Simone Biles Makes History at U.S. Gymnastics Championships

  • Published: 12 August 2019

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  • Dasmond Harris
    Dasmond Harris  1 weeks back

    "Wooow"!! Every appearance she gets better and better. They say you can't improve in "perfection"!! WRONG!! She reminds me of "Flo Jo"...the strongest and best at what she does!! God Bless!! Keep striving! Looking forward to watching you at the Olympics.

    • Sylvia Garcia
      Sylvia Garcia  2 weeks back

      Correction. will be the 3rd skill named the Biles.. But 2nd on floor so it'll be "biles ||"

      • Brad Hill
        Brad Hill  2 weeks back

        First time ever folks...Wow...!! She is truly awesome....Go get em Simone...!!

        • spud0606
          spud0606  2 weeks back

          Simone Biles takes drugs👧🏿💊

          • Mia DoubleZeroSeven
            Mia DoubleZeroSeven  4 days back

            As if ANY drug had the power to give you HER talent 😂 if there is...I WANT IT!!! HA!

          • cindy clarke
            cindy clarke  2 weeks back

            Jealousy must hurt you she is winning and you are a loser, what have you achieved in life ?

        • Anna M
          Anna M  2 weeks back

          Simone is next level human

          • GBPC
            GBPC  2 weeks back

            9 people drank too much hatorade

            • Angry Grizzly
              Angry Grizzly  2 weeks back


              • Chelsea James
                Chelsea James  2 weeks back

                I've been waiting for her new videos cant waite for her at the Olympics

                • Sean GAO
                  Sean GAO  2 weeks back


                  • Nibiru Planet X
                    Nibiru Planet X  2 weeks back

                    She is on drugs.Not fair.

                  • Victoria Johnson
                    Victoria Johnson  2 weeks back

                    Amazing prolific beauty and athlete!😘

                    • Veronica Quijada
                      Veronica Quijada  2 weeks back


                      • MK Ultra
                        MK Ultra  2 weeks back

                        Black Excellence

                      • Londa Mtana
                        Londa Mtana  2 weeks back

                        Black excellence

                        • Laawae R
                          Laawae R  2 weeks back

                          @Nibiru Planet XA typical response from a person who is in denial and can't handle the truth.

                        • Nibiru Planet X
                          Nibiru Planet X  2 weeks back

                          @Laawae R Typical response from a black racist,playing the race card yet again!That all you got?!

                        • Laawae R
                          Laawae R  2 weeks back

                          @Nibiru Planet XSo you're one of those who are pissed because Simone is dominating what is historically a White sport. I LOVE IT!HA HA!! GO SEE A SHRINK,YOU HAVE LOTS OF ISSUES,

                        • Nibiru Planet X
                          Nibiru Planet X  2 weeks back

                          @JoMoe G. Goats do not cheat.The sport is wrong for allowing it,as you are for supporting it.Shame on you all!

                      • Cosmics Conscious
                        Cosmics Conscious  2 weeks back

                        ● GENETICS ●

                      • Hazel James
                        Hazel James  2 weeks back

                        I love you

                        • Anna D
                          Anna D  2 weeks back


                          • Snobby Politics
                            Snobby Politics  2 weeks back

                            Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy SIMONE!!!!!

                            • Smiley0815
                              Smiley0815  2 weeks back

                              SIMONE IS ALL THAT AND 3 BAGS OF CHIPS:)

                              • Angry Grizzly
                                Angry Grizzly  2 weeks back

                                No,all that and a syringe full of peds,idiot!

                            • Irene Ruhana
                              Irene Ruhana  2 weeks back

                              Simone so proud of you girl well done 👏👏👏👏👏😃😀😊😀😇😇😇

                              • REDDOGG 24
                                REDDOGG 24  2 weeks back

                                Great job Simone Biles making America proud!!!! U have a whole hell of alot of heart...

                                • Paulette Waters
                                  Paulette Waters  2 weeks back


                                  • Dank Nuggz
                                    Dank Nuggz  2 weeks back

                                    Fantastic!! Bravo zulu!! Level=EPIC