S.O.S.| Creamed Beef on Toast


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  • Carl G
    Carl G  3 hours back

    I truly enjoy watching Cowboy Ken he is a true outdoor country cook, Sir you are true cowboy cooking on the chuck wagon for hungry cowboys on cattle drives and keeping the true cowboy way alive "Thank you"

    • SoyBoy
      SoyBoy  4 hours back

      Vegans hate his delicious recipes

      • sheila montoya
        sheila montoya  5 hours back

        Lol Shannon you have your hands full 😄 great recipes

        • Paula Campbell
          Paula Campbell  10 hours back

          I make SOS with dried beef

          • Richard 73 mink
            Richard 73 mink  12 hours back

            Watch every chance I get. I’m in the marine corps currently deployed. I’m in Iraq. Even on my first deployment I watched the videos! Thanks for it all y’all!

            • Matt
              Matt  18 hours back

              Just made this, but mixed it with egg noodles instead of over toast. So good...

            • Brock Main3
              Brock Main3  23 hours back

              Shoulda just said (poo poo) on a shingle

              • Gipsy Dean
                Gipsy Dean  1 days back

                Why can't you say it, 'Shit on a Shingle' I though you were a cowboy.......

                • Julie K
                  Julie K  1 days back

                  Thanks for what you do Kent, I suddenly want to buy a cattle ranch and some Dutch ovens and be your neighbor. God bless you, thanks for sharing your faith and being a shining example of the salt & light of America. Keep sharing your recipes & stories & brightening our days!

                • sonyreaper0
                  sonyreaper0  1 days back

                  Looks really good I’m going to give it a try

                • Jennifer Waite
                  Jennifer Waite  1 days back

                  My mother made this quite often, especially during the winter months. It is SO good! Thank you for sharing your recipes with us!
                  Stay safe out there and
                  God bless!

                • Allen White
                  Allen White  1 days back

                  Love some S.O.S. ate it all the time on the ship. My mom use to make cream of tuna on toast, love that to and some Chipped beef over toast as well

                • IRONDAWG63
                  IRONDAWG63  1 days back


                • bowslap
                  bowslap  1 days back

                  Good ol' S.O.S.......usually made mine with the little packs of Carl Buddig chipped beef(ain't fit for much else) and canned milk, but it all leads to the same end: something hot on the plate in front of you and your family. Being a trucker, I've always worn either cowboy boots or western-style pull-on boots with the safety toes. Ariat usually lasts me 2 years per pair, and I deal with a mixture of agricultural products and hazmat...and that's better than Red Wing or Double H ever did. Wasn't aware they made shirts as well....will have to look into those. Keep living that good life above the grass with your family, Cowboy, and I'll catch you on down the trail.

                • Antonakiss Aurelius
                  Antonakiss Aurelius  1 days back

                  All I can say is God bless you brother b cuz I just got through following everything you did to a T and that garlic toast compliments that stuff soooooooo!!!! good!!!!!! mmmmm!!!! I even did me my own little cowboy dance in my kitchen this morning after I ate me some of that!!!!!😂😂😂

                • acftmxman
                  acftmxman  1 days back

                  Kent and Shannon, thank you so much for this recipe. I just made it yesterday for my wife and she went crazy. My grandmother (god rest her soul) used to make this for us all the time. I was the only one she'd let in the kitchen with her to cook. She was like you in that there was no recipe, just a pinch of this and a punch of that. Making it brought back so many fond memories. True comfort food for the soul. Anyway, she used to make a lot of the recipes you have on your channel. This is the first video of yours I saw and subscribed because of it. Please keep up the excellent work!-Mark

                • seven cureton
                  seven cureton  2 days back

                  So likable
                  Always enjoy the videos

                • Eddie Carr
                  Eddie Carr  2 days back

                  Made this recipe over this weekend, sans outdoor cooking. Really good, simple recipe and the garlic toast definitely makes the dish. Next time will do about 1/3 pound hot sausage and 2/3 pound hamburger to give it a different flavor and a little kick. Definitely will be a regular dish here every month or so.

                • Kevin
                  Kevin  2 days back

                  Been binge watching your videos on a rainy Sunday, just found your channel & subbed, let me know if you want some Dukes, we carry it here in Maryland, 👍

                • Benjamin Kirby Tennyson

                  So this is how they used to cook back in the 18th century??.

                  • Caroline Morphis
                    Caroline Morphis  2 days back

                    That texas tost is great have broned ground meat and put ragu in it put it on the toast

                  • Someone
                    Someone  2 days back

                    How can you not like this guy?

                  • Dmac 740
                    Dmac 740  3 days back

                    I like Ken he's a character and seems to be a really good guy.

                  • Dmac 740
                    Dmac 740  3 days back

                    💩 on the shingle a breakfasts classic.

                    • Robert McMillan
                      Robert McMillan  3 days back

                      I make this but use canned cream of mushroom instead of milk, good stuff for a rainy day.

                    • Peopled Diagram
                      Peopled Diagram  3 days back

                      Rofl, keep a rock in yer pocket to stop yourself from being blown away. Love it 🤗 New Zealand here.

                    • Robert Fohl
                      Robert Fohl  3 days back

                      Great recipe Kent! Theres a Facebook channel called “Cast iron cooking” ,, they scold me when I tell them not to clean cast with oven cleaner.. go figure....love your cowboy beans recipe!

                    • McKayla Worthen
                      McKayla Worthen  3 days back

                      My pa made this often growing up and we called it Hamburger Gravy. But we like ours with mashed potatoes. Mmmmm.

