3 Magic KNIVES from RESIN ART (1 glows in the dark)

  • Published: 09 August 2019
  • We just really wanted a resin knife or three :P Thanks Squarespace for sponsoring us, go to squarespace.com/evanandkatelyn for 10% off your first purchase. Tools/materials used below 👇

    🙏 Thanks Inventables for the support, check out our X-Carve CNC: bit.ly/xcarve4u
    🙏 Thanks TotalBoat for the support, check out the epoxy we used here: totalboat.refr.cc/evankatelyn (search for slow acting)
    🙏 Thanks ISOtunes for the support! Get $10 off any pair of earplug headphones w/ code EVANANDKATELYN: bit.ly/EandKISO

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    🛠️ TOOLS & MATERIALS (affiliate)
    Epoxy resin totalboat.refr.cc/evankatelyn (search for slow acting)
    X-Carve CNC bit.ly/xcarve4u
    Powdered pigments amzn.to/2OtZziH
    Alcohol inks amzn.to/2OxOcGw
    Glow in the dark powder amzn.to/2YBQTMc
    Holo glitter amzn.to/313PATY
    The knife belt sander is a combination of
    - this knife sharpener amzn.to/2yM8Glk
    - blade grinder attachment amzn.to/2KmlsO1
    Benchtop buffer amzn.to/31r1mbk
    Polishing compound amzn.to/2W2qIJL
    Brass rods amzn.to/2YxdRUQ
    Silicone measuring cups amzn.to/2XPYtU1
    Silicone project mat amzn.to/2Mn9nuP
    🛒 Shop our Amazon page: amazon.com/shop/evanandkatelyn
    😍 All our favorite tools: evanandkatelyn.com/tools/

    🎥 FILMING GEAR (affiliate)
    Main camera: Canon EOS R amzn.to/2lf2IWO
    Cheaper camera: Canon EOS M50 amzn.to/2HlSsF2
    Camcorder: Canon VIXIA HF G50 amzn.to/2lgSd5l
    Slow mo camera: Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 V amzn.to/2SRqnrk
    Fuji 35mm F 1.4 lens amzn.to/2tU9l1A
    Main tripod amzn.to/2SP0RCX
    Pan head for tripod amzn.to/2VHT6R9
    Lighting kit amzn.to/2TktU6J
    Wireless lav mics amzn.to/2VeeodH

    🎼 MUSIC
    Ambler, Amazing Plan, Barroom Ballet, Breaktime, Captain Scurvy, Constance, Cruising for Goblins, Friendly Day, Hand Trolley, Hep Cats, Hidden Agenda, Hyperfun, Investigations, Jaunty Gumption, Lively Lumpsucker, Lobby Time, Marty Gots A Plan, Mischief Maker, Monkeys Spinning Monkey, Plucky Daisy, Double Polka, Sneaky Snitch, Tango de Manzana, Doh De Oh by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Music from filmmusic.io: Licence: CC BY (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
    Dark Thoughts by David Cutter Music
    7th Floor Tango from the YouTube Audio Music Library
    Andean Flute Theme Low licensed via Audioblocks
    Bongo Madness from the YouTube Audio Music Library
    Brandenburg Concerto No 4 from the YouTube Audio Music Library
    Circus Sneak Peek licensed via Audioblocks
    Dancing Bears licensed via Audioblocks
    Extreme Sports Theme licensed via Audioblocks
    Gee Mr Peebles licensed via Audioblocks
    Far Behind from the YouTube Audio Music Library
    Junebug from the YouTube Audio Music Library
    Morning Stroll from the YouTube Audio Music Library
    Letting Go licensed via Audioblocks
    My Dog Skippy licensed via Audioblocks
    Olympic Hopefuls licensed via Audioblocks
    Speakeasy licensed via Audioblocks
    Splashing Around from the YouTube Audio Music Library
    Ticked Off licensed via Audioblocks
    Tense Background licensed via Audioblocks
    Orbital Romance from the YouTube Audio Music Library
    Romantic Comedy licensed via Audioblocks
    Any Day Will Do licensed via Audioblocks
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  • EvanAndKatelyn
    EvanAndKatelyn   2 weeks back

