Funniest ASMR Fails !


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  • Rhoida Robles
    Rhoida Robles  17 minutes back

    0:40 it's not candy it's ice

    1:52 how to make it
    1:piur water in a mold
    2:put food coloring in water and mix it
    3. Put in freezer for 1 hour
    4. Take out mold and enjoy!

    • Mariela Peña
      Mariela Peña  41 minutes back

      The girl that was eating a face I saw her dog like if you love dogs and you saw it

      • SunlightPanda Dude
        SunlightPanda Dude  1 hours back

        No it's supposed to pop!

        • Bunda Mole
          Bunda Mole  2 hours back

          Did anyone see the dog

          • Rebecca Irish
            Rebecca Irish  2 hours back

            OK azzy food coloring and ice

            • Hussaina Kurawad
              Hussaina Kurawad  2 hours back

              When you make nother asmr video

              • Roytiz Collins
                Roytiz Collins  3 hours back

                So funny!

                • Christine Dirickx
                  Christine Dirickx  4 hours back


                  • Christine Dirickx
                    Christine Dirickx  4 hours back


                • TheFunnyOne :p
                  TheFunnyOne :p  4 hours back

                  Even my white chocolate 😏

                  • Christina S.
                    Christina S.  4 hours back

                    I can’t eat ice like these people because I have very sensitive teeth

                    • Juan Pelos
                      Juan Pelos  4 hours back

                      Is your friend on your bed 🤔

                      • KyleeRBLX YT
                        KyleeRBLX YT  4 hours back

                        i love ASMR people eating ice so much!

                        • Jillian Flores
                          Jillian Flores  5 hours back

                          Who's on the bed

                          • Adewale Ajenifuja
                            Adewale Ajenifuja  6 hours back

                            Jazzy please do Asmr

                            • Adewale Ajenifuja
                              Adewale Ajenifuja  6 hours back

                              Azzyland I want to come to you like your home

                              • Ronan Byrne
                                Ronan Byrne  7 hours back

                                I like eating ice

                                • Elizabeth Sugarmann
                                  Elizabeth Sugarmann  7 hours back

                                  I like eating ice

                                  • Meda Mikneviciute
                                    Meda Mikneviciute  8 hours back

                                    AZZY YOU HAZ 1O MLN. SUBS.......

                                    • Bailey Laughlin
                                      Bailey Laughlin  8 hours back

                                      Its ice with water in it but they use food dye

                                      • •Kawaii Edits•
                                        •Kawaii Edits•  10 hours back

                                        Who else thinks that Azzy looks a little like she was born in japan? xD

                                        • The Zoey Project
                                          The Zoey Project  10 hours back

                                          Is it just me or is half of the people have white shirts???

                                          • Belle S
                                            Belle S  10 hours back

                                            I know what their saying

                                            • Project zorgi is farting White

                                              This is is soo funny
                                              Btw I agree That u should NOT wear a white channel sweater while eating live fish

                                              • Yaran Baxtyar
                                                Yaran Baxtyar  11 hours back

                                                I love u azzy ur my idol 😭😍❤️❤️😊 I love u azzy!! Who thinks azzy is a super star 🌟🤩 comment now

                                                • Brian Breuer
                                                  Brian Breuer  11 hours back

                                                  I love eating ice and I don't even get a brain freeze

                                                  • Julliana Zairylle Tolentino

                                                    Is like ice eating is tanghulu

                                                    • Cat.Lover.Is.Me!
                                                      Cat.Lover.Is.Me!  12 hours back

                                                      *5:42** looked like it hurt 😐*

                                                      • Ashley Sharpen yj99o1ko1ow99

                                                        You take water and freeze the water and once outside is Frozen and then you take water and then you mix food coloring with water and then you put it in the ice on you let the rest of the I after you have injected the colored water that you want inside of the ice and let the rest of it freeze

                                                        • Mari Ana
                                                          Mari Ana  13 hours back

                                                          Oh umm the bit when u said candy that she was eating candy well that was hard ice

                                                          • Larry Lim
                                                            Larry Lim  13 hours back

                                                            My name is Chanel

                                                            • norbie reyes
                                                              norbie reyes  14 hours back

                                                              i mean i eatice but my teeth is ok

                                                              • norbie reyes
                                                                norbie reyes  14 hours back

                                                                i eat 8ce its not cold but my teeth is ok

                                                                • Felicity Fuller
                                                                  Felicity Fuller  20 hours back


                                                                  • Chantha Heng
                                                                    Chantha Heng  20 hours back

                                                                    That was not candy that was ice

                                                                    • jaska sommers
                                                                      jaska sommers  21 hours back

                                                                      I do

                                                                      • Night c0re123
                                                                        Night c0re123  21 hours back

                                                                        Who else saw Jordy 1:40

                                                                        • Jiles Beatingo
                                                                          Jiles Beatingo  23 hours back

                                                                          Your favourite one is so funny😂😂😂

                                                                          • Cevli Cevik
                                                                            Cevli Cevik  23 hours back

                                                                            * sees the first strawberry one * FORGET ABOUT THE HYPOTHERMIA AND THE BRAIN FREEZE SHES GONNA GET BUT... DID YOU SEE HOW SHARP THE ICE WAS IT WAS BASICALLY GLASS IN DISGUISE

                                                                            • Luna Fisher
                                                                              Luna Fisher  23 hours back

                                                                              I love eating ice

                                                                              • Rose Munkhtulga
                                                                                Rose Munkhtulga  24 hours back

                                                                                It’s not ice is hardened sugar

                                                                                • Claudia Chavez
                                                                                  Claudia Chavez  1 days back

                                                                                  My tooth fell and i like your videos my name is Samantha

                                                                                  • TiredNAGA 1218
                                                                                    TiredNAGA 1218  1 days back

                                                                                    You can see Jordy in the back on the bed

                                                                                    • Ada Zou
                                                                                      Ada Zou  1 days back

                                                                                      I know what there saying

                                                                                      • Susetyo Herlambang
                                                                                        Susetyo Herlambang  1 days back

                                                                                        *no one eats that much candies*

                                                                                        Me : Hold my 111 candies.

                                                                                        Edit: i don't understand why people choose big ice juice more than small ones, i mean, it's easier to eat and it will not cause fail asmr.

                                                                                        • India-Mai French
                                                                                          India-Mai French  1 days back

                                                                                          The fish were squirming cuz it's hot oil they pour on them

                                                                                          • Jade Wu
                                                                                            Jade Wu  1 days back

                                                                                            5:53 after he got hit with it he said I just wanted to relax and eat ice for once what’s wrong with you!!! Girl: Didn’t you wanna eat ice I broke it up for you 🙂

                                                                                            • Makayla Duckett
                                                                                              Makayla Duckett  1 days back


                                                                                              • Makayla Duckett
                                                                                                Makayla Duckett  1 days back