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  • Published: 18 May 2019
  • Billie Eilish is one of the youngest superstars ever. You will be surprised to hear what Billie Eilish age was when she wrote her first song Fingers Crossed.

    Thanks to early Billie Eilish songs, within a couple of years Billie Eilish earned a net worth of $5 million! It all would not be real without Billie Eilish's brother Finneas and constant support of the Billie Eilish family.

    Her first international hit "Ocean Eyes" brought her insane popularity and led to the decision to make a debut album "When We All Fall Asleep." This album made millions of fans wonder about the question: "where do we go in our dreams?" Though all the popularity brought Billie not only pleasant stuff.

    For instance, the word found out about Billie Eilish's Tourette syndrome. And so she was forced to explain her decease publicly. During pauses between the tours, Billie Eilish depression becomes stronger and seems that nothing can help her to deal with that.

    Recently Billie Eilish visited Ellen show and fans got to know about the relationship between Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber.

    As it turned out, the girl had a huge crush on Bieber and finally, Billie Eilish got the chance to meet her idol on Coachella. The two became really friendly ever since.

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Comments • 3 085

  • Test86 One4
    Test86 One4  2 hours back

    Billie Eilish

    • Allsek
      Allsek  2 hours back

      To you all who admire Billie, kill yourselves, you won’t cause you want to be babied by being special cause Billie gives you it, you’re all pathetic and never expierenced a tragic loss one after another and at all times, no one feels bad for you, you result to ruining them, you are nothing, end it already kill yourselves no one would care if you did, you pussies are all the same, I’ve went through this over deaths from my family, friends I live in the worst part of New Orleans and I hangout w gangbangers what say you? Oh that’s right, Ohio? Wisconsin? Pathetic.

      • Paul Seo
        Paul Seo  4 hours back

        Billie was born with ocean eyes

        now make the like button the same color

        • Allsek
          Allsek  2 hours back

          No, and I despise your kind.

      • Ian McCoy
        Ian McCoy  6 hours back

        Love bad guy so wise yet so young

        • Kevin C
          Kevin C  7 hours back

          I hate smiling too but then again I look more uglier when I do.

          • Katie Valentine
            Katie Valentine  10 hours back

            I had dicks still devery now and then it's wird

            • SrtJunkie
              SrtJunkie  13 hours back

              Loving parents, got everything she asked for, nice home, running water and food to eat every day, achieved her dreams of becoming an egotistical icon. Such tragedy...

              • The Greek Hijacker
                The Greek Hijacker  1 days back

                I expected a "tragic story" when I read the title, but being home schooled is the only slightly tragic thing about her life (and being a Justin Bieber fan). I am seriously tired of people, especially celebrities claiming they are depressed because they have sleep paralysis and $h1t. Like, chill out, I have sleep paralysis daily as well, but I don't go around crying about it.

                • Melissa Lynn
                  Melissa Lynn  1 days back

                  Okay, and what about others who are depressed but not popular? HELLO.

                  • Zelo YelloXx
                    Zelo YelloXx  1 days back

                    My teacher went to high school with Billie Brothers gf

                    • Daniel Scott
                      Daniel Scott  1 days back

                      She is not a freaking millennial! She was born in 2001! She's Gen Z

                      • TJ Tree
                        TJ Tree  2 days back

                        No way! I wrote songs ever since 6th Grade! And I still write songs ;-;

                        • dogy dogo
                          dogy dogo  2 days back

                          Just leave her alone its none of yoyr business or none of your concern i dont know why you guys do this

                          • Allsek
                            Allsek  2 hours back


                        • Darius Anghelescu
                          Darius Anghelescu  2 days back

                          Well Billie SUCK'S,...

                          • Darius Anghelescu
                            Darius Anghelescu  2 days back

                            I m old

                            • Adham Magdy
                              Adham Magdy  2 days back

                              One question though.. what's with her boobs?

                              • HUNTER
                                HUNTER  2 days back

                                Didn't like the title

                                • mike maceda
                                  mike maceda  2 days back

                                  Thought she was secretly a boy turned girl.

                                  • dustin bowling
                                    dustin bowling  2 days back

                                    So what was tragic in here life? I dont get it.

                                    • The Laughing Pro
                                      The Laughing Pro  2 days back

                                      Lmao if thats tragic you gotta hear mine

                                      • wubbie cat
                                        wubbie cat  2 days back

                                        Another Satanic child icon to brainwash our children and lead them into evil.

