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  • G Sterling
    G Sterling  3 days back

    What should they do?  They should make the disaster complete.  Hire Colin Kaepernick and make him the starter!

    • Karl Meema
      Karl Meema  7 days back

      As a former motorcycle racer, we had to get new helmets every 5 years when SNELL came out with a new standard . And after every crash, the safety personnel would cut the strap off even if it did not look damaged. I would finally get a great helmet and then the manufacturer would discontinue it and I had to start over. Funny how adults can adapt to their circumstances and some babies can't.

      • rudy rush
        rudy rush  1 weeks back


        • The Incredible DJ IDAI
          The Incredible DJ IDAI  1 weeks back

          The more I watch some of these commentators, the more I'm convinced that they are not concerned about truth, it's more about how they can stretch a story to make it more of what it is, just to get viewers and attention. When the season starts...I just want to see how they respond...when they win.

          • Cali Raider
            Cali Raider  1 weeks back

            Florio, wanna bash ppl. Ok, your a stupid Latin Jew. Someone needs to wipe that stupid smile off your face. If you don't like my comment, oh well. Freedom of speech.

            • Cali Raider
              Cali Raider  1 weeks back

              Keep bashing the raiders. Something may happen! 😼

            • Duke Diggler
              Duke Diggler  1 weeks back

              So spend 10 minutes discussing why someone didn’t ask how the foot injury happened at the press conference when they did ask Brown how it happened at the press conference... seems like a good use of time.

              • The Shape
                The Shape  1 weeks back

                Hey Chris - just go scatter to west right tight, F left, 372 Y stick Z spot.

                • Guillermo Calderon
                  Guillermo Calderon  1 weeks back

                  The Shape even if you give him a compose he can’t find where west is

              • Juggie Bonebrain
                Juggie Bonebrain  1 weeks back

                "Hand in hand"... Don't you mean head in foot? Lolololol

                • Gia Pacella
                  Gia Pacella  1 weeks back

                  I'm not laughing...CTE is real... Years of bell hit...I worry about him! Gia Personality Changes Symptom...rewatch Concussion

                  • Eric Rivard
                    Eric Rivard  1 weeks back

                    Did you see his feet in Hard Knocks? You've got to be kidding me. His foot injury is a very real thing.

                    • duet steam
                      duet steam  1 weeks back

                      wellllll..... here comes mike florio

                  • 5jr. Racing
                    5jr. Racing  1 weeks back

                    What about the helmet cry baby????? Maybe he should go to his safe place and suck his thumb!!!!! Or quit...yeah...quit you premadona!

                  • Giovanni Perez
                    Giovanni Perez  1 weeks back

                    Stop gossiping about him and let him live his life.