I Ran Away From My Real Mom To My Foster Parents But It Ended In A Tragedy

  • Published: 05 July 2019


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    Hello, everybody! My name is Heidi. I am sixteen years old and I've got two mothers. How is that even possible? Let me tell you, it's a long story. So, I was actually born in Boston and my mother had a really difficult delivery. I was alright, but she lost a lot of blood and slipped into a coma. The doctors couldn't manage to find either my father or any of my other relatives and they couldn't make any predictions about my mother's condition either. So they had no option but to give me to a foster family. They agreed that I would live with them until my mother woke up from her coma, if she did.
    But years went by, I turned six years old, but it still hadn't happened. My foster mom and dad didn't tell me that I wasn't their real daughter, so I lived a happy life with my beloved mommy and daddy in a small town in Minnesota. I couldn't have wished for a better family, until...

    It was my father's birthday. and we had a big party at home with all of our friends, a barbeque, and fireworks. We were having so much fun! My father's phone was ringing off the hook because there were so many people who wanted to wish him a happy birthday. But then, there was another call. My father picked up his phone merrily, expecting another greeting, but then the smile was wiped from his face. He went pale. I was really worried, but he said that everything was fine.

    After the party my parents went to their room and shut the door. I tried to eavesdrop, but I couldn't make out what they were talking about because they were whispering, but then my mom burst into tears. That was far too frightening for me, so I knocked on the door and asked my parents to let me in and to tell me what was going on. And then they told me the truth. They told me about my real mother and her coma and about the phone call. My foster dad was informed that my mother had woken up from the coma and after a little treatment she would be ready to have her daughter back, as agreed.

    I was absolutely dejected. I begged my parents to not give me back, I think I'd cried my eyes out, but there was nothing we could do about it. So, in a couple of weeks my parents took me back to Boston.

    My real mother met us at the airport. She looked very nice and friendly and she immediately started crying when she saw me. But I didn't feel anything at all. I was squeezing my foster mom's hand and didn't want to let it go. We all went to a cafe and walked around town. My mother tried to make conversation with me, but I never said a word. Soon the moment to say farewell had come. My parents spent one night with us, but when I woke up in the morning, they were not there! There was only a little note on the table. It said: ""Always remember..."" And there was a little picture of us all together. So, I was left alone in that new city with that unknown woman, who I was supposed to call "mom" now. She brought me to my new home, which was really cozy, and there was a separate room for me with a bed, and new clothes and toys.

    My mother did her best to get along with me. She cooked, showed me around town, took me to the zoo, she would buy me anything I would ask for, and I started to like her actually, but... I really missed my family.

    Once I worked up the courage and asked her if I could visit my home in Minnesota, but she wouldn't let me. She said that she realized it was hard, but it would be better for me to not communicate with my foster mom and dad for my own good. She said we had to turn over a new leaf together. I got really mad! I wanted to go home so badly that I decided to run away. I packed my little suitcase and headed for the hills. I googled the way to the bus station, it happened to be not that far away from the place we lived. Of course, I got caught and brought back after I'd tried to buy a one-way ticket to my hometown. My mother was in despair. And she made the worst decision ever. She decided to move to another state in the south without even letting my foster family know about it. It turned out that my grandparents lived there, but my mother hadn't spoken to them for years. They knew nothing about her coma or about me. She also forbade me to call or to email my foster mom and dad and wouldn't give me their contact information. The only thing I had was that family picture.
    "Even though it looked like a happy ending - my grandparents were so happy to see me and to finally make up with their daughter after so many years, I never stopped thinking about my family in Minnesota. It's been a while. I became a teenager, I went to school, and had a lot of friends there. I loved my grandparents to bits, but not my mother...

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED   2 months back

    Have you ever faced anything like this? How did you get over it? If you did, we would be very happy to read your stories in the comments. And If you have any advice about how she can possibly find her foster mom, please let us know.

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    • Asugey Gallardo
      Asugey Gallardo  1 days back

      No but my dad said that he would leave me on the streets alone and I went to del taco cuz he live close to there and so I went to del taco to see if anybody can help me and then he just started to pick me up and I don't know why because I thought he said that he would leave me alone to walk to my house can you just pick me up and I don't know why so yeah that's what happened to me

    • Baraa Yakub
      Baraa Yakub  4 days back

      How do you do a juice fast how did you find your first the first time mom

    • Olivia Mullen
      Olivia Mullen  5 days back

      ACTUALLY HAPPENED social media? Can you not just look her up on facebook. It’s 2019 what middle aged woman doesn’t have a Facebook🤣🤣

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  • Adarna Mondragon
    Adarna Mondragon  1 hours back

    Your mother ruined your real family life.

