment?

                                  • Amin Nassir
                                    Amin Nassir   4 years back

                                    @Azem Azhari usually 3 boat dives per day but if you're a hardcore diver, you can go for 4/5 dives for a day.. and you have to pay extra for additional dive.

                                  • Azem Azhari
                                    Azem Azhari  4 years back

                                    @Amin Nassir one day can go how many dive?

                                  • Amin Nassir
                                    Amin Nassir   4 years back

                                    @Azem Azhari no need.. unless you really want to dive at Batu Malang and KD Sipadan wreck.

                                  • Azem Azhari
                                    Azem Azhari  4 years back

                                    @Amin Nassir can i dive when i have only an open dive or needed the advanced and so on?

                                • rinnin
                                  rinnin  4 years back

                                  What kind of filter did you use and what time of year was this? Thinking of going in June this year. Many thanks

                                  • Amin Nassir
                                    Amin Nassir   4 years back

                                    Red filter. Use it below than 5mtrs.. This video was taken on June 2014. Visibility was very good..

                                • Hafiz Sukri
                                  Hafiz Sukri  4 years back

                                  sir,did u use red filter for this video? and setting video mode on what quality? thanks sir..

                                  • Amin Nassir
                                    Amin Nassir   4 years back

                                    Yes I did.. Video settings :1080p 60fps (Protune: off) Most of the videos edited by using GoPro Studio.

                                • Izmir Khairul
                                  Izmir Khairul  5 years back