The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

  • Published: 12 May 2019
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    Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?

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    Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.

    Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading.

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    • toxicboi i
      toxicboi i  12 hours back

      The people who dislike the video is probably Karen

    • grab america by huevos
      grab america by huevos  23 hours back

      hey i was in the military got every shot except the hpv gardisal no they are not good for your body, why do they give a live attenuated virus in the flumist, why is everyone still sick a couple of days after the flu shot, why do i diagnosed with strep throat in the military if we are fit in the military, i had to get a penicillian shot in the butt, where the studies on the military with reactions to those shots? where results from the burn pits and poop pits from us veterans, why did we wear perithrin soaked uniform deployed "to keep bugs off" why did we stay in mosquito bombed buildings,

    • Nick Korkodylas
      Nick Korkodylas  2 days back

      I am constantly being called an "anti-vaxxer" and a "science denialist" just for pointing out that it's a bad idea to allow governments make sticking needles in your children mandatory. They also called me a "conspiracy theorist" for pointing out that some vaccines used mercury compounds as preservatives.

    • Jordan Sutche
      Jordan Sutche  4 days back

      The fact you brought up Wakefield's "research" just proved you didn't actually look into it at all. That's a fact.

    • Haziq Aiman
      Haziq Aiman  4 days back

      Ok gus

  • Jason Khimera
    Jason Khimera  2 hours back

    I know it's awful... But... Let the Antivax not vax... Then they and their kids are more likely to die and evolution takes its course...

    • Ykario
      Ykario  24 minutes back

      Nope, the kids aren't responsable for their parents retardness, and they still endanger others

  • CattAnimations
    CattAnimations  2 hours back

    Karen’s like normal hate

    • Vincent Alley
      Vincent Alley  3 hours back

      Also, so what if your kid is autistic? They are basically saying that they don't want autistic people. Anti-vaxxers are even worse than we think.

      • Семён Маликов

        If antivaxxers truly believe vaccines are evil, why are they vaccinated?

        • Lancashirelad
          Lancashirelad  4 hours back

          You know being autistic and hearing that parents would rather have their children die then "catch autism" makes me feel a bit disheartened if im being honest.

          At the end of the day from my angle it looks like these mothers want a trophy daughter/son to brag about, why they would brag about putting their own kid in physical danger most likely as its "against the norm" therefore they will be noticed easier, some people believe that big pharma is plotting some insidious plan and thats why they dont vaccinate others just use that as a cover from the reality of the situation I feel.

          • Games Android
            Games Android  6 hours back

            Dude,i did learn something Here that my School Will never teach us

            • Why does this name
              Why does this name  7 hours back

              Who else just came here for the anti-vaxx jokes?

              • mege5876 tran
                mege5876 tran  8 hours back

                all of those dislikes are from anti vaxxers

              • Ketrick GD
                Ketrick GD  9 hours back

                Kurzgesagt: makes a compelling video on vaccines

                Anti-vaxx moms: I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that

                • Lê Hoàng Thiện
                  Lê Hoàng Thiện  11 hours back

                  Love this video!

                  • Dylan Allen
                    Dylan Allen  12 hours back

                    anti vaxxer logic: i rather swim through the poison crocodile infested river then cross the 90% safe bridge

                    • Maxxine DeOcampo
                      Maxxine DeOcampo  13 hours back

                      I feel bad for the people who are allergic to vaccines

                      • The Shinto Railfan
                        The Shinto Railfan  2 hours back

                        Their the reason everyone else should vaccinate! To protect them!

                    • Fariha Zullaina Z
                      Fariha Zullaina Z  14 hours back

                      Is no one going to mention the Avengers tower and helicarrier at 4:54 ?

                      • skoorb nimajnib
                        skoorb nimajnib  14 hours back

                        In the past vaccines had mercury and more aluminium so it is proven that at least for that reason they were poisonous. Also courts secretly pay out compensation to people for deaths, autism and so on.

                        • Max Leonard
                          Max Leonard  9 hours back

                          Vaccines in the past contained a non-toxic variant of mercury. it was removed to ease public opinion. Vaccines still contain about 100-150 grams of aluminum but you actually ingest more aluminum from the foods you eat in about a week. This minuscule amount of aluminum in vaccines wont harm the body in any way.

