my first week of college VLOG 📚*junior year*

  • Published: 13 September 2019
  • i be out here

    *scroll down for outfits & recipes*

    college GLOW UP (new hair!!): 

    styling UGLY clothes into CUTE outfits:
    COLLEGE get ready with me:


    ✪ INSTA @aaashleyk (aye aye ashley k) :P
    ✪ TWITTER @aashley92
    ✪ TIKTOK @urmomaaashleyk
    ✪ SPOTIFY @urmomashley
    ✪ VSCO @ashleyka
    ✪ POSHMARK @urmomashley

    CHARLES (my bf)
    ✪ INSTA @charlie.caloy


    backpack: O'Niell from Marshall's

    necklace set:
    waffle top:
    Raf Stan Smiths:

    Cropped sweatshirt:
    black skirt:
    Raf Stan Smith’s:

    maroon top: thrifted! (Brooks brothers)
    corduroy converse (similar):

    sweater (the moodss):
    velvet top (thrifted):
    GAP mom jeans:
    Air Force 1’s:


    -1 banana
    -I’d recommend frozen mango (pineapple is also good!!) but in this video I used mixed berries or strawberries
    -1 or 2 handfuls kale
    -hemp seeds (omega 3’s and makes it creamy!!)
    -ice (optional)
    -unsweetened cashew milk (I like Silk brand)

    SALAD 1
    -1 head of romaine chopped
    -pan cooked tempeh
    -baby tomatoes
    -japanese sweet potatoes (bake for 1 hr in oven 400F)
    -everything bagel seasoning (LIFE CHANGING):
    -Trader Joe’s ISLAND soyaki sauce
    -a good RUNNY tahini (I used Soom brand)
    -trader joe’s sweet chili sauce (I love this stuff)
    -pepper to taste

    -kamut puffs
    -Forager cashewgurt (I use unsweetened - it tastes like greek yogurt! Tbh the vanilla sweetened one is the BEST tho it’s so good & tastes like reg yogurt)
    -hemp seeds
    -cacao nibs
    -unsweetened cashew milk

    SALAD 2
    -1 head of romaine chopped
    -pan cooked tempeh
    -everything bagel seasoning (LIFE CHANGING):
    -Trader Joe’s ISLAND soyaki sauce
    -a good RUNNY tahini (I used Soom brand)
    -trader joe’s sweet chili sauce (I love this stuff)
    -pepper to taste

    camera: Lumix G7
    business email:
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Comments • 800

  • ASmartCake
    ASmartCake  9 minutes back

    your bf and u are sososo cute

    • hcney covez
      hcney covez  18 hours back

      ashley makes me wanna
      - love myself
      - love school
      - become healthier
      - do makeup
      - actually care about my appearance
      - and love my life
      - and go to college
      - and become a youtuber at the same time
      what the frim fram?

      • Victoria Hi Lin chong
        Victoria Hi Lin chong  22 hours back

        You don't look like you are in junior year with, why don't I look like you

        • randomuser13579
          randomuser13579  1 days back

          idk why she reminds me of meg from family guy or just Mila in general???? it just me?

          • Cuddle Puddle
            Cuddle Puddle  2 days back

            ur giving me Catherine zeta jones vibez. but a nice version :)

            • Poppy 4760
              Poppy 4760  3 days back

              Lovely little bit of Six the musical in there

              • Lydia Tran
                Lydia Tran  3 days back

                okay wait a minute, you weren’t wearing makeup in the intro? literally teach me your ways-

                • nσt rєαllч αєѕthєtíc

                  Tempeh is tempe ash

                  • Lohaine Oliveira Benicio

                    this is the first video i watch and i already love her

                    • Nathanny Claro
                      Nathanny Claro  5 days back

                      Does anyone know what was the song playing in the car in the first day?

                      • abby suzanne
                        abby suzanne  11 hours back

                        Nathanny Claro hope by (sandy) alex g!

                    • luna brooke
                      luna brooke  5 days back

                      You remind me so much of CLC's Sorn.

                      • Driyah
                        Driyah  5 days back

                        I love your vEGaN Meals

                        • Kiwa McLachlan
                          Kiwa McLachlan  5 days back

                          Random Fact:in New Zealand a sweet potato is called Kumara

                          • Michelle
                            Michelle  6 days back

                            You remind me of jenna marbles when you talk lol

                            • ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ sᴏᴅᴀ

                              You look like Andrea Brilliantes ❤❤search her if you dont know

                              • gianna p
                                gianna p  6 days back

                                when u said good runny tahini all i think of is healthycrazycool lol

                                • Helena Janis
                                  Helena Janis  7 days back

                                  your skin is so beautiful and radiant, obviously a reflection of your healthy lifestyle, you go girl!