    Did y'all know we have *4 channels* now? This main one, plus:
    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming youtube.com/evanandkatelyngaming
    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)
    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast youtube.com/evanandkatelynpodcast
    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)
    😹 Evan and Katelyn 2 youtube.com/evanandkatelyn2
    (still figuring this one out 😂)

    • warkitten13
      warkitten13  1 weeks back

      You guys should try making some D&D dice sets. Sorry if you already have and i haven't see it yet. XD

    • EvanAndKatelyn
      EvanAndKatelyn   1 weeks back

      @Turd burglar Thank you!

    • EvanAndKatelyn
      EvanAndKatelyn   1 weeks back

      @Kristen K Haha thanks! editing magic!

    • Turd burglar
      Turd burglar  2 weeks back

      Subscribed and have notifications on all😁

    • Daevon Langhorn
      Daevon Langhorn  2 weeks back

      this just made my day 😂

  • Bigit Biscuit
    Bigit Biscuit  22 minutes back

    Can you guys make a chandelier pls I'd love to see a home made chandelier

    • I don’t have a name!!!
      I don’t have a name!!!  54 minutes back

      Can I just point out that katelyn is wearing a try guy shirt 😂😍

      • Elwe Elven
        Elwe Elven  2 hours back

        I want

        • Angie! At the Disco
          Angie! At the Disco  4 hours back

          I loved the galaxy the most omg

          • Jade Szymanski
            Jade Szymanski  4 hours back

            WhAt dO YoU ThiNk

            Everyone needs a holo taco in the life

            • lexy martin
              lexy martin  7 hours back

              Do you wanna sharpen all these

              • Galaxiee
                Galaxiee  8 hours back

                Me: is watching this while making custom uno cards

                • Ella Adams
                  Ella Adams  9 hours back


                  • Gachawolfie Gamer
                    Gachawolfie Gamer  10 hours back

                    I was actually gonna write before katelyns turn I was gonna write hopefully she does a ocean with a sunset

                  • RayRuns
                    RayRuns  10 hours back

                    When are they adding these knives to CS:GO?

                    • Kyleigh Stephen
                      Kyleigh Stephen  10 hours back

                      Christine: I SMELL HOLO!?

                    • GavDawg
                      GavDawg  11 hours back

                      Petition to rename this channel “ resin and katelyn”

                    • confused serpent
                      confused serpent  12 hours back

                      i see that try guys shirt katelyn 👀

                    • DISCIPLE16 SWJF
                      DISCIPLE16 SWJF  18 hours back

                      you just gotta love resin

                      • johnn
                        johnn  18 hours back

                        you know damn well they didnt design that

                        • Crystal Dawn
                          Crystal Dawn  20 hours back

                          Omgosh lol! The set up for drying the handles is fantastic. I love how creative you guys are.

                        • Crystal Dawn
                          Crystal Dawn  20 hours back

                          Love that Evan always goes way overboard, yet often comes out with some of the coolest stuff. 😂

                          • Crystal Dawn
                            Crystal Dawn  14 hours back

                            @EvanAndKatelyn The fact that you guys have nearly half a million subscribers and still take the time to reply to your fans is truly telling. Thank you so much! Made my day 😊❤️ Keep on keepin' on! Your creativity and innovation together is something I don't see a lot of in other videos, and I truly appreciate the connection you have. Thank you both for all of the videos you've made and shared with us ❤️

                          • EvanAndKatelyn
                            EvanAndKatelyn   18 hours back

                            I don't know how he does it -K

                        • Deathlock 2466
                          Deathlock 2466  21 hours back

                          I noticed that she was wearing try guys t shirt

                          • Aleja San
                            Aleja San  22 hours back

                            I don't know if you guys heard this before, but Evan's voice it's spooky similar to Daithi the Nogla!