                      • skoorb nimajnib
                        skoorb nimajnib  14 hours back

                        Skepticism is healthy. Especially when it’s about staying healthy. It’s like religion. I believe in God but I am not going to give over all my faith to a book or an institution. It’s common sense. Of medicine in the past historians say the people often got better despite the medicine or got worse because of it. But now there is also the big business aspect and the planning from the elite to reduce the population. That easier to prove from listening to Bill Gates than the veracity of his vaccines.

                      • Aldrich Saint of the deep

                        Im not vaccinating what's gonna happen am I gonna get measles ha! Yeah right- person who got measles

                        • Spaghetti Noob
                          Spaghetti Noob  18 hours back

                          get rekt liberals

                          • LoneWolf 125
                            LoneWolf 125  19 hours back

                            Anyone else in the comments to see all the anti vaxers

                            • e l
                              e l  20 hours back

                              To all of you claiming I’m wrong google Vaccine Autism Documentary it’s banned in the states. Meaning you won’t see it on national tv stations. They’ve forbidden the truth to get out!!

                              • Keeping it Tallish
                                Keeping it Tallish  12 hours back

                                e l .....because it’s not true😂

                              • Just a Guy
                                Just a Guy  17 hours back

                                e l They blocked it because it spread misinformation about vaccines. What part of this is so hard to understand?

                              • The Shinto Railfan
                                The Shinto Railfan  20 hours back

                                Autism. Happens. Before. Birth.
                                What part of that is unclear? None of it.
                                Was the article linking autism to vaccines heavily debunked? Yes.
                                Do vaccines cause autism? *No.*

                            • Countrycowboy08
                              Countrycowboy08  21 hours back

                              Hey Kurzgesagt? I'm a NOBODY, but I'm hoping so hard for you to make a video about the Pathophysiology of Dengue Fever. The death toll back in my motherland, the Philippines, is getting higher, and videos like the ones that you do can be used to spread awareness. Please??? Can you guys here in comment section help me to reach the Kurzgesagt team?? 😭😭😭😭

                              • Aimee Bernard
                                Aimee Bernard  21 hours back

                                Fabulous video! Accurate and thorough yet easy-to-understand. This immunology professor thanks you for this treasure!

                                • Morshellow boi
                                  Morshellow boi  22 hours back

                                  The Earth is donut and glass is a secret government camera

                                  • Mihailo Novosel
                                    Mihailo Novosel  8 hours back

                                    And you forgot that the sun and the moon dont actually exsit.

                                • king julian
                                  king julian  1 days back

                                  Uh are you dumb or am i dumb guz the docters said im born with autism so you cant get it right

                                  • Alexander DiRaddo
                                    Alexander DiRaddo  1 days back

                                    *unfunny and overused antivaxxer joke*

                                    • JOY & PAIN
                                      JOY & PAIN  1 days back

                                      From personal experience I can say that certain vaccines aren't for everyones genetic makeup and from what I experienced after the FLU shot was severe joint stiffness and fevers around 104 and couldnt move my arm for a while so I no longer get the flu shot that doesn't mean the next person,will get the same issue,its all,in our immune system and genetic,makeup some,people cant sustain that Period especially babies or,kids its,something DNA,wise that isn't mixing like with MMR which is what they say,causes autism Its a huge confusion I understand its not that vaccines are bad its that certain,humans mitochondria cant withstand the chemicals all at once and as a result they have autistic characteristics or brain issues neurodevelopment etc but,kids who can sustain it have no issue .The debate about protecting society from viruses I understand it but do feel they should study each person's genetic makeup to ensure they are,candidates forthese vaccines and if not make certain ones for,people who may have a certain gene that will cause harm if they receive vaccines its all in DNA genes and Blood type at the,end of the day one shot cant be for everyone

                                      • JOY & PAIN
                                        JOY & PAIN  8 hours back

                                        @Vary Olla too,many diseases,old,and,new,it's really disastrous nobody said I,have an,issue with vaccines my,issue,is they just arent good,for some,peoples genetic makeup so,its just a,sad situation

                                      • Vary Olla
                                        Vary Olla  8 hours back

                                        Ah........the old "there is nothing we can do = so why try" rationalization.  lol!  The diseases are out there as noted.  Accordingly we can either do nothing thereby allowing them to propagate - harming and killing countless lives to no real purpose in the process - or we can act.  We choose the latter for the benefit of all.