                                        • croissant lord
                                          croissant lord  10 hours back

                                          I dont think she is satanic, she just uses it as an aesthetic for her 14 year old fans to think she's so edgy and unique

                                      • ShookPepppa Pig
                                        ShookPepppa Pig  2 days back

                                        I don't really see why her life is somehow tragic.

                                        Two loving parents
                                        Has a brother
                                        Has friends
                                        Worked with horses
                                        Good family life/Well off
                                        One of the most famous people in 2019
                                        Got to met her favourite celebrities...

                                        The only somewhat bad thing is the bad things about being famous!

                                        • Quỳnh Xuân
                                          Quỳnh Xuân  3 days back

                                          :)) this one is totally a clickbait, it's just her vibe :)) can't believe she is my age

                                          • DTec1978
                                            DTec1978  3 days back

                                            So she had a good childhood, loving parents and sibling and now is world famous and has all the monay she ever needs.....yeah, real tragic

                                            • Soraia Figueiredo
                                              Soraia Figueiredo  3 days back


                                              • Rick Sanchez
                                                Rick Sanchez  3 days back

                                                Hey im guess I'm considered old to young people ...34 ...but I heard of jer and listenimg to her before she got famous! She is truly talented and amazing and deserves the fame she has earned!

                                                • DIRTY T.
                                                  DIRTY T.  4 days back

                                                  Billie Eilish is the very embodiment of her generation. As a now 40yr old Gen Xer that makes me feel OLD AF.....Siiiigh death becomes us ALL...Eventually ☠✌🏽

                                                  • potato
                                                    potato  4 days back

                                                    The trick for depression is going outside your house

                                                    • Darth Azog
                                                      Darth Azog  4 days back

                                                      Tragic is the wrong word

                                                      • Shar Co
                                                        Shar Co  4 days back

                                                        Is her brother in love with her...?

                                                        • Eisie Buddaie
                                                          Eisie Buddaie  4 days back

                                                          seems like her parents were some weirdo satan worshipers.

                                                          • D DamnDiesel187
                                                            D DamnDiesel187  5 days back

                                                            Sooooo ummmm where is the tragic part?!?!?

                                                            • Amy Vyollon
                                                              Amy Vyollon  5 days back

                                                              Every artist weird a little bit.
                                                              And being a teenager in the limelight is extremely harsh.
                                                              Just leave her alone and enjoy her incredible music through the headphones.

                                                              • JMD Nelson
                                                                JMD Nelson  5 days back

                                                                Yo mama!!

                                                                • Skyler Hull
                                                                  Skyler Hull  5 days back

                                                                  Yeah i remeber when I was that young and had that many problems and disorders we all grow up.

                                                                  • Gemmz Obrien
                                                                    Gemmz Obrien  5 days back

                                                                    Shes the new satanist pop idol put in place to promote satanism to the young so they'll follow suit n follow satan too !

                                                                    • Emily Kennedy
                                                                      Emily Kennedy  5 days back

                                                                      As of August 2019, she has 35.3 million followers on Instagram.

                                                                      • RUNLukaRUN
                                                                        RUNLukaRUN  6 days back

                                                                        The ability to create music since childhood, dance lessons, home teaching, parents do everything for your career... so tragic

                                                                        • Tyrone Witherspoon
                                                                          Tyrone Witherspoon  6 days back

                                                                          Because she has no talent

                                                                          • sincappy05
                                                                            sincappy05  6 days back

                                                                            what do i like about billie everything

                                                                            • thsensor
                                                                              thsensor  6 days back

                                                                              I’m 70, and love her voice, I have a granddaughter that sings in that fashion.

                                                                              • Jeanette Medina
                                                                                Jeanette Medina  6 days back

                                                                                Her eyes and her lips 😩

                                                                                • raiden z
                                                                                  raiden z  6 days back

                                                                                  Look likes your typical middle class methhead

                                                                                  • Cookie Dough
                                                                                    Cookie Dough  6 days back

                                                                                    *Thee word*

                                                                                    • Serenity sully
                                                                                      Serenity sully  7 days back


                                                                                      • RedPanda Wolfy
                                                                                        RedPanda Wolfy  1 weeks back

                                                                                        I hardly smile at all either

                                                                                        • PatrickAllenNL
                                                                                          PatrickAllenNL  1 weeks back

                                                                                          I hope she will be healthy and not join the 27 club

                                                                                          • PatrickAllenNL
                                                                                            PatrickAllenNL  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Ouch im old