A Traditional Spec'd 7-String Guitar?? || PRS SE SVN Demo/Review

  • Published: 08 September 2019
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    1:25 Demo in a Mix
    4:02 My Thoughts
    7:10 Clean Playthrough
    8:30 Dirty Playthrough

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    The Best Guitar for New Seven-String Players!! || PRS SE SVN Demo/Review
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Comments • 151

  • Agufish
    Agufish   2 weeks back

    So here's my pick for best guitar for new seven-string players! Agree with me, disagree? 🤔

    • Djentleman Goldbar
      Djentleman Goldbar  2 weeks back

      @Garooshnar I definitely agree with you on this one, my first 7 was a cheap Schecter I bought used for 200$, I realized that I really love the whole extended range thing and I exclusively use it for the lower tunings (B Standard, Drop A and A Standard), but I need to prioritize on 6 strings, so until I get the Ibanez in my profile pic I'll be stuck with the Schecter ("stuck", I love it!), but I'll definitely upgrade to an Axion Label Ibanez one day

    • Attila Csaba
      Attila Csaba  2 weeks back

      Yes I agree! My first and still the only 7 string I play is the original Korean made SE Custom 24/7 which is only a 25' but great if you're like me and prefer standard tuning then it's perfect! I only just recently tuned down 1/2 step using 9 gauge cause of the band I jam with & there's enough room on the saddles to adjust back to get the right tension... So perfect 7 string guitar! Yes the pick-ups are a bit dark on distortion but great for clean & split.... 😈🤘

    • Garooshnar
      Garooshnar  2 weeks back

      I would only disagree from the perspective of; if I was new to seven strings, I'm probably not throwing down $819 on a guitar I'm not sure I will enjoy/be comfortable playing. I would try out a $200-$300 Harley Benton and then if I enjoyed playing a 7, then I would look at a more expensive model. Not that $819 is expensive for a guitar but I think if you're just trying something out its probably more than a lot of average joe's would want to spend on a risky purchase

    • Djentleman Goldbar
      Djentleman Goldbar  2 weeks back

      @Finn Bradbury that's also a good choice!

  • zach murphy
    zach murphy  12 hours back

    So is there any update on your Harley Benton designed guitars you've been teasing?

    • Agufish
      Agufish   2 hours back

      (Hopefully) last prototype is on its way to me for final approval :)

  • starling fowler
    starling fowler  1 days back

    Can you do a review on the Kramer Assault Plus with seymour duncan alternative 8 pickup?

    • VAGUE
      VAGUE  3 days back

      Hmmm no new upload?

      • VAGUE
        VAGUE  3 days back

        Sorry man, It’s just we’ve been waiting since saturday. But no pressure, just don’t ride that scooter again ayt?

      • Agufish
        Agufish   3 days back

        Moving sucks dude lol

    • Andy Bungert
      Andy Bungert  3 days back

      Recommendation on scale length for a 7 string? I'm thinking about having one built so I'm curious if 25.5 would be good or is 26.5 necessary. Likely standard and drop A tuning would be used. Thoughts on this would be great!

      • Reaper1236
        Reaper1236  13 hours back

        Depends on what you like, I have old prs 7 string with 25" scale, it feels great but it needs thicker strings.

    • Azrael G12
      Azrael G12  5 days back

      Kind of a dumb question but what is that thing he puts behind the nut? I know it’s for tension but idk what it’s called.

      • hchoe741
        hchoe741  1 weeks back

        Neck is maple, not mahogany

        • Ben Lubeck
          Ben Lubeck  1 weeks back

          I wasn't personally a fan of the tone you got from that amp but that's still super cool of Boss to sponsor. You're one of the only guys I trust for gear reviews!!

          • J Ketterman
            J Ketterman  1 weeks back

            I’m looking at the Katana. How does the gain and low end compare to your 6505?

            • Kian MacLeod
              Kian MacLeod  1 weeks back

              Hate to be that guy.
              But your timestamps are wrong

              • ScarceOrange
                ScarceOrange  1 weeks back

                i tried the PRS SVN and hated the neck gloss. bought a chapman ghostfret 7 and loved it since

                • wheresallthezombies
                  wheresallthezombies  1 weeks back

                  I wish they had released the original 7 string versions with 26.5” scale. Also the Indonesian ones are terrible. They don’t feel very good and seem cheap. Seems like the only good new ones now are the signature models. It sucks they moved the production to Indonesia but didn’t lower the price significantly.

                  • Andrew Sharpe
                    Andrew Sharpe  1 weeks back

                    bro... your demos are soooooooooooooooooo LONG

                    • Andrew Sharpe
                      Andrew Sharpe  1 weeks back

                      ​@Agufish LMFAO good point. I probably just have the attention span of a bar and half before I wanna hear something else ahaa

                    • Agufish
                      Agufish   1 weeks back

                      I mean... it's two minutes. If that's too long I just feel bad for your gf (or bf, it's 2019 iunno) lol 😝

                    • Andrew Sharpe
                      Andrew Sharpe  1 weeks back

                      @Agufish yeeah. I love your reviews but the intro demos are a little too long hahaga

                    • Agufish
                      Agufish   1 weeks back

                      You mean the intro demos?