                                        Smallpox was eradicated.  Of the 3 strains of Polio = one has been eradicated, another has not been seen for a few years now and is likely eradicated - while the 3rd strain now only exists in a few rural areas of a couple of poor Third World nations.  Accordingly we could see Polio eradicated within this current generation as well - IF - people will simple vaccinate.

                                        Yet today we are seeing a resurgence of measles - an infectious disease which was also on it's way out by the way = and all thanks to people refusing to vaccinate under various rationalizations.  That is a travesty because like with say smallpox = the MeV measles virus is "human specific".  That means it can only propagate in humans and if everyone got their MMR = it too would be eradicated from the world as it would have no hosts to keep it alive.

                                        Moral of the story:  Influenza since you referenced it is one of the worst infectious diseases from an epidemiological standpoint.  It can be lethal + it is highly mutable "jumping" between species via zoonosis + it is easily spread via airborne and surface contact. 

                                        So while the Flu vaccine might not always be highly "effective" - it varies from year to year as the vaccine makeup changes based upon predictions of what will emerge - it never the less improves your odds of survival.  Lots of otherwise "healthy" people die from Influenza each year.  Last Flu season the CDC estimated ~80,000 people died of Influenza in the US.  What we do know is that people who were vaccinated - even if you still catch the Flu = tend to have a milder case of it and accordingly a better chance for recovery.  The vast majority of people who die from infectious diseases = unvaccinated.  Have a nice day.

                                      • JOY & PAIN
                                        JOY & PAIN  9 hours back

                                        @Vary Olla Long Story short the world is screwed. Too much going on in it too,many,diseases and issues to,catch

                                      • Vary Olla
                                        Vary Olla  9 hours back

                                        Having difficultly reading English perhaps??  How about a reality break.  Vaccines = are made to be tolerated by as many people as possible.............period - got it.  It is physically impossible to create vaccines based upon individual makeup = because each person alive has slight differences in their genomes.  Accordingly one can not create a vaccine to take all those differences into account = impossible.

                                        Meanwhile vaccines as noted employ common substances with a track record of efficacy and safety.  If 10,000 children are vaccinated and 9,950 are fine while the other 50 react harshly - that does not make the vaccine bad = it just means those 50 have some *INTERNAL* variation within their immune system which results in their inability to tolerate what all of the others could.  That makes it *THEIR* fault and not the vaccine's.

                                        Moral of the story:  you are at risk regardless because you do not live in a vacuum.  Accordingly infectious pathogens exist in nature -------> thus they exist in human populations = thus they are always out there and you are therefore always at risk. 

                                        So it is traumatic enough to give an infant/child a shot.  It attempt to "screen" their genomic makeup to ascertain if they have some molecular issue with being exposed to vaccines as well as allergies would necessitate expensive testing as well as far more invasive procedures = thereby increasing the cost and trauma to the child.  Better to simply vaccinate with the understanding that >90% will have no lasting problems and accordingly help to maintain the herd immunity which ultimately protects all. 

                                        For that small percent who have issues they as noted reflect people who likely would react similarly or worse upon catching what vaccines prevent anyways. So they get a shot and react - OR - they catch the disease = and still react.  The shot however improves their odds as we see less adverse reaction to vaccination than from the actual diseases.  You must look at the big picture here as vaccination is about the group dynamic as much as the person being vaccinated.  Have a nice day.

