Patrice Bergeron scores two goals for Bruins in Game 4


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  • Ludwig Von aids
    Ludwig Von aids  4 months back

    HUrrIcAnes iN gAme 7

    • Chris Kreager
      Chris Kreager  4 months back

      Most overrated player ever. Guy would be a nobody on other teams. Put him on EDM, we'd never hear

      • Tim Sweeney
        Tim Sweeney  4 months back

        You’re a dumbass. He’s the best two way forward ever

    • Adam Page
      Adam Page  4 months back

      That's alright western conference about your Yankee asses. I don't like anybody from the North, rude people.

      • Brady Babineau
        Brady Babineau  4 months back

        Best all around player on the team coming up clutch!

        • drsamw pepper
          drsamw pepper  4 months back

          Patrice Burgeuron>Wayne Gretzky

          • Joey
            Joey  4 months back

            Oh boy...

        • Iron Fist
          Iron Fist  4 months back


          • ghbutler
            ghbutler  4 months back


            • supreme brick
              supreme brick  4 months back

              Only here to see all the other salty sports fans get mad at Boston for winning. It's funny asf to see the excuses people cook up 😂 (coming from a non Boston sports fan)

            • Alex Liu
              Alex Liu  4 months back

              LeAfS iN SiX

              • R3W NFL Edits
                R3W NFL Edits  4 months back

                Penguins get swept by Islanders
                Islanders get swept by Hurricanes
                Hurricanes get swept by Bruins
                Only fitting way to end it. Good job boys!

                • Yo Momma
                  Yo Momma  4 months back

                  Squid King sure he does he’s there top points men....don’t be a hater my boyyyyy not a good way to live your life 😅😅

                • Antonov A-40
                  Antonov A-40  4 months back

                  Yo Momma he doesn’t deserve it, maybe Boston does, but not the rat

                • Yo Momma
                  Yo Momma  4 months back

                  Squid King hahahah that filthy rat is gunna win a cup right away little boyyy

                • Antonov A-40
                  Antonov A-40  4 months back

                  Sorry, I don’t like or want a filthy rat for a team I support.

              • simon marshall
                simon marshall  4 months back

                I hate those Dirty Cheating ****s

                • Liam Ramsey
                  Liam Ramsey  4 months back

                  Sorry Carolina you got out played

                  • Yo Momma
                    Yo Momma  4 months back

                    EG3 Assassin playyedddddddd outtttttt teammmmmmm

                  • R3W NFL Edits
                    R3W NFL Edits  4 months back

                    EG3 Assassin out playedddddddddd

                  • EG3 Assassin
                    EG3 Assassin  4 months back

                    F off kid

                • Karlyn Mackay
                  Karlyn Mackay  4 months back

                  Win the cup boys

                  • Mathew Nguyen
                    Mathew Nguyen  4 months back


                    • OC Beezilla
                      OC Beezilla  4 months back

                      Mathew Nguyen off by a minute

                  • Albruins Films
                    Albruins Films  4 months back

                    Let’s go Bruins!!!

                    • Pearson Allen
                      Pearson Allen  4 months back

                      sick dood

                      • Matt Kelly
                        Matt Kelly  4 months back

                        Let’s go boys!!!! Cup final!!!!

                        • David Cizek Jr.
                          David Cizek Jr.  4 months back