                    • Scott Riggleman
                      Scott Riggleman  4 days back

                      Hey Cowboy I'll tell ya, we really enjoyed this video!! Both me and my wife served in the military and that's where I fell in love with SOS about 40 years ago in the Marines. I still make it to this day and raised our kids on it for breakfast and sometimes we have it for supper. I make it very similar to the way you do. Semper Fi Kent and God bless you and your family! Thanks a million Sir!

                      • Cowboy Kent Rollins
                        Cowboy Kent Rollins   2 days back

                        Scott thank you both for your service and and it is good eating, God bless you and yours

                    • Mark Langer
                      Mark Langer  4 days back

                      Our family was brought up eating it , and I still do 😁😋

                    • Kristina Archibald
                      Kristina Archibald  4 days back

                      Love from alaska❤

                    • JETS bcuzYOLO
                      JETS bcuzYOLO  4 days back

                      Shit on a shingle. my family eats it all the time here in Ohio. we use corned beef though, basically bisquits and gravy except replace the sausage with corn beef, and the the biscuits for toast. its cheap but one of my favorites, its so good.

                      • Sam Wagner
                        Sam Wagner  4 days back

                        2 things everyone should know how to make.
                        1) pot roast
                        2) gravy

                        A good pot roast is great for a date, for a special occasion, or for a lazy Sunday dinner.

                        Gravy is versatile and works with tons of things. Gravy over rice with a fried egg is a favorite breakfast of mine, biscuits and gravy, or if you really want to impress...gravy over a pot roast.

                      • polly jetix
                        polly jetix  4 days back

                        Oh man, I grew up on this stuff. Mama was of PA Dutch Mennonite heritage, so we didn't make biscuits, but yeast bread. (I think biscuits are more of Scoth-Irish influence, perhaps.)
                        She'd often make that what you call "creamed beef" (we called it hamburger gravy.) She'd pour it over noodles, or we'd put it on mashed potatoes, or just a slice of homemade bread. Yum. Comfort food.
                        And for a slightly different twist, skip the flour. If you just fry and add milk to the sausage or hamburger, and then pour it over saltine crackers... oh my!
                        Lay a runny-yolk fried egg on top, and that's a real breakfast!

                      • Artari
                        Artari  4 days back

                        SOS was a big hit to us locals from Hawaii. It was popular when I was a kid when the military came in with that recipe along with spam...aloha Mr. Rollins

                      • James Planes
                        James Planes  4 days back

                        This is one of the most wholesome shows ive ever seen gives me fred rogers vibes

                      • comfortinthewilddan
                        comfortinthewilddan  4 days back

                        Can’t wait to try this. Thanks for the great video

                      • Bushcraft Prepper
                        Bushcraft Prepper  4 days back

                        And I'm watching in Tyne & Wear North East England and my mouth is watering. Thank You and stay safe. ATB. Nigel

                        • Bushcraft Prepper
                          Bushcraft Prepper  2 days back

                          @Cowboy Kent Rollins You will get a warm welocme and a 'Stottie Buttie' as well. ATB

                        • Cowboy Kent Rollins
                          Cowboy Kent Rollins   2 days back

                          Thanks Nigel and someday I'm coming to visit

                      • reldoc
                        reldoc  4 days back

                        My mom made it with chipped beef. I have good memories of SOS in the field with the USMC artillery battalion mess.

                      • Hans
                        Hans  4 days back

                        your videos are giving me so many ideas for food when my family reunion rolls around.
                        And I want to make this for breakfast sometime.
                        Also, hello from Idaho, I've been to Oklahoma and I will say Fort Sill wasn't the best place to "Visit"

                      • joseph burtulato
                        joseph burtulato  4 days back

                        Cream dried beef is one of my all time favorite foods. I bake bread, but for some reason it always goes good over some cheap toasted bread.

                        • Trent gay
                          Trent gay  4 days back

                          My grandfather used too make s.o.s when I was a kid. He said something about eating it in the military often I think.

                          • Trent gay
                            Trent gay  4 days back

                            @Cowboy Kent Rollins thank you mr. Rollins, for your reply have a good day from Oregon.

                          • Cowboy Kent Rollins
                            Cowboy Kent Rollins   4 days back

                            yes it was a staple

                        • Michele Erwin
                          Michele Erwin  4 days back

                          Thank you, Kent, for all of your lessons. I am looking to making some of these delectable dishes.

                          • Basha Johnny
                            Basha Johnny  5 days back

                            Your the best Cowboy. Happy Trails.

                            • Shain Huffman
                              Shain Huffman  5 days back

                              U can thin it with water too !!! But the big dam beagle is a great helper !!!

                              • No Scams
                                No Scams  5 days back

                                I just made this for dinner! My grandparents taught me to make it and i ate it in the marines. Watching this video brought back so many memories that i had to make it. Keep them coming. Semper Fidelis Cowboy Kent!

                                • Cowboy Kent Rollins
                                  Cowboy Kent Rollins   5 days back

                                  thank you so much for your service and so glad it brought back some memories

                              • Gamer Mom x 10
                                Gamer Mom x 10  5 days back

                                First thing I was taught to cook was s.o.s. My dad taught me how to make it just like he had it in the navy in the late 60's. But always with dried beef. It's one of my favorites.

                              • oksanasdad
                                oksanasdad  5 days back

                                We were just talking about making this the other day. My wife and I both loved it as youngsters. We wonder how our own kids will respond?!? :-)