                  • greekfreak1980
                    greekfreak1980  1 weeks back

                    If you want a 7string for metal,forget the PRS SE and get a Schecter.
                    Not only is the SE in a scale length that doesn´t work for 7strings but also for the money,you don´t get much features.
                    For the same price the Schecter offer things like brandname pickups like EMG´s or Fishmans or they have Made in USA Schecter pickups,not Made in Korea,ss-frets and carbon reinforced necks.
                    Not to mention,you can get most Schecter models with fixed bridge or OFR and more importantly,every Schecter model is available as a lefty version.

                    • Agufish
                      Agufish   1 weeks back

                      Yes, but I think you’ve missed the point. If you’re going best specs for buck, Schecter should absolutely be on your list, no one’s questioning that. If you’re coming from a traditionally-specc’d guitar like me and so many other players are, the SVN is the most “traditionally”-spec’d production 7 on the market under $1000. I’m also not too sure what you mean about the scale length. Schecter uses 26.5” as well

                  • Underbelli Studios
                    Underbelli Studios  1 weeks back

                    Not gonna lie. I didn't like how it sounded.
                    However for its price its a really good guitar. Just needs a pickup swap maybe

                    • DividedByTime
                      DividedByTime  1 weeks back

                      Better than an Ibanez or Schecter?

                      • Metalzen
                        Metalzen  1 weeks back

                        I got my Black Cherry SVN 7 a couple of months ago (mine is Korean made) and friggen love it! Had been playing a 1999 Japan S-series 7 string for years. In the last few years I find that after long play sessions I would get a knot in the muscle between my thumb and index finger which I attributed to the super thin neck. In contrast The PRS neck is still relatively "thin and flat" but is so much more comfortable to play and is still fast. The pickups may not be to your liking, but sound pretty good for what you get. I'm mostly using Neural DSP (Plini, NTS etc) stuff and am not having trouble dialing in great tones with the stock pickups , that and man the center postion with the coil split sounds fantastic on clean tones! Plus there are a million pickups out there to suit anyones tastes, don't like em? Swap em out, easy enough especially considering how great a guitar you get for this price point. And these poickups aren't "terrible" especially if it's your first 7 string, first guitar or 20th guitar. Overall the fit, finish and playable is excellent, I love mine and you'll love yours too I think! Cheers!

                      • Ryan Mounce
                        Ryan Mounce  1 weeks back

                        Very quickly becoming my favorite guitar channel. You play heavier music with some killer grooves, and review gear I could actually afford. Keep it up.

                        • Bryan Fonseca
                          Bryan Fonseca  2 weeks back

                          Dude you need to start a band. That riff was so sick 🤘😝

                          • J. Stormer
                            J. Stormer  2 weeks back

                            Damn thing chugs lol

                            • Sten Martens
                              Sten Martens  2 weeks back

                              i like this one but the nut is looking a bit shoddy to me if im honest. there's a gap to the fretboard and string slots looks just a bit messy

                              • crayhefner
                                crayhefner  2 weeks back

                                that guy that said you suck at guitar in that FAQ should eat a D##k after watching this, sick playing my friend!

                                • The Don DeLuxe
                                  The Don DeLuxe  2 weeks back

                                  All the SE's I've tried have had that same badly cut, scruffy looking nut. It's pretty much the only thing letting them down imo. Really don't know why they don't do a better job with those. Bad nuts can make any guitar seem shitty.

                                  • TheDyingFetus
                                    TheDyingFetus  2 weeks back

                                    I own this guitar in the cherry finish and its incredible. I always played with 6 strings ans this was definitly the best first 7 string for me. Plays great sounds great and its a beauty

                                    • Denart Meyer
                                      Denart Meyer  2 weeks back

                                      Uuuuhhhhhhh not a fan of the pick ups

                                      • Tangalang22
                                        Tangalang22  2 weeks back

                                        Can you put what channel you used for the boss katana?

                                        • GuitarDudeJoel
                                          GuitarDudeJoel  2 weeks back

                                          Man you need to do an album with a vocalist!! You write great melodies that would be awesome with a vocalist! Love the channel!!

                                          • Brannon Rice
                                            Brannon Rice  2 weeks back

                                            Dang bro, you grooven!

                                            • Tom Barnaby
                                              Tom Barnaby  2 weeks back

                                              Hmm - I'm not digging the tones at all in this video. Was it the guitar (pickups) or amp?

                                              • OPEC no
                                                OPEC no  2 weeks back

                                                PRS just opened it's own bespoke PRS SE factory and that's where they're all made now if I recall correctly.

