Jon Gruden not left with many options in Antonio Brown drama | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  • James Simon
    James Simon  3 days back

    AB is showing early signs of cte

    • Nick Serritella
      Nick Serritella  1 weeks back

      Oakland already lost

      • Alexia Is On Fire
        Alexia Is On Fire  1 weeks back

        Antonio Clown

        • John Trump
          John Trump  1 weeks back

          Antonio Browns back in camp sports propagandist.

          • slewofdamascus
            slewofdamascus  1 weeks back

            This was actually a GREAT break-down. I'm shocked. No anti-Raiders bs. No anti-Gruden bs. Just excellent insight. I gotta say, as someone who grew up with the S&B in Oakland (born in '64), and who loves this team, we're not going tom lose a moment's sleep if AB decides to sit out the season or whatever. This team has bigger fish to fry. We need leaders not tempestuous prima donnas.

            • blue Vítor
              blue Vítor  1 weeks back

              30 million dollars and he wants he's helmet,well let him have it! NFL GURUS!

              • Brett Jones
                Brett Jones  1 weeks back

                You’re lying through your teeth Jon !

                • mau dominguez
                  mau dominguez  1 weeks back

                  let the guy wear the helmet he wants its his choice !

                  • Jack s. kicking
                    Jack s. kicking  1 weeks back

                    Lol no it's not. The players union agreed with these safer helmets. It's mandatory

                • 20 20
                  20 20  1 weeks back

                  That type of accident is his fault! 😁 If you don't put your seatbelt on who's fault is it? 😆 Steelers fan! 😁

                  • Lance Zeigler
                    Lance Zeigler  1 weeks back

                    Raider Nation will soon learn that there isn't an approved helmet that can stop this headache. Steelers Nation is having fun watching this unfold and are SOOO Glad he's no longer Pittsburgh's problem...

                    • Dave Keys Sports Talk
                      Dave Keys Sports Talk  1 weeks back

                      If Antonio Brown continues behaving like this, he's at risk for being released by the Raiders and if that happens I doubt that another NFL team will sign him

                      • slewofdamascus
                        slewofdamascus  1 weeks back

                        Non-football injury list (NFI) which allows the Raiders to control his rights and not pay him a single dime - they're not going to give up his rights EVER. He either plays with the Raiders or he never plays again. And I don't care what he chooses. The "kid" is in need of a major reality check. It's self-delusion, which usually has a bad ending.

                    • David Motyka
                      David Motyka  1 weeks back

                      Trade him.

                      • Master
                        Master  1 weeks back

                        The foot injury was his fault, he chose not to wear the proper gear. Lo and behold he is still choosing not to wear the proper gear. The NFL should let him keep wearing his helmet, the damage is already done.

                        • fritogranito
                          fritogranito  1 weeks back

                          Something tells me Antonio Brown is done. To be clear, NOT PHYSICALLY. But, something snapped in him last year. He's not the same guy we've watched for the last decade. This tells me he's looking for a reason not to play anymore. It's very likely that his heart wants him to walk away, but he can't with so much money on the table. So, he crafts a ridiculous set of circumstances that lets him "take a stand" and walk out '"on his terms".

                          • slewofdamascus
                            slewofdamascus  1 weeks back

                            I think that's an insightful take, because if your heart isn't in it, that's a way to get seriously hurt in this game. It's either that or he has lost all touch with reality. Self-delusion.

                        • Micah Hayes
                          Micah Hayes  1 weeks back

                          More Mr Big Chest breaking news: he contacted Instagram and Twitter and demand they format their app to his flip phone.