                                  • Angelene Yazzie
                                    Angelene Yazzie  7 days back

                                    just cut my hair from when it was from my knee to above my shoulder...
                                    and i have class tomorrow too... i am so nervous to walk in and have every body look at me bc everybody know I HAVE LONG HAIR and i'm one of those girls who are really shy, except for the internet... (-_-;)

                                    • Mariane Mendoza
                                      Mariane Mendoza  7 days back

                                      OH MY GOD! where u got that Philippines shirt?! btw I'm from PH so i got excited 🧡💜

                                      • Anita De Boer
                                        Anita De Boer  1 weeks back

                                        I'm so confused by american college

                                        • Sugar Cookie151
                                          Sugar Cookie151  1 weeks back

                                          I love ur hair sm and ur so beutiful like how 😩❤❤❤💞💞💞💞

                                          • Deanna Pittbull
                                            Deanna Pittbull  1 weeks back

                                            The empty classroom part 😂😂😂

                                            • Emma Rydberg
                                              Emma Rydberg  1 weeks back

                                              i am in LOOOOVE with your hair GIRL

                                              • Hannah An
                                                Hannah An  1 weeks back

                                                hi, i was wondering what the name of the stick-blush you used is?

                                                • ur mom ashley
                                                  ur mom ashley   1 weeks back

                                                  It’s from Wet n wild! It’s linked in my “everything you need for back to school” video :)

                                              • baby bells
                                                baby bells  1 weeks back

                                                You kinda resemble hailee steinfeld

                                                • Hailey Rafferty
                                                  Hailey Rafferty  1 weeks back

                                                  i'm way too picky fam

                                                  • Rachel Torrelino
                                                    Rachel Torrelino  1 weeks back

                                                    You remind me of Andrea Brillantesssss

                                                    • XS_RED PLAYZ_SD
                                                      XS_RED PLAYZ_SD  1 weeks back

                                                      are you a filipina?omg

                                                      • Amy Han
                                                        Amy Han  2 weeks back

                                                        I want curtain fringe bangs

                                                        • duhhdarline
                                                          duhhdarline  2 weeks back

                                                          Can you talk about commuting and making friends/going to clubs/ or just being involved in general bc I feel like nobody ever talks about that

                                                          • Kpop Stan
                                                            Kpop Stan  2 weeks back

                                                            do some amsr please lmao

                                                            • miancatz
                                                              miancatz  2 weeks back

                                                              wheres your blush from???

                                                              • Sakura *
                                                                Sakura *  2 weeks back

                                                                💜OMG💖 i really love your youtube. i NEED MORE.

                                                                • Lily Ford
                                                                  Lily Ford  2 weeks back

                                                                  you look like lily chee

                                                                  • Lau
                                                                    Lau  2 weeks back

                                                                    omg ur hair, PERFECT
                                                                    now i also wanna get bangs.. damn it

                                                                    • Kaaviya Raghuraman
                                                                      Kaaviya Raghuraman  2 weeks back

                                                                      0:44 IS THAT FROM THE MUSICAL SIX AHHHHHH SIEFMWEIzrfhWMODIFU@HF

                                                                      • Amélie Geoffroy
                                                                        Amélie Geoffroy  2 weeks back

                                                                        U talk a bit like Jason from the good place but in a good way

                                                                        • Brenda Calo
                                                                          Brenda Calo  2 weeks back

                                                                          Please vlog bout your skin care routine and everyday make up 😍❤

                                                                          • Quinn L
                                                                            Quinn L  2 weeks back

                                                                            YOU LISTEN TO PALACE?!?! ily so much i just found your acct today but i’ve been binge watching your vids. i want to be your friend so bad we have so much in common 😭

                                                                            • Lovely Andrea
                                                                              Lovely Andrea  2 weeks back

                                                                              Meanwhile For breakfast I have a breath of air 😐

                                                                              • Casey Reyes
                                                                                Casey Reyes  2 weeks back

                                                                                Take a bath first

                                                                                • meriem dz
                                                                                  meriem dz  2 weeks back

                                                                                  does everybody you know look like a freaking JUNGKOOK FROM BTS cause your bro AND your BF just ......

                                                                                  • Amari Ortiz
                                                                                    Amari Ortiz  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Imma try to eat like you and see where that gets me

                                                                                    • Maria
                                                                                      Maria  2 weeks back

                                                                                      man i will never understand american universities/college

                                                                                      • lani 00
                                                                                        lani 00  2 weeks back

                                                                                        3:54 did i hear alex g :o also your brother lowkey looks like alex g

                                                                                        • Jamie S
                                                                                          Jamie S  2 weeks back

                                                                                          prettiest person alive

                                                                                          • Tae Jo Atk
                                                                                            Tae Jo Atk  2 weeks back

                                                                                            how do you manage to eat soo much green ..LOL .But love those bangs

                                                                                            • Sophie Songbird
                                                                                              Sophie Songbird  2 weeks back

                                                                                              What’s the style of the bangs ?