                                      • JOY & PAIN
                                        JOY & PAIN  9 hours back

                                        @schuelermine personal,experience just tells me,not,all,vaccines are,for,me My,body reacts different than most even with certain medications that doesnt mean,vaccines are,bad it does mean,our,genetic,makeup is all,different

                                    • nowsoh
                                      nowsoh  1 days back

                                      I can’t believe there are such things as antivaccant people that exist ...
                                      Chances are 100% of people watching this video has been vaccinated and are living happily

                                      • skoorb nimajnib
                                        skoorb nimajnib  1 days back

                                        So in the past they poisoned us with dangerous mercury and more aluminium? So you have admitted their guilt. They are still poisoning us. Even more. Or is it just that they stay one step ahead of popular scientific knowledge. Should we trust Big Pharma and it's links to the Nazis etc. Read the book Bad Pharma. Who pays to produce these cartoons? Yes - there are bad and crazy people in power at the highest levels who instead of toothbrush moustaches have cultural ways to indoctrinate. Listen to experts, because simplified explanation can be deceiving.
                                        Mercury and aluminium, and things like flouride, which is also a known brain toxin which is in our daily water (first added in the concentration camps to make the prisoners docile) and toothpaste have precursors...building blocks...
                                        chemicals which contribute towards their formation. 1+1=2.
                                        We are talking also about about injecting new born babies with many, many weird things at the same time, including viruses or parts of viruses when their immune systems are not developed so again we are talking about the combined effect of these things. If the anti-vaccine lobby is not a dumb fashion then it's arguments are worth investigating. I am not scientist but there are many scientists on that side or at least with many serious issues to raise and if more were paid by the state or Big Pharma then there would be more. The burden of proof is on the person who wants to inject millions of why is it so often the sceptics who are having to justify their position? Because many simplly believe in authority. Be careful with that. The say nuclear power is safe but look what happened in Chernobyl or Fukushima. Science is good but as it is driven by finance and investors and maybe people who belong to an elite who want to reduce the population, we have to be more than happy shoppers.
                                        The issue about many african countries going to court over masses of tetanus viruses containing sterilisation agents is common knowledge among well-informed people. So it depends what sources are official.
                                        But then again, ask your doctor about cancer?
                                        It is now becoming clear that Cancer is often triggered by "harmless" viruses....and one day it will be common sense will catch up and say that it is logical. Meanwhile people are dying and the cancer industry is lagging behind the facts. Perhaps because if people can help prevent cancer by common anti-virals such as cat's claw and raw garlic then why do doctors never prescribe natural preventative medicine to their patients?
                                        Why do schools not provide a few pieces of fruit free for every child?

                                        • Crylantiess
                                          Crylantiess  6 hours back

                                          @skoorb nimajnib I'm not sure how to say this, but either: you're a really good troll that even i feel for, or you don't have a home lab to do basic experiments at home with your own tools where you could show us ANY evidence for the claims you make about the healthcare system and vaccines. As far as I can tell you have no data, evidence or any credible souces linked to single of your conspiracies. You don't know the word "data", you have sample sizes that are less that are tiny.
                                          You claimed nuclear power isn't safe due to fukushima and Chernobyl, yes, they are quite scary, quite dangerous and unfortunate. But if you look at the numbers, you will realize that those are only two examples out of around 450 reactors, that are: better, safer, smarter and more effienct than Chernobyl and Fukushima, people learn from their mistakes. Besides Fukushima was caused by a tsunami and an earthquake, it's not like it wouldn't be just has dangerous iif the reactor wasn't there.
                                          You seem to not understand chemistry a whole lot since: dangerous by itself =/= dangerous combined with other things. You said aluminium is a brain toxin, correct, but geuss what, a lot of electronics usess aluminium a lot, because it's amazing. Mercury WAS not "IS", which means they USED to use mercury in vaccines, yes, did you know that people once thought that cutting off your legs was a great way to cure a small disease. Mercury is currently used for electronics and some streetlamps. (people once thought drinking pure mercury was healthy) what i am saying is that NOOOOOO we don't use mercury in vaccines, we used to do that, because we didn't realize how crazy dangerous that is, that is why we stopped doing it, if a company tries to sell a vaccine with mercury in it, customers would feel the side effects, sue the company for breaking the law, and then that company would stop using that vaccine. THERE ARE NO BENEFITS TO PUTTING MURCURY IN VACCINES IF THEY WANT MONEY. the "elite" doesn't wanna cut the population down, because that means: less workes = less money = worse living standarts = angry population = current elite gets boned, very harshly i might add. Also flourine is a natural mineral that strenghts our teeth, it's not supposed to go into the brain, that is why there is a legal maximum in each country for how much flourine you can put in a productl if you look on the back of that toothpaste of yours, it will say how much is in it, if it goes over the maximum sue the company for doing something illegal. Uder a certain amount of a "toxin" it is littleraly harmless.
                                          vaccinces are weird, it's water mixed a very weakened version of the disease. it's very natural, some time ago, a lot of kids died due to diseases, (any historian will tell you the same) but when medicine and vaccines came, only a very very very small amount of kids died because of diseases. A kids body is the perfect victim for any disease, that is why they get sick alot, they are under development.
                                          the scientist on the anti-vaccine side, very few (if any) of them medical professionals and again, it's a small amount so logically you should trust the masses on this one, since one side has a few tousands, they other has tens of millions scientists on their side.
                                          science is NOT born out of greed, it just happens that you can use science to make money like: when an engineer invents a new type of electric engine that is safer, faster and cheaper, off course companies would want to try and sell that. If scientists have to change the world, the best way is to make something both better, faster, safer and cheaper than the product that came before it. No one wants to buy something that is more expensive if what they have is already fine enough. so scientists make them cheaper so people buy their new climate friendly motor, insted of the people just saying "I wont buy it because is it too expensive"

