Purgatony episode 8 what! dreams may come!

  • Published: 07 July 2019
  • i am just posting posting the unreleased episodes of purgatony because i it is a good series and i want everyone to see the unreleased episodes so you guys wouldn't have to wait.
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  • Awesome Tube Gaming
    Awesome Tube Gaming   1 months back

    it wouldn't hurt anyone if you guys just took a little time to click that subscribe button

    • Joshua M
      Joshua M  1 months back

      I only subscribe to those who partake of my jizzums.

    • Awesome Tube Gaming
      Awesome Tube Gaming   1 months back


    • mason jordan
      mason jordan  1 months back

      Awesome Tube Gaming I love subscribing for stolen content

    • CCz On
      CCz On  1 months back

      Wait wtf is black pills did I just make that up?

    • CCz On
      CCz On  1 months back

      Awesome Tube Gaming yeah let me subscribe for content you stole and uploaded without Explosm’s or Black Pill’s permission

  • HunterTDP the_diamond_pickaxe

    It says on pambella's file she wasn't married but she tells tony she was. Either this is an error or someone has a hidden storyline

    • Scott Anderson
      Scott Anderson  1 months back

      Gdi I didnt expect to feel

      • Snowy5478
        Snowy5478  1 months back

        Poor tony

        • AN.Mexicant
          AN.Mexicant  1 months back

          dang tony could've at least confessed his love for the past

          • Vespers 1610
            Vespers 1610  1 months back

            Let's hide this

            • Good Buger
              Good Buger  1 months back

              I hope they make more purgatony

              • Casy Utat
                Casy Utat  1 months back

                Purgatony is the best

                • Jonny Cras
                  Jonny Cras  1 months back

                  Thank you for this episode

                  • Pica Loney
                    Pica Loney  1 months back

                    Now we know how tony died

                    • Matthew levien
                      Matthew levien  1 months back

                      Gotta love this show

                      • someone u dont know
                        someone u dont know  1 months back

                        i agree good episode

                        • SacredShadowGamer SSG
                          SacredShadowGamer SSG  1 months back


                          • Diamond VoiceBoi
                            Diamond VoiceBoi  1 months back

                            This man is a hero. Now let’s let this go under the radar

                            • The every thing channel
                              The every thing channel  1 months back

                              Are you a hacker

                              • Aaron Garza
                                Aaron Garza  1 months back


                                • Grimlocks Rage0320
                                  Grimlocks Rage0320  1 months back

                                  It was released a long time ago but not that many people saw it