Unseen Filming from JUNE 2019

  • Published: 20 July 2019
  • This Unseen month of June covers mostly footage from around the West Midland, but there is some from different parts of the network, which has many class's of locos on film.

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  • Barry The Diesel Electric Steam Spotter In Kent

    Excellent video's 👍👏

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   3 days back

      Barry thank you for your continued watching of my videos. Regards Mike.

  • matt154uk
    matt154uk  3 weeks back

    Another brilliant monthly round-up. I do enjoy these videos.

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   3 weeks back

      I better start putting July together then.

  • MrDeltic15
    MrDeltic15  4 weeks back

    A varied selection there Mike, something for everyone! Loved the shot of 66587 at Tyseley - the "Pink Panther" still eludes me on every day I've had off since it came out!

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   3 weeks back

      Does it Darren, I think its great for our hobby all these different livery's.

  • scruffwood scruffwood
    scruffwood scruffwood  4 weeks back

    Excellent mate .66587 looked good.

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   4 weeks back

      Yes it makes a good change having different livery's on the loco's noe.

  • atomiswave1971
    atomiswave1971  4 weeks back

    Still watching all your videos.. Thanks for everything.

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   4 weeks back

      Thats great Richard, so I must be doing something right.

  • Danny Cooke
    Danny Cooke  4 weeks back

    789, the "Pink Thing" not once, but twice, and the MSC shed all within minutes of each other! Nice bit of shooting Mike! Shame about the locos looking all weathered and unloved up Crewe...

  • Trevor Ledgeway
    Trevor Ledgeway  4 weeks back

    More great clips on here Mike.....Well filmed.''

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   4 weeks back

      Thank you Trevor, got it out at last. Mike.

  • Kenneth Hume
    Kenneth Hume  1 months back

    Train and loco information are very much appreciated , great video . Not sure I really like the One livery but it does catch the eye and brighten things up .

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   4 weeks back

      Well all I say about the livery's Kenneth is it make the hobby a little more interesting if we can't have many different class's. Thank you for taking a look. Regards Mike.

  • UK RailFreight Spotter
    UK RailFreight Spotter  1 months back

    What was that Convoy at 16:53 working. Great video

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   4 weeks back

      Chris I never wrote this in my book, but I think it came from the SVR but can't remember where it was going. Sorry hope that helps. Mike.

  • BNSFRon D.
    BNSFRon D.  1 months back

    Sometimes Ant-Man it's the oldies that look really good these do

  • Anthony Cooper
    Anthony Cooper  1 months back

    Another excellent film Mike 🤓. Some excellent stuff, especially Clun castle. By the way is there any colour a class 66 hasn't been outshopped in? 🤓🤓

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   4 weeks back

      Well Anthony time will tell, thanks for your comment. Regards Mike.

  • peregrine entertainment - trainspotting and more

    Fantastic video

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   4 weeks back

      Thank you very much for watching my video.

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher  1 months back

    I like Trains

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   4 weeks back

      That's great Ryan thank you for watching my video, hope you watch more of my videos. Mike.

  • SimonTog
    SimonTog  1 months back

    Very good video Mike :)

  • West Midlands Rail Enthusiast

    Clun Castle footage was amazing you did really well on that! I also saw the 47's on the hst stock drag too at walsall a few weeks back

    • West Midlands Rail Enthusiast
      West Midlands Rail Enthusiast  4 weeks back

      @antman09ful1 thank you I really appreciate it, got a tpe drag and Bahamas up on my recent!

    • antman09ful1
      antman09ful1   4 weeks back

      Nice on mate, will watch your video very soon if you have some new one's. Mike.