                                          also things don't come for free, inventions and new science costs money, thanks to: tools, material and a lot of time. They can't give them away for free, else they wouldn't be able to make new inventions and discover things such as physics and chemistry, which will help us make new tecnologi and medicine, which will raise living standarts, and reduce children dying from a preventable disease

                                        • Keeping it Tallish
                                          Keeping it Tallish  12 hours back

                                          Because at the end of the day, there’s more iron in an apricot than a vaccination, and eating them 5 times a day 5 days a week is clearly a health violation.

                                          (please don’t @ me I’m only joking)

                                        • skoorb nimajnib
                                          skoorb nimajnib  14 hours back

                                          Just a Guy, tin foil has aluminum!

                                        • Just a Guy
                                          Just a Guy  17 hours back

                                          *puts on tinfoil hat*

                                        • schuelermine
                                          schuelermine  17 hours back

                                          No, they didn't. The aluminum levels are minuscule

                                      • Quartermaster 40k
                                        Quartermaster 40k  1 days back

                                        I swear when we colonize the moon and Mars and if I have the power to choose those going I'll mkae sure no antivaxxer comes to the ships. Their stupidity and ignorance will be our downfall

                                        • Leví
                                          Leví  21 hours back

                                          include the sjw in the list too

                                      • Dialas Dialga
                                        Dialas Dialga  1 days back

                                        I was here to roast antivaxxers in the comments, but I found intellectuals

                                      • Gacha Bob
                                        Gacha Bob  1 days back

                                        Me:mom did you vaccinate me !!!!!?

                                        • Sir Admin
                                          Sir Admin  1 days back

                                          If you have a antivax friend with a kid when your kid gets vaccinated host a party for the kids the antivax kid will get sick and die 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                          • Christian Dzwonkowski
                                            Christian Dzwonkowski  9 hours back

                                            Dude...not cool... If the parents are anti vaxx its the parents who are the problem. Children don't pick their parents or their parents beliefs.

                                        • Gabriel Jordan
                                          Gabriel Jordan  1 days back

                                          Vaccines do NOT cause autism.

                                          • Umgrut
                                            Umgrut  1 days back

                                            Autism causes vaccines!!!

                                            • Lancashirelad
                                              Lancashirelad  4 hours back

                                              My god, we've been looking at it the wrong way this whole time.

                                              Thanks to you the truth has been revealed.

                                            • Blooky the mememan.
                                              Blooky the mememan.  18 hours back

                                              Thank you kanye, very cool!

                                          • Haziq Aiman
                                            Haziq Aiman  1 days back

                                            3 virus 🏳️‍🌈

                                          • Joat Zarathustra
                                            Joat Zarathustra  1 days back

                                            I refuse to use antivirus software I don’t want an autistic computer!

                                            • schuelermine
                                              schuelermine  17 hours back

                                              +1 good joke

                                            • The Shinto Railfan
                                              The Shinto Railfan  21 hours back

                                              OK, that's funny.
                                              Coincidentally, I remember hearing the metaphor that autism is like being a mac in a world of PCs.

