Miscél - when you left


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  • Joanna haily
    Joanna haily  2 months back

    Your music feels like calm afternoon sea... So tender

    • Alan Lam
      Alan Lam  2 months back

      Dear Nikki,
      I know it's been about a year since we last spoke.I wanted to say I'm sorry for everything that has happened. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you, even if you never want to see me again, I understand. I just miss you so much.

      • Jimin_ Wantsjams
        Jimin_ Wantsjams  2 months back

        Sorry if I'm late I hope you remember me the girl who's dog died the title still made me remember

        • KMLBEATS
          KMLBEATS  2 months back


          • カルティク
            カルティク  2 months back

            Instant like

            • I N K
              I N K  2 months back

              This is fucking perfection 💖💖💖

              • PyRo_mekill
                PyRo_mekill  2 months back

                im going though some stuff and i dont talk to anyone since i think that would make it worse and because i this i always have to act happy and i hate it so when i get home i just listen to your music and it helps me get though one more day

                • Declan La'strange
                  Declan La'strange  2 months back


                • Caio Santos
                  Caio Santos  2 months back

                  So magical (*-*)

                  • The gammer Youtube
                    The gammer Youtube  2 months back

                    I was just looking at your videos hoping that you'll make a new one I love your music thank you so much love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                  • Travis Nation
                    Travis Nation  2 months back

                    I love the pictures you put up in the back it always go's so well withe the music☺👍👍

                    • ChuppyDuh
                      ChuppyDuh  2 months back

                      You have no idea how it is a blessing to have notifications on for college Music. When I least expect it, y’all pump out really chill music in times when I’m getting way over in my head, y’all bring me back to reality.

                      Everything will be ok, _just take deep breath, and focus._

                      • College Music
                        College Music   2 months back

                        and you have no idea how much of a blessing it is to read comments like this. Without the community of listeners, and people like you leaving lovely heartfelt comments - we'd just be sharing music into the void. Moments like this really gives us the motivation and purpose to keep sharing 💜

                      • you you
                        you you  2 months back

                        This music is good for Yoga classes

                    • THE_ PIGGY2SHOES
                      THE_ PIGGY2SHOES  2 months back

                      I hope you don’t stop uploading until I finally go to college.

                      • you you
                        you you  2 months back

                        Lets hope for that

                    • Twisting Dervole
                      Twisting Dervole  2 months back

                      Nice relaxing sad track. The beginning reminds me of a music box combined with a synthesizer. Lovely

                    • XxSc00byxX
                      XxSc00byxX  2 months back

                      I love it it’s really calming

                      • you you
                        you you  2 months back

                        So true. Here i am lying on my sofa and listning to this music

                    • i love veggies
                      i love veggies  2 months back

                      this helps me alot

                      • you you
                        you you  2 months back

                        This helps me relieve my stress

                    • Se_ Vo
                      Se_ Vo  2 months back

                      First xD :D

                      • TheMysterious Person
                        TheMysterious Person  2 months back

                        So gooooood! Also can you do a Billie Eilish song next

                        • TheMysterious Person
                          TheMysterious Person  2 months back

                          College Music yea I think it was great also I don’t know if you remember I am lalo ccc remember you noticed me

                        • College Music
                          College Music   2 months back

                          what do you think of her track "8"? Probably the one we'd share if we were going to!

                        • you you
                          you you  2 months back

                          I agree

                      • Thepharcyde4ever
                        Thepharcyde4ever  2 months back


                        • Victor Games
                          Victor Games  2 months back

                          Nice music

                        • you you
                          you you  2 months back

                          This music makes me feel relaxed. It feels as though i am at The bleach taking a Nice drink and just enjoying The view of the water waves. It feels just wonderful.

                          Thank you for always uploading such amazing music videos that makes my heart at ease. You are truly awesome.

                          • ・『moonikue』.
                            ・『moonikue』.  2 months back

                            So soothing:)

                          • Alexis Rain
                            Alexis Rain  2 months back

                            First, and ouch.