                                                • Robert Baldwin
                                                  Robert Baldwin  2 weeks back

                                                  I have one of the older model PRS SE 7 string in ocean blue and I can confirm that it is a very very good introduction to seven strings for players wanting a good seven string, glad they got a longer scale length on the new ones, rather than the 25.75 inch scale length on mine. But it can be a good mod platform for new pickups, tuners, or a new nut for better tuning stability or you can upgrade to a better one like i did when i switched to jericho or maybe even the solar seven strings.

                                                  • Caerwyn
                                                    Caerwyn  2 weeks back

                                                    Seven string PRS? Ight imma head out...

                                                    The track was banger as usual, but that guitar is a turn off for me, and i love PRS guitars

                                                    • Jaden Bass
                                                      Jaden Bass  2 weeks back

                                                      I agree, I'm sure it's an amazing guitar, as pretty much every prs is. But I can't put my finger on it, I can't get behind ir

                                                  • Connor McInerney
                                                    Connor McInerney  2 weeks back

                                                    Hey, look at that. That’s my guitar! Got it as my first 7 string for my birthday second hand from Guitar Center and it’s great. Totally agree about the pickups being bassy, thinking about putting in some SD Blackouts or BKP Painkillers. Only downside about when I got it was that it didn’t have the gig bag with it. Funny thing about is that guitar is the color is called Gray Black but it has a bit of a reputation for being pretty green. Love the color on mine so it doesn’t bother me :)

                                                    • Crazy Horse
                                                      Crazy Horse  2 weeks back

                                                      That thing sounds...for lack of a better word....Farty.

                                                      • SOswim1
                                                        SOswim1  2 weeks back

                                                        PRS moving to lower and heavier? I dig it! https://discord.gg/maUFzZc guys be sure to check out the discord of Agusquad, we are a tight knit community who share a lot of gear chat and a lot of laughs

                                                        • Something Different
                                                          Something Different  2 weeks back

                                                          Agree with review.

                                                          • sb632
                                                            sb632  2 weeks back

                                                            I probably would go with a schecter omen extreme 7 as my first 7. That's definitely a preference thing as its felt the best to play so far.

                                                            • Michele Marelli
                                                              Michele Marelli  2 weeks back

                                                              Great video dude! Love PRS SE's. Just got myself an Holcomb in Satin Stealth and I can't stop playing it. Would you mind telling me what kind of fret wrap / string muter are you using? I can't find it anywhere

                                                              • Chris Wiles
                                                                Chris Wiles  2 weeks back

                                                                Sweetwater has demos of both colors for only like $737..just sayin ;)

                                                                • VAGUE
                                                                  VAGUE  2 weeks back

                                                                  Can we just take this moment to appreciate this guy’s effort on making a new demo song in every video? That’s hard work quality content right there.

                                                                  • Buhimoth Studios
                                                                    Buhimoth Studios  2 weeks back

                                                                    Having a 26.5" scale length on a 7 string is a game changer. I'm even finding that scale length easier for leads these days. When I go back to 24.75 or 25.5, I find the frets too close to each other! :O

                                                                    • whyuyellinginmyear
                                                                      whyuyellinginmyear  2 weeks back

                                                                      But it is not pink......

                                                                      • theDank Savage
                                                                        theDank Savage  2 weeks back

                                                                        PRS play good & sound good but visually I find them to be more you hang it on your wall kinda guitar! It's the polo shirt of guitars! It's just not for me & again playability is great but IMO it's like an plain chick that can rock your world!

                                                                        • Edgy Child
                                                                          Edgy Child  2 weeks back

                                                                          What do you tune the seventh string to

                                                                          • Anthony Baker
                                                                            Anthony Baker  2 weeks back

                                                                            I would love to see you and Jared Dines go at it in a riff war. 😉🤙

                                                                            • Ryan Merica
                                                                              Ryan Merica  2 weeks back

                                                                              The PRS 7 string scale length used to be 25"... the 26.5" is way better for a 7 string

                                                                              • Akuma Kami
                                                                                Akuma Kami  2 weeks back

                                                                                If you are on a budget the esp ltd ec-257 is a good choice. If you can spare 700-800 the ec-407 is really nice. The emgs sound great on both clean and gain. The neck is very comfortable, though it does have abit of weight to it so if you want something lighter the H and MH series may be more your thing. If you can spend 1000 or abit more they do have a few 1000 7 string models and some E-II series. Just a warning though E-II can cost you up to 2000, but they don't make many that im aware of that go over that price. You'd have to get a certain signature or anything from the custom shop to start paying over 3000 and up. Hope I've been of some help 😊.

                                                                                • Patrick Hunter
                                                                                  Patrick Hunter  2 weeks back

                                                                                  7:10 Yeeeaaahhhhhhhhh I'm gonna need an entire 7-string/Djent version of Wonderwall asap thx