                                          • ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe

                                            I like how as the video progressed they started to roast the anti vaxxers yarder and harder savage.
                                            And awesome video.

                                            • janevski
                                              janevski  1 days back

                                              Who's watching this after getting vaccinated?

                                              • Daddy Long Legs
                                                Daddy Long Legs  2 days back

                                                Wanna roast an anti-vaxxer in the comments can someone just take one for the team and pretend they anti-vax so we can all laugh at them pls

                                                • The Shinto Railfan
                                                  The Shinto Railfan  21 hours back

                                                  Nice impression of an anti-vaxxer, @ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe.

                                                • ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe
                                                  ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe  1 days back

                                                  You moron dont you know every person on earth who has taken vaccine yet has died pr is on a verge to death how can you compare something which has 100 percent death rates to the small proportion caused due to no vaxxx

                                              • SQUACK
                                                SQUACK  2 days back

                                                pharmaceutical companies should have to test vaccines as a drug and should not be immune to lawsuits for childhood vaccines

                                                • The Shinto Railfan
                                                  The Shinto Railfan  2 hours back

                                                  They defiantly are. I'm pretty sure It's illegal to release a medical product without it being tested.

                                                • Crylantiess
                                                  Crylantiess  6 hours back

                                                  @SQUACK dude, how many kids do you think would die without vaccines, a lot of them, basic history teaches us that, there is a reason we made vaccines to begin with

                                                • schuelermine
                                                  schuelermine  17 hours back

                                                  They are. Period.

                                                • Dialas Dialga
                                                  Dialas Dialga  1 days back

                                                  @SQUACK also fuck off

                                                • Dialas Dialga
                                                  Dialas Dialga  1 days back

                                                  Hell nah they do already, is earth flat to you?!

                                              • SQUACK
                                                SQUACK  2 days back

                                                This video is full of misinformation

                                                • skingoblin x XXX
                                                  skingoblin x XXX  21 hours back

                                                  This comment is full of misinformation

                                                • The Shinto Railfan
                                                  The Shinto Railfan  21 hours back

                                                  It defiantly isn't.

                                                • ButthurtGamez
                                                  ButthurtGamez  1 days back

                                                  bruh, kurzgesagt literally get their information from scientists and doctors that specifically work on the topic they are talking about. They said it in one of their videos. Also, since you commented four false facts, tell me where you got your research.I'm pretty sure people with 8 years of practice about health know this stuff better than you do.

                                                • Toast
                                                  Toast  1 days back

                                                  How would you know

                                              • SQUACK
                                                SQUACK  2 days back

                                                In the USA before the measles vaccine 1 in 500,000 Americans died per year

                                              • SQUACK
                                                SQUACK  2 days back

                                                Vaccines destroy our health and help big pharma make more money

                                                • Ykario
                                                  Ykario  16 minutes back

                                                  @Dark White He is correct, 100% of vaccinated people dies. And 100% of non vaccinated people dies, but faster.

                                                • Mattyfigs
                                                  Mattyfigs  4 hours back

                                                  SQUACK this comment destroys my mental health

                                                • Dark White
                                                  Dark White  21 hours back

                                                  ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe
                                                  I hope you’re joking :,)

                                                • ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe
                                                  ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe  1 days back

                                                  I know right i know almost 2000 people in my life probably more and every one who has taken vaccing is going to die mannn why do they take vaccines they have 100% death rate

                                              • SubscribeToPewdiepie
                                                SubscribeToPewdiepie  2 days back

                                                8:30 a mother has just indirectly killed their child by putting them in danger

                                                • just another account
                                                  just another account  2 days back

                                                  If your kid dies from a vaccine, its probably better that way...

                                                  • Mariah Hirsch
                                                    Mariah Hirsch  2 days back

                                                    (⊙□⊙) sugar rush

                                                    • Note Nopeti
                                                      Note Nopeti  2 days back

                                                      Doctor : omae o wa mou shindeir
                                                      Kids : Nani?

                                                      • Mysterious Snowball
                                                        Mysterious Snowball  2 days back

                                                        All the dislikes are antivaxxers