                          • Vedez
                            Vedez  22 hours back

                            I approve of Katelyn’s Try Guy shirt

                          • Littleladylulu Lulu
                            Littleladylulu Lulu  1 days back

                            Why didn’t you just use polymer clay to make a knife, use mold maker putty over the polymer clay knife and then you pour into the mold. And sharpen. This is then times harder.

                            • EvanAndKatelyn
                              EvanAndKatelyn   18 hours back

                              If we didn't have an X-Carve that'd be a good alternative, but all the time was put into the sharpening and polishing which would have to be done with either method.

                          • Xego
                            Xego  1 days back

                            Where’s Christine..?

                            • Xego
                              Xego  1 days back

                              Anyone want a sunflower seed??? :3

                              • Setoro523
                                Setoro523  1 days back

                                This is the most chaotic, stressful, off the cuff crafting video I have ever watched. I should've subbed a long time ago.

                              • JNutt22
                                JNutt22  1 days back

                                yall are adorable! im subbed!

                              • Sage Hanlon
                                Sage Hanlon  1 days back

                                Other youtubers: BUY MY MECH
                                Katelyn: *talks about buying other youtubers products and using them for projects, talks about other youtubers on their channel, wears other youtubers merch in videos* Hoes mad.

                              • I don't Know
                                I don't Know  2 days back

                                The alcohol ink works if u don’t use the blow thingy

                                • Jamie Rollinson
                                  Jamie Rollinson  2 days back

                                  Evan: Im So fast. (clap clap clap)
                                  Katelyn: 'Look of disappointing agreement'

                                  on a serious note You should try one with only giving yourselves 20 seconds to 'play' with it.... as it seems the more you (EVAN) plays with it the more it looks less like you wanted.

                                  • EvanAndKatelyn
                                    EvanAndKatelyn   1 days back

                                    😂❤️ haha yes we might have that Jenna Marbles too much gene

                                • Maddie C
                                  Maddie C  2 days back


                                • XxGolden ShadowxX
                                  XxGolden ShadowxX  2 days back

                                  I want to make a resin table and fursuit nose or skull head oof....

                                  • BunchOfRandomness
                                    BunchOfRandomness  2 days back

                                    The white handle wouldve looked so good on the beach blade, The sunset handle on the nebula blade and the galaxy handle on the geode blade.

                                    • Capucine Drapala
                                      Capucine Drapala  2 days back

                                      I wanna see you guys try to make the rose of the movie beauty and the beast with resin

                                      • Mujahid Karim
                                        Mujahid Karim  2 days back

                                        Why does this remind me of Tkor?

                                        • Amanda Erdbrink
                                          Amanda Erdbrink  2 days back

                                          Awesome knives!!

                                          • C and A Tunner
                                            C and A Tunner  2 days back

                                            heyyyyy its me the guy that commented something about something on the cat house thin video i don't really remember it right now

                                            • Toadsquare
                                              Toadsquare  2 days back

                                              Not enough holo 😫

                                              • Some1Anon
                                                Some1Anon  2 days back

                                                The try guys merch tho

                                                • RussetFox
                                                  RussetFox  2 days back


                                                  • Summer Cowan
                                                    Summer Cowan  2 days back

                                                    Evan is BAD at this first video not so good

                                                    • Raenafyn
                                                      Raenafyn  2 days back

                                                      Pretty pastel knives for your yandere/menhera aesthetic

                                                      • Hanna Snavely
                                                        Hanna Snavely  2 days back

                                                        Space Age crystal Growing Kit

                                                        • The666VampireGirl
                                                          The666VampireGirl  2 days back

                                                          i smell a COLAB IN HERE!!!! CRISTINE!!!!

                                                        • Brook Stone
                                                          Brook Stone  2 days back

                                                          The ripples on the back could be from the parchment paper if it was slightly wrinkled when you poured the resin.

                                                          • Ianko Abreu
                                                            Ianko Abreu  2 days back

                                                            Yo did anybody else noticed that katelyn a Try Guys

                                                            • Samantha Blaylock
                                                              Samantha Blaylock  2 days back

                                                              She mentioned the hollllllllo

                                                              • Don't Read my Profile Pic

                                                                Why is this in my recommended... YouTube is trying to say something...