    • Pixel Rainbow Nyan Cat
      Pixel Rainbow Nyan Cat  1 hours back

      Wow this girl so is ungrateful I swear I- HER MOTHER WAS IN COMA FOR SIX FREAKING AND SHR BARLY CARED. Just image not loving someone after they done so much for you. I mean the mother could’ve just left, get a abortion, let you stay with your foster family. She didn’t and the way she acted I just..

      • Boatify !
        Boatify !  1 hours back

        Imagine lesbia was a country

        • Whitney Ormond
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          IvE gOt tWo mOmS hOw iS tHaT pOsSiBlE * me with two lesbian moms and a dad

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              Their 2 ways your way and lesbians

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                i. criying

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                  The girl is a brat xD

                  • Moosan Stuff
                    Moosan Stuff  5 hours back

                    I live in minnesota

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                      qt emilah  6 hours back

                      :) I love the ending :)

                      • シShookkk
                        シShookkk  6 hours back

                        Hey I live in Minnesota:)

                        • Nemo Windsor
                          Nemo Windsor  7 hours back

                          What kills me is how selfishly everyone acted. No-one was willing to share the child for her own best interests. She wasn't told about her birth mother as a child, and when she was taken away it was clear it was done so the birth mother wouldn't be jealous of the foster parents. So many studies have shown how devastating this is for a child, and yet they cut off contact and severed her from the people she loved. Of course it would breed resentment and pain. And she didn't even get to see her father again because of it. There was this misplaced sense that being only one family's child was best, even if it was clear that having many people love you isn't worse for you at all. I'm so sorry this happened.

                          What your birth mother did was still wrong. I understand why she did it, but it was cruel nonetheless.

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                            Angie Chr  7 hours back

                            Me after this:


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                              CURSE THE PEOPLE WHO DISLIKED THIS !!!!!!!

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                                go to evry contry in the world

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                                  Who else was waiting for her to explain how she had lesbian parents 🤦‍♂️💍🏳️‍🌈❤️ lol I swear I got all excited but that’s cool too!!!

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                                    I love the tiger lol

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                                      I din't but it must be sad :(

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                                        I’m Back!  9 hours back

                                        I live in earth

                                        *ACTUALLY HAPPEND*

                                        • Gabriella Brown
                                          Gabriella Brown  10 hours back

                                          Bro, your mother ruined her life just because of you, she wasted 6 years of her life in coma, and you are over here like "bye 👋"

                                          • Farah Yassine
                                            Farah Yassine  10 hours back

                                            I cried in the inside and tears in the outside

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                                              Thumbnail: “ *i ran away from my real mom to my foster parents* “

                                              *Watches the video*

                                              Me: “ *yup I can tell* “

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                                                7:59 she spilled the tea didn’t She?

                                                • Erin Grant
                                                  Erin Grant  13 hours back

                                                  I have 2 mothers.

                                                  There lesbiens.....

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                                                    Luis Castaneda  13 hours back

                                                    Why did she run uway

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                                                      This is Bob

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                                                        Your faster mom look a lot like mine

                                                        • Maryjane Mcalvey
                                                          Maryjane Mcalvey  17 hours back

                                                          Every parent is strict,she’s just being ungrateful

                                                          • Tiffany
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                                                            Wtffff I cried so much 😭

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                                                              *Just sees thumbnail*

                                                              Tsk, tsk. Stupid Choices

                                                              • Lee Lee ¡!
                                                                Lee Lee ¡!  23 hours back

                                                                Can’t she find out her foster moms real name and then find out her location-

                                                                • Rachel Martin
                                                                  Rachel Martin  24 hours back

                                                                  Anyone else crying

                                                                  • Emily Zamora
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                                                                      On my birthday I got a year OLDER!

                                                                      ACTUALLY HAPPENED

                                                                      • Breanna Charles
                                                                        Breanna Charles  1 days back

                                                                        Yes I have experienced this and is still going to through it wit my real mom

                                                                        • Breanna Charles
                                                                          Breanna Charles  1 days back

                                                                          Yes I have experienced this and is still going to through it wit my real mom

                                                                          • Margaux Junio
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                                                                              Hell, this was a rollar coaster I was not ready for.

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                                                                                • Katt Lol
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                                                                                  Her: My faster parents never told me I wasn’t there daughter
                                                                                  Me:So... have you ever taken biology

                                                                                  • tacku Pollo
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                                                                                    How the hell does a mom stay in a comma for 6 years?

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                                                                                      WHO LIVES THEREEEE THESE DAYSSSSSSSSS (OR AT LEAST THAT ARE ON YOUTUBE)

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                                                                                        why was she mad at her mom? SHE WENT INTO COMA SHE CANT CONTROL THAT😭

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                                                                                          Wow I am soooooo sorri

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                                                                                            That tiger tho

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                                                                                              I cried....

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                                                                                                Oh look my sister appeared 2:55